Beam Scooter KL Review – First Time Experience!

Beam Scooter KL Review

It was a Saturday morning when I woke up super earlier than usual to embrace the morning sun and to explore the jungles of Malaysia with the hiking gang. We were driving to our pickup point until we saw the mythical Beam scooter KL. 

Parked just right under the roof of the pavement, there’s two of them resting there, calling us to come closer and have a look. 

We parked the car nearby and walked over. Like a curious doggo, we sniff around it with curiosity. 


The striking purple of the scooter makes it look elegant. Alongside with its bulky body, this is a quality scooter that is designed to last.

There’s a headlight at the front. Right at the end of the standing board, there’s a red light as well. These are simple measures that make them safe to use at night.

We opened up the Beam scooter app and scanned the QR code on the scooter. After we unlocked it, excitement ensued.

The app shows the scooter is unlocked and the remaining power. This sparks one curious question as to how these Beam scooters get recharged.

The display at the center shows the speed, lamp and Bluetooth icon that keeps blinking for some reason. There’s a switch right down it as well.

On the left handlebar is the brake. As for the right, there’s the “Go” switch that accelerates you forward. The handlebar is wrapped with rubbery grip that makes me feel safe.


There’s quite some weight to this Beam scooter KL. We pushed the scooter to a safe area before trying it. One leg on the ground to push it forward and the other standing on it.

With a light push of the “Go” button on the handle bar, the scooter accelerated me forward. It was fast!

This Beam scooter KL is just the right thing to feed my need for speed!


Tip: Press the “Go” button in pulses. It will accelerate you bit by bit at a manageable pace instead of a full throttle all the way out the gate!

I took a few rounds near the MRT station. The beautiful blue sky is majestically painted with the gradients of white clouds. It’s a blessed morning.


We checked the weather app which shows that there’s gonna be rain today. We’re just glad that it’s not accurate. The sun is blazing pretty strong.

The paved grounds right beside the MRT station is just perfect to try out the scooter. There’s very little crowd and it’s not on the road as well. So, no need to worry for any oncoming vehicles.


There was one elderly couple looking at us with curiosity as they walked past. From the way they’re dressed, they’re having their morning workout walk. 

Other than that, there aren’t many people passing by. Most of them take the other route to the MRT station to go to work. 

Trying the scooter on the road is not encouraged as highlighted on the app. It’s also quite dangerous with the cars passing nearby. 

Sometimes, going on the road can be inevitable considering that the pedestrian walkway isn’t that well constructed everywhere. Just be careful guys! 


After a while of riding fun, it’s time to park it right where it belongs. You can see the parking spot from the app. So, be sure to put them right at the proper parking space before ending the ride.

Parking at the wrong spot will get you a penalty of RM10.

Few minutes passed, and it’s time to park it back right where it belongs. We gotta conserve strength. There’s a hiking trip ahead of us.

From the app, we can see the parking spots clearly. After tapping the end ride button on the app, it will show you the charged amount as well. There’s also a notification of encouragement as it cheers that I’ve parked it at the good spot.


The scooter ride isn’t that expensive so, it’s definitely a fun mode of transport to go for when exploring around. 

I’m not exactly sure if the meter starts running only when the scooter is moving or when I tap on the start ride button. I guess that’s a thing to explore next time. For more info about Beam scooter KL, check out their FAQ.

We saw a guy riding at full speed with the scooter all the way from far away. With swift and grace, he parked the Beam scooter at the fixed parking spot before heading off to the MRT station. 

That’s quite a convenient way to get around. Judging with the dexterity of how he’s handling the scooter. It’s a routine for him. 

For what we thought is just a ride for amusement, it turns out to be potentially a mode of transport for those who manage to fit it into their cause.

Beam Scooter Price

beam scooter price

Beam scooter price is at RM 0.60 per minute of ride and RM 0 unlock fee. This is amazingly affordable! If you’re doing this with friends, share with them a referral code. You will get a credit of RM2.50 after they take their first ride. That’s like 4 minutes worth of ride! 

beam scooter referral code


Exploring the city is so much fun with the beam scooter in KL. It was my first time trying it and it was fun! What a great way to start the morning.

Beam scooters in KL have certainly added an interesting way to maneuver around the city. If you’re new to it, give it a try. Just be careful not to go full speed or do it on the road.

Remember, safety first!

If you’ve tried it, what do you think? How else could they improve to make it better? Put your thoughts in the comments!


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