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11+ Lovely Cyberjaya Cafe You Need To Visit

Cyberjaya is a curious and calm spot that is developing to be something beyond a school and boring town. It’s flourishing significantly these days with its IG-commendable home bases, book shops and obviously, bistros and eateries! This city, with a science park and overflowing with college understudies is totally worth your opportunity to visit. To set up your excursion, we have compiled a list of appetizing cafes where you can eat tasty and mouth-watering food while taking Instagrammable food pictures in their tastefully satisfying settings!

1. The Botanist

the quiet ambiance of the botanist in cyberjaya
dessert tarts in the botanist cafe cyberjaya
breakfast at the botanist cyberjaya

Green thumbs, sauce spread fingers: This family-run bistro is definitely worth the outing to this area, serving great bao burgers and selling eco-accommodating items in a lavish tropical setting.

Beautiful spot for early lunch to carry my family to. The staff here consistently welcomes us with a warm and inviting feel when you show up. As you get comfortable you’ll be blessed to receive the lavish vegetation which has developed wonderfully around the bistro – a tranquil, quiet corner of Putrajaya neighbourhood for you to appreciate.

the crowd enjoying a meal in this cyberjaya cafe called the botanist
nice burger by the botanist
shrimp dish at the botanist cyberjaya cafe

The food in this cool cafe is additionally great and great value for your wallet. The exemplary bao sets start at RM15 which incorporates a selection of sides and a beverage. The bistro periodically concocts an occasional exceptional so watch out on their instagram page. As of late I’ve attempted the fried bao with home-made frozen yogurt – it was lovely.

The Botanist merits the excursion to this location in case you’re searching for a difference in landscape. Offering both indoor and open air seatings, this bistro will move you to nature. After showing up, you will be ruined with decisions as the menu serves delectable breakfast, sandwiches and baos. Try not to pass up the last option going from the Salmon Run to Crumbly Cheese and the Koko Chicken Bao.

barista of the botanist cafe in cyberjaya

The Botanist
GP3A-03M,LEVEL 3M,Tamarind square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya
012-700 8343

Photo credit: @thebotanistgreencafe

2. Pastribella Bakeshop

facade of pastri bella cyberjaya cafe
pasta selection in pastri bella
duck salad in pastribella cafe
this cafe has a huge selection of cakes

This is a bake and western fusion cuisine mostly pasta type restaurant. Love the ambience. It is always busy during lunch time. Varieties of cakes from rose pistachios to seasonal fruit cake available.

The menu are from chicken chops with rice, pasta , snacks to dessert. Thai, Japanese, asian fusion types are available. Friendly staff and cosy Cyberjaya cafe.

The cakes(and cupcakes) here are amazing! Requested not many occasions as of now for uncommon events and got great aid from them to satisfy my orders. My family all concur their cakes had an aftertaste like hand crafted cakes. They are in cyberjaya, i’m in KL – cakes showed up on time everytime (inside time period)

creamy pasta in this cyberjaya cafe

Delightful atmosphere, there’s no shop open around it. In case you’re keeping away from an enormous group. This is an incredible spot. Be that as it may, I requested for take away since I just had a full lunch that one time. They limit the measure of individuals to look at the sweets accessible which is cool. They had an assortment of treats.

Certainly worth checking out the diverse range of cakes that are hard to get from anywhere else. I attempted the rose cake (don’t recollect the specific name) and it was incredible. In any case, the espresso is excessively sweet. Maybe they should offer some more choice for drinks that are less sweet.

interior view of pastribella

Pastribella Bakeshop
D3-04-03 Tamarind Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
011-5408 1125

Photo credit: pastribellabakeshop

3. Alcea Coffee

alcea coffee cyberjaya cafe
sandwich show off at the alcea coffee cyberjaya cafe
new sandwich launch at alcea coffee

Named for the alcea blossom, adored by the spouse of Alcea Coffee’s fellow benefactor, this is one of the top Cyberjaya cafe stops for insightfully blended espresso. 

You realize a spot is awesome on the off chance that they get their eggs benedict right. What’s more, they did. Likewise attempted their Big Breakfast which had quality mushrooms and potatoes. 

the ambiance of alcea coffee
barista showing his skill in the alcea coffee

I would say their costs are better than expected, however worth the incentive for an intermittent visit. The long dark was acceptable however the hot cocoa tasted an excess of like the Cadbury powdered choc (presumably is). Little comfortable bistro.

We have been here a few times and that implies we love the food they serve and their great client assistance. Ideal for breakfast and early lunch their egg menu is broad egg bombs and blasts, fleecy flapjacks, scrumptious nasi lemak! You can arrange individually or pick your decision of brekkie with a long dark. 

