10 Best Cameron Highland Breakfast Spot To Start Your Morning

Cameron Highland Breakfast Spot

Cameron Highland is the best chilly place in Malaysia to surround yourself in nature. There’s a lot of attractions everywhere such as Flora Park, Lavender Garden and more. They are also not lacking in terms of good food such as steamboats and other cafes. It truly is a remarkable tourist spot in Malaysia that you can go to relax and ease yourself. And you know what’s best to make the entire holiday even better? A good Cameron Highland breakfast spot!

These are the highest-rated Cameron Highland breakfast places that you can go to start your day!

1. English Coffee House

cameron highland breakfast with scones at english coffee house

The English Coffee House is a piece concealed in the high rise of “Smurf Inn”. The food is delightful at shockingly sensible costs. A superb option in contrast to the exaggerated lodgings and cafés in Tanah Rata.

lineup of smurfs figurine inside english coffee house cameron highland

It is an incredible Cameron Highland breakfast spot for a cool evening tea and an extraordinary western supper. The menu is basic however the taste is magnificently scrumptious.

interior view of english coffee house overlooking a nice cameron highlands view

Was agreeably amazed with the feast at this spot. Made a re-visitation of this spot since I delighted in it significantly more than many spots that are promoted by other blogs. Maybe you could check this place out as well.

fish and chips breakfast at english coffee house

The scones are tasty and yummy. It’s rich and feels like it simply dissolves in your mouth. One of the most amazing lamb soup and barbecued chicken chop I have at any point!

Incredible scones and pleasant view while having tea is a strong combination to start your day. You can anticipate cherry and cordial services here. The environment here is a true delight. You’ll love it. 

prawn mushroom pasta for breakfast in english coffee house

Cost of food was fair, the taste and the great service just makes it perfect.

English Coffee House
Smurf inn home stay Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar , Cameron Highlands, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 14-306 7685

2. 200 Seeds Cafe (Abang Strawberry)

Opens at 8am. This Cameron Highland breakfast spot is recommended to go right on time to get a table without lining up.

nasi lemak strawberry breakfast in 200 seeds cafe cameron highlands

Your children will appreciate strawberry picking to great extremity. So cheap! RM5 for 100 gram. The staffs are so helpful and accommodating. You can eat a ton of strawberries there. The red and huge strawberry taste so sweet. Enormous ranch and we nearly got lost in the homestead. So suggested this spot for kid’s activities.

strawberry ice cream sundae at 200 seeds cafe

The spot was so pleasant with the flowers too. So gorgeous! Food and the hot cocoa strawberry was one of their best sellers.

strawberry farm inside 200 seeds cafe in cameron highlands

Nasi Lemak here for me is only an ordinary premise Nasi Lemak yet with little bend which is they put strawberry stuck inside the sambal. It is their signature dish here.

In any case, you all ought to try the waffle Ice cream, this one can be better than the nasi lemak.

strawberry pancake with butter and honey served at 200 seeds cafe for breakfast

The scorn was extremely hot and yummy. For a first-timer like me it tastes like kuih semperit, however it is still scrumptious. Eating it with the chilly strawberry jam and whipped cream/cheddar is so scrumptious.

It will be a bad idea if you drive into that one way path so I propose you find a stop somewhere else then stroll to the eatery. Parking can be very hard to find except if you are willing to pay RM5.

Long lines for breakfast, particularly at the end of the week, need to come early to stay away from stuck and lines, when inside, exceptionally smooth and effectively requesting a menu via online. Places inside are comfortable and open.

They also have shops where you can purchase their items. I like it. I can purchase the sambal, strawberry juice and not many more items at one spot.

