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10 Best Steamboat Cameron Highland – You’ll Love No. 7

The warm hug of soup, the delightful sizzle of delicious meats’ most memorable touch with the barbecue, and the break of fish being stripped open and guzzled up. This practically magnificent delicacy has caught the hearts of many, and on the off chance that you’re hoping to leave on a delightful steamboat venture while in Cameron Highlands, this is the ideal rundown for you. Listed here is probably the best steamboat Cameron Highland has to offer.

Right after an adventure close to nature with attractions such as Lavender Garden and Flora Park, it’s about right to find some heartwarming meal! With cool mountain breezes and the glow of a decent steamboat, you will cherish each second and nibble in these steamboat locations:

Best Steamboat Cameron Highland

1. Cameron's Apple Garden Restaurant

Cameron's Apple Garden Restaurant signage

Cameron’s Apple Garden Restaurant is certainly not a typical café name – normal and it just so happens, numerous who stay with Cameron Highlands will attempt the steamer and barbecue here. 

grilled lamb at cameron highlands in TAC

For Steamboat and Grill at Cameron’s Apple Garden Restaurant, hours are from 4.30pm to 12 PM. Individuals who need to come are encouraged to show up here as soon as 5 pm during public occasions, ends of the week or school occasions since they will be prepared to take the line number because of the full table.

This steamboat Cameron Highland restaurant has a wide determination of menus of vegetables, fish, meats, natural products, and they are undeniably filled in as a self-administration buffet. The name is self – service, yet numerous workers are prepared to help assuming you want any assistance.

Cameron's Apple Garden Restaurant for steamboat in cameron highland

The seafood choice of this steamboat Cameron Highland restaurant is fresh – everything is fresh! Menu – this barbecued and steamed menu, assuming it’s fresh, it’s flavorful, correct? There are squid, shrimp, dory fish, lamb, chicken, lala and furthermore different kinds of wieners and balls Lamb and chicken are fit to be marinated, so when it is barbecued, it turns flavorful to eat!

delicious steamboat and grill at TAC cameron highlands

Generally, while eating steamboat and barbecue, that is the reason everybody takes in the main dishes. Yet, for the stomach that isn’t accustomed to eating side dishes just, relax. There is a option of vermicelli and furthermore maggi for you to boil once in soup or tom sweet potato. What’s more, there is likewise given seared rice, broiled vermicelli and nasi lemak. 

steamboat cameron highland at TAC

Cameron’s Apple Garden Restaurant
891-A, Persiaran Dayang Indah, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 16-225 0315

Photo credit: tamanapplecameron

2. Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill

steamboat setup ready for a feast in highland steamboat cameron highlands

With just RM35 per head, this steamboat Cameron Highland offers all you can of these dishes and buffet food choices like different kinds of marinated chicken, meat and sheep, crab, shrimp, shellfishes, lala and different sorts of fish, waffles, Thai-style egg steaks, strawberries with sugar plunge marshmallows and chocolate, cornstarch, huge float drinks, different sorts of McD-style frozen yogurt drinks, seared rice, broiled noodles, different kinds of vegetables and mushrooms, frozen balls from there, the sky’s the limit, If you love cheddar, simply need add RM10 for hand crafted mozzarella cheddar.

cheese and prawn served in highlands steamboat

fresh cockles served in Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill cameron highlands

Despite the fact that there are a few steamboat and grill restaurants in Cameron Highlands, this becomes a popular choice because this eatery is the only one that serves cheese. 

seating inside highland steamboat in cameron highlands

The area is likewise more extensive and since it is situated inside the strawberry nursery, so you can visit the nursery and take pictures meanwhile. By and large, it is valid this spot is more comfy. Indeed, even the rest rooms provided are spotless and comfortable too.

fresh crab served for cameron highland steamboat

Highland Steamboat Cheese & Grill
Persiaran Dayang Endah, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang
+60 11-1100 5529

Photo credit: highlandsteamboatcheeseandgrill

3. C Buddys Steamboat 众友火锅

seating arrangement inside C Buddys Steamboat

Not many eateries are over the ground in Cameron Highlands. This is one of them. It has a decent view towards the school, catholic church, legacy inn and gunung Jasar in the distance. It isn’t the least expensive, nor the most costly steamer here. I would rate it as OK. 

