10 Most Popular Potato Chips Malaysia Snacks To Buy For Your Pantry

Best Potato Chips Malaysia Snack To Get Today

Potato chips are my all time favorite snack to go to other than seaweed snacks whenever I want to binge watch Netflix. Even when I’m in the mood of working from home, you won’t find it far from my reach. Tap tap on the keyboard, munch munch in the mouth. They’re simple snacks that everyone enjoys. Here’s the most popular potato chips Malaysia that will satisfy your cravings!

Crowd-Pleasing Potato Chips Malaysia Brand

1. Pringles Potato Chips Malaysia

pringles potato chip malaysia

I have been getting a charge out of Pringles since I was a youngster! They are a simple and helpful tidbit and are perfect for voyaging! The way that they arrive in a can is perfect so I don’t need to stress over them getting squashed on the off chance that I toss them in my pack! They most certainly fulfill my desire for a crunchy and pungent bite! Compartment is ideal for voyaging, reducing risk of crunched chips.

The Pringles Original is a salted plain potato chip. They are so completely fresh and crunchy that once I begin eating them it’s difficult to stop. I like that they come perfectly stacked in a tube shaped canister with a resealable top that keeps them new. It’s likewise perfect for an in a hurry nibble cause you don’t need to stress over them breaking in your sack. These likewise come in a decreased salt variant which is my favored choice.

They additionally aren’t excessively costly. I’ve gotten them a couple of times, and they are a success for our loved ones. I thought that they were heavenly. I would suggest them in the event that you are in the mind-set for chips. Pringles are so irresistible! Haha! They taste particular despite the fact that they’re plain. I love the amazing way pungent and crunchy they are.

2. Calbee Potato Chips

calbee potato chips malaysia

Right away, these hot and hot potato chips from Calbee (Japanese based snack brand) appeared to be somewhat muffled. Simply an inconspicuous solitary note. However at that point our tongues started to acclimate to these chips, and really get on their layers of flavor. Along these lines, abjure our underlying assertion. These are delightful chips, with bunches of profundity, and flavors that carve out opportunity to create before they hit various spots of your taste buds.

I really love these chips. Each time I’m at the Asian general store, I generally pick these up. It’s so tasty. I really can complete this at a time in any event, when I purchase the additional huge packs. Haha. I favor these over Doritos. 🙂

These chips have a ton going on. What’s more, when we say a great deal, we mean a ton. Look at this rundown of a portion of the fixings remembered for their flavor recipe: cayenne, nutmeg, paprika, garlic, onion, dark pepper, oregano, turmeric, coriander, cumin, mustard, ginger, anise, clove, sugar, salt and soy sauce!! We could really taste, and distinguish a great deal of those flavors including the cayenne, garlic, cumin, sugar, soy sauce, paprika and likely some nutmeg. You would think with that going on, these chips would be all a flavor wreck, yet shockingly they are not. Maybe they are firm, and genuinely adjusted potato chips. In any case, eventually, the flavor isn’t generally so extraordinary as its fixings would make you figure it ought to be. The potato chips themselves had a medium thickness, with a firm crunch and a lot of folds and curves to them.

3. Win Win Potato Crisps

win win potato crisps snack malaysia

The potato fresh is one of my #1 and it comes in 4 flavors – BBQ, Tomato, Vegetable, Sour Cream. I like the vegetable one the most. It tastes marginally like the kelp flavor that I have attempted in some potato chips. The surface wise is like a roll however more slender. The way that it isn’t so sleek as potato chips and comes in around 4-5 crisps in 1 parcel is an immense reward. I can continuously oppose myself from eating a lot by restricting the quantity of parcels to eat.

I hate granola bars as they are generally rather sweet. Be that as it may, in some cases I would experience the ill effects of craving bangs soon after swimming/exercise center so a granola bar by the side is consistently good! At the point when I found this grain fresh, it turned into my option in contrast to granola bar. The finger size little oat fresh is wealthy in complex carbs and high in fiber. In this way giving a decent wellspring of energy while keeping me full till my next dinner. So browse 2 flavors, unique or chocolate, the following time you want to go after your energy bar.

The small scale pockets are made for peeps who like love letters with fillings however disdain the way that the waffle pieces will fall all over the spot when you chomp into them. These are love letters-like pockets loaded up with chocolate or vanilla fillings. So it very well may be a decent option as it is simpler to eat without leaving a wreck.