Their large breakfast is liberal, then, at that point, drink it down with some frothy cappuccino which is finished off with flawlessly drawn espresso craftsmanship. Every one of these upgrades the vibe of this secret jewel!

The inside is so excellent and I am astonished how spotless and comfortable the seats are. Most certainly will return for more!

wall design in the alcea coffee
Eggsplosion and egg bomb in the alcea coffee

Alcea Coffee
D1-03-06, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
017-209 1480

Photo credit: alceacoffee

4. TIG Cafe - Tenang Is Good Cafe

cafe interior seating
butter chicken by tig cyberjaya cafe
bandung muo dish by tig cafe

TIG CAFÉ (Tenang Is Good Café) serves the kopitiam bistro idea menu, presently open for conveyance administration. I’m certain there are some of you who should be worn out on eating your own food at home right now. 

Despite the fact that development is restricted and we must be at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate delightful menus from most loved eateries and bistros. You can simply arrange the menu you like through the conveyance administration. 

Stuck and have no clue about what to arrange? You can attempt TIG Café on the grounds that this bistro has a conveyance service for you.

TIG Café (Tenang Is Good Café) is a bistro with a mix of kopitiam and bistro idea situated in Glomac Cyberjaya. TIG Café offers an assortment of intriguing neighborhood dishes with regards to the expectation that your body, brain and soul are full!

How would I know the presence of TIG Café Cyberjaya? This is the force of online media. While perusing Instagram to arrange food in light of the lethargic cooking state of mind, I ran over this TIG Café account. Taking a gander at the menu shared by TIG Café is intriguing simply because they are generally my beloved menus. So it’s not off-base for me to attempt, right?

butter kaya toast by tenang is good cafe
seafood pasta in tig cyberjaya cafe

TIG Cafe – Tenang Is Good Cafe
No. 1, Block F, Jalan GC 3, Glomac Cyberjaya Glomac, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
011-5638 6483

Photo credit: tenangisgoodcafe

5. Monjo Coffee

BBQ Grilled Chicken with Mediterranean Rice in this cyberjaya cafe
monjo coffee in cyberjaya
panini by monjo coffee a cyberjaya cafe

Concealed on the fifth floor of a business center, Monjo Cafe presents exemplary American burger joint food and cups of to-go espresso. In case you’re a New York enthusiast, look at the subtleties in the store that are a whoop to its notable tram framework – metro tiles and a need seating sign external to its store, just as tram signs that show you where the counters are inside.

This breakfast cafe opens as early as possible at 8AM, so early ascents can arrive ahead of schedule for a generous plate of English Breakfast (RM19) or Eggs Benedict (RM16) with multigrain bread.

They likewise have their own home mix espresso beans.

Nutella Torte Cake by monjo coffee
caramel cake and fish and chips in monjo coffee

Espresso here is acceptable, I would not deny it. Breakfast set here is likewise wonderful. Was practically late to my next location as they set aside the effort to cook. What a pity that they just open at 8am so it was somewhat of a scramble for me to get around in Putrajaya. The best part is that it’s not quite as crowded as McDonalds or Starbucks close by, and ordinarily more delicious and worth the cash. Still going to return here again for their other foods.

More: Checkout these fun attractions in Putrajaya for the full experience while you’re here!

Suggest booking particularly during lunch hour. I recommend early order on the grounds that the pasta may take some time. Strongly suggested for the people who are searching for zesty pasta. The croissant is really delicious. Strongly recommended! The cake is OK. The staff are agreeable and supportive as well.

TIG Cafe – Tenang Is Good Cafe
No. 1, Block F, Jalan GC 3, Glomac Cyberjaya Glomac
011-5638 6483

Photo credit: monjocoffee

6. Book Barter Cafe

When there is a spot that joins the two things that one loves the most throughout everyday life, in particular food and books, I just love it. This nature-friendly cafe has it all. 

Book this bistro simply relatively close to BookXcess Tamarind Square.

This bistro is extremely adorable, yet it has an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for us to hang out to partake in some trendy person espresso while eating different sweets . In the event that the throat of the locals is this way, don’t stress on the grounds that there are food sources that are inseparable from Malaysians, for example, nasi lemak, seared vermicelli, kampung singed rice, and so forth alongside O tea and O espresso and cakes.

interior of book barter cafe
Chicken Ham Quiche in book barter cafe in cyberjaya
green garden in front of this cyberjaya cafe
Banana Butter Choc Pistachio in book barter cafe
coffee overlooking the view at the front of book barter cafe

Treats are for sure numerous types of cakes, pies, etc. What sort of diet do you need?