steamboat cameron highland at C Buddys Steamboat

This place will fill your tummy to the point of satisfaction. Would I come here once more, perhaps not, however in the event that you are around the area, and you need a gorgeous view, you can try to check out this spot for a fantastic steamboat Cameron Highland.

steamboat setup at c buddy steamboat cameron highlands

Strongly suggest their corn soup and mala zesty soup. Simply the dipping sauce has less options. However, the others are great. Soup bases here are all free of msg, which is immense in addition to the point, as it is healthier and you won’t feel thirsty toward the feast’s end. Free soup bases are tomyam and standard meat base. There are top notch bases accessible like kimchi, and so forth.

more ingredients for the steamboat at c buddy steamboat in cameron highlands

Their set dinner for 2 can really be for 3 individuals. Soup’s is really tasty and flavorful. Their signature dishes are their pork cuts and particularly the homemade minced meat. It is a food item that you need to try. Given that they have outdoor seats, do take that for the best experience. The cool wind and the hot steamboat is a wonderful mix.

food arrangement for cameron highland steamboat

Great ambiance, I for one truly like the new barbecue set that they offer in the menu. It has various sorts of meats and tastes, yet the principal is still steamboat obviously with the assortment of food to pick and various soups to change the taste. There are likewise some fruity ice cream, on the off chance that you really love having ice in the colder time of year it’s the perfect thing for you.

Come right on time before 6pm to avoid long lines during the end of the week.

C Buddys Steamboat 众友火锅
C-1-7, Cameron Fair, Jalan Camelia, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 11-3543 1813

Photo credit: Cbuddys.steamboat.17

4. Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant

jin steamboat signage

What’s better than having a steamboat in a chilly climate! This steamboat Cameron Highland spot offers a wide assortment of soup bases for steamboats. They likewise have pan sear dishes and western food! Beneficial thing about eating here is the open space in which cool air will blow in while having a steamboat meal.

seafood pot overflowing

Jin is a semi outside place with entirely reasonable costs, that accompanies new fish and veggies from the homesteads. They are open until 11pm and last call at 10:30pm.

interior of jin jin steamboat in cameron highlands

Do try out their hotpot with chicken base soup and Mala spicy soup. It could be one of the most memorable times trying the Mala soup, so it’s a slip-up as our tongues are numb and essentially can’t determine what you are eating! Truly for lovers of spiciness! Be that as it may, the fish, cuttlefish, and chicken meat are fresh. 

hot pot ingredients for steamboat

It is strongly suggested to get their seared chicken wings and Hawaiian Pizza.

Individual dishes were sensibly valued and both the kam heong chicken, spring onion and ginger chicken rice dishes were tasty. Additionally the parts were liberal. Cucumber with plum squeeze was a remarkable refreshment and they don’t add sugar to their juices.

jin jin steamboat cameron highlands

Their unmistakable soup base, natural and tomyum. Tom sweet potato is a piece hot though, I generally blend the tom sweet potato in with a touch of home grown soup. Strongly prescribed to attempt the Australian meat cut as its surface is so delicate and delicate, such as having a beef ball.

fresh ingredients ready to put into the steamboat

The fresh vegetables, meat cuts and fish (counting scallop, prawn and fish) is all that could possibly be needed on the off chance that you have a little craving so you can think about sharing. They sell western food and other oriental cooking too.

jin jin steamboat in cameron highlands also offer fried chicken as well

The spot is open and on the off chance that you are fortunate to be situated close to the porch, you can partook in the delightful view and cooling air while eating.

steamboat hot pot on the table with other ingredients

Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant
Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 12-529 5568

5. Kwan Kee Steamboat Restaurant Cameron Highlands

savory ingredient cooked in the steamboat of kwan kee restaurant in cameron highlands

A popular steamboat Cameron Highland destination with old fashioned charcoal heated steamboats. The soup was likewise truly delectable and warms the stomach during the chilly climate.

The home made soup was tasty and light and the Tom Yum soup base was fragrant with lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves yet on the pungent side. The solid home grown soup base combined with a pleasantness from gou qi zi (Chinese wolfberries) was satisfying for the family and particularly reasonable when it began showering in the cool Cameron Highlands!

interior layout of kwan kee restaurant in cameron highlands

Presently the justification for why Kwan Kee was chosen out of the numerous steamboat restaurants is that they have this long and thick metal channel! Other than keeping the charcoal sparkles from hopping into your soup, it has the cool capacity of advertising the general feasting experience!

sambal prawn petai served in kwan kee steamboat cameron highland restaurant

In the same way as other steamboat restaurants in Cameron Highland, the stir fry dishes are accessible for ordering! Truly, adequately it’s (and filling) to simply arrange the steamer.

