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10 Best Rated Bugis Hotpot That Can Satisfy You In Singapore

Top Rated Bugis Hotpot Restaurant

Embrace the perfect food for cool weather! Bugis hotpot buffet is the choice of many during the rainy days or simply just to get that satisfaction of eating a lot. Some choose for the ambiance while others choose for the exquisite meat choices. Regardless, it’s a great treat for the weekends and a great way to pat yourself on the back for your hard work or simply just for a great gathering.

1. Bugis BBQ and Hotpot 武古士烤涮

variety of ingredients present in bugis bbq and hotpot

As a Hotpot and BBQ lover, I’m so intrigued by the scopes of food they have. Truly reasonable hotpot and buffet place, with a considerable amount of food choices. Free stream xiao long bao also.

cooking setup in bugis bbq and hotpot

Buffet assortments with meat, fish, vegetables, noodles and a lot more on the menu and a sauce station for you to blend and match. The sauces were truly great and they offer novel sauces/flavors at the sauce station.

All the fish is extremely fresh thus flavorful! Fish decisions incorporates scallops, green mussels, mollusks and so forth. The BBQ meats are all around marinated. It may not seem to be a lot. Yet, the taste is amazing.

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creepy barbie meat dress served in bugis bbq and hotpot restaurant

On the off chance that you need great food in all-you-can-eat style, this is the spot to go. It additionally accompanies free stream ice cream with various flavors!

this bugis bbq and hotpot buffet restaurant has free flow of ice cream

The cost is reasonable and the nature of the various assortments of meat that they accommodate their buffet is astonishing! Staff service is likewise astonishing, enthusiastically suggesting this spot for a get-together or somewhere in the vicinity!

free flow of xiao long bao only in bugis bbq and hotpot

I recommend going on weekdays considering the long queue and waiting times on the weekends. This place is quite a hype! 

Bugis BBQ and Hotpot 武古士烤涮
470 01, 01 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube – Creation Cafe, 188735
6338 3405

2. Xiao Long Kan Hotpot

facade of xiao long kan a popular bugis hotspot restaurant

This Bugis hotpot restaurant offers truly legitimate tasting Chongqing style hotpot! The medium zest is extremely charming, not excessively fiery, and I would think about attempting the most hot level next time. You realize a spot is legitimate when there is no fixings bar, just garlic, chives, spring onions with fragrant oil. Costs are less expensive than other comparative level steamboat places.

interior of xiao long kan in bugis

The zesty and pork stock were perfect, and the tomato soup was totally scrumptious. The fixings were all really new: we attempted the wagyu meat, pork digestive system, pork kidney, shrimp, mushrooms and a few veggies. The food was very overpowering! Furthermore, one more thing is that they are open really late. Good for people who want to enjoy the long night before taking a plunge on their bed the next afternoon. 

china feast platter in xiao long kan

They have their own home marked sesame oil that was very great as well.

You can arrange effectively from the iPad, and the help is very quick in any event, when it’s during top hours as well, and the spot was pressed!

fried squid in xiao long kan bugis hotpot place

Enhancements are decent with China/Chinese culture feel and the lighting made the food look surprisingly better.

xiao long kan offers 3 separate compartment for hotpot

top view of bugis hotpot served in xiao long kan

Aircon is cold enough for you not to sweat while feasting in it.

Xiao Long Kan Hotpot
200 Victoria St, #02-54, Singapore 188021
6909 6458

3. Xian De Lai - High-rated Bugis Hotpot

facade of xian de lai bugis hotpot restaurant

Prominent champions among the typical ingredients incorporate the fish cuts which were delicate and new. Mantou was firm and fragrant. Seared bean curd skin held its flavor and surface subsequent to cooking. Generally a filling and flavourful supper at a somewhat lower cost.

