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No.1 Flora Park Cameron Highland – Everything You Need To Know

Flora Park Cameron Highland

low angle shot of the epic white stairs in flora park cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands Flora Park is another bloom garden that has since joined the positions of the laid out blossom ranches and other beautiful attractions in Cameron Highlands. Situated in Kea Farm, Cameron Flora Park is just a 6-minute stroll from The Sheep Sanctuary. Each edge of this pristine nursery will include a wide range of beautiful blossoms, offering a visual treat for the eyes! Various walkways are accessible all through the spot for guests to meander, snap photographs and appreciate the beautiful sprouts.

In light of the dazzling photographs via social media, Flora Park feels like an European open country. Each edge of the nursery is loaded up with different kinds of bright blossoms. It’s certainly a treat for the eyes and Instagram feed.

The Cameron Flora Park is open day to day between 10am – 6pm, which is an excess to investigate the region. We’d suggest visiting the recreation area on a work day as soon as 10am to stay away from the tremendous groups coming in towards the midday meeting.

From the get go, you should seriously mull over the extra charges a piece price, but remember that the expenses incorporate a return trip by means of 4WD to the recreation area as the streets driving into the verdure park isn’t open to general society.

Full park walk here will give you 5 to 6 thousand walking steps. They have a cafe here to chill in parts of the recreation area. Likewise picnic spots are also available for rent.

Don’t forget to check out some nice steamboats nearby. They go magnificently well with the cool weather of Cameron Highlands! If you love nature, their lavender garden is awesome too!

Attractions in Flora Park Cameron Highlands

1. Take the best photo in this flora park

the hill of flowers in this floral park
scenery of the indoor area of floral park

Upon your landing in the flora park, you will be welcomed with endless columns of vivid blossom sprouts, with different walkways paving the way to them. It is no big surprise why many couples select to do their wedding photoshoot here.

red flower pillars aligning the path uphill in flora park

2. Climb up the white stairs leading up the hill

white stairs up the hill with the santorini vibe

Another feature is, obviously, the trip of whitewashed steps that seem to be a pathway to paradise. What is anticipated at the highest point of the slope is a vantage point over the mass of blossoms in Flora Park. Some have even remarked that the modest pink blossoms on the two sides of the means help them to remember Santorini or South Korea.

a sunny weather in floral park
white stairs among shrubs of white flowers
white stairs leading up

3. Enjoy Picnic In Flora Park Cameron Highlands

picnic setup in a pink flower field

Take your visit to Cameron Flora Park to a higher level by having an astounding outing in the midst of an ocean of wonderful blossoms as your setting. They have various bundles like Family Garden Picnic Set and Dream Deluxe Picnic Set accessible so you and your family, companions or accomplice get to partake in a great supper together that comprises yummy tidbits, pastries and flavorful chomps?

Don’t forget to checkout some scrumptious Cameron Highland breakfast places and fill your tummy with some comfort food before heading here! 

a beautiful pink bunch of flowers with the picnic area background
picnic spot available for rent in the floral park

4. Checkout the short yellow flower canal by the observation deck

shot of the viewing platform from a higher ground

See if you can catch unique angles at this spot! The flashy yellow color is unmissable. You can also enjoy the breathtaking view and catch your breath before moving further. 

yellow flower mini canal in floral park cameron highlands
view through the short yellow flower canal on the observation platform
enjoy the view from the observation deck

5. Enjoy the variety of plants

a nice yellow flower spotted in the park
beautiful blossoming flower garden with watercolor features

There’s literally hundreds if not thousands of flowers in this flora park! See if you can find these bunch of green clovers. If you can spot a 4 leafed one, you’re lucky! 

flower hill overlooking brick walls in flora park cameron highlands
can you spot a four leaf clover

6. Buy some succulents back

succulents for sale

These little plants come in all sorts of interesting colors. Being succulents that hold water in their body, they require little maintenance to thrive. They make perfect gifts for a housewarming party or for someone who adores plants. 

7. Swing by the petunia garden

seating with walls of flowers at petunia garden

A normal nursery petunia is a decorative plant whose garish trumpet-molded blossoms make it well known for summer bloom beds and window boxes.


This is a nice resting spot to be surrounded by walls of flowers and plants. There are basic benches where you can have a seat while taking fresh breaths of nature. Enjoy the flowers at a more comfortable position.

