10+ Old Klang Road Cafe With Diverse Brunch Options

I’ve got you covered this weekend with a list of top Old Klang Road cafe that offer everything from satisfying your caffeine cravings to indulging in Michelin-starred cuisine. These cafes provide an experience you surely wouldn’t want to miss, boasting delectable menu items and stylish interiors. Whether you’re in the mood for a robust cup of coffee or a gourmet meal, these establishments have it all. The enticing menus and chic ambiance of these cafes in Old Klang Road make it an ideal choice for those seeking a delightful dining experience.

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Delightful Old Klang Road Cafe To Visit

1. SINCE 18'S

ambiance inside since 18 cafe

Discovered this hidden gem called SINCE 18’S, a cafe that offers uniquely crafted, realistic-looking edible chocolates featuring hardware tools and cosmetics. I was genuinely impressed by the attention to detail, and the lady who assisted me was incredibly friendly. Although I didn’t personally taste the chocolates, they make for a special and distinctive gift for your loved ones. As far as I know, it’s probably the only place like this in KL at the moment.

seat setting in since 18 cafe

The ambiance of the cafe is serene and peaceful, matched by the quietness of the surrounding street. The music playing in the background is light yet catchy, adding to the overall pleasant atmosphere. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a tranquil moment.

Having tried the Tea and Hammer Dark Chocolate, I can vouch for their quality. The 3-style spaghetti and fried Nasi Lemak are must-try items on the menu. The Nasi Lemak leans towards the spicier side, but if you prefer a milder version, you can always request it. The only drawback for me was that the place is a bit too dim for my liking.

nasi lemak from since 18 cafe

SINCE 18’S is undeniably a great spot with a fantastic ambiance. It’s an ideal place to hang out with friends over a few drinks. The Nasi Lemak goreng is particularly noteworthy. The Old Klang Road cafe offers a diverse range of options, from food and coffee to booze and a chocolate bar.

duck dish from since 18 cafe

During my visit, I opted for the mocha combo, which included a piece of artisanal chocolate shaped like a nut and bolt – the detailing was truly amazing. They offer various designs, spanning cosmetics, hardware tools, and other ordinary household items. The mocha was smooth, and I found the Latte Fredo a tad bitter, but personally, I enjoyed it. The Opera cake was another highlight, with a balanced sweetness. The service was friendly, and they accept eWallets. On weekends, the parking situation seems to be better.


Phone: 012-322 3793

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/since18s 

2. Oui Bakehouse & Cafe

front of Oui Bakehouse & Cafe

Stumbled upon Oui Bakehouse & Cafe through Instagram ads, and I must say, the coffee croissant is absolutely divine! Despite being full from lunch, we couldn’t resist ordering a few, and they truly satisfied our cravings. Parking is convenient with ample space right in front of the cafe. The service was commendable, but we did have one small request – we had to ask for small plates as the pastries were presented like in the pictures, making it a bit impractical to eat crumbly croissants in my opinion. Nonetheless, we’ll definitely be returning for more.

baked goods choices for brunch at Oui Bakehouse & Cafe

This charming Old Klang Road cafe is nestled in an office tower, offering delightful pastries that truly stand out, especially the savory ones. The smoked salmon with avocado croissant boasts a generous portion and a filling combination with well-balanced flavors. The mixed fruit croissant, featuring a wide array of fruits, is equally generous and pleasing to the palate – definitely worth a try.

breakfast set from Oui Bakehouse & Cafe

While the overall food experience was fantastic, the mushroom soup erred on the side of being a tad too salty. The portions are slightly smaller considering the price, but the real stars are their renowned croissants and puffs – make sure to give those a try.

As for the atmosphere, the Old Klang Road cafe is beautifully decorated, but evenings can be dim for the desired ambiance. The air conditioning might be a bit too cold for some.

pasta from Oui Bakehouse & Cafe

In terms of pricing, be prepared for an above-average cafe cost, ranging from RM40-80 per person, depending on your order.

Parking during the daytime might be a bit challenging on the roadside, so consider the building’s paid parking. However, in the evening, there’s plenty of roadside parking available.

