11 Expert Tips On How to Choose Mattress In Malaysia

In the event that you’re hoping to purchase another mattress, maybe the most provoking thing to sort out is where to begin. Do you come up or shop on the web? Do you focus on spending budget well disposed choices or go overboard on an extravagant model? Also, shouldn’t something be said about the size, shape, material make-up, and plan? No doubt, it’s a ton of interesting points to think about on how to choose mattress in Malaysia. Worry not, I’m here to help!

To assist you with making heads or tails of how to choose a mattress, we separate the key angles piece-by-piece. With this aide, you’ll have the information to identify the best mattress with the right immovability and elements to suit your requirements and convey extraordinary rest for nights to come.

How To Choose Mattress In Malaysia

1. Know the Types of Mattress

Know the Types of Mattress

On the off chance that you’re simply getting everything rolling searching for another mattress, you’ve presumably seen that the quantity of choices can dazed. A supportive method for getting your course on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is to begin by contemplating mattress types.

Practically all mattresses can be distinguished as one of five sorts — latex, innerspring, normal foam, hybrid, airbed, memory foam and more. Innersprings are the most notable and customarily were the pillar in homes from one side of the state in Malaysia to the other. As of late, however, other bedding types have risen in fame as well.

These other mattresses have extended their compass basically by offering a more powerful exhibition. They’ve likewise become more reasonable and open with the development of the internet based mattress industry.

Knowing the fundamentals about every one of these mattress types can act as an establishment on how to choose mattress in Malaysia for you and your family.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses offer the best strain help since they adjust to your body and drop weight from pressure focuses. Clients depict lying on froth beds as feeling like they’re being supported. These mattresses are particularly great for side sleepers or anybody with back torment since they assist with advancing legitimate spine arrangement by putting less weight on your shoulders and hips. They likewise assist with movement disconnection, so you’re less inclined to feel your sleeping partner move.

There are in many cases various layers with firmer foam on the base for strength and backing and gentler foam on top for solace. A disadvantage to memory foam is that it can trap in heat all the more effectively, however many brands presently offer implicit cooling highlights to forestall overheating.

On the other hand, memory foam increases comfort by supporting the natural curve of the backbone, evenly distributes body weight and responds to pressure points. These in turn allow memory foam mattresses to prevent back pain.

For Optimal Use: If you prefer a mattress that provides a sinking sensation and molds closely to your body, memory foam is an excellent choice. Side sleepers, in particular, can enjoy the deep contouring and pressure-relieving properties that the material offers.

Not Recommended For: Stomach sleepers may find memory foam mattresses too soft to provide adequate support. If you prefer a firmer feel or require extra support for your stomach, it’s advisable to consider alternative mattress types rather than opting for memory foam.


These mattresses  are made completely with foam and no spring coils. They will more often than not give better than expected shaping to the body, pressure help, and movement seclusion, making them a solid match for side sleepers and couples. Among foam that are utilized in these mattresses, memory foam is the most heavily advertised in the industry. So, everyone knows them. In this section of how to choose mattress in Malaysia, I’m not going to focus much on this type of mattress as it’s the most basic form ever.


An innerspring sleeping cushion has a coil based supportive base and hardly any different layers. While the coils offer some help, innersprings frequently need pressure alleviation. Their resting surface is bouncier and has restricted movement. With a lower price tag, these are more well known among customers with a normal budget.

Innerspring mattresses feel natural to numerous customers, particularly contrasted with the boxed mattresses that have become famous lately. They’re more reasonable for back and stomach sleepers, who benefit from a firmer surface to keep the spine adjusted.

Consider both coil gauge and coil count when you shop. Curl measure lets you know how thick the steel is; it commonly goes from 12-15 and a lower number means it’s firmer and more strong. Curl count lets you know the quantity of loops in the sleeping cushion; a quality model will have something like 400 curls in a Queen size. You can likewise consider took loops, and that implies each spring is separately wrapped (rather than webbed together) for firmer sleeping support.

Ideal for: Innerspring mattresses are highly recommended for individuals seeking substantial support, particularly back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and those who are heavier in weight. They are also well-suited for those who prefer a mattress with exceptional bounce and responsiveness.

Not Recommended for: If you require significant pressure relief, such as relief for hip, shoulder, or back pain, innerspring mattresses may not be the best fit for your needs. Considering an alternative type of mattress that offers better pressure-relieving properties would be advisable.

