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11 Best Dog Cafe Singapore For Friendly Dog Petting Lovers

Best Dog Cafe Singapore

Dogs are a huge part of our lives and it’s only natural to bring them out for an outing. Add a mix of excitement into their life! Other than going to parks, they also can go to pet-friendly cafes! For non-dog owners, I got you covered! Some dog cafes in this list allow you to chill with their resident dogs! In this post, I will share probably the best dog cafe Singapore has to offer. 

Here is a list of best dog cafe Singapore to go to:

  1. Wooftopia Pet Cafe
  2. We are the Furballs
  3. Menage Cafe
  4. Sun Ray Cafe
  5. Chow Cute Cafe
  6. The Urban Hideout
  7. I.N.U Cafe & Boutique
  8. What The Pug Cafe
  9. HotChic2 (Pet Friendly Outdoor)
  11. The Garden Slug Family Restaurant – Pet-friendly Cafe

1. Wooftopia Pet Cafe

awesome pawsome led backdrop for photography in a dog cafe singapore

This dog cafe Singapore is hidden in Turf City The GrandStand, Wooftopia Pet Cafe is an indoor canine accommodating bistro with a roomy climate for your shaggy companions to dash around.

Wooftopia’s menu was restricted to standard cafe food like burgers, pasta and wings. In any case, they truly do have a great scope of beverages that incorporates espresso, tea, milkshakes and even bubble teas!

dog in a trolley placed in wooftopia dog cafe singapore

While many pet-accommodating dog cafes in Singapore are the outdoor set, Wooftopia Pet Cafe is found inside, in cooled solace. Along these lines, both pawrents and furkids with thick covers need not be left perspiring and gasping should the weather conditions be especially sweltering in the early evening. With pink furnishings, a photograph commendable component divider, and suppers for the two canines and hoomans, this is the following spot to take your furkid to for some quality holding time.

dog portrait activity in a dog cafe

Your pets are permitted on the seats as well, so you can all eat together appropriately like a family! Or on the other hand, maybe you might want to set up a date for your little guy with another charming doggo?

dogs portrait taken in wooftopia dog cafe singapore

Wooftopia has an extraordinary canine menu with customisable dishes so your furkid will not need to longingly gaze at your food. Pick two meats ($2 to $4), including chicken, salmon, and even siew mai, then select sides ($1 to $2) like broccoli, pumpkin sauce, and blueberries, just to give some examples. Then, pick between coconut oil or unadulterated honey for the coating ($0.50 each) , and finish it off with free sprinkles like thyme, rosemary, or coriander. The potential outcomes are unfathomable!

One significant feature of Wooftopia is their component divider, which bears a neon light signage perusing “Wonderful Pawsome”. Get your pup to sit on the imperial looking bejeweled rocker for ‘gram-commendable shots!

meatball treats served in this dog cafe

It’s additionally possible to have birthday festivities or “gotcha day” parties for your canine here, complete with pet deals like crisps and cake. Your pet will feel like a genuine star being the focal point of consideration on its exceptional day!

As this dog cafe Singapore can become pretty busy, reserving a spot prior to heading down to stay away from a significant delay is ideal. There is an ends of the week time cutoff of 2 hours for every gathering – which is a sizable amount of opportunity to have a sluggish, loosening up supper and talk – however you’ll be permitted to remain on the off chance that there isn’t any other individual hanging tight for a seat.

Wooftopia Pet Cafe
200 Turf Club Rd, #01-29, Singapore 287994 
6966 8818
Photo credit:

2. We are the Furballs

dog with chew toy looking for someone to play at we are the furballs cafe singapore

This dog cafe Singapore is home to 9 madly charming puppies, the ideal objective for canine and coffee lovers! 

After entering the cafe, you’ll find it isolated into two segments: the Playhouse and the bistro. The Playhouse is where the bistro’s 9 vivacious inhabitant doggos meander indiscriminately and anticipate snuggles from guests.

dog biting a coconut plushie in we are the furballs dog cafe singapore

Purchase a little while of unequivocal love and messy kisses down at We Are The Furballs, Singapore’s most memorable canine bistro at Bugis+. or on the other hand loosen up with some chilled tea while hustling your companions to arrive at retirement age in the Game of Life at their in-house bistro.

play area in this dog cafe singapore

At the Playhouse, there is more than adequate space for relaxing on the floor or on their seats on the off chance that you lean toward a superior vantage point. You can likewise buy some canine treats at $3/bundle to remunerate the canines for being great young men.