Address: Old Klang Road, Menara K1 G02, Lorong 3/137C, Jln Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7770 9355

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OuiBakehouseCafe/

3. Front Room & The Kneady Baker

seating layout inside Front Room & The Kneady Baker

My visits to Front Room & The Kneady Baker have always been met with a warm welcome from the owners, Pete and Jo, along with their exceptional staff. Despite the limited space, they make a concerted effort to accommodate guests with minimal fuss, providing attentive service. The delightful decor, inviting atmosphere, and diverse menu have made this cafe a go-to for various occasions – be it with family, on a date, or with friends. It truly offers a perfect setting for any occasion, delivering delicious food and a memorable Old Klang Road cafe experience.

window view of Front Room & The Kneady Baker

During my recent visit, I was treated to a delightful experience. The ambience of the cafe is truly fantastic, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. The food, not only delicious but also beautifully presented, featured a fantastic BKT pie, the house special for the weekend, which was simply superb. The host’s incredible accommodation added an extra layer of enjoyment to our visit, making it highly recommended.

egg benedict from Front Room & The Kneady Baker

Situated on the 1st floor, Front Room & The Kneady Baker proved to be a hidden gem. Uncertain about what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff who assisted us while waiting for a table on the 1st floor. The coffee, with its dark roast and slightly bitter taste, offered a unique flavor profile. The churros were a delightful treat – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and served with a delectable chocolate dip. Opting for the NYC Bagel special, I enjoyed the deliciously smooth and creamy texture of the scrambled eggs.

chocolate cake at Front Room & The Kneady Baker

The exceptional service, coupled with the delectable food and cakes, truly deserves a chef’s kiss. Front Room & The Kneady Baker has quickly become a new favorite for me.

Address: 16-1 Jalan 1/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-308 6555

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kneadybakermy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KneadyBakerMY/

4. Oz Cafe

facade of Oz cafe

We recently visited Oz Cafe, a hidden gem located beside the bustling NPE road. The environment is incredibly cozy, providing a welcomed escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

ambiance inside Oz cafe

Owned by a lovely couple, the Old Klang Road cafe exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our experience was heightened by indulging in their tasty big breakfast, and we couldn’t resist trying their chicken puff – a must-try that exceeded our expectations. In my opinion, Oz Cafe stands out as one of the best cozy cafes I’ve ever been to. The food is not just good; it’s exceptional, and the owners’ friendly demeanor adds to the overall charm. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come and dine in this underrated gem.

breakfast plate at Oz cafe

Our dining experience at this hidden spot on Old Klang Road was nothing short of delightful. The beautiful decor, homey vibe, and friendly owners create a unique ambiance. The place is adorned with artwork available for purchase, and an abundance of green plants adds a refreshing touch. 

flower cupcake at Oz cafe

Opting for the big breakfast, we were treated to a delicious meal that featured their signature homemade sausage and tomato jam. The sautéed mushrooms, paired with the homemade sausage, were incredibly flavorful, and the crispy hashbrown complemented the dish perfectly. We couldn’t resist trying the fresh and tasty brownie, and although the cappuccino was just okay, our overall breakfast experience left us thoroughly satisfied. I genuinely enjoyed my time at Oz Cafe and will undoubtedly return for another delightful meal.


Address: 1st Floor, 58A, Jln 18/2, Off Old Klang Road, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: 012-608 0957

Website: https://ozcafe3.business.site

5. Sanctuary Coffee KL

front shop of Sanctuary Coffee KL

Discovering Sanctuary Coffee KL was a pleasant surprise, tucked away in the quiet corners of OKR Millerz Square. The Old Klang Road cafe, neat and tidy, provides a tranquil haven for those seeking a peaceful moment. During my visit, I indulged in their house-baked cookies and burnt cheesecake, both of which were delightful. It’s undoubtedly a good spot for a quiet and relaxing time.

ambiance inside of Sanctuary Coffee KL

The mouthfeel of their coffee, coupled with a dreamy aroma, paired exceptionally well with the deliciously rich homemade cookies. The cafe boasts a spacious and comfortable environment, making it an ideal place to hang out with friends and family. The owner, Ken, and his beautiful wife contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. I highly recommend trying their chocolate cookies, coffee, and Niko Neko Matcha for a flavorful experience.

coffee and cake at Sanctuary Coffee KL

Sanctuary Coffee KL offers a nice and cool setting to savor a robust coffee amidst the bustling streets of KL. The humble and friendly couple, dedicated to providing excellent hospitality, ensures that both the drinks and food meet expectations. A visit to experience their offerings is highly recommended.

