12 Highly Rated Bugis Cake Shop For Tasty Desserts

In the dire need of getting a birthday cake? These Bugis cake shops got you covered! This bakery provides a vast selection of cakes from the typical cheesecake and tiramisu to something else on another level. Feel free to explore these fantastic cake shops to satisfy your cake cravings!

Bugis is the heart of delicious foods. Other than cake, they also offer various options of Japanese, Korean, hotpot and healthy vegetarian that you’ll love. The quality is there and just waiting for you to explore.

Bugis Cake Shop and Bakery that will satisfy your sweet tooth today

1. Fluff Bakery

snickers cupcake by fluff bakery in bugis singapore

Distinctive doughnuts and sponge cakes fiesta! Extraordinary minimal nearby pastry kitchen concealed in a calm shophouse. The logo and promotion is inside the this Bugis cake shop, so it is a piece downplayed, yet you will be blissful when you track down it.

oreo cookie and cream cake by fluff bakery shop in bugis

Assuming you are searching for a Halal Certified bread shop that sells great doughnuts, Fluff Bakery is the most ideal spot for you.

A companion acquainted me with this spot and their doughnuts are great.

double chocolate banana loaf cake by fluff bakery in bugis

What I like about the doughnuts is the firm doughnut skin with crunchy sugar bits.

facade of fluff bakery shop in bugis

Such a lot of vanilla bean filling yet not the thick lardsy kind. It’s so sweet, light and scrumptious! Love their doughnuts and apple caramel galette! The doughnuts are better compared to a lot of well known brands. Take a pick of their chocolate, vanilla and enthusiasm mango cheddar. Become cautious when you nibble into the doughnuts as there are such an excess of fillings that with only a tad pressure, they flood. Every one of the 3 are great, chocolate somewhat unpleasant tone, energy mango cheddar marginally sharp.

caramel apple cake by fluff bakery bugis

Have to adore their cinnamon roll. The icing was quite the mixture firm. It was a yeast batter style, however was marginally heavier like the contrast between entire wheat versus delicate white bread. Walnuts on the top added a nutty flavor to finish the experience. They sell out rapidly and there may be a line, come early and it is worth the queue.

chocolate delight cake by fluff bakery shop in bugis

Fluff Bakery
795 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198763
9144 7729
Menu: https://order.fluffbakery.sg/

2. Chocolate Origin

famous chocolate cake by chocolate origin in bugis

Superb chocolates! Superb frozen yogurts! Accompany magnificent cakes espresso baked goods tea and relaxing ambiance to chill. Newly pre-arranged solid fixings with delicate adoring caring capable baking and expert warm administrations. This shop is in a bustling basement close to the MRT yet more than adequate store seating for the store.

dark chocolate cake by chocolate origin in bugis

Immense devotee of everything chocolate so it’s most certainly not one to pass up a major opportunity.

cute chocolate drink by chocolate origin

The chocolate magma cake was totally awesome. Love the vanilla frozen yogurt at the base. Gives a smidgen of the component of shock.

cute late art and a piece of chocolate cake on the table at chocolate origin cake shop in bugis

They serve one of the most incredible dim chocolate frozen yogurt of all time!!! The frozen yogurt is rich and smooth, and certainly an extraordinary treat choice after a lengthy stroll of shopping particularly when the shop is found right close to the lift at B1.

loaded chocolate ice cream by chocolate origin in bugis

The caramel latte was the best espresso I’ve run over in Singapore (zero harshness and not predominantly sweet which is by all accounts the neighborhood standard). The espresso craftsmanship was a smart idea.

Chocolate Origin
200 Victoria St, #B1-01/02, Singapore 188021
6337 1220

3. Barcook Bakery

berry fruitcake by barcook bakery

Renowned pastry Bugis cake shop that presents truly fragrant bread, with various outlets in The Central region. This is one of few Barcook outlets that offers feast in. Came for their #1 mark Raisin cream bun that is so delicate, cushy, and freshly baked. It is awesome to purchase during noon since it’s the point at which the bread is freshly emerging from the stove.

christmas cake by barcook bakery in bugis

The buns are delicate and soft. Apple cinnamon and banana pecan merit an attempt.

chocolate cake with gold flakes by barcook bakery in bugis

Croissant has a great surface and is exceptionally fragrant, fresh yet chewy to the chomp!

foret noire cake by barcook bakery shop in bugis

Green tea is served in a lovely Twinings cup/saucer, noteworthy!