A large portion of the canines answer essential orders like “sit” or “paw” and even “bang” particularly when you have a yummy treat in your grasp, yet make sure to compensate for them later.

dog sitting on a crate in we are the furballs cafe

We Are The Furballs Cafe gives pleasant evening tea, for you to appreciate revitalizing pleasantness. This dog cafe Singapore gives a free standard beverage to each visit. Serving, much more, an assortment of drinks from Standard Drinks to Premium, enjoy these extraordinary enhanced drinks. Tabletop games are likewise given to you to play and draw in with your buddies alongside the 10 furballs.

To forestall harming or overwhelming the dogs, just youngsters over the age of 10 are permitted. Do note that bringing other pets is not allowed. You can only give attention to their in-house resident dogs!

We are the Furballs
201 Victoria Street, #07-07 Bugis +, Singapore 188067
6509 1186
Photo credit: wearethefurballs

3. Menage Cafe

facade of menage cafe singapore

Carrying your canine for dinner with your family appears to be really smart. Tragically, many canine bistros don’t zero in on the quality and taste of the food.

Menage Cafe, situated at Sin Ming Road, is a pet-accommodating bistro in Singapore to consider on the off chance that you’re looking for heavenly and reasonable nourishment for the hoomans.

photography backdrop in menage dog cafe

There were likewise canine cordial conveniences, for example, water bowls and pee mops good to go. It absolutely seems like the ideal spot to chill with your furkid.

Partake in your meals while canines explore openly, mix and mingle with other dogs. Not a spot for a calm conversational meal, you need to manage infrequent barking.

interior of menage dog cafe

You’ll likely never run out of beverages to browse with the broad scope of decisions from espresso, tea to bubbly mocktails. Menage Cafe’s menu likewise contains dishes that you’ll find at numerous well known non-pet bistros. All in all, they’re not exceptionally essential.

Incredible bistro for pet people and pet sweethearts the same – the spot is perfect and roomy, with cordial staff and blissful puppies bopping around all over the place. The food is likewise great and sensibly evaluated – the dish chicken was done completely brilliant brown and the salmon was well introduced too.

pasta served in menage dog cafe singapore

This is a canine bistro, the quality and taste of food surpassed our assumptions. The bistro is likewise really extensive, with Instagrammable seat swings and beautiful setting for you to take a family photograph.

End of the week swarms are to be expected, so it’s ideal to reserve a spot if you would rather not be frustrated.

salmon mentai rice bowl is a delight in menage dog cafe singapore

For dog owners, you can enjoy flavorful and reasonable Western meals while being at ease that your dog is having a good time in a protected and clean ambiance. What’s more, for canine sweethearts, having the option to pet and connect with shaggy canines while partaking in a tasty feast with dear companions is definitely an advantage.

Menage Cafe
6 Sin Ming Rd, #01-01/02, Singapore 575585
9669 8372
Photo credit: menagecafesg

4. Sun Ray Cafe

Sun Ray Cafe is a pet-accommodating cafe settled in Serangoon Gardens. It’s an astonishing bistro as pets are permitted inside. It’s by a long shot the most, or on the other hand on the off chance that it is not one of the most reasonable bistros I’ve been to and the food is really good.

The bistro is separated into two primary rooms – the left for pets with their owners, and the other, well for only the people.

food variety offered by sun ray cafe

So assuming you end up being sensitive to say, pet fur, this dog-friendly cafe in Singapore is partitioned into two sections. Some accompanied their kids, a few spent their evenings away composing on their PC.

This dog cafe Singapore is loaded with surprises. The first was its madly reasonable menu, with breakfast that begins from S$6 and pasta from S$9.

fried fish burger served in sun ray dog cafe singapore

Its American Brunch Set ($20) is a liberal plate of German bratwurst, fried eggs, smudgy bacon, simmered tomato, sautéed mushrooms, and heated beans presented with customary Singapore style toast.

matcha swiss roll by sun ray cafe singapore

For additional filling mains, contributions incorporate Sirloin Steak ($10, $14), Quintet Pork Ribs ($14), Beef Lasagna ($9), Fried Dory ($9), Grilled Dory ($8), Grilled Salmon ($10), and Pork Cutlet ($9).

