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10+ Oishii Old Klang Road Japanese Food Restaurant, Itadakimasu!

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant and diverse Japanese dining scene nestled along the bustling streets of Old Klang Road. Join me as we explore the unique flavors, varied menus, and distinct atmospheres that define the Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurants in this dynamic area, each promising a delightful experience that captures the essence of Japan’s rich culinary heritage.

This area  also has OKR cafes that will satisfy your need for a peace and calming place to brunch!

Old Klang Road Japanese Food With Authentic Twist

1. Kojitsu Kitchen

japanese garden in Kojitsu Kitchen

I easily secured a table reservation at Kojitsu Kitchen, and upon arrival, I was greeted by a warm and welcoming ambiance. The owner, aware of my dietary restrictions, recommended the deep-fried mushrooms, Saba fish rice, and braised pork rice. As a light drizzle fell outside, the simplicity and deliciousness of the homey food were a perfect match for the weather, leaving me eager to return for another visit to enjoy more Old Klang Road Japanese food.

reading area in Kojitsu Kitchen

My dining experience at this Old Klang Road Japanese food establishment was delightful, nestled in a homely residential setting. Convenient parking was available at the nearby shop lots, a mere two-minute walk away, with a friendly reminder not to inconvenience the neighborhood by parking in the housing area. The unique aspect of this restaurant is the absence of a menu; instead, the chef curates the meal based on the number of diners. This unconventional approach added an element of surprise to my culinary exploration.

dining area in Kojitsu Kitchen

The dishes presented a delightful blend of flavors, striking a perfect balance between richness and subtlety. Each dish, beautifully presented, showcased the chef’s culinary prowess. An extra touch that stood out was the introduction of a new dish after completing the previous one, enhancing the overall dining experience.

full meal set of japanese food at Kojitsu Kitchen

The Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant’s environment was pleasing, with a comfortable lack of overcrowding. Nestled in the cozy back alley, the entrance was easy to find. Walking in, we were greeted by the observant chef, adding a personal touch to our visit. Although we didn’t choose our dishes, the culinary offerings were outstanding. The chicken, incredibly tender with crispy skin, required no sauce as its juiciness spoke for itself. 

The chef’s thoughtful gesture of preparing a special Saba dish for my medical condition exemplified the elegance of simplicity. Dessert featured collagen jelly, and the refreshing drinks complemented the overall relaxed atmosphere. Kojitsu Kitchen emerged as a place I genuinely appreciate and enjoy.

Address: 24, Jalan Sepakat 9, Taman United, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 011-5404 3779

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kojitsu.kitchen/

2. Uo Shin

Uo Shin stands out as an incredible spot for fresh and delectable sushi, offering a menu that aligns with a low-carb, high-protein diet while providing a diverse range of choices. The portions are impressively generous, and the sushi is meticulously crafted right in front of you, showcasing the artistry involved in its preparation. Located in the new Millerz Square, the shop, though secluded, attracts a genuine crowd.

bar seat inside of Uo Shin

In my culinary journey, Uo Shin currently claims the top spot among Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurants in KL. The premium taste it offers comes with an affordable price tag. To avoid lengthy queues, I’d recommend arriving around 4 pm or securing a reservation in advance. Even arriving at 3 pm, I experienced a 30-minute wait, but the exceptional dining experience made it entirely worthwhile.

cooked meat plate at Uo Shin

Uo Shin’s sushi is unparalleled, delivering explosive flavors, especially those adorned with truffle butter or other delightful sauces. The recommendation extends to all varieties, characterized by thick cuts and minimal rice. The open-kitchen concept adds an extra layer to the dining experience, allowing customers to relish their food while witnessing the culinary artistry in action.

sashimi plate at Uo Shin

While the reservation process is user-friendly, the availability of slots might be limited. To ensure a seamless experience, making an early reservation is advised. Cheers to the Uo Shin/Shin Zushi team for a job well done! 


Address: Block C ,G-02, Millerz Square, Megan Legasi, 357, Old Klang Rd, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2779 2558

3. Mitasu

open seating area of Mitasu

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant left an excellent impression on us with its delightful food and great service. Notably, the sashimi, a popular choice among patrons, comes with a slightly longer wait, indicating its high demand. While the limited parking space poses a challenge, the staff is readily available to assist in finding the best spot, making carpooling a recommended option. Do take note of the chilly indoor temperatures due to strong air conditioning, and consider bringing a jacket for added comfort. Despite these minor considerations, the food stands out for its remarkable freshness and deliciousness, making it highly recommended.

interior seating area in Mitasu

Given the limited parking, making a reservation in advance or opting for a Grab ride is advisable. The restaurant follows a pork-free policy and features a well-designed interior with dining spaces on the ground floor and the first floor, including private rooms, presumably reserved for larger groups.

different dish plates at Mitasu

The Japanese-themed decor immediately caught our attention upon entering, setting the tone for a perfect dining atmosphere. The modern and cozy wood-centric design created a homely feeling, enhancing the overall experience. Mitasu’s buffet-style setup allowed us to indulge in a variety of Japanese delicacies without waiting in queues, adding to the convenience.

beef slice at Mitasu

The extensive menu offered a diverse range of Japanese meals, with the added perk of refillable drinks. Among the standout dishes, the Grilled Half Shell Scallop with Cod Roe (Hotate Mentaiyaki) received a perfect 5/5 rating, while the Prawn Tempura (Ebi Tempura) impressed with its crunchy texture, earning another 5/5 rating. The Beef Butteryaki (Gyuniku Bata-Yaki) and Lamb Butteryaki (Lamb Bata-Yaki) were equally delectable, contributing to a memorable dining experience.


