10 Highest Rated Fantastic Bukit Bintang Cafe To Checkout Today

Best Bukit Bintang Cafe You Got To Visit

Bukit Bintang has a lot more to offer than just shopping complexes. They do have fantastic cafes for breakfast and brunch too! These Bukit Bintang cafe are some of the highest rated cafes out there that will not disappoint. Each with their own specialties and ambiance that is sure to meet your expectations!

1. VCR Bukit Bintang cafe 

outside view of vcr cafe in bukit bintang

The best eating experience isn’t just about food, however along with the assistance and climate. VCR has everything!!! The spot is extensive and really great for huge gatherings.

interior seating of vcr cafe

breakfast sandwich by bukit bintang cafe vcr

Went to VCR on a Sunday for an early lunch, interestingly in spite of the fact that I knew the presence of this bistro for quite a long time. Called before and requested reservations yet I was told by a cordial voice saying that main stroll in (it is really uncommon to have somebody pickup calls during an active time and answer pleasantly).

breakfast eggs and avocado by vcr cafe in bukit bintang

Don’t forget to get the Big Brekkie(chefs recommendation).

The bread was the highlight, not excessively crunchy however not delicate either, while the proteins(sausage and bacon) were both shockingly all around prepared and done perfectly.

crispy fried chicken and waffle by vcr

The frustration was the gooey orange thingy which felt like a want to be chili con carne, however that is my interpretation of it, perhaps that was all there was to it.

classic chicken sandwich by vcr cafe in bukit bintang

Greens had a slight hint of resin vinegar and the shrooms surprisingly sweet. They made those breakfast genuinely. Requested delicate shell crab burger, I should say it mixed flawlessly with sunnyside egg what not. Likewise requested chilled latte with oat milk, best!! Ensured you preceded 9.30/10am to stay away from the long line.

Menu choices not much assortment purchase the assistance is great.

Need to communicate the appreciation with the staff who are mindful and lively.

Open seating gives any place you decide to eat. We get the second floor seating, comfortable even though it is very crowded. Menu was unique in relation to the other bistro we went to. Need to truly check out what they have in the menu and really see it for yourself.

This area actually has parking difficulties which is a bummer. Tip: park at the inn nearby or risk a summon.

2, Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 2330

2. Feeka Coffee Roasters

barista counter of feeka coffee roaster in bukit bintang

A natural Bukit Bintang cafe in strolling distance from Bukit Bintang/Pavilion KL. The environment was unwinding. Extraordinary melody choice. They have open air and indoor seating. Parkin place is simply nearby and by and large a somewhat calm spot in the mornings. There is no reasonable signage put in front, need to look cautiously prior to tracking down this bistro.

outdoor seat of feeka coffee roasters cafe

burger and fries by feeka cafe

Recommended their Avocado Toast, Big Breakfast, Choc Tart and a Prawn pasta. The Avocado Toast is extravagant and I ate it up in under 5 minutes! The enormous breakfast’s mushroom is really yummy. The enormous breakfast was truly flavourful and awesome, from the potatoes and the chicken patty everything was delectable. What’s more, the Choc Tart is awesome! You can never turn out badly with the cakes here. We came at 3pm and found the situation without any problem.

nasi goreng breakfast by feeka bukit bintang cafe

salmon brunch at feeka bukit bintang

Love the pungent Beef and the egg Turkish Style was yummy, hot though. Sourdough bread was toasted flawlessly! Incredible brekkie assuming you have Hangover!

breakfast egg benedict by feeka cafe in bukit bintang

Chargrilled chicken was succulent and delicate and yummy with the sauce and pureed potatoes. The salsa sea bass was well seared also. In general the execution is on par and the staff are quite helpful. They really do have various cakes in plain view particularly toward the beginning of the day.