Airbed or Flexible mattresses

Airbed or Flexible mattresses

Airbeds or flexible mattresses are worked with an air chamber as their help center. A siphon — constrained by a smartphone  or remote control — is incorporated into the mattress to add or eliminate air with the press of a button, giving sleepers the highest level of solidness adaptability. Couples love airbeds in light of the fact that each side can be set to an alternate firmness level.

While these are more uncommon, adjustable sleeping mattresses have air chambers that permit you to control the mattresses firmness level. They’re particularly helpful for couples that have various preferences. They’re costly, however customer reviews reliably let us know their buy was definitely worth the lavish expenditure because of the quality rest they got.


Latex mattresses feel fairly like memory foam, however it’s stronger (for example fun) and feels firmer with less soaking in. Regular latex is produced using elastic trees and might be utilized in natural mattresses, settling on it as an optimal decision for eco-cognizant customers. It will in general be more costly than adaptable padding.

At the point when the layers of a mattress  are all made with latex rubber, some call it an all-latex or genuine latex bedding. For the good of straightforwardness, we simply utilize the term latex bedding. These deal first class bob and strength with moderate shaping. When made with regular and natural latex, they are a top pick among eco-cognizant customers. If you are considering mother earth, you should probably include this as part of your consideration on how to choose mattress in Malaysia.

Ideal for: Latex mattresses are suitable for a variety of sleepers, but they are particularly well-suited for combination sleepers. These individuals who frequently change positions can benefit from the natural bounce of latex foam, allowing for easy movement. Additionally, eco-conscious sleepers will appreciate the organic composition of latex mattresses.

Not Recommended for: If you require significant pressure relief at the shoulders or hips, latex may not be the ideal choice for you. While latex mattresses offer a soft and cozy feel, they may not provide the same level of contouring and hug that you would experience with a memory foam mattress.


Hybrid mattresses utilize a blend of memory foam or latex and coils so you don’t need to pick only one. These have become more well known lately, particularly for online mattresses brands. Normally, coils sit on the base for support, while froth sits on top for pressure alleviation. Numerous hybrids available — particularly from bed-in-a-case brands — feel basically the same as foam beds when you rest. Simply note that they will be more costly and heavier to set up than their all-foam choices.

Discover new comfort with Origin Hybrid mattress. I’ve wrote a review about this amazing piece!

Hybrid mattresses have two focal components: an innerspring support center and a significant froth solace framework. The solace layers can incorporate foam or latex, and some of the time will try to incorporate a more limited layer of curls (called miniature loops). These sleeping pads give a mix of bounce and shaping with low intensity maintenance and can be ideal for sleepers in any position relying upon precisely the way that they are constructed.

Ideal for: Hybrid mattresses are a versatile option that can cater to a wide range of sleepers, but they are particularly well-suited for back sleepers and combination sleepers. These individuals can benefit from the hybrid’s combination of support, responsiveness, and mobility.

Not Recommended for: It is challenging to categorize hybrid mattresses as unsuitable for specific individuals, as there is a wide variety available in the market. The key factor to consider is the type of foam used in the top layers of the hybrid mattress. Side sleepers may prefer a hybrid with memory foam for better contouring, while back sleepers might lean towards a hybrid with latex for enhanced support. It’s crucial to focus on the specific foam materials used in the construction to find the best match for individual preferences and needs.

Next on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about firmness.

2. Identify The Firmness You Need

Identify The Firmness of the mattress that You Need

Comfort is subjective, and that implies that it’s basic to find a mattress that feels right to you. 

Set forth plainly, firmness alludes to how hard or delicate a mattress  feels. While it could appear to be a basic inquiry to respond to, deciding a bed’s solidness (and the firmness that you, the sleeper, needs) can really be very precarious. That is on the grounds that the vibe and firmness of a sleeping cushion relies upon your very own definitions for delicate, medium, and firm as well as your particular body type, weight, and size.

Firmness is one of the top criteria too look at on how to choose mattress in Malaysia. 

This discussion can get additionally confounded by the way that numerous consumers  mistake support for firmness. A supportive mattress is one that sets the spine in an even line without making pressure focuses and can be accomplished on a delicate, medium-firm, or supportive sleeping mattress. Firmness alludes just to the real “feel” of the bed. Quick version, you can track down a steady sleeping pad all over the firmness range.

Brands at times portray their mattresses on a size of 1 to 10, with 1 being the gentlest and 10 being the firmest. These evaluations can assist you with comparing firmness levels when you intend to purchase, however don’t get excessively hung up on the particular number as they’re mostly subjective to individual and not a standard that is applicable across different brands.

