Valerie Seow

Valerie Seow

Malaysia Blogger

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food

Malaysia Blogger

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food

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I share a plethora of lifestyle stories about living in Malaysia. Not sure what cafe to hit? I got you covered! Looking for awesome beauty product? Check out my reviews! I share pretty much about everything!

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Valerie Seow

Malaysia Blogger

Valerie is a Malaysia blogger residing in the city of KL. She has a thirst for adventure, an aptitude for fashion & a selective taste for yummy food. She blogs about beauty, lifestyle, travel, food and fashion. Join her journey as she explores the world!

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What Do I Share About As A Malaysia Blogger?

val malaysia blogger trying out dessert at tong sui po in penang

Food Reviews

They say food is the doorway to happiness. I can’t agree more. Every now and then, I would encounter yummy tasting food that makes me dance to the tune of flavors.

Life is too short to stick to boring foods. So, I would be scanning on my food radar and look around for the yummiest treats.

As a Malaysia blogger, I’d be showing you where to find gems of food that makes life awesome. Maybe it’ll make you dance like how I do too!

Fun Things To Do

There are a myriad of fun activities and things to do in Malaysia. Some are free and some requires a fee. But rest assured, it’s worth the investment!

My blog won’t be fun if it’s just filled with stories about food. So, it’s fair to put in mix of stories of my experience on the activities that you can do in Malaysia!

valerie the malaysia blogger taking photo while hiking
valerie malaysia blogger visiting china house in penang

Cafe Reviews

Other than nice food, ambiance plays a major factor in our happiness too! Exploring new aesthetic places that the world has to offer is both interesting and breathtaking.

If there’s any cool places, I’d be there with my travel cap and capture the moment here in this blog.

So watch out! This Malaysia blogger is going to show you some gems of places that is worth visiting!

Beauty Product Reviews

The market is saturated with tons of products from a variety of brands. Getting the right product can be a challenge. This is even more true when you have sensitive skin like me.

Getting the wrong product can be demotivating. Which is why, this fellow Malaysia blogger, moi will be trying some products and review it. I’d be sharing some skin care tips too, so stay tuned!

malaysia blogger valerie applying skin serum