Feeka Coffee Roasters
19, Jln Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 4599

3. Three Years Old Cafe

outside view of 3 year old cafe in bukit bintang

Heard a great deal about this spot. pleasant stylistic layout both indoor and open air sitting are accessible. instagrammable spot so go ahead of schedule as it gets full house pretty quick during occupied hours.

ambiance of 3 year old cafe bukit bintang

breakfast toast by 3 year old cafe

Attempted to eat here two or multiple times yet it is in every case full. Likewise, attempting to get a parking spot close by (lawfully) is a test. Taking into account the police headquarters is not far off, a ton of drivers took the risk to stop by the side of the road. The structure which houses the bistro is enchanting and concealed at a corner. A lot of enormous green trees and I can see the charm of sitting outside away from the steady clamor of the city and enjoy a decent firm croissant and an extraordinary mug of espresso.

ham and eggs sandwich breakfast by 3 year old cafe in bukit bintang

No big surprise this Bukit Bintang cafe is reliably packed. The space higher up is ginormous and I love the high roof of these old structures. A few many prospects here for occasion space for private capabilities. The bistro is toward the end parcel, very open to, sitting seat front and back of the bistro, and obviously the bistro has an aircon inside.

seafood pasta by 3 year old cafe

Pecan cake and the suggested rose espresso are great. Their crushed avocado toast is served on crunchy sourdough, arugula, feta, pomegranate, with a shower of balsamic decrease and finished off with this flawlessly done poached egg. The smoked duck spaghetti is da bomb! In the event that you love a sprinkle of fiery in your food, kindly request that.

The matcha tart was tasty and will be returned to this bistro for this tart.

Three Years Old Cafe
1, Jln Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 6666

4. illy Caffè Pavilion

illy caffe pavilion bukit bintang sign

Decisively situated at Pavilion, the espresso choice is simply great! The inside is attractive with a lot of tea pots to frame a ceiling fixture. There’s likewise a little private space with segments in the event that you really want a little private social occasion inside.

meat on a slice of toast at illy cafe bukit bintang

This has been constantly my number one espresso place after lunch. Peaceful, disconnected, great espresso, incredible lemon tart!

illy caffe pavilion high protein toast

For pastries, should attempt their chocolate hazelnut cake, tiramisu cake and Affogato. So great!

Attempted the morning meal croissant with bechamel cream cheddar, just right egg and romaine lettuce.

The croissant with bechamel cream cheddar is extremely scrumptious.

seafood dish served in a bukit bintang cafe called illy

There’s this beverage on the menu which has both chocolate and espresso. Ambra – Hot chocolate covered by a rich virus layer of illycrema. Illycrema is a smooth cold crystal of espresso, smooth, rich and reviving. Most certainly OK for a non espresso sweetheart! The espresso doesn’t have serious areas of strength for a likely it’s covered by the flavor of thick chocolatey goodness! Love this beverage!

breakfast muffin by illy caffe pavilion bukit bintang

The mango chill cheesecake is certainly worth the cash. The pieces are truly not quite the same as what I had from somewhere else. The top layer was covered with jam-like mango which tasted very much like new mango. It would be better assuming the cheddar taste is more grounded.

illy Caffè Pavilion
10.01B, Lot C3, 168, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 14-925 9749

5. Eden Coffee Rooftop Cafe In Lot 10

a nice corner at eden cafe

Promptly experience passionate feelings for this serene beautiful bistro with astounding perspectives in the focal point of the exceptionally roomy city. Most underestimated bistro in bukit bintang. Wonderful in the open air setting. Simply love the energy and the cost! Elusive bistro like this – exquisite and cheap!

cozy interior corner of eden cafe

counter of eden cafe in bukit bintang

This roof bistro is situated on the last floor of part 10 shopping center in Bukit Bintang. At first it’s very difficult for me to track down it yet when I utilize the lift, I can see the sign that shows it on which floor. you can likewise get to it by the elevator.

This is an incredible option in contrast to meeting at a shopping center or espresso chain. Exceptionally expansive determination of hot and cold beverages. Enchanting stylish and, on the off chance that you listen intently enough when the road clamor disappears, you can hear birdsong. Not an immense bistro but rather truly decent inside. Instagrammable spot. Go for a stroll around the rich green housetop space. Quiet reprieve a long way from the madding swarms beneath.

ambiance out side the eden cafe bukit bintang

The direction to this Bukit Bintang cafe is

1) assuming you might want to drive the entire way to 6/7/8 th floor then you can utilize the lift or step case to reach to Eden bistro

2) from the fourth floor, near the latrine region, there is a lift from that point you can take the lift to the eighth floor. Go out from the lift and turn both ways and you will see new nursery air and walk straight to the shop on the left. It is possible that you press the button or you walk a “U” round to reach where to arrange beverages and food.

affordable drinks is available in eden cafe

The espresso was so modest and great. It is so uncommon to have a bistro that serves RM6 chilled americano in the city. Unlikely treasure. All drinks here are around RM 7 to RM 8! Very reasonable. Love their Avocado cakes and lattes.