For those seeking a quiet and peaceful hangout spot, Sanctuary Coffee KL fits the bill perfectly. The owner’s friendly demeanor adds to the welcoming atmosphere. During my visit, I had the chance to try their Viet coffee mix egg, which was very nice and added to the overall positive experience.

pancake at Sanctuary Coffee KL

The signature coffees, such as Yolk-shire and Black Magic, are a must-try, as well as their homemade soft cookies. The Old Klang Road cafe offers a delightful combination of flavors and a welcoming ambiance that sets it apart.

Address: Millerz Square OKR, 01-11, Megan Legasi, 357, Jln Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 017-603 6697

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanctuary.coffee.kl

6. Le Pont Boulangerie

interior of Le Pont Boulangerie

Having had the pleasure of dining at Le Pont Boulangerie, I can confidently say it was an absolute delight for the senses. The charming decor seamlessly blended rustic and modern elements, creating an inviting ambiance. The spacious seating arrangements added to the overall comfort, providing a relaxed setting that enhances the dining experiencedark seat area of Le Pont Boulangerie


I enthusiastically recommend trying the Truffle Pizza and Pulled Duck Pesto – both dishes are outstanding and sure to leave a lasting impression. And, of course, the Strawberry Symphony, a signature mocktail made with fresh strawberry puree and citrus fruits, is a refreshing treat that you don’t want to miss.

famous pizza from Le Pont Boulangerie

This Old Klang Road cafe ambiance transports you to the charming streets of Europe, reminiscent of stumbling upon a hidden gem during an art exhibition. The ground floor, adorned with cozy and classy decor, welcomes you with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pastries. The meticulous attention to detail in the decor creates an immersive experience, evoking a sense of a bygone era.

Venturing to the first floor reveals a dedicated main course menu of delectable dishes. Settling into the comfortable seating, you and your friends can fully enjoy the warm ambiance while savoring each bite. The special beverages and pastries on offer further enhance the overall culinary experience, leaving your taste buds tingling with joy.

coffee and pizza at Le Pont Boulangerie

The cafe’s nostalgic charm is accentuated by an old coffee machine proudly standing at the entrance. The ground floor is thoughtfully divided into two sections – one with high chairs for a casual chat and the other with traditional table seating for a more relaxed dining experience.

Le Pont Boulangerie isn’t just a place to dine; it’s a versatile and inviting venue suitable for various occasions. If you ever wish to host an event, this Old Klang Road cafe provides a perfect setting, ensuring that your experience here is heartwarming and unforgettable. It leaves you with cherished memories of a European culinary adventure.


Address: 6, Lorong 1/137c, Batu 5, Jln Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7783 0900

Website: https://www.lepontboulangerie.com/ 

7. Wayne's Bistro

facade of Wayne's Bistro

We recently gathered as a family at Wayne’s Bistro, where we had the pleasure of exploring a diverse menu. Our order included a half-kilogram of roast pork, fried rice, fish and chips, mushroom pizza, and chicken chop. The roast pork, prepared in a Chinese style, added a unique twist to the meal. The fried rice stood out with its excellent wok hei, while the fish and chips exceeded expectations in terms of portion size. However, the chicken chop fell slightly below average. 

sinful meat platter at Wayne's Bistro

The mushroom pizza showcased a delightful blend of cheese and a generous amount of mushrooms, creating a flavorful combination. The attentive and friendly staff enhanced the overall dining experience, making it both enjoyable and comfortable. 

desserts at Wayne's Bistro

Moving on to the brand-new location of Wayne’s, we discovered the same consistent quality of delicious Western cuisine. Alongside their classics like the Signature Roast Pork, the menu now features exciting new additions. One standout dish is the Mushroom Risotto, perfect for those who enjoy creamy and rich flavors. Each bite is packed with a strong mushroom taste, making it a memorable choice. 

breakfast bread at Wayne's Bistro

The impeccable service from the waiting staff ensured our orders arrived promptly, adding to the positive experience in this Old Klang Road cafe. The new location, with both indoor and outdoor seating, offers a casually decorated and brighter atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a fancy night out with family or a relaxed drink with friends. Overall, Wayne’s Bistro proved to be a versatile dining destination, offering a blend of traditional favorites and innovative additions in a welcoming setting.

