11 Fabulous Seaweed Snacks Malaysia That Gets You Drooling For More

We all love snacks! From potato chips to chocolate snacks, there’s no end to their deliciousness and how they fill that special corner in our pantry. It’s just a huge part of our life in the activities that we do too – picnic, watching movies, gatherings. Now, of course seaweed snacks come into the picture with the same role as well. Here’s the most popular seaweed snacks Malaysia that you gotta try if you haven’t already!

1. Mr Kim Seaweed


Seaweed snacks have been a piece of Asian culture for millennia. Appreciate delectable and sound kelp snacks from Korea going from Original flavor, hot and teriyaki flavours.It not just preferences extraordinary, it’s additionally stacked with healthy benefits such as promote heart health, prevent cancer and reduce risk of osteoporosis.

Truth be told, kelp has the most elevated thickness of nutrients and minerals of any vegetable in the world. With the typical ocean growth based nibble, you get iodine, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. You likewise get Vitamins A, B, and E each time you appreciate them. Mr.Kim kelp contains not many calories, filling fiber and fucoxanthin, which adds to an expanded digestion. That’s right. Kelp is a vegetable. Certain individuals even call it ocean lettuce. Children and grown-ups in Asian societies have been eating their ocean vegetables for a really long time, partaking in its taste, surface, and numerous medical advantages. What makes the flavor of cooked kelp so incredibly great?


Umami, it’s an exquisite flavor so divine and one of a kind that it doesn’t squeeze into the four essential taste gatherings. You could know umami from eating nori, the sort of ocean growth utilized as a wrap for sushi. Presently umami is so well known it’s viewed as the fifth fundamental taste, straight up there with the four other big deals your tongue knows and loves.

These Korean ocean growth chomps are firm and prepared flawlessly. They make an incredible nibble over the course of the day.

2. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

I’ve been an energetic seaweeder (assuming that I might call myself that) for a couple of months, however, of all the ocean growth bites that I’ve attempted, this must be BOTH less oily inclination and generally delightful. This is an extraordinary option in contrast to eating chips – significantly more sound and you get the delightful smash too. It isn’t quite as hot as I suspected it would be, which is really something extraordinary in light of the fact that I could do without partaking in a pleasant, lively nibble with tea breaks.

The greater pieces are around 1 1/2″ wide and perhaps ~4″ or so lengthy. Investigating the pack from a good way provides you with its deception enduring over a day. At one point I bought 4 bundles of this tidbit and they were completely finished eating in two days. On the off chance that you are intending to purchase this item and would like for it to endure, it is best that you purchase in mass (more than 4) or probably you will be an exceptionally miserable individual and will need to cry as I have.

One of my number one kinds of ocean growth – this one is certainly suggestive of bringing a nibble into a delectable bowl of tom yum soup – not excessively fiery, yet entirely exceptionally tasty.

3. Kimnori Seasoned Seaweed Snack


These are extremely tasty and crisp tasting! They are not beyond ridiculous pungent or off-putting tasting since the ocean growth is in its dried structure, and they are marginally salted. Every bundle contains the ideal measure of dried ocean growth. A few brands, then again, incorporate an excessive number of kelp strips per parcel, and I wind up throwing and squandering the extra since I neglect to eat it later, however not with this brand!

These are extremely delicious and ideal nibbles for somebody like me who is attempting to lose some weight. They truly do have a little kick to them yet nothing I can not endure. I love sweet stuff, so I love the sweet with the spicy…hits the spot. The bundles are more modest than hers yet I think the flavors are bolder, particularly the Korean bar-b-que.

I would eat every one of the 24 packs cause I love them like chips. Much better seasoned!

I like it, however the seaweed snack is dainty, so I overlap them for a huge crunch, delicious!

4. Ajitsuke Nori Seaweed Snacks Malaysia

Ajitsuke-Nori-Seaweed-Snacks malaysia

I grow up eating this seaweed snacks Malaysia brand! I’ve had a wide range of brands of prepared nori and this is comparable to the best of them. I have an assortment of desiccant parcels that I keep taken care of in light of the fact that it’s extremely moist where I reside and this will lose its freshness rapidly without them.

However much I love this stuff, there’s always a dog that loves it more. I have a pom pom.. I continue to attempt to let her know that she’s a committed pupper for meaty food, not vegetarian yet she doesn’t really care. The unfortunate pupper begins slobbering (in a real sense slobbering) when I say “NORI!” I’ve utilized this to inspire her to do some tricks. She’ll do anything for this stuff-it’s superior to any puppy treats! Unfortunately, it’s additionally undeniably more costly. Thus, my pupper has a (sea)weed issue and I’m her empowering influence.

The best seaweed gathered from the vast ocean and sun dried. This item suggested a flavor like oven dried. The first thing that you’ll probably taste on the tip of your tongue will be sugar, which is the third recorded fixing by volume, after soy sauce (which has sugar) and bone – I mean – ocean growth. It additionally contains fish and shrimp as per the mark, so on the off chance that you’re unfavorably susceptible or thought you were eating vegetarian and I was, product. Surface and consistency were correct and “I betcha can’t eat only one.”