It is great to realize that Win Snacks is 100 percent halal and vegan. So check it out assuming you presently can’t seem to attempt it.

4. Lays Potato Chips


I like Lay’s potato chips Original – Classic for their slenderness cut. It gives the chips more crunchy and habit-forming factors that you can’t quit eating them. It’s gently salted so you can sincerely taste the potato. The exemplary flavor is great to chomp all alone or as a nibble to go with lager and, surprisingly, as garnish for salad for that additional crunch!

This potato chip arrived in a major pack. It was scrumptious for a unique enhanced potato chip – pungent and firm. The potato is fragrant as well. Slight chips and not excessively overpowering.

Would favor the chips to be more slender. Lesser rich. By and large chips are great. The taste of the chips is great, not excessively pungent and feels more amazing when contrasted with different brands of chips available. The chips likewise have an excellent freshness and are truly crunchy! Cost is likewise reasonable with a respectable measure of chips gathered cinched, which makes it generally excellent for sharing among relatives as well! This is certainly my go-to chips for chilling at home or trying little party parties with my relatives at home.

Exemplary potato chips that are perfect for eating! They’re a whenever nibble particularly while watching the TV!

5. Chipster

chipster potato chips malaysia

Chipster potato chips did not have many flavors, for example, Hot Spicy, BBQ, Tomato, Sour Cream Onion and not to fail to remember the first flavor. There are not difficult to perceive by the bundle of variety on purple, red, green, yellow and orange.

This variant of Twisties did away completely with the recognizable Crunchy Cheetos-like shape and corn material, as the “Chipster” sub-brand evidently implies that they’re simply potato chips. The chips had delicately bending shapes and a dazzling orange tone, with some dull potato skin regions on the edges of certain pieces, in addition to certain air pockets implanted inside.

We crunched in to track down a decent light crunch and fresh feel, with an underlying taste that was genuinely standard fundamental grill chip, however it immediately became more sizzling from that point, with expanding levels of intensity as the persistent flavor produced results. The intensity was not super-serious, however it was really hot and I waited for a surprisingly long time. Great chips.

For my purposes, I like the Hot Spicy basically! I used to purchase that flavor the vast majority of time. The hot taste makes my mouth explode!!  Everytime I eat potato chips, I am sure I will go for a hot flavor, moreover goes to a portion of my closest companions!

In the wake of eating potato chips, recall to really hydrate! MORE WATER!! If not, the next day you will wake up with a sore throat.

6. Mister Potato Chips Malaysia

Mr Potato is the No.1 potato chip brand in Malaysia. Its reach incorporates Mister Potato Chips, and Mister Potato Crisps. Mr Potato is just produced using new potatoes that are imported from the best homesteads in the US and Australia. Every potato is cautiously handpicked to guarantee perfection concerning low sugar and high dry substance, variety, taste, size and surface. Mr Potato chips are additionally known for being trans-fat free and cooked in vegetable oil. These are among the specific prerequisites that connote the brand’s “No Compromise” reasoning to deliver hands down the best potato chips.

Adored locally and all around the world, Mister Potato is sold in more than 100 nations with top business sectors like Australia, Singapore, Russia, Netherlands, Maldives and the Middle East.

Mr Potato is accessible in 6 unique flavors from Original, Hot and Spicy, Sour Cream and Onion, Tomato, Barbeque and Fiery Hot.

This container of potato crisps followed the Pringles recipe intently, as the can had a similar shape thus did the crisps. The crisps had a medium beige tone with only a sprinkle of orange flavoring.

We crunched in to delight our mouths with a decent light crunch and pleasant freshness, with a gentle flavor that was exceptionally delectable and a bit of tanginess. Concerning hot and spicy flavor, there wasn’t a lot of both of those tastes, however we preferred the flavor a ton.

7. Jack and Jill Potato Rings

jack and jill roller coaster potato ring malaysia

I can’t avoid potato chips. It’s my #1 low quality food, miserable to say. I especially like this Jack n Jill Potato Rings flavor. What I like about this is that it is produced using 100 percent fresh potatoes. I’m a major potato fan. I like potatoes.