Address: 151, Batu 3½, Jln Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 0166663362

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waynescafe_my/

8. ANT Cafe & Bar

facade of ANT Cafe & Bar

At ANT Cafe & Bar, I found it to be a cool spot for hanging out with friends, enjoying a beer, and engaging in games like pool and darts. The ambiance is relaxed, creating a laid-back atmosphere that encourages socializing. The service here is impressive – friendly staff members who always greet you with a smile, adding to the overall positive experience.

interior seat of ANT Cafe & Bar

One notable highlight of ANT Cafe & Bar is their claim to have the best steaks in town, offered at very affordable prices. Their specialty lies in the Australian ‘meltique’ Wagyu-like beef, and what sets them apart is their willingness to customize each order based on customer preferences. 

eggette from ANT Cafe & Bar

Upon looking at the pictures, the anticipation for the taste was high, and I must say, the steaks exceeded expectations. The option to double the amount of beef, all priced around 80 ringgit plus, and the inclusion of Mushroom soup made the dining experience even more satisfying. The combination of affordability and superb taste makes this Old Klang Road cafe a must-visit for those seeking a great steak experience.

steak from ANT Cafe & Bar

Address: G-01 & G-02, Petalz Residences, Residency Rimbunan No. 2, Jalan 1/132A, Off, Jln Klang Lama, Kampung Pasir, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 0123066999

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ant.cafe.group/

9. Cafe Yamatatsu 山達小舖

Cafe Yamatatsu 山達小舖, a cozy little eatery reminiscent of a neighborhood general store, has become a favorite spot for me. The overall atmosphere is welcoming, providing a comfortable setting to enjoy a delightful meal. My go-to dish is the shredded chicken rice bowl, always a satisfying choice.

Get more insights about this lovely place in my review on Cafe Yamatatsu!

During a recent visit, we decided to explore more of their menu. Opting for Taiwanese Chicken chop, duck rice, oyakodon, chicken karrage, and brinjal bonito, we were treated to a diverse array of flavors. Unexpectedly, the brinjal turned out to be a pickled dish, and while it was a bit peculiar for our taste, the rest of the dishes were amazing as always. Despite this minor hiccup, we had a great time at the eatery.

internal view of Cafe Yamatatsu

It’s worth noting that Cafe Yamatatsu has a strict dining time frame, closing at 3 pm. As the clock approached 2:30 pm, the staff gently reminded us that it was the last call. Within the next 10 minutes, another reminder came, signaling the impending closure at 3 pm. While the time constraints added a bit of urgency to finish our meal, the overall experience was enjoyable.

signature corn from Cafe Yamatatsu

What sets Cafe Yamatatsu apart is not just the food but also the unique and exceptionally tasty Japanese-Taiwanese fusion cuisine they offer with finesse. The presentation of their dishes is highly commendable, and the service is impeccable, all at very fair pricing. I would recommend trying their top-notch mayonnaise-wasabi sauce, a perfect accompaniment to the fried chicken. 


pork rice from Cafe Yamatatsu

Dining at Cafe Yamatatsu feels like being transported to a foreign country, especially in their enclosed dining hall with a huge wooden door – a truly Japanese experience. It comes highly recommended for those seeking a delightful blend of flavors in a cozy and unique setting.

Address: 30, Jalan 2/131A Project Jaya Industrial Estate, Batu, 6, Jln Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 01165690402

Website: https://yamatatsu.my/ 

10. Posh Cafe at Verve Suite Old Klang Road

seating arrangement of Posh Cafe

For our Sunday brunch, we chose Posh Cafe at Verve Suite Old Klang Road, arriving just before noon. At that time, only one other patron was present. Surprisingly, only two sets of menus were offered for our group of four, and it took the waitress about 10 minutes to return to take our orders. Thankfully, our food and drinks in this Old Klang Road cafe arrived promptly in approximately 20 minutes.

hanging lights of Posh Cafe makes it attractive

The food presentation at Posh Cafe was impressive, and the portions were notably larger than those in city cafes. Our selections included Mushroom Spaghetti Carbonara, Egg Benedict, Chicken Spaghetti, and Mushroom Toasties, all of which were delicious. While the Egg Benedict was enjoyable, I would have preferred wholemeal seeded bread over Shibuya bread for this particular dish. 

breakfast and toast at Posh Cafe

The Coffee Avocado Smoothie, unfortunately, didn’t live up to its creamy advertisement. However, the Rose Latte proved to be a good choice, with just the right hint of rose flavor and a well-balanced coffee undertone. A simple addition, such as a slice of lemon in our plain water, would have been a nice touch. Dessert options were limited to a red velvet cake.