5. Manjun Laverland Seaweed Snack


Seaweed is a fantastic nibble to have, particularly on the off chance that you’re searching for a better eating elective. Satisfy your nibbling needs with Manjun Laverland Crunch Sea Salt Seaweed Snack! This pungent kelp nibble works out in a good way for lager, sashimi and barbecued fish. Contains 9 packs. Manjun Laverland Crunch Sea Salt flavor is a top notch simmered ocean growth tidbit that is both sound and incredibly delectable. Twofold cooked, and contains no monosodium glutamate, 0%Trans Fat, 0% MSG and is Vegan and Gluten-Free.

6. SNACKISS Seavit Seaweed Crackers


Get some natural vitamin sea with Korea Sea Vit seaweed snack! Comes with two delicious vegan and salted egg flavors, there’s truly options for everybody! The seaweeds are crispy, giving a delightful crunch with each bite. Truly what makes a great food companion when binge watching animations or drama, especially K-drama! 


This seaweed snacks Malaysia brand is considerably one of the healthier ones considering that it doesn’t have coloring and flavoring. It is kept close to natural ingredients which is no wonder that this brand has been around for over 10 years.

7. Kabuki Roll Seaweed


This well-known seaweed snacks Malaysia originates from Thailand. They come in a unique rolled shape that fits the right bite-size. Just push into your mouth and bite until you’re done! The fun shape makes it a popular choice among kids as well. They can wear it and eat it off their fingers. Just a fine fun way to keep the kids occupied while enjoying slightly healthier snack choices. 


The Kabuki Roll Seaweed comes with 3 flavors – original, paprika taste and grilled squid. Thai food lovers will find their grilled squid quite pleasing. Even if you’re not a fan of Thai food, you’ll love it nonetheless. Their paprika seaweed snack is for those who seek more excitement for their tongue. Well, enjoy!

8. Wang Wang Seaweed Rice Cracker

Wang Wang Seaweed Rice Cracker snack malaysia

This solid seaweed rice cracker makes the perfect snack for those who just want to get some good crunch out of their tea time. Large round disc of cracker is roasted to perfection with sprinkles of flavorings and seaweed bits. Some say salty is quite prominent which is also its charms. 


In case you’re looking for seaweed snacks Malaysia that is slightly more filling than regular ones, this is it! This seaweed rice cracker is imported from Taiwan and is sure to meet the production quality that you can taste! 

9. Edibee Seaweed Biscuit Snack


Edibee comes to introduce their seaweed biscuit snack as the healthier option to replace biscuits and cakes for tea time. A lovely snacker of seaweed and daintily salted crisps? They have two of your top picks consolidated! Edibee’s Seaweed Biscuit puts a Japanese contort to the exemplary kerepek to give you this brilliant night nibble. Crispy and tasty! Break them, share them, love them.


Edibee is a cutting edge idea outlet/stand selling Taiwanese tidbits and tibits at klia2. The motivation behind Edibee the brand and food started from its interest with tidbit which is seen as very fluctuated and helpful with a wide cluster and unending blend of fixings throughout the world – including seaweed based snacks!

10. Manna Seasoned Seaweed Snacks Malaysia

Manna seasoned seaweed originates from Korea. So, you know if it’s from Korea, it’s gotta be good! This delicious Korean seasoned seaweed snack is produced with health in mind. They use natural ingredients such as corn oil, canola oil, sesame oil, chili oil and perilla oils to bring out the natural taste of the seaweed. 

Some benefits of perilla oil that are worth mentioning is that it possesses antimicrobial properties, prevents cancer and reduces risk of heart disease. That pretty much backs up more to the fact that this is probably the healthiest seaweed snack in Malaysia.


In case you guys don’t know yet, Manna Food Co, which produces this snack is quite an established laver factory. They have been operating for over 25 years, delivering great quality laver products. They believe that fresh laver and sincerity of the manufacturer are two important ingredients to create the ideal seaweed snack with quality that people will be able to taste.This just boosts my confidence that of all the item in the list, Manna seasoned seaweed snack is probably tops on one of the healthiest seaweed snacks Malaysia brand in the list! 

11. KAMEDA Seaweed Rice Cracker Senbei

Be warned! This seaweed snacks Malaysia has a texture that is much tougher than your normal rice cracker! It tastes good though. Kameda seaweed snack is a product of Japan. Just as you can expect, the quality is top-notched. The crispy and crunchy rice cracker is seasoned with soy sauce and bonito broth. So yes, you can expect the umami is going to overflow in your tongue! Then the entire cracker is wrapped with a piece of seaweed. 

One unique ingredient used in making this seaweed rice cracker is the use of Uruchi rice. Uruchi Mai is the most well known sort of Japanese rice, and is an unquestionable requirement at pretty much every Japanese feast. Dissimilar to standard jasmine rice or other long-grain rice, Uruchi Mai has a stickier consistency, and a somewhat smooth surface.


With this top ingredient in the package, there’s no reason not to try it! 

Which of these seaweed snacks Malaysia brand is your go-to comfort snack in your leisure activities? What makes it different from the rest? Let me know your thoughts! 


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