A wide determination of cooking fixings including fish, tofu, egg noodles,eggs, shaved meats, lettuce greens and watercress and mushrooms. All dunk in the bubbling charcoal-terminated hotpot, making the soup and combination exceptionally delectable and adjusted.

seafood tofu claypot served in a cameron highlands restaurant

The soup base preferences are astounding with the flavor coming out considerably more from heating up the ingredients.

This steamboat Cameron Highland spot was slightly crowded yet opened to the natural air particularly outwardly tables. So it didn’t feel stuffy yet merry at the same time. Staff service was exceptionally well, the serving speed ran through swiftly. The staff and owner will encourage you where you have a place in spite of the fact that you are far away from home.

vegetables and tofu on a plate

Kwan Kee Steamboat Restaurant
8, Main Road, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 17-553 0881

6. Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant

vegetarian steamboat is served in this steamboat restaurant in cameron highlands

This steamboat Cameron Highlands eatery has been highlighted on Astro, which is suggested by Astro Ah Xian in his food channel. 

Here, conventional charcoal ovens are utilized as the intensity source. The owners state that charcoal fueled cookin grants more profundity to the flavor and smell into the food. Indeed, I can’t genuinely say that I could recognize a distinction in the taste – yet the soup gets boiled quicker consequently.

seafood ready to be put into the steamboat

You are given only two decisions of soup: either chicken or vegetable based and each accompanies their own arrangement of ingredients. The sweet and delectable base stock was cooked with soy beans and yacon root.

fresh ingredients used in Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant in cameron highlands

The chicken soup will have fish and meat while the last option is clearly veggie lover however accompanies extra mushrooms. The flavor of the natural vegetable is so great and clean. No pork is served here.

mushroom steamboat

As an option from the fresh farm market close by, you could likewise purchase a few organic vegetables here. They have declarations granted from the state government to demonstrate that their produce is cultivated naturally as per strict rules.

stir fry dishes is also provided in this steamboat cameron highland eatery

Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant
10, Bandar Baru, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5-491 4807

7. Hot Pot Times Restaurant火锅时代

hot pot times steamboat cameron highlands facade

This is one of the highest rated steamboat Cameron Highland eatery that is loved by their visitors.  Having experienced numerous eateries in Cameron, this is by a long shot the hidden treasure. Try not to be tricked by the outside appearance of their restaurant. Their ingredients are of top quality. Best Mala and Mushroom soup of all time!

this cameron highland steamboat restaurant is famous for their pork soup base

The exterior design may be easy to the eye yet neatness is there for this spot. This is definitely not a touristy spot and it keeps up with the quality service which to be perfectly honest, this kind of hospitality is hard to find in Cameron Highlands.

fresh steamboat ingredients just ready to be cooked in the hot soup broth

The pork bone soup base is worth attempting. It was exceptionally exceptional, it wasn’t excessively pungent and it was absolutely delicious and special. You won’t ever get this scrumptious soup around Cameron. Should attempt their handcrafted meatball with veggie and dumpling. Would suggest requesting additional corn, they are truly one of the most outstanding I have tasted. New Corn was astounding and sweet. The earthy colored bean stew sauce was invigorating. The assortment of food varieties served are newly made and in clean circumstances.

different soup base is served in this steamboat cameron highland restaurant

The chicken soup which accompanied Chinese Wine and sichuan hot soup (Mala) was shocking to the taste buds. The garlic and prawn paste chicken wings is a must-order side dish to complete your meal.

hotpot times ingredients on the table

Had an incredible service here. We were more than happy to see the owner taking the additional mile to clean the child seat for a family in the wake of bringing it out. The 2 pax set meals were more than adequate for a gathering of 2. Generally one of the most amazing hotpot experiences I had in Cameron Highlands and the value I find is positively sensible.

It’s not situated at the bustling road. Thus, there’s really more than adequate parking access.