All-you-can-eat buffet (hotpot/bar-b-que) with extra charges for drinks. Spent about $62 for 2 pax. Tomato and pork ribs soups as base. The tomato soup base was thick and the (medium level) mala soup base was gently fiery, however both were drinkable (not slick or pungent). The main cooked dishes that we find not really awful were the mantou with consolidated milk, so don’t squander stomach space getting the cooked dishes. 

two divider hotpot in bugis at xian de lai

Food was FRESH. Cherished their meat and prawn – they serve hand-sized prawns!. I was very reluctant to request vegetables there as they don’t’ seem fresh. Anyway, we ordered these vegetables and it cleared our doubts. The vegetables do seem to be fresh with splendid, enthusiastic variety. 

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Dropped by around 5.30pm to stay away from the group. They have limited seating by 6.30pm. Do come early to avoid the queue.

mala fish bugis hotpot in xian de lai

Indeed, even hotpot buffet style, this eatery offers full service, it implies that you don’t have to proceed to pick ingredients by yourself. You check the food you want on a list and pass it to support staff.

cooked dish served in xian de lai

Staff are approachable and service rate at above average level for this sort of restaurant. Best of all there’s no time limit set in eating your food.

Xian De Lai
18 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189039
6336 7505

4. Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot 九宫格火锅

famous seafood platter only in jiu gong ge hotpot bugis

Very much like having a hotpot with a barbecue buffet along the roads in China. It’s truly a great value for cash in the event that you are a big eater with extraordinary assortments of food and fixings to look over. A decent Bugis hotpot spot for social occasions.

seafood dish hotpot served in jiu gong ge hot pot bugis

Seafood platter is a must-try. The food is new in the event that you are a prawn, crab, child lobster sweetheart this is a decision to attempt. The platter can serve 5 pax. Serving and plating done pleasantly. Plastic hand gloves are given. Time taken to cook was very lengthy, similar to the greater part hour, yet justifiable since they are various fish on one tremendous plate. Not terrible to have to pursue seafood lovers!

fresh meat choices in jiu gong ge hotpot bugis

To detail out, the seafood platter is an abundance of fish that comprises a portion of a lobster, 3 crab, shellfish, crawfishes, mollusks, scallops, prawns, mussels, Sweetcorn, cabbage, quail egg and moment noodles.

lovely grilled meat at jiu gong ge bugis

Actually, we like just these seafood all together because of its normal pleasantness. Shellfishes, Crab, Oyster, Lobster then, at that point, Prawn, the rest were simply goodness alright.

With respect to the stock, at first, it’s unmistakable and dull, the pleasantness from the fish had not reached it which brought about a plain tasting Noodle. After you finish the seafood, the soup is vastly improved in terms of flavor.

fresh crab available in jiu gong ge hotpot bugis

The assortment of sauce accessible is additionally great. The ice cream is the finale after a luxurious feast. An idea is to likewise give a free progression of sodas like coke and sprite.

Do book a table on the off chance that you are going there during the end of the week.

It can get very loud now and again and food served could likewise be more slow during top hours however the flavor of the food is truly not awful. The eatery is spotless and the climate is ideal to feast in.

Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot 九宫格火锅
470 North Bridge Rd, #01-02 Bugis Cube, Singapore 189768
6338 3405

5. Xun Wei Hot Pot

plethora of ingredients on the table of xun wei hotpot in bugis

One of the Chinese style hotpots at Leang Seh road. The taste and cost execution of this café are the most noteworthy. The fixings in Xun Wei are exceptionally new, and the flavor of the lower part of the pot is likewise in accordance with most Chinese tastes also.

food ready for cooking at xun wei hotpot bugis

plates of fresh meat for the hotpot in xun wei

Comfortable ambiance to have a decently priced hotpot buffet with a great range of soup base to select from.

fresh vegetables available at xun wei hotpot

Worth each penny! This lovely Bugis hotpot place have organic products, drinks, frozen yogurts, meat, prawn, mushroom, and so forth. Their free streams of meat and fish are great quality. Serving pieces of food is incredibly liberal for a buffet, the nature of the meat is extraordinary even without the top up. For the premium meat, you need to add extra $10 per pax.

a bowl of molluscs at xun wei hotpot bugis

There are adequate beverage decisions and free stream ice cream.

condensed milk mantou in xun wei hotpot bugis


Submitting orders and adding requests were simple, you either go up to the server and pass them the paper or when they stroll past your table you let them know what you need to add. For the most part all the staff were quite productive, they might neglect orders on occasion yet to be fair they are truly occupied.