According to research, a medium firm is the best mattress firmness to get. These mattresses improve sleep quality and reduce risk of developing low back pain.

While selecting your firmness level, it’s vital to consider both your rest position and body type or weight.

How Much Do You Weigh?

Weight is one consideration point to think about while picking another sleeping mattress as the sinkage, embrace, feel, cooling, and backing of a bed can be exceptionally impacted by the amount you weigh.

As a matter of fact, contingent upon your weight and generally body type, you might find that you want a particular sort of mattress to fulfill your special sleep needs. Thus, I will stroll through one or two weight classifications to exhibit what sorts of sleeping mattress could work best inside each class.

Lightweight sleepers: More modest frames are more qualified with a milder mattress since they aren’t coming down on the bed. Assuming that the bed is excessively firm, it won’t sink in to the point of alleviating strain on the joints.

Individuals more than 104 kg will sink further into a mattress, particularly close to heavier pieces of the body, which can risk harming spinal alignment. These sleepers normally have improved results with mattresses that are a piece firmer to assist with staying away from taking that risk.

Heavier body weight: A firmer mattress is best for heavier bodies since more weight implies more strain on the bed. An excess of strain can make the bed sink in and risk spine arrangement, prompting back torment.

An adaptive mattress  is simpler to continue on top of, and this can be significant to individuals more than 104 kg since it decreases the possibilities of feeling trapped in the bed. Latex and hybrid choices will quite often be the most responsive.

Durability is critical to sleepers of any weight, yet individuals north of 104 kg can cause more wear in the top layers of a bedding. Therefore, sleepers with a higher body weight frequently select a mattress with a thicker comfort framework that utilizes high-density materials.

Not just body weight influences how to pick the right sleeping cushion. Individuals with more extensive shoulders or hips might require a gentler bedding with really molding, particularly on the off chance that they are side sleepers. Individuals north of six feet tall ought to take a gander at sleeping cushion aspects to guarantee that they can loosen up easily.

Next on how to choose mattress in Malaysia also consider your sleeping style or position. 

Consider Your Favorite Sleeping Position

Consider Your Favorite Sleeping Position before buying a mattress

Our favorite sleep positions can affect the comfort of our sleep depending on the firmness of the mattress. So, here’s some common sleeping positions and the proper mattress firmness that is suited for the style: 

Side sleepers: This is the most generally favored sleeping position and the one that specialists commonly prescribe to stay away from back torment. The best mattresses for side sleepers have delicate to medium firmness levels since they assist with keeping your spine adjusted. Assuming that it’s excessively firm, you might wind up coming down on your hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers: A firmer mattress is more reasonable for any individual who likes to rest on their stomach: You don’t need your tension focuses to soak in excessively far here.

Back sleepers: Medium firmness is ideal for this situation. On the off chance that your bedding is too delicate or too firm here, you risk not having appropriate arrangement.

Mix sleepers: Additionally select medium firmness to best help your different positions on the off chance that you move around evening time.

Next tip on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about body weight. 

3. Put Body Weight Into Consideration

Put Body Weight Into Consideration

We already know that we need a firmer mattress if we are heavier. Let’s dive deeper into this. For reference, I’m separating it into light sleepers (those people who weigh 68 kg or on the other hand less), normal sleepers (the people who weigh between 68 kg  and 91kg ), and weighty sleepers (the people who weigh 91 kg or on the other hand more).

In this section on how to choose mattress in Malaysia, we’ll explore these weight ranges. 

Light Sleepers - 68 kg or less

However light sleepers could fall inside a similar weight territory, that doesn’t mean they all sleep in very similar positions. Consequently, I will give sleeping mattress suggestions in view of the various feelings these sleepers may have later.

Delicate Feel 

This is for scale between 4-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

As a light sleeper, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty arriving on a delicate mattress. You’re not as prone to sink through the materials as different sleepers may be, so you ought to be very much fulfilled on any kind of all-froth bed, ideally one with a memory foam comfort layer.

Medium Firmness 

This is at 5.5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Lighter weight sleepers won’t sink as profoundly into their bedding, which can make beds with very thick or thick top layers of froth awkward for these people. In this way, assuming you’re a lighter individual, I suggest going with a sleeping cushion that is. 5-1 solidness focuses lower than the vibe you really need. This is on the grounds that most medium-solid beddings are appraised considering a typical weight sleeper (commonly around 82 kg)

Higher Firmness 

At 7-9 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Lighter sleepers after a firm vibe will need to focus on beddings with meager comfort layers. Truth be told, they may be in an ideal situation with a basic pad top or stitched cover comfort layer. Why? Indeed, these people won’t sink as promptly through any top layers of froth, so needn’t bother with being slammed from super steady essential layers.