200 Seeds Cafe (Abang Strawberry)
NO 27, KAMPUNG TAMAN SEDIA, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 19-478 1700

3. Yong Teng Cafe

fruit pancake only at yong teng cafe

One of the most amazing eatery for Cameron Highland breakfast. The shop wasn’t that easy to be found, however it is straightforwardly opposite of Maybank and it is situated next to a Malay shop lot.

facade of yong teng cafe in cameron highlands

They serve delicious Chicken Chop and Banana and Strawberry Pancake. They have awesome crepes, a must attempt on the off chance that you visit this bistro. This place is a great breakfast choice as they open early. They have flavorful choices like nasi lemak, mee rebus, assam laksa and so on also. Here, you’ll get oldschool pancakes, what a lovely sight!

nasi lemak with curry and milo for breakfast at yong teng cafe

Can feel and taste that it comes from the heart. Do try out their nasi lemak with fried egg, chicken hack and mixed fruit pancake. Everything was great and tasted like home cooked food. Curry chicken is extremely decent in spite of being a little spicy to the taste. Won’t be a problem if you love mala!

banana pancake breakfast cameron highlands at yong teng cafe

In any case, the experience was perfect and unique on account of how quite agreeable the old couple was.

beans frieds fried chicken and egg for breakfast in yong teng cafe cameron highlands

The owners are well disposed and mindful. They are hard of hearing, so if it’s not too much trouble, be patient and supportive.

Yong Teng Cafe
72a, Persiaran Camelia 4, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia

4. Amsterdam Cafe

facade of amsterdam cafe located in cameron highlands

The best Western Cameron Highland breakfast cafe I’ve been to for such a long time in Tanah Rata, turned into my most loved in a flash. The bistro inside plan is near moderate with a sprinkle of French Riviera in summer. They also have extreme Dutch themed colors in the comfortable bistro: Brown and Orange!

triple egg breakfast and toast at amsterdam cafe cameron highlands

On their menu is BoerenOntbijt. Or then again Farmer’s Breakfast. It intrigued me to attempt particularly in light of the fact that they have some decent cheddar wheels in their presentation.

extreme burger salad and fries for breakfast at amsterdam cafe in cameron highland

Boeren ontbijt comprises 2 cuts of sandwich, chicken/turkey ham, cheddar, salad and a twofold boiled egg. So it is a Fried Ham and Eggs With Mustard Cheese! Furthermore, it is a decent one.

fried egg pasta for breakfast at amsterdam cafe

Incredible decision of espresso and tea. We requested their specialty ~sandwich ,their cheddar is from Holland. Spices salmon likewise not awful ,the wedges met up was sublime. A comfortable cafe. Serves a few extraordinary Dutch meatballs with fries. There are some croissant, sandwiches , biscuits yet no cakes. Cherished the Pizza, sandwiches made with really new fixings (nibble into the crunch and goodness) and burger buns to kick the bucket for. The barbecue chicken hacked is my number one with pureed potatoes dressed with 3 to 4 kinds of mushrooms and broccoli Asparagus.

marsmallow chocolate drink at amsterdam cafe

Incredible spot to simply sit outside, partake in a hot mug of espresso and watch the traffic go by.

Amsterdam Cafe
38, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 11-1335 5122

5. Scott's Cafe

catchy interior in scotts cafe cameron highlands

Incredible little Cameron Highland breakfast spot for a fast lunch, and in the event that you sit outside you can individuals watch as everybody cruises by. An excellent spot for eating and unwinding.

strawberry scones for breakfast in scotts cafe

Food was perfect, we requested the Crispy Chicken and Eggplant and Mushroom pizza. Don’t forget to try out their barbecued chicken, lamb chop, Norwegian salmon, and eggplant pizza which were all really delectable!

breakfast pizza at scotts cafe cameron highlands

The Big Breakfast for 2 is also awesome! It was an enjoyable quality breakfast, enormous portions and quick help. On the off chance that you are searching for pleasant vegan choices, you can make a beeline for this bistro.

breakfast nachos at scotts cafe cameron

The veg pasta and pizza with caramel macchiato and chocolate milkshake, all were truly scrumptious. I requested a scones set that accompanies a pot of tea, steak and salmon steak. The salmon steak was wonderful. Impeccably cooked and prepared. The steak was intense. However, it was cooked according to my request and the sauce was great.

scrambled eggs breakfast at scott cafe

The entire spot (including the washroom) was perfectly clean. There is an enormous outside car park across the street, you should get the stopping coupon from the smaller than normal market on a similar line as Scott’s Cafe. RM0.30 for 30 minutes.