Open air seats are introduced with roof fans so it’s lovely even on a sweltering evening. Most certainly worth paying somewhat more to stay here for extraordinary client experience! Highly suggested to give it a try!

ondeh ondeh gula melaka cake by barcook bakery shop bugis

This Bugis cake shop also have a variety of cakes to choose from – Matcha Adzuki Bliss cake, Mango Passion cake, Foret-Noire cake and more! 

Barcook Bakery
60 Albert St, #01 – 03 / 04, Singapore 189969
6336 6588

4. Kazo Signature

kazo signature bugis cake shop

The Kazo Signature is the best so far to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their tastiness just makes you want more and more. Their signature, Hokkaido cream bun is filled liberally and the hull remained firm for a really long time. The Hokkaido cream polo bun has an extraordinary surface. It was flaky yet delicate. The cream was fragile and somewhat sweet. Generally excellent without a doubt! Strongly suggested! We attempted its polo and firm cream puff and it was beyond expectations. Their cheddar tart is also very great.

hazelnut royaltine cake by kazo signature shop in bugis

Lemon tart is excessively sweet. Taro tart is excessively velvety, with hints of sweet potato and coconut. Outwardly satisfying to the eyes, so great for gifts.

red velvet with gula mealak caramel cream cheese cake by kazo signature

The mango pomelo sago tart is astonishing! Mango newness and pomelo are invigorating!

durian cake by kazo signature in bugis

Remember their other great scope of cakes. Cheddar and Portuguese tarts are great too!

chocolate kazo signature cake in bugis

While they’re good with these small bites, their cakes are something else as well. They have two signature cakes namely Kazo ondeh-ondeh and hazelnut crunchy. Fans of durian will also find that their belly could be potentially satisfied with their Mao Shan Wang durian fudge. Meanwhile, other more basic options like strawberry shortcake and vanilla burnt cheesecake stand their place in this Bugis cake shop menu as well. 

Kazo Signature
200 Victoria Street B1-K04 Bugis Junction, 188021
6530 3551

5. Butter Studio

dinosaur cake by a creative bugis cake shop called butter studio

Attempt every one of the 4 distinct kinds of cakes they have! It’s all to love! Indulge in their Salted Caramel Velvet Cake best. Every one of their cakes are great, not excessively sweet, on the money. Smells pleasant. Size of cake is ideally suited for the ongoing little size bunch gathering. Cupcake wise, I enjoyed the customary red velvet the best, trailed by the pandan one.

ondeh ondeh macaron cake by butter studio a bugis cake shop

The mermaid cake is one of their features. It’s ideal to oblige a few cupcakes to praise one’s birthday. It will be the feature of the festival. It was delicate, clammy and the icing was great as well. By and large an incredible cake.

ocean themed cake by a famous bugis cake shop known as butter studio

Not just that! Here they sell gelatos. Try out their Dark Chocolate and Hokkaido Vanilla as both are great. They don’t melt that fast and the flavors are strong.

mango crumble cake by butter studio

Just as you would expect, this place also serves delicious and fancy hand-crafted cupcakes. Truly the best food companion to make your birthday celebration an even more memorable one. One piece starts at $3.50. Buy more and nail a cheaper price!

lemon pistachio cake by butter studio bugis cake shop

This Bugis cake shop artisanal cakes are just unbelievable. One of their cake towers up with popcorn, pretzels, macaron and ice cream cones. They also have an overloaded chocolate cake. It’s all the greatest chocolate treats such as cookies, wafer sticks and all tops the cake! 

Butter Studio
200 Victoria Street, #01-61 to 61A, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
6261 6198

6. Polar Puffs & Cakes

royal chocolate cake by polar puffs and cakes which is a bugis cake shop in singapore

This Bugis cake shop curry puffs and sugar rolls here are the solace food that you can rely on. They are all around made and reliably great. I frequently purchase a clump for loved ones and they are generally greeted wholeheartedly. The chicken pies sold here are adored by the various customers. The chicken fragrance is solid.


lamington cake served by a bugis cake shop known as polar puffs and cakes

citrus twirl cake with a beach theme backdrop by polar puffs and cakes which is an artisanal bugis cake shop

The chocolate eclair is bite sized chocolatey goodness that you can munch on for tea time too. Their cookies and cream petite cake also come with reduced sugar in their recipe which is not too bad. 

chocolate slice with gold flake on top cake by polar puffs and cakes a bugis cake shop

bugis cake shop with 4 layered dairy cake by polar puffs and cakes

Assuming that you’re searching for good and reasonable cake and cakes, this Bugis cake shop is the spot. There’s nothing much artistic to their cakes. But, they do settle the occasion when you need something sweet to survive the day. 