Address: Lot 306, Old Klang Rd, Batu 3, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7971 8878

Website: https://www.mitasu.com.my  



At Kannichikan Yakiniku, we had a delightful experience at this Yakiniku restaurant. Opting for the RM232 set and some additional items, we were impressed by the excellent quality of beef and pork offered. The Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant boasts a diverse selection, catering to all preferences; even friends who abstain from beef found the pork and other hot dishes equally enjoyable.


The beef cuts were notably good, with a superb marinade that rendered the meat tender. The crispy pancake added a delightful texture to the meal. While the quality of the food was commendable, we felt that a more generous provision of lettuce, perhaps with a reasonable refill policy, would enhance the dining experience.

ingredients for grilling in KANNICHIKAN YAKINIKU

The Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant’s staff contributed to the positive atmosphere, demonstrating friendliness and helpfulness throughout our visit. Private rooms and effective air conditioning added to the comfort of the dining environment. A noteworthy recommendation from our experience is the drink called Cyu-hi, a delightful addition to the meal.

tasty meat being grilled at KANNICHIKAN YAKINIKU

Notably, the staff at Kannichikan Yakiniku went the extra mile to impart knowledge on the art of ‘yakiniku’ preparation, enriching our overall dining experience. With gratitude, we express our enjoyment and look forward to returning to Knk Old Klang Road for another round of delightful Yakiniku.


Address: 23-1, 3rd miles square 151, Jalan KelangLama, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-577 4011

Website: https://www.knkyakiniku.com/ 

5. Kimiya

internal seating area at KIMIYA

At Kimiya, I found the pricing to be slightly on the higher side, but the generous portions and high-quality ingredients made it cost-effective on a per-person basis. One standout dish that I highly recommend is the Kimiya Bento, which, in reality, comes in a larger portion than what is depicted in the picture. Another delightful choice is the Soft Shell Crab Salad, and we particularly enjoyed the yuzu dressing.

fresh sashimi variety in KIMIYA

The Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant offers a diverse array of mouth-watering Japanese dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The Unagi set and Tempura were personal favorites, making for an enjoyable lunch complemented by attentive service. The Sashimi was exceptionally fresh, and the Unagi Roll stood out for its delightful flavors. The Tempura had a light, crispy batter, and the desserts, including warm Mochi, were equally delightful. With an extensive menu showcasing delicious-looking options, I am eager to return and try their Bluefin Tuna sushi.

scallop mushroom at KIMIYA

One standout recommendation from our visit was the Unagi Cheese Roll, featuring grilled Unagi, cheese, and sweet sauce—an absolute delight. I also enjoyed a refreshing glass of Umeshu, which added a sweet note to the overall dining experience.

nato bean in KIMIYA

For those planning to visit for their Old Klang Road Japanese food, a tip for parking: bring some small notes to pay at the lobby, as the car park machine does not support touch-and-go or credit card payments.


Address: G-2, Avantas Residence, 162, Jln Klang Lama, Taman Shanghai, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 013-239 3406

Website: https://kimiya.my/ 

6. Xenri Japanese Cuisine

outside of Xenri Japanese Cuisine

Heading to Xenri Japanese Cuisine for lunch turned out to be a good decision. The restaurant offers an excellent selection of Japanese set lunches in the area, coupled with attentive service for an overall pleasant Old Klang Road Japanese food dining experience. 

koi fish pond in Xenri Japanese Cuisine

While I wouldn’t describe the food as superb, it met expectations with flavors that were both familiar and tastefully balanced. One standout dish was the Teriyaki Salmon, expertly cooked with a delightful sweet sauce, although a hint of crispiness on the salmon could have elevated the dish for my personal preference.

grilled japanese food fish at Xenri Japanese Cuisine

For our journey to the Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant, we opted for a GrabCar, making the commute quite convenient. Upon arrival, the unique atmosphere of the restaurant caught our attention, complemented by its well-decorated interior. The menu boasted a wide variety of options, and we were pleased with the prompt service. 

fresh sashimi served in Xenri Japanese Cuisine

In terms of Japanese dining in the city, Xenri stands out as one of the best. The food is characterized by freshness, wholesomeness, beautiful presentation, and reasonable pricing for the quality offered. Be prepared to be impressed by the vibrant flavors and top-notch quality of the dishes.


Address: 9, Lorong 4/137c, Bedford Business Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7783 8118

Website: https://xenri.com/

7. Himawari Japanese Cuisine

seating area in Himawari Japanese Cuisine

Discovering Himawari Japanese Cuisine on the upper floor turned out to be a delightful find. The restaurant boasts a cozy interior and offers friendly service.