Scott’s Cafe
no 24, Jalan Besar, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 16-427 4775

6. Cameron Valley Tea House 1

tea plantation view from inside of cameron valley tea house 1

The Cameron Valley Tea House has a wonderful beautiful view. There is a buggy ride in the event that you are intrigued. The buggy ride was marvelous and the climate of the spot was so quiet. The tea served was delicious, particularly the hazelnut tea and masala tea.

strawberry waffles served in cameron valley tea house 1

Cameron tea has an outlining Cafe where you can order tea and a few baked goods, biscuits and obviously tea. They have various kinds of tea, we requested cardamom tea and without a doubt we partook in the cardamom flavor.

scones and ice cream waffle with tea at cameron valley tea house 1

I would suggest you pay the RM3 extra charge and gradually stroll into the tea ranch. So have the opportunity and willpower to take lovely pictures and partake in the landscape. You can see and stop at a man-made cascade at the most minimal ground of the ranch.

breakfast pastry at cameron valley tea house 1

In the event that you decide to pay RM15, there will be a ride to get you down the little stream of waterway where there is a food truck. Yet, the distance of the ride is short, I won’t suggest this.

breakfast with a tea plantation view at cameron valley tea house 1

Purchased countless various kinds of tea and the woman at the counter was so useful and persistence with every one of the guests assisting them with tracking down the product things. Area is key. Simple to find. only close to the street. Have a look at the deck it’s one of the unique feature of this Cameron Highland breakfast spot. Adequate parking spots on non-weekend days however packed on end of the week, school and public occasions.

Cameron Valley Tea House 1
34, Mile Cameron Highlands, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5-491 1133

7. Agro Highlands Cafe

strawberry waffles with fresh strawberry cuts in agro highlands cafe

It is decisively situated around 200m away from Cameron Valley Tea House 1 going to Tapah. This Cameron Highland breakfast bistro is somewhere inside the valley after the blossoms market encompassed in an extremely cool and pleasant little cascade climate. An extraordinary spot to keep away from horrendous traffic stuck at tanah rata. Close to the food.. You can partake in the remarkable landscape, you can pick strawberries over the deck.

pots of plants for sale in agro highlands cafe

This bistro serves strawberry-based food. Doesn’t seem to be much from the outside however incredible scones, milkshakes, waffles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! requested A LOT of waffles (various types), milkshake, and strawberries and dull chocolate (for plunging). Delicious food, particularly sheep hack. The strawberry juice is additionally delectable. Thick and rich and furthermore worth the cost.

seating inside agro highlands cafe cameron highlands

You can purchase blossoms on pot, cactus, keepsake, and strawberry item likewise teh BOH item. Blossom sweethearts will cherish this spot. Here also has a little zoo for the children while waiting for the kitchen to make your order.

strawberry scones of agro highlands cafe

Pleasant spot with a pleasant view to relax. Not too crowded on non-weekend days. Strawberry isn’t in season, somewhat costly at the end of June. So, take note of that. Regardless, this spot is reasonable for loved ones gathering. 

brownie cake for breakfast only at agro highlands cafe

Agro Highlands Cafe
No 19, Jalan Besar, Brinchang, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 12-951 5744

8. The Lord's Cafe

wholesome chocolate cake with a whipping cream top fulfiles the breakfast desires of anyone who visit lord cafe

An extremely valid, perfect and comfortable bistro situated on the first floor. The Lord’s Cafe is found simply above Mary Brown. This Cameron Highland breakfast spot offers some basic bistro meals. Here is an extraordinary spot to chill and unwind. We were there on Friday at around 4pm thus it was not packed. The extraordinary thing about this spot is you can appreciate the view from the seat by the window. This spot radiates such a friendly vibe.

crumbly apple pie at lord cafe in cameron highlands make the perfect breakfast

Scone is great, particularly goes with their cream/strawberry jam/margarine. Best sensibly valued scones you can find in Cameron Highlands at RM2.80/pc! Chicken pie and the hand crafted hash brown are right on the money. The mark chicken fruity dessert is to be killed for. Lemon cheesecake tastes like tofu and will dissolve in your mouth. Love it! Lemon Cheesecake should be attempted , however don’t be past time to go , before 2pm are prescribed because numerous food sources are custom made.

signature hot chocolate of lords cafe in cameron highlands

Can be quite packed. So, making reservations is definitely a must-do before heading over especially at peak season. They will call you once a table is accessible.

cream and butter scone for breakfast only at lords cafe

Overall, they serve simple great food. Try not to anticipate pretty instagrammable food yet generally excellent worth and delectable. Extremely restricted seating, around 12 tables as it were. Be early and get your seat if not you’ll simply need to pause. This is a self-administration put in, so put in your requests at the counter then gather your own food.