Polar Puffs & Cakes
200 Victoria St, #B1-K08, Singapore 188021
6339 6366Bugis cake shop

7. Four Leaves Bugis Junction

cake on display in one of the bugis cake shop called four leaves


They have regulars that have been taking their breads for breakfast pretty much consistently in work days since long term back. Certainly one of the most mind-blowing pastry bakeries around. They recently rolled out a new pastry, bread rolls with  mozzarella and egg fillings. Inside the rolls were magnificent. You can experience their mozzarella fillings in sufficient sum that simply meets the equilibrium between the cheese and the bread. Their portion of wholemeal bread is to be adored as well. It works out in a good way for any bread spread.

original strawberry cake sold by four leaves a bugis cake shop

What’s incredible is that they have many of the average flavors that you can expect – tiramisu, mango tropicana and chocolate classico cake. There’s genuinely seasons that take care of everybody’s inclination.

tiramisu chocolate classico and mango tropicana cake in four leaves

They really do serve little cakes too that goes completely well with night lunch time. You can’t just grab one. Grab a few of them for tea time later! 

a slice of raspberry cake at four leaves bugis cake shop

Four Leaves Bugis Junction
200 Victoria St, #B1-14/15 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
6337 4717

8. BreadTalk

A normal local bakery in most shopping centers for a speedy mug of espresso or tea and quick bites. Well known for their floss bun. So, be sure to give it a try.

blissful prune cake by breadtalk

The Bugis cake shop spot is OK, decisively situated at the basement of the mall. Simple to find it when you descend from the retail chain’s escalator. Whenever you are nearby and feeling the need for a nice tea time, you know where to find this place!

chocolate and mint cake slice on display at breadtalk

As of late selling little salted egg croissants. Tasted fine. Cakes are quite good as well. Nothing too fancy and that’s fine! 

dark forest gateau cake by breadtalk bugis cake shop

Their steamed strawberry cake was delightful. Exceptionally springy and moist. Gives that little excitement in each bite. 

orange cake by breadtalk a bugis cake shop

This cake shop is a great choice of bread and buns. The coffee set is generally excellent value for your buck and the latte is very great and certainly worth the price you pay. 

Don’t get me started with their zesty pork floss and the brilliant lava pork floss. Once you start, you can’t stop. 

200 Victoria St, #B1-23 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
6884 4494

9. Baker & Cook - Bugis Cake Shop

raspberry chocolate cake by baker and cook bugis cake shop

Calm spot away from the super bustling shopping region. It’s an exceptionally tranquil charming spot to rest one’s worn out legs over a beautiful mug of espresso and a cake. Comfortable and pleasant area to get together with companions.

swiss roll by baker and cook cake shop

This spot is sterile and serves hot and new cakes and baked goods! One more in addition to is costs are really modest and sensible as well.

strawberry cake on a platter by baker and cook cake shop in bugis

Love the set lunch which comprises a liberal aiding of salad (and it isn’t simply lettuce and child tomatoes!), a cut of quiche or a little pie and a hot refreshment. You can pick pasta rather than salad. Lunch set bargains run day in and day out!

speculoos cheesecake by baker and cook bugis cake shop

Truly decent, valid cake very much like those ones I had in Australia. Decent ingredients are used in their cooking! Their blueberry bagel too is a crowd pleaser! It’s so good, you want to get them two days straight!

specialty cake by baker and cook a creative bakery studio in bugis

walnut cream cake by baker and cook bugis

Their lamb pie is great as well, delightful and not excessively gamey. They serve truly decent hot cocoa with rich chocolate taste and amazing pleasantness.