Normal Sleepers - Between 68 kg and 91 kg

Once more, we will investigate this weight class (from the individuals who weigh 68 kg to around 91 kg by separating things into various solidness needs.

Delicate Feel 

At 4-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Your requirements are really like lighter sleepers around here. In the event that you gauge more like 68kg, you can keep precisely the same guidelines as we framed above for lightweight sleepers. Yet, on the off chance that you’re more like 91kg, you’ll probably need to go for a sleeping pad with thick top layers of froth to give a lot of pad as you press into the mattress structure.

Medium Firmness

At 5.5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

This is likely going to be the most straightforward feel for normal estimated sleepers to fulfill. Since most sleeping cushions are planned with both normal weight sleepers and medium immovability as a primary concern, you ought to have no issue tracking down a bed to address this issue. As a general rule, medium immovability is accomplished when there’s an equilibrium between comfort and support layers.

Harder Firmness 

At 7-9 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Assuming you’re lurking in the shadows for something firmer, you’ll need to decrease the thickness of your comfort layers and increment the thickness of your help layers. Normal measured sleepers will press into the construction more than light sleepers will, so they’ll require additional help in the base to accomplish a “firm” vibe.

Weighty Sleepers - Above 91 kg

Tragically, it can in some cases be hard for heavier people (the people who weigh north of 91kg.) to find an agreeable mattress. This shouldn’t imply that there aren’t comfortable choices out there, however many brands fabricate their mattress in view of just a single sort of sleeper. However baffling as this may be, there are a few hints and deceives you can use to discover a mattress to fulfill all your firmness and support needs.

Delicate Feel

4-6/10 on the firmness scale.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a milder vibe, I suggest going for a tall bed that highlights thick top layers of froth over a durable curl segment. Weighty sleepers are probably going to press profoundly into their beds, so ensuring there are no less than 4-5 creeps of froth up top to sink through will assist with making a milder vibe.

Medium Feel 

5-7/10 on the firmness  scale.

For a medium-firm feel, I’d keep the top layers of froth thick, yet diminish them by an inch or two. However the business standard for medium immovability is 6.5/10, I’d recommend that heavier people go for something in the 7-8/10 territory. What might be viewed as firm for different sleepers ought to be perfect for those needing a medium-firm feel!

Firm Feel 

7-9/10 on the firmness scale.

Lastly, on the off chance that you’re a heavier sleeper searching for a firm vibe, I’d suggest going with a tough innerspring bedding with a pad top layer. There are a lot of firm models accessible available today, however I’d maintain the emphasis on beds that land some place in the 8-9/10 solidness range.

Next criteria on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about the unique selling point, USP.

4. Checkout The Unique Features of the Mattress

Checkout The Unique Features of the Mattress

Certain particulars about how the bed is made may not be top of mind when you decide on how to choose mattress in Malaysia, but rather considering these highlights can assume a major part in how fulfilled you are with your bed. This is what to search for on the off chance that any of these features are something that you would look heavily on:

Movement isolation

In the event that you or your resting partner moves around for the time being, a bedding that doesn’t allow you to feel the development is ideal to sufficiently keep you both dozing. Foam beds drop movement better than innersprings, and we’ve found that extravagance foam beds specifically do the best work.

Edge Firmness

A typical grumbling we hear from mattress  owners is that their beds sink in along the edges. This can be awkward assuming that you rest close to the edge, yet it’s generally an issue of making it hard to sit on your bed. Minimal expense beds and all-foam mattresses that boat in a case commonly have less edge support.

Modular Firmness

For resting partners with various inclinations, a split bed with compatible immovability levels is an incredible choice, particularly assuming that you lean toward a conventional sleeping cushion north of one that is movable. Besides, these beds are not difficult to dismantle for moving and to supplant your immovability level over the long run. 

Mattress Thickness

A taller bedding that is 14 inches or higher frequently has more layers and feels more lavish to lie on. That being said, a more limited sleeping pad (around 10 inches) may cost less and be simpler to set up. A lower mattress  likewise considers less battling to put on your fitted sheet.

Next on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about the addon services by vendor or seller.