Sun Ray Cafe broils their own espresso beans. ‘The Fair Lady’ coffee mix includes a conspicuous organic product note though ‘The Horny Boy’ takes care of the overall inclination towards nuttier profiles.

sugary bun dessert of sun ray cafe

Remember to allow your pets to eat with you with Sun Ray Cafe’s particular pet-accommodating menu. The most reasonable choice is White Rice (S$1), yet you can go somewhat fancier and go a little overboard on a S$13 Pet Pork Loin.

It’s a spot for pet people to bond with their pets and associate with other animal people (however it isn’t prescribed because of the ongoing pandemic limitations). For $6 you shouldn’t anticipate top notch dishes, yet they were good, particularly taking into account how expensive pet bistros or pet-accommodating bistros can be.

They do have friendly staff with techy ordering conveniences. You can in a real sense request and pay for your food in practically no time. It was a stress free and helpful way.

Sun Ray Cafe
79 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559218
8909 8458
Photo credit: sun_ray_cafe

5. Chow Cute Cafe

exterior of chow cute cafe

Aside from being a pet-accommodating foundation, Chow Cute likewise bends over as a store pup childcare, prepping focus and lodging for canines. Visitors are permitted to collaborate and play with these fuzzy companions, so it’s a decent spot to hang out in the event that you’re a canine lover!

There are indoor seats, semi-open air seats, and outdoors seats under the shade of umbrellas. The inside of the bistro is to a great extent wooden and moderate, with a slight Japanese minimalist vibe.

muffin variety served in chow cute cafe

Since this is, normally, a dog cafe in Singapore, you are allowed to bring your own fur babies along for a comfortable lil’ informal breakfast date and maybe even let them cooperate with other doggo guests.

dining table inside of chow cute cafe singapore

Aside from these services given to pets, you will be glad to know that Chow Cute serves nourishment for people. Espresso, and canine nestles, anybody? Going to Chow Cute is certainly a treat as this spot has open air seatings. With a lavish scene, expect to see a few fuzzy companions going around! The menu involves specially prepared espresso, and informal breakfast top picks like waffles and croissants. Sweet endings incorporate gelato!

desserts at chow cute dog cafe

Ordered the Spice Barramundi, their sambal is great. First time having sambal with Japanese Pearl rice. It’s great.

This dog cafe Singapore spot is perfect to go through a sluggish daytime chilling with companions, playing tabletop games, and respecting an intermittent charming soft canines that are brought out for a walk the feeling was wonderful with the outside idea, the furniture utilized, and the ambient sound from the adjoining bar.

cup of coffee with dog art served in chow cute dog cafe singapore

Chow Cute Cafe
16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, 797873
6974 7916
Photo credit: chowcutesg

6. The Urban Hideout

facade of the urban hideout dog cafe singapore

Arranged in the furthest finishes of the island in Sembawang, The Urban Hideout is one of the most current indoor pet-accommodating bistros. As its name recommends, evade from your cutting edge issues with a decent mug of espresso and a smooth nibble of gelato with the organization of your fuzzy dearest companion.

dog sitting on the chair at the urban hideout cafe

The Urban Hideout prides itself on their gelato and waffles however their mains and the entire day early lunch ought not be disregarded by the same token.

pasta variety and other dishes served in the urban hideout

breakfast at the urban hideout cafe singapore

The indoor seating space is decked in a warm and comfortable setting, with encompassing lights, established and red-bricked dividers to summon a plain touch.

Uplifting news to fur guardians, while most pet-accommodating bistros just permits pets to enter the reason, this dog cafe Singapore likewise offers a Pet Food Menu selective for your fur-kids.

famous egg benedict in the urban hideout cafe singapore

As a team with pet retail organization Pawff, The Urban Hideout exclusively offers a little retail segment offering snacks for pets.

There are some sort of house rules expressing that invite everybody, pet people and their own pets, no homeless creatures and solid pets are to be appropriately controlled or restricted in the reason.

signature ice cream waffle in the urban hideout singapore

You can also check out the store owner’s pet, Yuki the Sheltie there now and again. The Urban Hideout is comparable to Menage Cafe, one more indoor dog cafe Singapore that offers very great food.