Baker & Cook
80 Middle Road InterContinental, 188966
6825 1502

10. Paris Baguette

cream cheese raspberry cake by paris baguette a well known bugis cake shop

Paris Baguette, a famous bread shop bistro from Korea. Wide determination of breads and sandwiches to looked over. Croissants and Baguettes are their famous bread decisions. A buffet of cakes, tarts, sandwiches, Salads and breads of proposition with assortment of beverages makes this an intriguing bistro.

iconic paris rocher by a bugis cake shop called paris baguette

Roomy, comfortable and great for quick bites. It’s perfect at the corner and truly simple to detect, Dropping by on the grounds that got allured by their croissant LMAO Who can oppose croissant for breakfast directly before you !!

purple blueberry cake by paris baguette

Rich Garlic Spread was so great! The margarine mixes well with the garlic, it was thick and woah lot of garlic! Cream cheddar was delicate and chewy, the heart felt and it wasn’t sweet in any way!

oreo mint chocolate cake by paris baguette a famous bugis cake shop

Bread was brilliant brown and a little fresh. A decent mix of sweet and exquisite! In general, it hits you with the garlicky feels, a little pleasantness, and an equilibrium pungency!

blueberry yogurt cake by paris baguette bugis cake shop

The fruit toppings are fresh and lovely. Anyway the tart is somewhat difficult to cut open. Generally the filling was great as it tasted chocolate and blueberry yogurt separately. Generally the wipe cake layers inside were delicate! Generally the surface was smooth and predictable.

Paris Baguette
#B1-24, 200 Victoria St, 188021
6336 7943

11. Twobakeboys Bugis

mango cake by twobakeboys bakery in bugis

The bistro is nearly stowed away from view being somewhat away from the side street. However raised, it’s entry doesn’t confront the principal lane. Little bistro with private yard, extraordinary for espresso and their particular crepe cake, however they likewise have a delectable menu of bistro food, including vegan choices.

lychee crepe cake by twobakeboys cake shop in bugis

Their crepe cakes, I don’t need to express much as others as of now have praised it excitedly. I purchased Thai Tea and Lavender Earl Gray. Crepe cakes were of magnificent quality, reliable in the middle between and the consistency for the sauce, simply great.

thai tea crepe cake by twobakeboys bugis cake shop

I thought the best was their crepe however I found this thai green curry pasta with great plant based fixings! Extremely heavenly primary course they have and adore their not so sweet pastries. The crepe cake with frozen yogurt blend makes an ideal after-dinner or high-tea delicacy. The smooth rich taste with not over-fueling pleasantness is perfect for the individuals who like to get a fast pastry, however weight-conscious.

strawberry frost cake by twobakeboys

Their Gula Melaka gelato is exceptionally delightful. Attempt their Portobello mushroom soup. I only sometimes track down this soup in a cafeteria. They nailed it. Very savory! Of note is the Thai Tea with more thai milk tea sauce as an addition for pouring over. Matched with espresso, you get a Yin & Yang of a great taste.

creamy cream crepe cake by twobakeboys in bugis

They have practically all the flavors in an entire cake to convey as birthday cakes.

Twobakeboys Bugis
8 Jln Kubor, #01-05, Singapore 199207
8782 6566

12. Julie Bakes

lopez cake by julie bakes cake shop in bugis

Small Bugis cake shop with beautiful cakes. Was invited by the fragrance of freshly prepared cakes when I stepped in the shop. Julie’s cakes are brimming with flavors with exquisite surfaces. We purchased a variety of neighborhood flavors like durian, ondeh and putu piring. The cake is sodden and covered with new cream. The ondeh is yummy, in a real sense a sugar bomb. I guess that is what we search for while eating such cakes ya?

serawa durian cake by julie bakes bugis cake shop

The durian is an incredible, super pillowy wipe with extraordinary durian purée and light whipped cream. The proportion of cake to cream is as wonderful as I would like to think.

Had the chocolate mint cake. It is a particularly extraordinary flavor. Not excessively minty however extraordinary newness to the cake with some mousse in the middle between. Love it

snickers chocolate cake at julie bakes

Alongside assortments of cakes, they additionally sell some kuehs like epok-epok sardine, potato, scramble egg, pulut serunding ( glutinous rice with hot coconut), ondeh-ondeh, pulut serawa durian ( glutinous rice with durian glue) taste like durian frozen yogurt when you eat it cold and it’s not all that sweet, and so forth. So drop by her shop and give her your support!

Julie Bakes
14 Baghdad St, Singapore 199653
9647 9027

So, which of these Bugis cake shops is your choice? Though there are further located options like Julie Bakes and Twobakeboys, they do offer special cakes that are different from the main busy area of Bugis Junction. Do give them a try!


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