10 Best Indoor Plants Malaysia For Starters

Indoor Plants Malaysia

Malaysians are fixated on home enlivening patterns right now. Be that as it may, this one is said to endure longer than the rest. Considering that, we assembled a list of indoor plants Malaysia that are extraordinary for novices. There are huge loads of advantages to putting greens in your home. It can support your disposition and obviously improve the general appearance of your space. Some might even build imagination, decrease pressure, and wipe out air toxins.

Here’s the indoor plants Malaysia that your house needs: 

  1. Spider plant
  2. Devil’s Ivy
  3. Peace lily
  4. Snake plant
  5. Chinese evergreen
  6. Monstera
  7. Succulents
  8. Fiddle leaf fig
  9. Bird’s nest fern
  10. Air plants

1. Spider plant

spider plant indoor house malaysia

Scientific Name: Chlorophytum Comosum

Common Names: Airplane plant, St. Bernard’s lily, Spider ivy, Ribbon plant and Hen & Chicken

Don’t worry, this low-maintenance indoor plant doesn’t have anything to do with genuine spiders. Nonetheless, it is clearly named as one because of its long tightening passes which do look similar to the legs of an insect!

Spider plants fill well in sticky spaces with confined measures of light, which is ideally suited for the environment in Malaysia, making it one of the best indoor plants Malaysia to keep. The plant establishes bend over as regular room purifiers, so you don’t need to get one any longer.


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spider plant on a rack in living room

Why should you keep spider plants?

Practically Hard To Kill

There are a few houseplants that can basically develop themselves, the spider plant is one of them. It can flourish well and effectively adjust to different climatic conditions in any event, when dismissed for quite a long time, overwatered or underwatered.

The spider plant fills well in both low light and part daylight yet it is recommended to keep this plant in a spot with brilliant circuitous daylight. Spider plant is one of the top plant in my list of indoor plants Malaysia.

Filters the Air

The spider plant is considered among the most straightforward air-purging plants to develop. It is successful in eliminating destructive synthetics from the air, like carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene.

As per NASA reports, the spider plant is among the best 3 sorts of houseplants that are incredible at eliminating formaldehyde, which is a typical family substance and for the most part found in fabricated wood items, plastic items, pesticides, calfskin products, glues, attire and curtains, and so on

close view of spider plant

Ok for Pets

As per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA), the snake plant is recorded as non-poisonous for pets.

Yet, it is as yet encouraged to get pets far from this plant and don’t allow them to eat the leaves as that might represent a likely danger. The spider plant contains synthetic mixtures that are supposed to be identified with opium, which might give the pet a resentful stomach, spewing or loose bowels.


spider plant on a table in the bedroom


Speeds up Recovery of Patients

As per a few bits of exploration, adding the snake plant to medical clinic rooms speeds up the recuperation pace of careful patients contrasted with patients in rooms without the plant. Give way to this wonderful indoor plants Malaysia!

The patients require less torment prescription, don’t experience the ill effects of pulse or pulse issues, experience less uneasiness or misery and are let out of the emergency clinic sooner.

Expands Humidity

The spider plant is enduring a high happening rate. It assimilates water through its foundations and afterward courses the dampness through stems and leaves. When the water arrives at the leaves, it vanishes into the air and builds the dampness. 

The expanded stickiness diminishes the danger of a few airborne illnesses, like cold, hack, sore throat and influenza like indications. Developing spider plants at home or office helps in fending these illnesses off and helps increment the focus.


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How to care for your spider plants?

2. Devil’s Ivy

pothos indoor plants malaysia

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum

Common Names: Epipremnum aureum, Scindapsus aureus, devil’s ivy, golden pothos, money plant

One of the most straightforward indoor plants Malaysia to keep, pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is regularly ignored. This tropical plant arrives in a variety of foliage tones and examples that enticement for a wide scope of tastes and stylistic themes. 

Almost idiot proof in any event, for amateurs, pothos is excusing of disregard, for all intents and purposes irritation and infection free, and open minded toward low light, settling on it a decent decision for more obscure rooms and workplaces.

The long stems trail or move by ethereal roots that stick to surfaces, settling on this an adaptable decision for hanging containers, plant stands, and shelves. This indoor plants Malaysia is usually left hanging in the kitchen just fine.

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Why should you keep Devil’s Ivy?

devils ivy in the house

Simple to Maintain and Plant

Pothos is bounteously accessible all around India and establishing it isn’t a problem by the same token! Assuming you need to get it straightforwardly from a nursery, you can get it at an entirely reasonable cost. As it is additionally exceptionally simple to develop from cuttings, you can cut one from your companion’s plant and grow it yourself from your home! This versatility is truly what makes pothos one of the easiest indoor plants Malaysia for you grow.