The Urban Hideout
60 Springside Walk, #01-05, Singapore 786020
8879 9722
Photo credit: theurbanhideoutsg

7. I.N.U Cafe & Boutique

exterior of inu dog cafe singapore

I.N.U Cafe was recently known as Paw Pet-radise Cafe, was purchased over and once again marked. They are known for their astonishing inside that has a high roof and obviously, the extensive region for your canines to play and blend! In the event that you are a canine sweetheart, there are a small bunch of canines that will welcome you at the entry of the bistro. Feel free to nestle and play with them. Or on the other hand even watch them laze around!

ice cream on waffle dessert after meal at inu cafe

I.N.U Cafe presents a simple neighborhood nourishment for you, in a well improved inside that is comfortable for both you and your canine. They serve an assortment of ordinary Chinese delicacies (Tze Char) like Bak Kut Teh, Curry Chicken with Rice, and Fried Salted Egg Squid that merits the dollars! Wanting to chill for the evening? I.N.U Cafe has a Happy Hour for lagers as well! 

ice cream options served in inu cafe singapore

For any individual who cherishes their canines, I.N.U Cafe and Boutique offers a scope of pet-related items that will take special care of any interest or need your canine could have.

more food variety on the table at inu cafe

They are the wholesaler for normally obtained treats like wholesome food sources, enhancements, shampoos and that’s just the beginning.

petai prawn by chef of inu dog cafe singapore

This is one of a handful of the canine accommodating dog cafe Singapore that offers a wide assortment of normally obtained items like nourishing food varieties, enhancements, shampoos and the sky’s the limit from there.

soupy lala dish by inu cafe

I.N.U Cafe and Boutique additionally offers great items from renowned and trustworthy brands. You should rest assured that the items you purchase for your pet are the greatest and solid simultaneously.

This pet bistro is exceptionally spacious even at its full capacity with a simple vibe and they also have their in-house Shiba!

I.N.U Cafe & Boutique
530 Balestier Rd, #01-07 Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857
8189 8092

8. What The Pug Cafe

pugs looking at you

Assuming you seriously love the wrinkly-colored canines, you’ll be glad to know that What The Pug, Singapore’s most memorable pug dog cafe Singapore has as of late opened along Haji Lane.

facade of pug cafe

What The Pug is home to 12 soft pugs, each with their own particular character and peculiarities. Each play meeting costs $20/pax and endures 45 minutes, and incorporates a canned beverage and keepsake photograph.

stair side of the pug cafe

There are hyper doggies somewhat north of a year old who are ideally suited for participating in more dynamic play with, as well as more established canines over the age of 10 who are perfect to simply plunk down and snuggle or chill with.

macarons and drinks served in what the pug dog cafe singapore

There’s a compelling reason to stress over getting your feet or socks messy, as expendable foot covers will accommodate your cleanliness as well as that of the canines. It is suggested bringing along an additional facial covering and a few moist disposable clothes however, in the event you get gone after with a surge of pug slobber!

pug resting in the what the pug cafe singapore

After your meeting, you’ll get a free polaroid photograph to remember your visit. The proprietor takes and prints every polaroid, so you should simply pick your number one pug and posture.

Do note that you have to make an appointment prior to entering this dog cafe Singapore!

What The Pug Cafe
80 Haji Ln, Singapore 189271
6293 3350
Photo credit: whatthepugcafe

9. HotChic2 (Pet Friendly Outdoor)

dog on a swing in hotchic2 dog cafe singapore

Situated at The Grandstand, this is probably the best dog cafe Singapore as it checks every one of the crates from feel and IG-commendable photograph spots to inventive food. The outdoors seating region at HotChic2 cafe is well disposed of so your furbabies are allowed to wander around the area while you feast. Treats and water bowls will be given!

Hukie the occupant canine is incredibly friendly as well!

hotchic2 signature dish in this dog cafe singapore

This pet and youngster well disposed dog cafe Singapore serves imaginative combination dishes roused by cooking styles all around the globe that are satisfying to both the eyes and the sense of taste.

Japanese Fresh Oyster by hot2chic cafe in singapore

Energetically suggest the Pork Cheek Don, Chicken Confit and Carbonara with marinated egg yolk. Attempt the Hotchic Ceviche, Iberico Pork cheek Don, Oysters, Salmon Mentaiko Algio, Garlic Chicken Wings, Beef Bolognese and the Lychee Rose cake, trust me, you will not be frustrated.

artisanal salmon dish by creative chef in a dog friendly cafe

The indoor seating region is no less upscale, with a moderate plan and sprinkles of gold tones and marble.