Xun Wei Hot Pot
28 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189049
9716 6661

6. Ai Shang Fish Hotpot 爱尚鱼捞

all the ingredients in this majestic hotpot in ai shang fish

Enthusiastic of garlic and prawns? Just come to this Bugis hotpot place and appreciate it!

ai shang hot pot and grill with seafood as signature

Everybody loved their garlic prawn so much that it was the dish that everyone continued to arrange. For the most part, their fish are very OK and they likewise have a slight fish cut shabu which is very fascinating. Their prepared food also is cherished such a great amount by a lot of people. Most truly enjoyed the barbecued prawns and scallops and century egg! The main impediment to having a stomach sufficiently large to eat them all!

the food of ai shang fish hotpot in bugis

The store is tiny however, best for 2-4 pax yet not 5. It gets way too squeezy. It is on the pricier end when contrasted with the whole stretch of contenders, however for the double pot + BBQ and newness of fish, I think it is still sensibly evaluated.

prawn and filling in ai shang hotpot

Be that as it may, we need to pay for the beverages as it isn’t free. Do attempt their particular flimsy fish and a self cooked dessert. Soup is rich and great, however not excessively overpowering. Mala medium flavor is not hot enough as I would prefer but rather still great.

ai shang hot pot dishes at a different angle

There’s a corner to make your own plunging sauce, and gives tissue paper.

the food of ai shang fish hotpot in bugis

It’s very covered up so you need to go across the street to come for your dinner, which is likewise perfect as there won’t be an excessive number of individuals dropping by and you have more seats accessible on the off chance that it’s toward the end of the week.

Ai Shang Fish Hotpot 爱尚鱼捞
14 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189035
6904 9989

7. Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot 香草香草云南原生态火锅

This is a particularly charming little hotpot place in Bugis! The buffet is the most ideal choice here.

ingredients area in xiangcao yunnan located in bugis

Feel free to eat the dory fish, prawns, meat among others. It was so new! The soups were heavenly. Go for the exceptional choice ($43.80++ Mon-Thur, $46.80++ Fri-Sun) rather than the typical one ($26.80++ Mon-Thur, $29.80++ Fri-Sun) for the ideal experience.

hotpot in the cooking at xiangcao yunnan bugis

Their fundamental buffet cost at around $33 pax is fairly worth the effort, with meat, chicken, and sheep remembered for the free stream menu.

meat serving on a bed of lettuce at xiangcao yunnan

The new Bugis hotpot restaurant is shockingly better than previously. They serve great FRESH meat like Indonesian pork and hamburger that isn’t excessively greasy. A wide range of mushrooms which is their unique selling point and the kung fu noodles are as yet 50 cents per serving. 

The Mala, mushroom and tomato soups are reliably incredible – rich, delightful yet not slick and most certainly no MSG. Both the mushroom and tomato base were extremely decent as well! Solid flavor and far superior to different spots.

blanket of meat for hotpot in xiangcao yunnan bugis

homemade meat balls at xiangcao yunnan for hotpot in bugis

In the event that you like zesty, go for the green stew soup. the green stew soup was quite hotter than the mala! Spam the meat and ordinary mushroom into the hot channeling soup. Get their fish as well. Delectable meat and delicate fish once cooked. Plunge into your independent sauce to relish it.

Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot 香草香草云南原生态火锅
494 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188738
6635 8243

8. Zhong Hua Steamboat

facade of zhong hua steamboat hotpot bugis

A superb Bugis hotpot place for steamboat buffet. They have fish like crab, prawn and mollusks. An assortment of 2 kinds of soup base and BBQ as an afterthought. Accompanies free progression of drink. A sensible $35/pax Saturday supper cost.

a lot of meat choices available at zhong hua hotpot near bugis

They have numerous ingredients from determinations of meatballs, tofu, shrimp, crab, hamburger cut, pork cut, wonton, vegetables and all you can imagine. They additionally have organic products cut and frozen yogurt for treats. You ought to attempt it!

grill chicken on the side of this hotpot at zhong hua

The barbecue and soup base pots are new and furthermore has more than adequate space to put your dishes. Soup bases are chicken soup, mala, tomato, Tom yum, laksa and kimchi.

hotpot and gear setup at zhong hua hotpot bugis

What stands apart for them contrasted with others would be the free stream drinks they give , and some hot food like seared dumplings guo tie which is great, man tou and some more.

Likewise the feature thing to cook on barbecue is certainly their dark pepper chicken. It’s marinated so well, thus flavorful by typically broiling it, that it tastes practically like café grade cooking.

food plates on the table with a hotpot stove ready at zhong hua hotpot

Staff are extremely mindful and cordial. Continually clear up your plates as it piles up.

Mood is great, they involve the corner slowing down so it’s vaporous and no smell of bar-b-que by any stretch of the imagination. Likewise, it is very cool around evening time.

Zhong Hua Steamboat
95 Beach Rd, Singapore
6337 1655

9. SUKI-YA すき屋

ambiance of sukiya hotpot in bugis

This Bugis hotpot is normally crowded at different branches throughout Singapore. However, the one at Bugis+ was tranquil and comfortable. The soups are delectable and dishes are served quickly. I like how they have a robot that carries the dishes to your table. Soups are thick and loaded with flavors, not tasteless by any stretch of the imagination.

ginseng soup and sukiya broth is the favorite of customers for this bugis hotpot

ingredients counter at sukiya

There are plenty of food choices including the 3 primary meats: chicken, pork, and beef which works out in a good way for the pork stock soup. Here and there they have specials like laksa soup. The soup is adequate however takes too lengthy to even think about warming up utilizing their enlistment fire.

heavily boiled ingredients in a hotpot at sukiya

Most love the hot peanut sauce. Tastes pretty well in a good way with the beef.  Have the soy miso based, which needs extra charge, yet it is well worth it. 

seafood and meat selection at sukiya hotpot bugis

Orders were served quickly and precisely, most importantly, I truly value their customary commitment to guarantee I have an extraordinary feasting experience.

201 Victoria St, #04-14 to 15 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
6884 5778

10. 海底捞 Haidilao Hot Pot - Best Bugis Hotpot With Excellent Customer Service

hotpot setting in hai di lao bugis

They have lots of new fixings that are simply great. Assuming you’re hoping to carry somebody to eat a hotpot buffet, you will not dishearten them by bringing them here.

vegetable plates in hai di lao

They have a ton of cuts of meat – beef, chicken, and so on. The prawns are at a decent size too. There’s lots of meat options such as fisro, crab stick, fish fillet, octopus, mini sausages and seafood tofu.

decent size of prawns in hai di lao

Their soup stock is great! There are such countless outlets serving numerous different soups, all of the branches can create a similar degree of value soup. Love their consistency!

fried side dish served only in hai di lao bugis

Do order their fried dishes as well such as fried fish skin and mantou with condensed milk dippings! These mouthwatering sides are going to add more colors to your eating adventure.

meat bowl in hai di lao bugis hotpot

The beverages wise would suggest the colder time of year melon tea or the sharp plum squeeze. Their fruit cuttings are amazing too. They have grapes, mango, dragon fruit, watermelon and more. There’s surely one for even the fussy eaters!

fruit selection in hai di lao bugis

Incredible spot for social occasion with companions as this spot is open until 6 am!

Service is dependably expeditious and the workers are in every case extremely welcoming.

海底捞 Haidilao Hot Pot
201 Victoria St, #04-10 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
6908 6166

If you were to rank these Bugis hotpot restaurants, which will be your first top 3 choices? Let me know!

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