The books are set in 1 extraordinary and charming shelf where we can take the books here to reclaim gave we put one more book all things being equal. The idea of trading books or exchanging your books is that way. This idea is additionally fascinating, right?

Salted caramel crepe is so delicious, awesome to attempt. For red velvet cake is a decent cake that arrives at the norm for red velvet. Worth a try if you ask me.

Book Barter Cafe
GP 1-03 Pinnacles North Court Tamarind Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
019-499 1408

Photo credit: bookbartercafe

7. Herbs & Butter @ Tamarind Square

facade of herbs dan butter
Sup Tulang Merah Singapore by herbs dan butter
Mee Rebus weekend special in this cyberjaya cafe

Would come here again for their mocha! Spread chicken isn’t awful, the flavor of the sauce is great however chicken meat isn’t exceptionally delicate. In any case, praise for their warm, astounding teams and quick service. The bistro likewise has incredible lighting and embellishments to make Instagram shots. 

Laksa Sarawak was acceptable. I love their margarine chicken too. For Asian food, it is very modest for me. Furthermore, they were extremely liberal with the sauce and fixings. Their western is worth to try. Their Caesar salad with chicken is amazing.

CAESAR SALAD with chicken by herbs dan butter cafe
interior of herbs dan butter cafe

Been hanging around casually in this charming cafe. You can request extreme zesty for your margarine chicken very much like mine. Their spread chicken accompanies soup. They had a drink of the day which was about RM 2 to 3 and the best part is that it’s bottomless. Also, they give drinking water just next to the counter, you can get it free of charge.

The menu has Malaysian and western food. In conclusion, the mango bingsu was so astonishing, however somewhat expensive, RM23 yet great.

Bread Butter Pudding by herbs dan butter cyberjaya cafe

Herbs & Butter @ Tamarind Square
D3-03-15 Block D3 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 11
017-230 4384

Photo credit: herbsdanbutter

8. Glaze Eatery

glaze eatery facade in cyberjaya
some random food on the table
stoner fries by glaze eatery
interior of glaze eatery cafe in cyberjaya

Glaze Eatery, an instagrammable Cyberjaya cafe situated in Tamarind Square serves breakfast, lunch, and supper while encompassed by a comfortable and plant climate. The bistro’s plan is negligible with a little bit of modernization. They offer both feast in and delivery service.

The ambience in the restaurant is so calm with minimalist decoration. There is some space outside under the roof, nice to take a photoshoot. For me, the food is just nice and suitable with the price. But the drink is a bit pricey. Not fully serviced  by the staff since the menu is given at the table, but you need to order at the counter. The serve is fast, no long waiting for the drink and food.

Here, you can track down Asian cooking styles, western food sources, sweets, and different kinds of drinks.

variety of food on the table by glaze eatery cyberjaya cafe
neon sign in glaze eatery cafe
big breakfast by glaze eatery

Something beyond a beautiful face, the principle courses they served are delightful and the treats are incredible. Beginning from breakfast, their particular eats are the exemplary ‘Enormous Breakfast’ and ‘Nasi Lemak’. The best part is, you can arrange the morning meal menu whenever of the day! Indeed, you can get your waffles at 8 PM.

From the outside the spot looks decent with all the stylistic themes and plants, the idea is great. Love the chill vibe, and the warm greeting from the server. In general assistance was overall quite agreeable. The food was acceptable albeit not to my assumption. However, when contrasting the value, I don’t have anything to grumble about, because the piece is gigantic! All that I requested is delectable. Great job folks! I enthusiastically recommend it to other people.

Glaze Eatery
A-03-03A, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia
017-606 6162

Photo credit: glazeeatery

9. Weplaygames Cafe

weplaygames cafe in tamarind square cyberjaya

The name of this Cyberjaya cafe says everything. Not a customary bistro where you sit and appreciate espresso, you additionally get to giggle and mess around with your mates while playing an assortment of prepackaged games. The game’s choices are for all ages from children to grown-ups individuals. The spot is favorable with a comfortable couch and loosening up music.

My idea is to pay RM28 to play all games. So we can investigate distinctive prepackaged games together.

I have seen a ton of eateries and this eatery is exceptionally novel on its own methodologies. This eatery is reasonable to bring your friends and family and your buddies.

set of playing cards in weplaygames cafe
interior wall painting in weplaygames cyberjaya cafe
table seating in weplaygames
Tom Yam Pasta with Grilled Chicken Breast by weplaygames cafe in tamarind square cyberjaya


The ambiance is something you should experience yourself.

The store is situated over the Bookxcess store.