Additional amicable proprietor who took as much time as is needed to make sense of the menu and communicate with the clients and pets, I could feel the energy driving the business, and it displayed in the food, which was delectable – something very uncommon for pet-accommodating spots.

perfect high tea combo served in this dog cafe

Try not to come here in the event that you are searching for some calm alone time, you ought to be here with a pet and a companion for a decent visit and playing with doggos.

HotChic2 (Pet Friendly Outdoor)
200 Turf Club Rd, #01-14 Grandstand South, Singapore 287994
8776 8420
Photo credit:


dog photoshoot in two x four dog cafe singapore

Settled inside the Pandan Valley Condominium bequest a short drive from Holland Village, TWO X FOUR is a pet bistro that opened its entryways as of late in May 2021.

interior layout of two x four cafe

The bistro flaunts a comfortable two-story seating format regarding vibe, with bar seating on the highest level and typical bistro seating on the primary floor. Its space marginally more modest than Wooftopia’s or alternately Menage’s, so greater furiends could experience difficulty exploring around. The feature of the bistro is certainly the little photograph corner on the subsequent floor, where your dog can have their shot taken with wings.

fruit bowl dessert served in this dog cafe

As far as food, the dog-friendly cafe serves mostly western food with a wide assortment of liquor at a reasonable cost. Shockingly great food at a sensible cost. Fish aglio had 2 major Prawns and mussels. Fish and chips are alright.

more food on the set

The açaí bowl was reviving and the barramundi was fresh also! Costs are sensible. They likewise serve food and treats for canines too.

Beside food, this dog cafe Singapore likewise sells toys and extras. There are likewise occupant doggos in the eatery as well. The superfly charming Frenchie called Daisy, assisted with making the experience considerably more entertaining.

Great spot to go meet puppies. It’s in a dated condominium with large spaces to walk your puppies.

variety of western dishes served in two x four dog cafe

The inside stylistic layout was extremely beautiful and had a few insta worthy spots, the floors were likewise spotless and comfy enough for people to collaborate with their pets and other furkids on the ground.

Above all, the service was fantastic! The staff was warm, patient, and insightful.

2 Pandan Valley, #01-210 ACACIA COURT, Singapore 597626
9129 6401
Photo credit:

11. The Garden Slug Family Restaurant - Pet-friendly Cafe

dog looking at food by the outdoor seat of the garden slug cafe

The Garden Slug must be one of the most seasoned standing dog cafe around in Singapore, having been around at Lor L Telok Kurau beginning around 2006.

Really extensive for pets to meander around, so fur kid owners will have an extra choice in the hood.

interior of garden slug family restaurant a dog friendly cafe in singapore

The menu is really different and incorporates some intense menu things, for example, the garlic-weighty unique pair fries and their natively constructed ginger brew (fiery!).

ice cream and fried dessert served in a dog cafe singapore

Evaluate their suggested 3 pastas – Agio Olio with Shrooms, Oh Dang Spicy Pork Pasta and Classic Creamy Carbonara, as well as the Chef’s Chicken Wellington. Agio Olio is great, essential staple. Gracious Dang is something exceptional, it tastes something like jajangmyeon/mala somewhat flows. 

seafood pasta

The pasta was cooked still somewhat firm, al dente which some might cherish. Pasta in the carbonara was somewhat over cooked yet the sauce was great! The Chicken Wellington is great for sharing however I wish that the baked good that folded over was marginally thicker. By and large the food there is better than expected.

With the kickoff of The Garden Slug Petite, there is at last another pet-accommodating bistro with a helpful climate. Altogether, The Garden Slug gives excellent generous suppers. The assistance was additionally fantastic, the servers incredibly mindful of the visitors and expected each need the burger joints might have. 

sunny side up egg on scrambled eggs and bacon with salad on top of waffle piece

Serving plates were served without being asked in light of the fact that they realized we would share. Speedy, amenable and warm assistance staff generally helps in holding and drawing in new clients.

The Garden Slug Family Restaurant
55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61, Singapore 425500
6346 0504

Hope this list of dog cafe Singapore has been insightful. Plan out the weekend and explore! Let me know your findings! 


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