Can Grow Without Soil

Pothos live well in water as well. Simply take 6 to 12 creeps of cutting from a sound plant and eliminate all the lower leaves. Spot it in a jar of water and you’re done! The cutting will frame roots inside a couple of weeks and afterward you can either keep it in water or move it into a pot.

It has Calming Effects

A nitty gritty review was directed on Japanese men where they were told to contact the leaves of the brilliant pothos plant. It was observed that the plant had the option to actuate a quieting and tranquil impact on the brain.

holding a pot of pothos


Normal Air Purifier

As indicated by a NASA study, Pothos is one of those plants that are incredible at eliminating indoor air contaminants. It is brilliant at getting out formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the encompassing air. On account of this nature of Pothos, it is great to put it in doorways, windows, and carports where vehicle exhaust vapor can be available.

Very Decorative

Despite the fact that it is a low-upkeep plant, Pothos never disappoints the eye. You can develop a following/climbing plant or hang in a pot; its delightful waxy leaves and evergreen plants make any corner look charming.

Besides, Pothos is a devoted climber and it can completely cover any region with its foliage instantly, which makes it an incredible plant for making a green divider.

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How to care for your pothos?

3. Peace Lilies

peace lily indoor plants malaysia

This plant is ideally suited for those that experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation, making it an amazing companion of indoor plants Malaysia that your bedroom needs. Solid and wonderful, the harmony lily is valued for its air-filtering capacities. 

They sprout just in unfiltered or restricted daylight and are best positioned in pots in your room. Peace lily is like the only flowering plant in this list of indoor plants Malaysia.

In addition to the fact that you would have the option to rest better, however you’d likewise be taking in fresher air. If your room is styled negligibly or mechanically, the delicate taste of the harmony lily bloom will be a welcome difference.

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Why keep peace lilies in your house?

close up view of peace lily plant

Eliminates spores from the air

As well as eliminating the mold present in high dampness rooms. The harmony lily takes out the shape spores noticeable all around. It is valuable, particularly to individuals who are delicate to these shape spores.

For example, the openness to shape spores prompts eye disturbance, hacking, wheezing, throat bothering, skin aggravation, among others. Those with asthma, ongoing lung disease have serious side effects with this shape of openness. Luckily, on the off chance that you find a harmony lily, it decreases shape spores noticeable all around by dispensing with them.

Forestalls development of mildew

peace lily on a table in the house


Because of the great dampness content in washrooms, restrooms, and the kitchen. It is possible to have mold development. This is apparent on tile grout, restroom shades, among different spots.

Enjoying a harmony lily in such a climate won’t just flourish, however it will forestall further mold development by retaining abundance dampness from the encompassing. At last, along these lines, the soddenness on the dividers and the drapes lessens, and it hampers the development of form spores and buildup. This is astonishing thinking about how harming and unsafe buildup and spores can be in a home.

Advances tranquil rest

On the planet, nearly everybody is experiencing sleep deprivation and helpless rest. These indoor plants give a stunning advantage that advances relaxing rest. Thus, it is an astonishing plant for your room and it is a delightful sight also.

It helps channel the indoor air, increment the degrees of dampness, assisting you with breathing better. In addition, it likewise supports great rest as it assimilates airborne shape spores that are normal allergens.

Also, the excellence of these plants is known to bring smoothness by reducing sensations of stress in the psyche and body. It is the best room plant, as per Feng Shui, as it carries positive energy and a quiet touch to the room.

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How to care for your peace lilies?

4. Snake plant

indoor plants malaysia snake plant

Scientific name: Dracaena trifasciata

Common Name Snake plant, viper’s bowstring hemp, St. George’s sword

Otherwise called the Mother-parents in law Tongue, the snake plant can be outwardly striking. It seems as though a heap of strong spines covered with yellow, green, and grayish examples. It is abundant throughout most places, making it one of the most favored indoor plants Malaysia.

These strong bushes require insignificant consideration as you just need to water them consistently. Also, they flourish as indoor plants in Malaysia.

The most ideal way of showing this tense plant is to highlight it as a focal point in the living or eating region.

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snake plant in face planter

Why keep snake plants in your house?

A Fantastic Oxygen-Producing Plant

All plants produce oxygen, yet as per Nasas Clean Air Study, some are surprisingly better at it than others.