The Lord’s Cafe
Jalan Besar, Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 19-572 2883

9. Cameron Valley Tea House 2

epic morning view with epic breakfast at cameron valley tea house 2

Truly gorgeous Cameron Highland breakfast bistro! With a wonderful tea valley view. On the off chance that you’re going up to Cameron, dropping by here for tea and snacks is most certainly an unquestionable requirement. Continuously my number one spot to drink tea and eat dessert. The view is perfect. Need to pay to enter the tea estate. About RM3 per individual.

cheesy spaghetti breakfast at cameron valley tea house 2 anyone

Close to the bistro, guests can buy enhanced tea and keepsakes in the shop. The shop has a historical center like energy in regards to teas.

cameron valley tea house 2 matcha cake and tea makes the best breakfast

A must visit for the view. Pleasant breakfast as well. Brilliant tea yet tea was cold. Yet, their pie and other food was astounding – Bread, cakes, tea, spaghetti. The cost is pretty normal for a bistro. Their well known English biscuits are a must try. Masala tea was great. The tea house has a ceaseless choice of teas. You’ll find special ones like passionfruit and grapes.

ice cream waffle makes everyones morning in cameron valley tea house 2

The drawback is the bistro is constantly packed and loaded with travelers and individuals. We will not partake in our espresso as it resembles a commercial center. The steps from the entry to the principal stop are very steep and families with senior and small children should be exceptionally cautious. Parking spots are restricted, even when I came during the off Christmas season, leaving was packed with guests’ vehicles. Can’t envision assuming that it’s in the Christmas season.

ice cream brownie for breakfast at cameron valley tea house 2

My recommendation is to go there during a weekday. Never on an end of the week or public occasion. Indeed, even on an ordinary weekday, there are an adequate number of unruly guests to make it somewhat unsavory. Notwithstanding, would it be a good idea for you to come promptly very early in the day. You can partake in some tea with a hot scone or two spread with strawberry jam and cream. The view from the porch is really astonishing.

Cameron Valley Tea House 2
34.5 Mile Cameron Highlands, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 5-491 5100

10. Opah Strawberries & Jams (Cameron Highlands)

strawberry boxes for sale in opah strawberries and cafe

rainbow bread with sunny side up egg at opah strawberrie and jams for breakfast

A basic Cameron Highland breakfast café with cakes, for example, cinnamon bun, Strawberry Ice Cream and Scones and others. A should proceed to visit to taste the popular nasi lemak sambal strawberry. Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberi accompanies sambal bilis, sambal strawberi ikan masin, serunding strawberry, ayam goreng, telur mata and timun. Love their sambal in light of the fact that there are a few pieces of strawberry. The flavor of rice is truly fragrant. I would prescribe to attempt the mee kari, it is truly delectable. The scones are freshly made right off the oven at the café and taste truly phenomenal.

strawberry pastries set at opah strawberries cafe in cameron highlands

Attempted their Strawberry scone and Cheese scone which is served hot. What’s more, finally not to fail to remember their Strawberry Ice cream finished off with whipping cream.

strawberry nasi lemak with fried chicken at opah strawberries and jams

I feel so blissful there culling strawberries with my family as this is the primary experience for my family to pick strawberries by yourself and I need to say it’s truly worth the effort. You get to pick really fresh ones by yourself. 

cheese pasta and sambal breakfast at opah strawberries and jam

Opah Strawberries & Jams (Cameron Highlands)
Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
+60 12-552 4521

Which of these Cameron Highland breakfast spots have you been to? Which one do you like and recommend? Let me know in the comments! Let’s vote for them!


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