We just purchased the littlest pack. I get it was our way of doing whatever it takes not to overdo it with this habit-forming movement. There is actually nothing nutritious about low quality food, right? It has a high fat substance at 5.3g. Also, this 15g pack contains 83kCal. For the wellbeing cognizant, you might need to realize that there is no cholesterol in this pack of Jack n Jill Potato Rings – Spring Onion and Garlic Flavour.That is to be sure an or more point, after every one of the less places. Sadly, there is monosodium glutamate or MSG so, which is truly undesirable.

The beneficial thing about the Jack n Jill Potato Rings – Spring Onion and Garlic Flavor is that it is halal. It very well may be eaten by the Muslims, giving them more food choices here.

As far as taste, I should say that the Jack n Jill Potato Chips – Spring Onion and Garlic Flavor is truly scrumptious and habit-forming. Fortunately, we purchased a little pack to be imparted to the whole family, and that implies every one of us just got several chomps, all things considered. I realize that there are other better wellsprings of food that can be an option in contrast to these potato chips,but the longing for potato chips can be major areas of strength for some times. I have shunned it for two or three months, however I become frail with regards to Jack n Jill Potato Chips – Spring Onion and Garlic Flavor.

All in all, Jack n Jill Potato Rings – Spring Onion and Garlic Flavor is a delightful bite or low quality food, anything that you could need to call it.

8. Wise Cottage Fries Potato Chips

cottage fries potato chip malaysia

Wise Cottage Fries Potato Chips are mixed with exemplary, delightful taste of your #1 patio Barbeque. The chips are 100 percent produced using imported potatoes, cut into crease cut shapes that advance its crunchier mouth feel and with strips left on for more grounded flavors. You’ll want for more!

What are Cottage Fries? Outdated goodness is what Cottage Fries are about. Shrewd review the caring legacy of home prepared feasts from country kitchens in past days. Prime quality, imported, food grade garden new potatoes are cut quite thicker than standard chips with strips left on for more normal potato flavor. As additional individuals find Wise bites, the organization has looked for better approaches to develop and serve clients all over the planet. That is the reason starting around 2013, Wise joined Arca Continental, the second-biggest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America (fourth biggest on the planet) and its group of confided in brands, including Coca Cola, Bokados, Topitos, Tortolines and the sky is the limit from there.

9. Jacker Potato Chips Malaysia

A firm interpretation of the Iconic kinds of Barbeque. Jacker Potato Crisps are Imported Potato Crisps from Malaysia. Precisely when you’re unique, you set the standard for how it’s finished. Moreover, with the appealing taste of potato, you’ll be taking this generally fantastic level right to the flavor bank.

Healthy potassium-rich potatoes are daintily molded flawlessly. The shockingly light and uniform cuts of potato give out a remarkable mix of sweet, acrid, smokey, and hot Barbecue flavors. Fulfill your bite with the mind-boggling taste of Jacker Tomato Crisps.

A cure to appetizing desires. Grill Potato Chips are noisily firm. The brilliant crisps are loaded with a healthy taste of flavors. The crisps have a smooth mouthfeel, and taste tart, sweet, flavorful, and fiery all simultaneously!

No dishes are required. The crisps come stacked in a tall can. The resealable can forestall the tasty freshness of Barbeque Crisps from getting wet or ruined. The advantageous bundling makes the nibble simple to share, serve, store, stack, and convey. A guaranteed extravagance for any unexpected social gatherings.

10. Rota Potato Chips

rota potato chips malaysia

Daintily cut and heated to fresh, Rota Potato Chips are each Malaysia’s #1 goody; invited all over the place and on each conceivable event, however best for a serious football match-up night as you crunch on a modest bunch of chips while expecting an objective. Rota potato chips can make a decent organization besides. You may likewise zest things up a little by plunging them in different sauces or dressings for extra character. In spite of this, certain people have been seen squashing them up in dishes, pounding them into bread, grilled food sources, et cetera. The options on how you can make use of these potato chips are just unlimited!

Rota Potato Chips are created by the most fair fixings produced using 100 percent genuine potatoes with vegetable oil, sugar, and salt. It’s like gnawing into a genuine potato, yet at the same time extra fresh! Have confidence that we are a long way from being a potato chip brand that sells air.

There you go! Awesome potato chips Malaysia to go for when you want to fill up your snacking time. Note that these are the affordable versions of chips that everyone can get. There are premium imported ones but that’s going to be another story. 

Anyway, which of these potato chips is your favorite? Did I miss any that should be included in the list? Let me know!


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