The Snake Plant is viewed as one of the greatest oxygen creating plants, alongside others like the Rubber Plant and the Cascading Pothos. Studies show that higher oxygen levels advance further rest.

snake plant on the table inside the room

It Even Produces Oxygen At Night

As opposed to mainstream thinking, plants don’t produce oxygen every minute of every day. Truth be told, most plants just produce oxygen with sunshine through the course of photosynthesis. Snake plant is one of the most important indoor plants Malaysia that I keep in my room.

Around evening time, then again, these plants take in oxygen and deliver carbon dioxide, an interaction called breath. In any case, the Snake Plant is one of the fortunate few that keeps on delivering oxygen around evening time, making it the best plant to put in your room for better rest.

snake plant in a beautiful pot


Sifting Through Harmful Pollutants

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is frequently far more detestable than what we find in thickly populated urban communities.

A similar Nasa Clean Air Study referenced above likewise observed that Snake Plants work twofold time eliminating destructive poisons like benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from our indoor surroundings. These unsafe poisons can be found in standard family protests like covering, furniture clean, and cleaning supplies.

Compelling Against Allergies

Plants with such incredible air-decontaminating and oxygen-creating characteristics will obviously assist with combatting hypersensitivities, as they eliminate destructive poisons and unstable airborne synthetics that can irritate sensitivities, and at times even make you debilitated. Join this with oxygen-creating powers and you have more straightforward breathing both constantly.

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How to care for your snake plants?

5. Chinese Evergreen

Scientific Name: Aglaonema species

Common Names: Chinese Evergreen, Painted Drop-Tongue

Aglaonema (otherwise called Chinese evergreen/Philippine evergreen/poison dart plant) is an exemplary indoor houseplant very much cherished for its shocking variegated leaves and accommodating nature. Chinese evergreen is one of the indoor plants Malaysia that holds a special place in my heart.

This plant is ideal for starting houseplant proprietors who might not have a huge load of room or the ideal lighting conditions. Most Chinese evergreen assortments develop gradually and endure low light conditions well, and they won’t have a tantrum if your watering routine isn’t right on target.

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beautiful leaf of chinese evergreen

Why keep Chinese evergreen in your house?

Known to bring luck

Aglaonema is likewise considered as the Lucky Plant according to Feng Shui and considered a bearer of fortune. Its life span, simplicity of development and striking appearance are thought valuable to the prosperity and monetary achievement of the inhabitants who develop it.

Eliminate poisons from the air

The Chinese evergreen is compelling at eliminating poisons, explicitly benzene and formaldehyde, from the air.

The Chinese Evergreen has dim green, pointed leaves with examples of white, cream or red, and can flourish in insignificant light, making it an ideal addition to the room.


Decent indoor enrichment

The strength of the Chinese evergreen makes it the ideal house plant for those searching for something extremely simple to develop.

It bears pointed, dim green, rugged leaves that are three to five inches wide and dependent upon one foot long. The leaves frequently have weighty silver marbling. Slow-developing, its thick stems can be cut and rerooted when they become excessively tall.

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How to care for your Chinese evergreen?

6. Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant)

indoor plants malaysia monstera

Scientific name: Monstera deliciosa

Common Name: Swiss-cheese Plant, Window Plant, Fruit Salad Plant, Split-leaf Philodendron, Ceriman

While the name might sound somewhat odd, this plant is everything except huge. This tough and simple to-mind plant really has exceptional leaves that add character to a room. As they’ve been known to develop to an immense size, you’d need to commit a side of your space for them. If that is unrealistic, simply continue to manage new development until it is at your ideal size. Monstera is my favorite in the list of indoor plants Malaysia.


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Why keep monstera plant in your house?

monstera in the house

Cleans air

Huge leafed philodendron plants, including the stylish monstera plant, were demonstrated to be one of the best for diminishing air contamination. Just don’t let little children or pets eat the leaves since they are poisonous.

monstera on the table inside the house


Assists you with feeling calmness

The Cheese Plant doesn’t possess an aroma like cheddar fortunately. Residing with houseplants, rehearsing dynamic plant care and building a relationship with nature has been displayed to help our well-being in an assortment of ways. All plants can possibly do this, however some are more capable than others, contingent upon their formal or substance qualities. This adds another why monstera is in my indoor plants Malaysia list!


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How to care for your monstera plant?

7. Succulents

succulent in a pink pot

In the event that you long for indoor plant yet have not prevailed with houseplants, think about keeping succulents. They are not difficult-to-kindly pet plants that can serenely endure indoor conditions with negligible exertion, particularly in Malaysia.

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indoor plants malaysia succulents


Solid, unmistakable leaf shapes give succulents striking surfaces that change them into living models for inside rooms. Get imaginative and stir them up a little in a glass terrarium to transform them into a piece of living craftsmanship. Succulent is the fanciest indoor plants Malaysia you have to grow.

succulents inside terrarium indoors

Why keep succulents in your house?