8. Have a sip of coffee

view of the cafe counter

The Views Glass House Cafe on the top of the hill. They truly do serve veggie croissants upon demand. I do suggest trying out their signature drink called “Dirty Coffee”.  It is recommended to be consumed in no less than 20 minutes for the quality, on the off chance that not, the layers will be blended and you will not get the shock toward the end, each taste of the layer is unique in relation to the others yet last taste would be a “shock”. Truly a treat amidst the beautiful floral sceneries.

view of the cafe from the stairs

9. Take a photo by the purple flower blossom up the slope

purple flower by the slope

Make the most out of your visit by investigating the grounds where more Insta-commendable spots anticipate. As you meander around, you might coincidentally find a stairwell bordered by purple blossoms that lead up a slope. There’s likewise one more way of breezy flight of stairs offering a broad vantage point over the mass of blossoms.

10. Walk up the stairs to the sky for an epic photo

stairs to the sky from a slope angle

This is literally a flight of stairs heading towards the sky! It’s situated near the top of the hill and fenced with glass rails. This is one of the most popular photography spots in Flora Park Cameron Highlands. So be sure to head there early to avoid the crowd! 

flight to the sky
stairs to the sky side view

11. Grab your seat at the round chair

round chair for photography and short rest

It’s a round seat that fits lovely couples! Just sitting here gives you a view of the slopes and mountains of Cameron Highlands. You can see the vast flower farm of this flora park as well. Just another nice spot for photography!


Flora are primarily brilliant wildflowers which appear to blossom on their own. Very much kept up with. Expecting to see more remarkable blossoms, for example, orchids, chrysanthemums, daisy and dahlia which will make the visit surprisingly better, as living in the hot city implies you can’t develop this lovely. Consequently Flora lovers will enjoy the view that the rare flowers grow well.

flower field overlooking the round chair

Parking In Flora Park Cameron Highlands

Rather than entering in the specific location of Cameron Highlands Flora Park, what you maintain that should do is to enter in the area of the outside vehicle parking.


Since this is where the recreation area will gather its guests through get trucks that act as transports to the Cameron Highlands Flora Park.


When you’re on the truck, you’ll before long realize the reason why it’s smarter to utilize their vehicles then your own!


On Google Maps and Waze, the name of the vehicle is Flora Park Parking. The parking here isn’t free and there is an hourly rate after the initial 2 hours and RM2 for subsequent hours. You can utilize Touch N Go to pay as they have an electric vehicle parking gate.


After you turn past the entry of the Rose Center, there’s no missing the colossal pennant demonstrating the fairly refined and monstrous Flora Park Parking.

Flora Park Cameron Highlands Ticket Price

The Flora Park Cameron Highlands ticket price is at RM50 per grown-up. Assuming you have children under 12 years of age, they get in for absolutely free. This price includes the transportation there via 4 wheel drive vehicle. Do note that you can’t drive in with a normal car because of the road challenges. 


The ticket counter gives a map, follow the guide to seek out  beautiful spots for pictures.


From the drop off point, it’s only a couple of strides ahead to the ticket counter and fundamental entry of Cameron Highlands Flora Park.


I can guarantee you that the RM 50 you paid is absolutely worth spending! The landscape, the various kinds of verdure will keep you stunning, flabbergasted on how lovely it tends to be!

castle like walkway available in the floral park at cameron highlands

Helpful Tips When Visiting Flora Park Cameron Highlands

  • Assuming you intend to drive here, do check that your vehicle tire and brakes are functioning perfectly. 
  • Take as much time as is needed while driving and don’t speed as there are a lot of visually challenging corners here.
  • We recommend leaving the area before 5pm to stay away from the jam on the way down Cameron Highland.
  • You will do a great deal of walking here, so we recommend utilizing comfortable footwear at the verdure park. 
  • Not appropriate for those with feeble knees or not fit. Moving to the top is tiring, rock steps are extremely steep, it is not advised for elderly to make their way to the top.
  • Considering bringing an umbrella, the downpour came exceptionally quickly.
  • Consider conveying along a coat/coat as it is cold here.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, keep the flora park clean so others can partake in its nice ambiance as well.
  • Try to convey along your camera to snap epic photographs. Your phone camera battery will run out in no time from those extreme photography sessions!


Recommended to visit in the first part of the day when it isn’t so hot with not a lot of normal lighting that can influence the result of your photographs. Do visit their outside park previously followed by indoor ones guaranteeing you get to appreciate both in the event it downpours. Raining in the afternoon is quite unpredictable.


Try to go to each and every piece of the recreation area, and make a point to scale the slope as you will get wonderful perspectives from up there!


This park is a relaxing place, reasonable for slow walking, and stops to a great extent for picture and view. Do note that it is critical to check their official instagram before the visit, the unscheduled off-day is announced by means of their Instagram.


Flora Park Cameron Highland
lot 191, 39010 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 12-654 3657

Instagram: @ch_flora_park


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