Most minimal refreshment is babyccino for justRM3! Scrumptious cheesecake is worth trying.

slice of cake at eden coffee roof top cafe

Warm and friendly staff and on the off chance that you really want to go to the latrine try to ask the staff, they will give you the entrance card and will show you where it is!

Eden Coffee Rooftop Cafe 
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6. 静思书轩(吉隆坡店)Jing-Si Books & Cafe

counter by jingsi cafe

This spot is an unexpected, yet invaluable treasure. They have an extraordinary bistro with incredible tea and espresso. I can hear to peruse and it was so decent in light of the fact that there was no clear music.

facade of jingsi cafe

The Bukit Bintang cafe is underground so it’s quite not entirely obvious. The area has a warm lighting arrangement which is agreeable to chill or unwind, or contemplate or take care of business. In the event of needing to take care of business, remember that there’s not much of an electrical plug that is accessible to charge gadgets.

racks of tea to choose in jingsi cafe

The refreshments here are great, sensible costs. Suggest going for the tea determinations. Aside from that, they likewise have tea bundles and sachets for buying. I for one enjoyed the chilled latte there. If anybody who likes pleasantness then I’m certain the latte will hit that spot. Costs for drinks (tea is refillable) may be a lil bit costly however mind that you can remain there for an extremely lengthy timespan.

ambiance inside jingsi cafe bukit bintang

Their washroom is one of the cleanest one I’ve been to. Check out this Bukit Bintang cafe!

静思书轩(吉隆坡店)Jing-Si Books & Cafe
LG-01, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma Bukit Bintang,, 28, Jln Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2144 7780

7. 8Haus

One of the most mind-blowing roast pork in KL. Honestly this Bukit Bintang cafe was fairly hard to find for me. It’s very concealed in a tranquil region close to lalaport. Their specialty pork is totally scrumptious with the crunch and the sauce, their sweet bar-b-que marinated pork raises a ruckus around town too with the roast siew sauce and singed made it so habit-forming. you could feel the fats soften in your mouth. skins are fresh and delectable without being excessively pungent. it works out in a good way for the dipping sauce.

nasi lemak pork roulette at 8hause cafe bukit bintang

The plum drink is extremely reviving with adjusted sharpness and pleasantness to wash down the porky fats.

All pork dishes are something to go for. Exceptional holler to the pork fat pasta, you won’t ever take a gander at pasta the same way from this point forward. The caramel pork, the pasta and the pan fried pork tummy was actually sensibly valued and tasted perfect!

seaweed fries at 8hause cafe in bukit bintang

We had nasi lemak pork roulade, caramelized roulade toast and a firm pork belly stick. All were generally excellent, yet the one that stood apart for us is the caramelized roulade toast!

steak egg and pork lard by 8haus

The champ out of the dishes we requested was the xo spaghetti. It had a perfectly measured proportion of xo sauce and however it is oil based, it fills in as a magnificent medium to convey the king of the sauce. Most certainly would suggest this dish!

Their beverage is, for example, their Champ is a should attempt drink. It’s a blend of tea and espresso with cheddar froth on top. It’s sweet and pungent which adjusts the beverage and it is sensibly estimated. Their specially prepared espresso tastes like hazelnut espresso.

pork rib noodles at 8haus

It remains as a group gathering attraction and go right on time to guarantee a table. The stylistic theme is alright with great feeling and they have upper floor sitting.

8, Jln Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 11-5892 1708

8. WU DI Cafe

wu di cafe in bukit bintang instagram spot

Great environment with 3 stories and various feasting regions. Located at 2 houses from VCR. Parking can be troublesome with the other 3 bistros situated there. Extremely pleasant feel and great Bukit Bintang cafe to spend time with companions. It’s Instagrammable as well! Great background for a few pleasant pics. Within is great, all around changed over from the old fashioned house.

ambiance inside wu di cafe bukit bintang

The spam fries (RM17) were great. The hitter helps me to remember KFC chicken. I requested the fish sourdough (RM26) as it appeared something else. The sauce for the fish stew was shockingly a piece of zesty since it was surprising. However it accompanies just 1 cut of sourdough, you can order more.