5. Consider Whether The Seller Will Set It Up For You

Consider Whether The Seller Will Set Up the mattress For You

In-Home Set-Up Option:

Some mattresses offer in-home set-up, where a delivery service brings the mattress to your home and handles the installation on your bed. In many cases, this service is included in the mattress price, but there may be an additional fee for the set-up. An advantage of this option is that you won’t have to carry or set up the mattress yourself, and some services even provide free removal of your old mattress.

DIY Set-Up Option:

Foam bed-in-a-box brands typically ship compressed mattresses directly to your door through regular delivery services like UPS or FedEx. Many people prefer this option because it allows them to set up the bed at their convenience without waiting for a scheduled delivery. It also offers a contact-free experience as no one needs to enter your home. However, it’s important to note that these mattresses can be heavy, so it’s advisable to have an extra pair of hands to help carry it into your bedroom.

Next on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about working within budget.

6. Pick Mattress That Is Within Your Budget

Pick Mattress That Is Within Your Budget

Based on our evaluations and proprietary consumer research, a good Queen-size mattress typically costs between MYR 4,000 to MYR 8,000. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still find a decent mattress for under MYR 2,000, and there are also options priced over MYR 8,000 that offer excellent value for a more indulgent purchase. Working within budget is without doubt an important point on how to choose mattress in Malaysia. 

The price of a mattress is primarily determined by its materials and layers. A mattress with two foam layers will generally cost less than a seven-layer hybrid, and an organic mattress will have a higher price compared to one made of polyurethane foam. By utilizing our shopping tips, you can identify your specific needs without overspending.

It’s important to note that mattress prices have seen significant increases in recent years due to supply chain issues affecting the industry. Many popular brands have raised their prices, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming months. However, it’s worth mentioning that discounts are often available, so it’s advisable to avoid paying the full price by taking advantage of these offers.

Next on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is determine if the timing is right.

7. Determine How Old Your Existing Mattress Is

Determine How Old Your Existing Mattress Is

While there isn’t a specific expiration date for your mattress, you can generally expect a good mattress to last for at least 8-10 years. Instead of solely relying on a timeline, pay attention to warning signs such as lumps, indents, or if your mattress is causing sleep difficulties or pain upon waking. Before you decide on how to choose mattress in Malaysia, the first question to ask is, is it time? 

Tip: You can rotate your mattress to make it last longer

Over the course of ten years, your mattress can accumulate a build-up of sweat, saliva, and dead skin, creating an environment that may attract unwelcome visitors such as dust mites and bed bugs on your mattress and potentially contribute to health issues in your bedroom.

If you’re looking for a quick solution or want to enhance the comfort and support of your existing mattress, a mattress topper is a convenient option. It provides an additional layer of comfort and support and is more cost-effective than purchasing a completely new mattress.

It’s important to note that proper care can extend the lifespan of your mattress. Using a mattress protector is recommended to prevent damage from allergens, dust, spills, and general wear and tear. Additionally, cleaning your mattress every few months is a good practice to maintain its freshness.

More on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about the warranties and trial periods. 

8. Mattress Trial Periods, Return Policies, and Warranties

Mattress Trial Periods, Return Policies, and Warranties

Determining on how to choose mattress in Malaysia or whether a mattress is the right fit for you can be challenging without actually sleeping on it, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a new mattress that you’re not satisfied with. The good news is that most companies offer a trial period of at least 100 nights, allowing you to return the mattress for any reason. It’s important to check for any potential hidden return fees and understand the return process to ensure a smooth experience. Many companies will even arrange free pick-up, donate or recycle the mattress, and provide a full refund.

While trial periods and return policies focus on refunds for any reason, warranties are designed to cover manufacturing defects over a longer period. However, it can be challenging to prove that issues such as sagging, indents, or regular wear and tear are manufacturer defects. It is advisable to pay more attention to the return policies rather than relying solely on warranties, as warranties can sometimes be misleading during the shopping process.

The following tip on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is about purchasing locations. 

9. Where to Buy a Mattress

Where to Buy a Mattress

When it comes to how to choose mattress in Malaysia, it’s essential to consider convenience alongside understanding the best mattress for your needs. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both in-store and online shopping options.

Shopping in stores:

The main benefit of shopping in physical stores is the opportunity to feel the mattress in person. Being able to experience the mattress firsthand can provide valuable insights before making a significant investment. However, in-store mattress shopping can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and may make it harder to compare different mattresses. Additionally, it’s challenging to gauge how you’ll truly sleep on a mattress based on a few minutes of lying down in a store. Before heading to the store, conducting online research can help ensure you’re not overpaying. If you find the mattress listed online for a lower price, don’t hesitate to ask for a price match or discount.