Exceptionally decent manager here who was able to give you the general tour of the games till you know it. Pricing is quite sensible and the place is very comfortable. Come here for an end of the week or evening of fun. 

The cakes are great! The salted egg pasta and croissant are the bomb!

variety of desserts to choose
pasta on the tsable

Weplaygames Cafe
D2-04-16, Level 4, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 10
017-608 0875

Photo credit:

10. Chubbies cafe

chubbies cafe interior in cyberjaya

This café has one of the most amazing newly made espresso in Cyberjaya and the English breakfast is so unique , the staff are so quite well mannered.

They have a decent determination of food which are sensibly valued and of sensible quality and taste. The French fries are acceptable! Spaghetti is very acceptable as well, rich and many mushrooms given!

Extremely delightful pasta aglio olio. One isn’t sufficient. Smooth cooling honey lemon is an absolute necessity to try. I’ve tried mocha and fish croissants here. Love them! It Tastes heavenly.

Decent encompassing, extraordinary climate for home base with companions. The staff are cordial as well! Simple stopping too.

Will come back again to attempt different dishes.

chicken pepperoni pizza at chubbies cafe in cyberjaya
latte art in chubbies cafe

Chubbies cafe
P3, 21, Persiaran Multimedia, Shaftsbury Square, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
03-8320 9313

Photo credit: chubbies89

11. Svart Cafe

svart cyberjaya cafe facade
noodle dish in svart
steak in svart cafe
indoor seat of svart cafe

It’s a mid level priced Cyberjaya cafe offering different kinds of food from Asian to Western. Nature of the food is excellent, and hands down the best steak you can get at this cost.

Food was so yummy! A very amicable team. I highly suggest to every one of you who read this to attempt the food yourself! Energetically suggested the “Fish chowder” suppppperrrrr great! To the gourmet expert, kindly show me how you make that!! I was going to arrange a second bowl. 

Salmon creamy pasta and salmon fish head curry is a strongly suggested dish to those considering what to have. Extraordinary western food here.. Highly recommend their lamb shoulder and rib eye with a good pricing.

amazing wall painting in svart cafe cyberjaya

The front of the staff welcomed me well. For a wonderful and agreeable seat. Show of the substance of the menu obviously and exhaustively while grinning. From the food moderator Good and wonderful. 

It’s the terms of enhancement in the bistro it looks pleasant and simple.i like the stylistic theme man. Rarely do I see a male staff make a deco table. It’s beautiful. The cost of the food and drink is excellent. Chef in svart bistro is awesome. The front staff is also praise-worthy.

table view of svart cafe in cyberjaya
seafood fried noodle in svart
cold drinks in svart cafe

Svart Cafe
A-03-08 Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia
014-366 0308

Photo credit: svartcafe

12. Harvest Food And Coffee

harvest cafe cyberjaya facade
western dish by harvest cafe in cyberjaya
unique dish in harvest cafe

If you really want more bistros in Cyberjaya to hangout at, look at Harvest Food and Coffee. This comfortable bistro has comfortable eating couches, a shelf loaded up with English books, and card and prepackaged games to play with while you feast on Asian and Western dishes.

One of the features in the area is the comfortable climate and awesome sweet and veggie lover pizza! Evaluate their popular hot brownies with vanilla frozen yogurt! It’ll dissolve the center of you!

pizza delight in harvest cafe
platter meal for 2 in harvest cafe cyberjaya
steak served in harvest cafe

Incredible feel and unrecorded music. It’s not very noisy as some would say. Truly partake in my time here. Administration was quick, and with care. We requested burgers, a plate of mixed greens, salmon, a pizza, and polished off with latte. Food was delicious.

Words of advice, don’t go when you’re close to starving – take a short time for the food to show up.

The cafe owner Allan was friendly as well.

Harvest Food And Coffee
Persiaran Ceria, Cyberjaya
012-700 8343

Photo credit: harvestcafecyberjaya


Cyberjaya might be known as a tech and school town that is in a little air pocket, yet there are a huge load of hidden gems around here. It’s nothing unexpected that it has gotten on the bistro pattern with sweet and early lunch spots, and espresso claim to fame bistros in this place that worth making a trip for.

If you’re around the vicinity and need to encounter great food and quiet climate, a long way from the rushing about of the downtown area, then, at that point, add these bistros in your cafe hopping list.

Hope this incredible list of Cyberjaya cafe will be useful as a guide for you to cross out your checklist of cafe hopping spots. Each of these locations certainly possess their own unique charms in terms of ambiance, food and certain uniqueness. 

Which of these cafes will you visit next? Let me know in the comments! 


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