breakfast set in wu di cafe

The barbecued saba fish (RM29) was filled in as that, with next to no carbs. I believe it’s great as something special to share, similar to an extra to different mains. It was all around seasoned and new. The cafe owner told us that the fish is air-flown from Japan, they don’t hold it, and serve in a restricted time…must be exceptionally fresh!

iced drink with a nice ambiance in wu di cafe

Do attempt their salmon pasta. It’s a decent spot to chill during the evening , daytime and evening with entirely unexpected energy. To the people who want to go for Instagram better go for daytime and to the people who want to go for chill and slow talk night would be the best timing to home base in the bistro.

lunch at wu di cafe located in bukit bintang

The vanilla latte (RM12) was smooth and not acidic. The main pastry they have are the cakes on the presentation rack at the ground floor.

breakfast by the window only at wu di cafe which is situated in bukit bintang

Prescribe to make reservations ahead of time.

WU DI Cafe
10, Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 14-269 5923

9. Molten Chocolate Cafe

molten cafe bukit bintang

Beautiful Bukit Bintang cafe with decent ambiance. The smell and the flavor of the chocolate is exceptionally enticing. As I ventured into this equal universe the smell of chocolate filled my lungs with each breath. I really wanted to take profound, exceptionally full breaths!

chocolate ice cream available at molten cafe

Wherever I turned shades of chocolate welcomed me. Every one of my faculties went into overdrive before I actually might check the menu out! In the event that you are a chocolate darling and you believe that each nibble of your’s should be chocolate then I suggest this Bukit Bintang cafe.

little puffs and chocolate dip served in molten cafe

Food was tasty. The greater part of them are chocolate related items and they generally should be awesome. Dissolved Chocolate was great to such an extent that it hits you in the mind.

tasty churros with two dips available at molten cafe

This Bukit Bintang cafe  got an insane chocolate wellsprings show and they are not kidding with regards to chocolate which is a place for serious chocolate darlings as well! They got a great deal of choices to look over crepes, waffles, flapjacks! Espresso and tea! We had a sizzling plate of chocolate waffles with frozen yogurt and it was so fulfilling. The chocolate will steadily taste hot while it’s sizzling which you can never stand up to!

chocolate strawberry dessert served in molten cafe

We love the churros. So delicious and crunchy. Waffle sticks had such a lot of taste as well. They have delectable brownies as well! One isn’t sufficient and the adorable additional pieces are most certainly a lifeline!

Molten Chocolate Cafe
Lot No. LTC/T3(A), Bintang Terrace, Lot10 Shopping Centre, 50, Bukit Bintang St, 55100 Wilayah Persekutuan, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 1796

10. The Loaf Pavilion Bukit Bintang cafe

glass wall of the loaf cafe bukit bintang

A very much revamped open-space Bukit Bintang cafe in the core of the city with an unmistakable perspective on the Bukit Bintang square and the Pavilion retail outlet wellspring. The patched up Loaf at Pavilion have a much more pleasant open space vibe that faces the Starhill.

view from inside the loaf cafe

High open glass looking out while completely covered with cooled makes this Bukit Bintang cafe spot a decent relax place particularly in the mornings. Decent environment for photographs.

view from inside the loaf cafe

Adored their baked goods, bread determination and their carefully assembled espresso. Show of dishes is extremely great. Baked goods are likewise decent to the surprise of no one and I generally love their oyaki. Red velvet cake is not awful and cappuccino is satisfactory.

variety of pastry choices in the loaf cafe bukit bintang

Recommended their a macadamia pie, this was a pearl, can’t stop after the first bite Likely reason for me as a Macadamia nut sweetheart. The O-Ring cake, which I failed to remember the name of, was exceptionally delicate and tasted great as well. This morning’s meal might even make you takeaway at least half a dozen of their pies. It’s that satisfying!

creamy drink to wash down all the pastry you eat at the loaf cafe

They likewise serve generous food. Had the cauliflower soup and it’s perfect.

Order is straightforward, simply filter the QR code on the table once situated for the menu and to arrange. Whenever you have put in the request, the kitchen will set up the food.

The Loaf Pavilion
Lot 3 . 13 . 00, E3 . 13 . 00 & 4 . 12 . 02, 168, Jln Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 10-212 2195

If I have to make a pick, 8Haus is probably my choice. I love the food there and the roast pork that just satisfies my craving for meat. Which of these Bukit Bintang cafe is your choice? 


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