Shopping online:

Opting for online shopping offers a convenient alternative, especially for individuals who struggle with decision-making. Online direct-to-consumer brands often streamline their assortment, making it easier to compare different models. Moreover, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. It’s worth noting that some online brands claim to offer better prices by eliminating the markups of brick-and-mortar stores. However, it’s important to be cautious, as this can sometimes be a marketing tactic used to mislead shoppers.

Another important aspect on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is the size.

10. Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes

One of the important thing to think on how to choose mattress in Malaysia, is to check the dimensions of the mattress to ensure it will fit perfectly in your room. While Queen is the most popular mattress size, if you have enough space, King (which is equivalent to two Twins) is ideal for accommodating two sleepers. Here are the typical dimensions for each mattress size:

  1. Twin:

– Dimensions: 39 inches wide x 75 inches long (99 cm x 190 cm)

– Also known as a single mattress, it is suitable for children, teenagers, and solo sleepers with limited space.

  1. Twin XL (Extra Long):

– Dimensions: 39 inches wide x 80 inches long (99 cm x 203 cm)

– Similar to the Twin size, but with additional length, making it suitable for taller individuals or those who prefer more legroom.

  1. Full (Double):

– Dimensions: 54 inches wide x 75 inches long (137 cm x 190 cm)

– Provides more width than a Twin size, making it suitable for single sleepers who desire extra space or for couples who prefer to sleep close together.

  1. Queen:

– Dimensions: 60 inches wide x 80 inches long (152 cm x 203 cm)

– The most popular mattress size, offering ample space for single sleepers who prefer more room or for couples who like to share the bed comfortably.

  1. King:

– Dimensions: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long (193 cm x 203 cm)

– Equivalent to two Twin XL mattresses placed side by side, providing ample space for couples or sleepers who prefer extra room to spread out.

  1. California King:

– Dimensions: 72 inches wide x 84 inches long (183 cm x 213 cm)

– Slightly narrower but longer than a standard King size, making it suitable for taller individuals who need extra legroom.

Please note that the dimensions mentioned above are standard sizes, and variations may exist based on the manufacturer and specific model. Be sure you have the right bed frame that can fit your mattress size.

This tip on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is important for those who hate hotness.

11. Cooling Properties of Mattress

Cooling Properties of Mattress

It’s super hot in Malaysia these days. So this idea on how to choose mattress in Malaysia is a crucial one. Having a cooling mattress will certainly help to make you feel comfy throughout the entire night and keep your bed cool for a longer time even after the aircon sleep mode activates. 

When shopping for a mattress, it’s important to consider its cooling properties to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the night, particularly if you tend to overheat while sleeping. In fact, a cool room promotes deeper restorative sleep

While a mattress cannot magically eliminate night sweats caused by various factors like physical conditions and warm weather, choosing the right bed can definitely help alleviate hot sleeping.

It’s worth noting that not all cooling materials are equal, and memory foam tends to be the main culprit in retaining heat. Here are common cooling features you’ll come across during your search:

  1. Built-in cooling technology: Foam mattresses often incorporate embedded metal particles (such as copper), gel, or phase-change technology to draw heat away from the body. While metal and gel can assist in preventing overheating, their cooling effects may not be as noticeable in practice. Phase-change technology, on the other hand, has the ability to store and release heat, making it the most effective option for all-night temperature regulation.
  1. Cool-to-the-touch materials: Some mattresses feature cooling covers that provide an instant chilling effect. While they can quickly absorb heat, they may not stay cool throughout the entire night.
  1. Breathable construction: Innerspring mattresses and certain hybrids with more coils than foam allow for increased airflow compared to all-foam mattresses.
  1. Electric cooling: There are plug-in options available that utilize water or air to cool the bed. These solutions are designed to maintain continuous cooling but require additional maintenance and components, such as a cooling unit placed next to your bed.

By considering these cooling features, you can decide better on how to choose mattress in Malaysia that helps manage temperature regulation during sleep, ensuring a more comfortable and restful experience. For me, this is one of the most important features as I can’t sleep in a room without an air conditioner. Having a cooling mattress just adds up to my liking!

If I could provide one piece of advice on how to choose mattress in Malaysia, it would be to prioritize your specific needs. This is a personal journey, so focus on the factors that are most important to you and how you sleep. By doing so, I have no doubt that you will find a mattress that is truly suited to you.

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