Help on your focus

The main study in 2011 had one gathering of individuals play out a perusing task at a fundamental wooden work area with nothing on it, and a subsequent gathering plays out a similar errand at a work area with bunches of plants around it. Obviously, the gathering encompassed by a lot of lovely plants performed much better! A subsequent report directed in 2015 affirmed the discoveries, so you can work on your focus and consideration just by keeping some delightful succulents around your work area.

indoor house decoration with succulent plants

Diminishes stress

Studies have shown that dealing with houseplants lessens pressure. In the wake of a difficult day at work, getting back home and keeping an eye on your plants can assist with lessening your pulse, quiet you down, and recuperate from the pressure of the relative multitude of mental assignments you finished during the day.

Succulents aren’t fastidious or difficult to really focus on, so they may even lessen your pressure more than different plants! Generally, you wont need to stress over killing them. The central concern you should keep an eye out for is overwatering, however close to that, really focusing on your succulents will be a breeze!

succulents in dark background


Succulents Improve Air Quality

All plants have pores on their leaves that permit them to retain gases noticeable all around, including ones that aren’t useful for you to inhale, similar to benzene and smelling salts. So ditch that uproarious, loud air purifier and get yourself a few succulents!

Succulents additionally humidify the air, which further develops the air quality in your home much more! They discharge water fumes through the pores in their leaves during photosynthesis, which places some additional dampness noticeable all around and keeps it from getting excessively dry.

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How to care for your succulents?

8. Fiddle Leaf Fig

indoor plants malaysia fiddle leaf fig

Scientific name: Ficus lyrata

Common name: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Fiddleleaf Fig, Banjo Fig

The hot house plant becomes popular than everything else (or truly, of the most recent couple of years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a dazzling, engineering proclamation in any room of the house.

In any case, while this rich plant, with its gleaming, violin-molded leaves, is staggering, it very well may be difficult to keep alive. Be that as it may, never dread we have tips to assist you with keeping it alive and flourishing in your space.

Fortunately, when adjusted, the fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) can develop to 6 feet or taller, making it a shocking assertion piece.

There are additionally different assortments of the plant that don’t develop as tall and are bushier, for example, ‘Suncoast’ and ‘Compacta,’ in case you’re going for an alternate look.

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Why keep succulents in your house?

fiddle leaf fig by the couch

Fiddle leaf figs might help focus.

The psychological advantages of fiddle leaf figs don’t stop at prosperity! Fiddles and different houseplants may likewise expand concentration and efficiency.

This investigation discovered that rudimentary understudies were more mindful and better ready to concentrate when their study hall contained live houseplants (rather than counterfeit plants, pictures of plants, or no plants by any stretch of the imagination). Give draping a shot around your fiddle when you’re attempting to center. You could very well notice a distinction in your capacity to think!

Fiddle leaf figs might advance actual wellbeing.

fiddle leaf fig sitting as an indoor plant at a corner

We’ve all accomplished the effect of nature on our prosperity. All things considered, who doesnt feel better when encircled by wonderful plants and trees?

Many organizations are bridling the force of plants and indoor greenspaces to improve health among their representatives. Indoor plants have been displayed to hoist our mind-sets, help mugginess in a space (which helps the respiratory framework), work on our impression of room temperature, lower pulse, and quiet the sensory system. Given working from home is turning into a culture, it makes this plant an essential in our list of indoor plants Malaysia.

Indeed, representatives in this review required 20% less days off when more plants were acquainted with their work area.

Fiddle leaf figs clean the air.

beautiful leaf of fiddle leaf fig


You’ve likely heard that numerous indoor houseplants can eliminate synthetics like formaldehyde, alkali, and benzene from indoor air better than any innovation can, just as advancing sound oxygen levels as they respirate. Truly, this review was led under conditions more steady with those you’d find on an independent space station, however plants may likewise give a portion of those advantages in our homes too.

It’s valid! As per this NASA study, many plants, including ficus trees, for example, ficus lyrata, are compelling at cleaning air and eliminating unsafe synthetics. Fiddles can likewise develop very huge, and bigger plants breathe more than smallers ones, making them more successful at cleaning indoor air. No doubt, that’s exactly why it made it to this indoor plants Malaysia list.

Assuming you need to inhale simple in your home, attempt a fiddle leaf fig!

Buy your fiddle leaf fig here:

How to care for your fiddle leaf fig?

