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10 Cool Things To Do In Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands

Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands

lavendar garden entry gateway in cameron highlands

Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands is a lavender-themed shopping and horticultural complex arranged among Tringkap and Kuala Terla, around 4km north of Kea Farm in Brinchang along the principal street. A famous vacation spot, the nursery includes a wonderful lavender field with an assortment of other mainland blossoms in plain view, bordered with bright sculptures and items motivated by European wide open landscape.

flower field with garden ornaments scattered around

As you might be anticipating more lavender, yet there’s additional columns of bright blossoms that are enjoyable to stroll around. At the edges of the nurseries are slow stalls selling knick knacks and beverages and there is an enormous gift shop at the highest point of the blossom columns.

purple wild flowers that you can see other than lavender

Do check out these amazing steamboat restaurants near by. They’re sure to impress your taste buds! If you haven’t visited their flora park, you’re missing out. It’s new and it’s going viral!

Here’s some interesting things to do in Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands

1. Try Out Their Lavender Ice Cream

lavender ice cream cone

One of the sensational and Instagrammable things to do is to snap a lavender ice cream with the little lavender field as foundation. However, the frozen yogurt didn’t come cheap. Valued at RM 6 for each cone, it is not a lot to yell about. The lavender taste isn’t great however in that frame of mind all things being equal. A blend never intended to be yet, hey why not give it a try right. Lavender possess health benefits.

2. Attach Your Love Lock

hanging love lock

This tradition has existed for the longest time. From Penang hill to some random bridge somewhere, people have been writing their names and putting them up on a lock as a symbol of long enduring love for each other. Lock to each other’s love, you see. It’s also a nice way to lock the memories of being here with your significant other! 

write and attach a love lock while you're here

3. Take Photo Of Their Fantasy-Themed Backgrounds

giant shoe
dwarf from disney background

Shockingly, the fascination continues to go upwards and there are many degrees of blossoms and fantasy themed selfie potential open doors. I was truly keen on those, however I found it silly that the staff office is an enormous, purple palace. A jam shop is planned like a mushroom house. It’s strange assuming you go there anticipating lavender shrubs. There was a bistro at the high level with a lot of seating in the shade. The view is pleasant as well. Worth the RM10 to enter this Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands, only for the great stroll up around the plants.

more castle themed building
mushroom stools in the garden
castle setting for photography

4. Pluck Some Fresh Strawberries

pluck strawberries in lavender garden cameron highlands

Like different business sectors in nearby, Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands additionally sells and offers self-culling new strawberries exercises at a fair and sensible cost. It’s a perfect addition to your trip by getting those worthy strawberries to add to your salad. 

Have you tried strawberry waffles and scones? Be sure to hit these Cameron Highland breakfast spots for amazing strawberry based breakfast and tea!

5. Visit their Souvenir Shops

strawberry house souvenir shop

At any point wonder where they get those lavender themed delicate toys that are constantly shown behind somebody’s vehicle? Definitely, we just figured out that you can really get those at The Lavender House, right at the Cameron Lavender Garden. Other than delicate toys, the keepsake shop likewise sells reproduction lavender pruned plants, child shower hampers, small scale enhancement, aromas and some more.


You can purchase home trinkets at the shop before exit – refrigerator magnet, extravagant dolls, strawberry jam, berry jam, squeezes, etc.


Strolling towards the exit is where that large number of tasty looking tidbits retail shops are arranged, this milestone is additionally famous particularly when the school Christmas season kicks in, many understudies in the middle of examining what to purchase with their own recompense before leaving. Delicate cotton candy are their number one choice after all since it is less expensive.

souvenir shop in lavender garden

6. Check Out Their Lavender Garden View Point

red and purple lavender garden field
little fairy houses

Rise towards the primary floor of the Cameron Lavender Garden is where the popular “View Point” found, loaded up with bunches of brilliant roses, for example, Daisy, Lavender, Hydrangea, Acalypha otherwise known as the feline’s tail thus considerably more-we heard that those blossoms in the nursery can be pluck and sell by counting stalks, yet at the same time in all actuality do counsel prior to doing as such. 

close view of the red begonia and purple lavender flower field

You can pick a flower stalk for RM2 in the event that you wish! However, the most ideal way to appreciate them is to take some photographs!

There are heaps of individuals getting selfies at this spot so you could have to stand by and proceed if you have any desire to get the most ideal spot – we experience a gathering of junior school understudies being joined by their educator, a really enthusiastic and generous one, the instructor even gets some margin to show his understudies how to present appropriately just prior to taking various pictures for them, truly dependable sort that very needs some holler!

lavender plant up close

Then there is a limited scale field of lavender, which is difficult to take a decent picture in light of the fact a tourist trap and the most beautiful spot is guarded by stalls. If you want to have a snap of your photo then you have to pay the cash. It is completely dependent upon your decision to pay and get the service.

lavender plants at close range

7. Buy Pots Of Fresh Flowers

flowers for sale at a close distance

Other than lavender, they are also famous for their pots of vibrant fresh flowers. It may not be for everyone but I know people who always get fresh planted flowers to celebrate the new year. Makes nice housewarming gifts too. 

flower pot for sale at lavender garden

8. Take Photo On Their 3D Mural Art

3d mural background cave

Strike the most ridiculous pose at the front of these 3D mural backgrounds. Tell an epic story! These painted backgrounds are placed around some spots of Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands. So, be on the lookout for them! 

3d mural with giant shoe background

10. Pose Next To Their Iconic Lavender Car

take photo with their iconic cameron lavender car

This car has been at the entrance of the lavender garden and you can’t miss it. The classic design with white base and purple polka dot pattern is minimalist in the way that I like it. Makes me wonder how they move the car here. 


Anyway, this car has been here for the longest time and it became part of Lavender Garden’s attraction. It’s hard to miss it!

back view of the classic car in lavender garden

11. Hang Out By Their Mini Panda Playground

mini panda playground

If you’re bringing your kids, take them to this mini panda playground! Most of the attractions are kid-friendly so it makes a perfect visit place in Cameron Highlands for families. 

panda statues

Take the opportunity to pose and take a memorable photo behind these friendly looking pandas as well! The nicely painted backdrop is a nice collection to photograph your kids with. They also have statues of pandas laying around. 

setup of mini windmills

little windmills on broad day light

Close your eyes and inhale all the scent of nature in and your senses will let you know that you are in a lavender nursery. They are such lovely blossoms with purple varieties that alleviates eyes. Aside from that it has a fragrance that is a great mix of new botanical spotless and quiet. A relieving spice to quiet the mind and body. Bliss. 

What do you like about Lavender Garden? Let me know in the comments. Do share to your friends that you’re planning to visit it! 

Lavender Garden Cameron Highlands
Garden in Brinchang, Malaysia

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