Hot Pot Times Restaurant火锅时代
B8-1 MY Pahang, 1(SPerumahan Makmur Cameron Jaya Tanah Rata, 39000, Malaysia
+60 14-629 0707

8. Misokimchi Tanah Rata

misokimchi steamboat cameron highland restaurant facade

Extraordinary spot to eat or supper. Outdoors feasting idea. There’s a ton of assortments to pick as well.

steamboat set served in misokimchi in cameron highlands

Ramen is magnificent, suits the climate and temperature. Their Korean army pot cause during chilly climate to have this is very stomach warming. It’s one of the numerous ones too! Their spicy cheddar topokki was very habit-forming! Do check it out if spicy topokki is your thing.

variety of food choice is available in misokimchi

Don’t forget to try out their scones and normal strawberry jam, the best scones I at any point had. Can’t contrast the tea house one. The tea house one was fairly hard and dry, yet theirs are rich, delicate and loaded with rich smell. You’ll be tempted to get them in sets as gifts for companions and partners.

seafood steamboat cameron highlands in misokimchi

Don’t get me started with their bubble milk tea! Their boba is a genuine work of art. It’s made with dark tea, milk, sugar and chewy pearls. The flavor is rich and velvety, in addition to the smooth tea, should attempt their caramelized boba milk tea!

mini steamboat set

Their hand crafted pizza and it tasted delectable. In the event that you are a pizza fellow and getting exhausted of those cheap food chain pizza, then, at that point, proceed to attempt their hand crafted pizza. I would say the cost is of very good quality yet some of the time they have promotion for their dinners.

Misokimchi Tanah Rata
Cameron Fair, C-G-9, Jalan Camelia, Tanah Rata, 39000, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5-485 1249

9. Cactus View Restaurant

cactus view steamboat cameron highland restaurant

The BBQ steamboat Cameron Highland is really interesting and astounding. A chill place for steamboat style supper, new meat and vegetables are served, clean climate and cost sensible. Charcoal gradual process, won’t excessively overcook the dish.

mokata style steamboat

It’s the ideal thing to eat in the chilly climate — barbecued meats are heavenly and this spot can take special care of huge gatherings as well. Pork belly was so great and we adored their stew sauce. Ought to likewise arrange their ala carte food — broiled tofu and dried bak kut teh. Vinegared pork trotters are phenomenal as well.

famous dried bak kut teh

It can be very difficult to park the vehicle as there is just scarcely any parking spot. For individuals who drive, propose not to go up the slope and park. The Streets are really limited. Park at the foot of the slope and walk up saves a great deal of issue.

interior seating layout of the cactus view restaurant

If it’s not too much trouble, reserve your spot by giving them a call or you may be frustrated to remain in the long line. They have a decent queue system that focuses on the early bird gets the worm premise, superseding appointments assuming that you’re late.

cactus display near the restaurant

Cactus View Restaurant
Brinchang, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 12-261 8599

10. Restaurant Tuan Yuan

Steamboat restaurant is plentiful in Cameron however this old school charcoal steamboat is an attention catcher. Do try out their charcoal steamboat for a wonderful dinner with the steamboat meals and the dishes that accompany it.

ingredient portion for the steamboat in tuan yuan restaurant located in cameron highlands

The Tomyam and home made soup are suggested. The Tom Yum soup truly brimming with crude fixings. Not those paste that comes in packet type. The pork soup is truly quite flavourful also! Food tastes decent, particularly the new nearby produce. The corn from their own homestead is truly sweet!

steaming hot hot pot ready for consumption

This steamboat Cameron Highland has their own homemade bean stew sauce that is great though. It matches well with anything in a steamboat. They have assortments of veg things for veggie lovers. They are a lot of worried about the veggie lover too.

fried brinjal with minced meat

Experience their famous gui hua mee hoon. It’s astonishing taste. They serve true home prepared suppers as well. Ideal dinner after a cruise all over Cameron! The mythical serpent plant and chrysanthemum energy organic product tea was something new I’ve not tasted and I preferred it!

side chicken dish order

Everybody in the eatery is extremely respectful and mindful of clients demands and humble. They are additionally extremely quick in conveying the food.

If I have to make a pick, this steamboat Cameron Highland spot will be ranked at number 2. 

Restaurant Tuan Yuan
6, Jalan Besar, Brinchang, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 17-520 7810

Steamboat is literally the perfect meal to have in Cameron Highlands. The hot broth soup and tasty ingredients fills not only the tummy but warms you up in the chill weather of the highlands. So, which of these steamboat Cameron Highland restaurants will you pick for your next trip there? 

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