9. Bird’s nest fern

birds nest fern is one of the members of indoor plants malaysia

Scientific name: Asplenium nidus

Common name:  Bird’s Nest Fern, Rumah Langsuyar, Paku Pandan

Bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) are normally epiphytic, which means they develop on the outer layer of different plants. In their rainforest homes, they can be tracked down filling high in the law breakers of trees.

They structure a progression of erect, spoon-formed, radiant green fronds that ascend from a focal rosette. Solid plants can have fronds up to 5 feet in length, yet bird’s nest fern kept as houseplants commonly have fronds that develop around 2 feet in length. These greeneries have a sluggish development rate. They’re best planted in the spring, however houseplants by and large can be begun all year.

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Why keep bird's nest fern in your house?

lady holding pots of birds nest fern

Filters air

The bird’s nest fern is described by swell edged fronds that outgrow a home like crown. It makes for a wonderful hanging plant inside. They flourish in aberrant light and a damp climate. Greeneries have been displayed to filter formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. This plant is an essential indoor plants Malaysia to keep around.

They’re Perfect As a Hanging Plant

As a result of their wide, lace-like foliage, birds’ nest fern make exquisite hanging plants. Since this kind of plant does best in the shade and aberrant daylight, keeping them in hanging pots inside is the most ideal approach. Also, birds’ nest fern can develop very wide and arrive at a distance across four feet. Envision how mind boggling a bird’s nest fern would look hanging in your home!

birds nest fern on the table


They Are Ideal for Small Apartments Without a Lot of Window Space

This sort of greenery does best in low to medium backhanded, however it can flourish in splendid aberrant light. It’s imperative to give this greenery some shade and to get it far from a lot of direct daylight. On the off chance that your plant is kept on a windowsill, the fronds will ultimately become yellow and bite the dust.

On the off chance that you don’t have a huge load of normal daylight in your home or you’re caught in an office or dormitory, you’re in karma! Bird’s nest ferns do magnificently in obscure spots with roundabout daylight.

Buy your bird’s nest fern here:

How to care for your bird's nest fern?

10. Air plants

air plants on a peg board

Air plants appear to be practically powerful in the manner in which they can develop, all things considered, simply in air. That’s right, no dirt at all required. Additionally their leaves can resemble somewhat like outsider limbs or like the members of an extraordinary ocean animal. This is one of the most unique indoor plants Malaysia in the list!

Buy your air plants here:

air plants can look like sea creatures

These entrancing little plants have become very well known in the course of the most recent couple of years, showing up in pretty much any nursery place or even in the checkout line at the supermarket.

Also, there are a lot of online nurseries that work in air plants, especially the more surprising sorts. They’re somewhat unique to develop than most different houseplants so we’ve gathered together a couple of tips for really focusing on air plants and appreciating them in your home.

air plant is one of the popular indoor plants malaysia

Air plants (Tillandsia spp.) are epiphytes, implying that in nature they develop on different plants, typically on tree limbs. There are many species and assortments of air plants. They typically have lash shape or thin triangle-shape leaves that fill in a rosette design with new development showing up from the middle. 

Those with silver foliage will generally be the most dry spell open minded; greener sorts dry out quicker. You can likewise track down brilliant species, similar to Tillandsia maxima that can have coral leaves. Most species produce alluring, cylindrical or pipe formed blossoms, as well.

air plants in 2 jars

Why keep air plants in your house?

Clean encompassing

On the off chance that managing the dirt isn’t something you need to get into in light of the wreck it makes air plants the ideal substitute. They are epiphytes, which implies they can develop without soil as long as you offer a help structure for them to develop on. This makes them perfect as indoor plants Malaysia in apartments.

Incredible for Urban Setting

Metropolitan inhabitants constantly anticipate saving space in homes and present day choices. If you’re alike, then this member of indoor plants Malaysia is essential for your apartment. One of the advantages of air plants is they offer a superb decision for such settings. Additionally, you can develop them without soil, so having a compartment isn’t generally vital, and they’re in pattern!

Diminish stress levels

Indeed, you heard it right! Regardless of whether it’s an extreme day at work, squabble with family or feeling down in light of some other explanation. Encircling yourself with a touch of green gets the job done to get you out of the melancholy. Nature causes you to feel more glad, quiet, and hopeful. Patients were found to recuperate all the more rapidly when their medical clinic rooms were encircled by plants..

Buy your air plants here:

How to care for your air plants?

That’s it! Hope this indoor plants Malaysia list is useful to those that want to start keeping a house plant. These are just some recommendations and the decision to get them or not is up to your discretion.

Which of these indoor plants Malaysia is your choice? Let me know in the comments!

Kindly note that I may receive a small commission with no added charges on your side should you choose to buy any of these plants through my affiliate links. That will help to support the blog.


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