What caught my attention was the main theme of cooked food on the menu; I didn’t spot any raw items. One standout recommendation is the Goya Champuru (RM22), a flavorful stir-fry of pork with bitter gourd, complemented by soft tofu. The dish has a nice bite to it and pairs perfectly with white rice, making it a hidden gem tucked away upstairs. The attentive waitstaff not only refilled our green tea promptly but also ensured our orders were taken care of.

internal seating at Himawari Japanese Cuisine

The pork belly Don and katsu curry don, followed by mochi ice cream for dessert, made for a satisfying meal, and I can confidently say I’ll return whenever I’m in the area. Despite the limited space, the appeal of the food makes it worthwhile. Convenient night parking and the absence of a raw fish smell further contribute to the positive dining experience.

Situated not far from Kuala Lumpur’s city center, Himawari Japanese Cuisine stands out as a small and inviting establishment serving fresh and delicious Old Klang Road Japanese food & cuisine.

grilled fish by Himawari Japanese Cuisine

The sautéed bitter gourd with egg was a particular highlight, showcasing delightful flavors. The scallops dish also impressed with its freshness. However, the true star of the show was their mochi—fresh, delicately soft, and perfectly balanced in sweetness. Preordering the mochi prior to our lunch date was a wise decision, as it left us craving more of these amazingly delicious treats. The friendly and courteous staff, along with reasonable prices, makes this place highly recommended for a satisfying meal with family or friends.

tamago at Himawari Japanese Cuisine

Address: 20-1, Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-220 1934

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/himawariKL/ 

8. Ishin Japanese Dining

japanese chef counter in Ishin Japanese Dining

Ishin Japanese Dining stands as one of my top choices for indulging in fresh sashimi and authentic Japanese cuisine. While the prices lean toward the higher end, the quality, taste, and freshness of the dishes justify the expense. The Old Klang Road Japanese food restaurant prioritizes premium, fresh ingredients, ensuring a superior level of satisfaction for discerning palates.

various mini japanese dishes at Ishin Japanese Dining

What truly sets Ishin Japanese Dining apart is its commitment to delivering a remarkable Japanese culinary experience. The menu not only delights the taste buds with delicious offerings but also captures the authenticity of Japanese cuisine, catering to a variety of tastes. The standout feature, however, is the exceptional service provided by the staff. They go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your dining experience is nothing short of amazing. From thoughtful recommendations to attentive service, the staff’s professionalism enhances the overall enjoyment of your meal.

seafood plate at Ishin Japanese Dining

During my visit, the food lived up to expectations. The emphasis on using real, fresh ingredients was evident, particularly in the outstanding sashimi dishes. Special menus like Japanese tomato and white eggplants showcased the culinary diversity and were equally delightful. The service, led by Phyo and his colleagues, demonstrated a high level of professionalism and helpfulness.

water mochi at Ishin Japanese Dining

While some dishes like the Udon seafood pot were deemed average, the overall dining experience was elevated by the commendable service. It’s worth noting that desserts may not be the highlight of the menu. The added convenience of free parking with valet service adds to the overall appeal of Ishin Japanese Dining. If you’re in search of a place to savor top-notch Japanese cuisine and relish outstanding service, Ishin Japanese Dining deserves a prominent spot on your list.

Address: 4 off, Persiaran Klang, Batu 3 3, 202, Old Klang Rd, Taman Shanghai, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7980 8228

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ishinmy 

9. Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant

front shop of Nihon Kai

At Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant, we discovered a local-style Japanese dining experience. The establishment is well-maintained and exhibits a clean ambiance. The extensive menu offers a wide variety of Old Klang Road Japanese food options, and for those seeking a more private dining experience, there are five rooms available for booking.

sushi wrap at Nihon Kai

Opting for the set meal, we were pleased with the generous portions. The salmon sashimi, in particular, stood out as a favorite. Despite being somewhat hidden from the main Old Klang Road, the restaurant offers quality dishes at reasonable prices. The simple and cozy ambiance enhances the dining experience, and notable highlights include freshly prepared sashimi and the delightful soft shell crab karaage. 

japanese fried fish by Nihon Kai

This establishment holds a special place as my all-time favorite Japanese restaurant, offering an authentic culinary experience without breaking the bank. However, it’s worth noting that service may experience delays during peak times.

variety of sushi at Nihon Kai

For those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices, Nihon Kai is a hidden gem. While the service and food presentation may not reach five-star standards, the flavors certainly deliver a satisfying experience. It’s advisable to arrive early on weekends to avoid waiting, or consider making a reservation in advance.

Address: 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7982 3668

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NihonkaiJalanKlangLama/ 

From the fresh and authentic offerings at Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant to the top-notch sashimi and exceptional service at Ishin Japanese Dining, the area caters to varied tastes. While some places may offer a more local-style experience like Nihon Kai, others like Ishin showcase a more upscale and authentic Japanese culinary journey. Whether seeking affordable options like Nihon Kai or indulging in a premium dining experience at Ishin, Old Klang Road proves to be a haven for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts, offering something for everyone.


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