This Old Klang Road cafe’s ambiance is cozy, adorned with numerous indoor plants, fairy lights on the ceiling, and a pleasant background music setting. It creates a perfect environment to chill with friends or family. The prices are reasonable, and parking is available either in limited outdoor spaces or by registering with the security to park in the building, free of charge.

western dish from Posh Cafe

In addition to the brunch experience, I’ve also visited this Old Klang Road cafe for a regular meal. The staff here is notably friendly and helpful. I sampled the Angry Arrabbiata, while my boyfriend opted for the Pesto Mushroom. Both dishes were satisfying, and the coffee, though slightly leaning towards the acidic side, was quite enjoyable. Parking is conveniently easy, requiring a simple registration with the guard at the Verve Suite car park and obtaining a visitor pass to park right outside the restaurant.

Address: R-G-2, Verve Suites KL South, No. 355, Jln Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0327153132

11. Just Good Coffee

ambiance and internal setting of Just Good Coffee

Exploring Just Good Coffee on Old Klang Road was a delightful experience. I couldn’t resist trying their Dirty Matcha, a hot latte blending coffee and Matcha in perfect harmony. The result was a delicious, non-bitter concoction with a creamy and buttery texture. The Old Klang Road cafe provided a great vibe, creating a perfect space to chill and hang out. 

variety of baked foods in Just Good Coffee

Alongside their impressive selection of croissants, bagels, and cakes, the croissants stood out for being fresh, fluffy, and flaky. The overall ambiance, interior lighting, vibes, and music contributed to a well-rounded experience, enhanced by the friendly service.

coffee from Just Good Coffee

Not just a place for a quick coffee fix, Just Good Coffee proved to be an excellent spot for both chilling and work. The only caution was the cold environment, prompting the need for a jacket for those planning a longer stay. The excellence extended to their coffee, making it an ideal location for individuals seeking a quiet spot to work or write. Nestled in a newly developed commercial space in Vivo, the Old Klang Road cafe discreetly positioned itself right next to a 7-Eleven (not the one along Old Klang Road but behind it). 

coffee and cake at Just Good Coffee

To locate it, you need to drive behind the green-painted building housing the 7-Eleven along Old Klang Road. Opposite the green paint is Vivo, noticeable alongside KK Mart. As you extend your gaze past KK Mart, you’ll uncover a hidden 7-Eleven and a well-renovated coffee shop, seamlessly blending into the vibrant scene of Old Klang Road.


Address: Old Klang Rd, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 0174635009

12. HWC Coffee

HWC Coffee, situated at Millerz Square on Old Klang Road, serves as the headquarters for HWC cafe and features a coffee academy where enthusiasts can learn the art of brewing. This spot not only offers savory meals but also boasts specialty pour-over coffee imported from Taiwan.

signature drinks from hwc coffee

During my quick lunch visit, I found the food to be satisfactory, but the coffee stood out as excellent. The environment in this Old Klang Road cafe is spacious, yet the crowded atmosphere tends to create an echo sound noise that I find less appealing. Comfort varies among seats; specifically, selected ones with cushions are comfortable, while others are cold and hard, making them less suitable for extended periods of sitting. Convenient basement parking is available.

breakfast croissant with eggs from hwc coffee

The Old Klang Road cafe adopts a theme of white and stainless steel, creating a cold yet spacious interior. Mains and pastries are part of the menu, and there’s an attached restroom for convenience. The option to sit outdoors in the common area adds to the overall seating choices. 

nutty cake at hwc coffee

Notably, the Tiramisu cake comes highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth. The Malay crew members who served me were incredibly helpful and cheerful, enhancing the overall experience. The environment is comfortable, and the bright lighting makes it suitable for work or reading, providing a versatile space for different preferences.

Address: LOT G-07, Ground Floor, Millerz Square, Jln Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 0327792528 

Website: https://hwccoffee.my/ 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the culinary delights and inviting atmospheres that Old Klang Road cafe has to offer. It’s the perfect destination for a weekend brunch adventure, combining great food and aesthetics to create a memorable experience.

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