13 Best Tanjong Pagar Korean Food & BBQ That Is Good & Affordable In Singapore

Fantastic Tanjong Pagar Korean Food & KBBQ To Light Up Your Taste Buds

Looking for Korean food near Tanjong Pagar? You’ve found the ultimate list of Korean BBQ Tanjong Pagar has to offer! These Korean restaurants in Tanjong Pagar are well equipped with the freshest meat and sauces that bring satisfaction to your tummy! Don’t forget their banchan or side dishes too! 

Here’s the list of best-rated Tanjong Pagar Korean food that is perfect to bring your pals to eat and dine together: 

  1. Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant
  2. SBCD Korean Tofu House
  3. Supulae Korean BBQ
  4. Kko Kko Na Ra
  5. Todamgol Restaurant
  6. Don Dae Bak Restaurant
  7. O.BBa BBQ
  8. Super Star K
  9. Chicken Up Korean Restaurant
  10. MIMI Korean BBQ Restaurant
  11. Sin Manbok
  12. Twins Korean Restaurant
  13. ANJU, Good Korean Food Tanjong Pagar

1. Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant, One of The Most Rated Tanjong Pagar KBBQ Spot

stir fry meat tanjong pagar food korean served at guiga

Food is exceptionally nice (the free stream cucumber pickles are so flavorful) and brews are super cold! Somebody would do the bar-b-que for you. So you simply pause and sit pretty. The nature of the meat is perfect! They have great cuts of meat and pork and their intestinal tracts are great as well!

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guiga tanjong pagar food korean specialty the raw soy sauce crab

Their banchan is towards a more savory taste. In the event that you like a great measure of relish taste, this is certainly a decent decision.

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Specialty of This KBBQ Tanjong Pagar Restaurant

Do order the soy sauce raw crab, which is their claim to fame. Saw that cheese egg roll has a great audit so requested that as well. It’s very great yet it’s very tremendous.

best korean food tanjong pagar with cheese egg roll is at guiga

All tables are stalls so entirely agreeable to eat in. Somewhat smoky however they truly do give a liberal measure of charcoal and everything is very much cooked! It’s not smokeless however basically we didn’t possess a scent like strolling barbecued meat after supper. Barbecue skillet was changed a few times so it was in every case clean for us.

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tanjong pagar korean bbq buffet setting at guiga

I at long last comprehend the reason why my companions energetically suggest this Tanjong Pagar Korean food spot! For reservations, go to their Facebook page and WhatsApp the number displayed there.

in this tanjong pagar kbbq buffet restaurant called guiga the staff will grill the meat for you

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant
134 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088538
6221 3001
Facebook: guigakoreanbbq

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant Operating Hours

Sunday 11am–11pm
Monday 11am–3pm, 5–11pm
Tuesday 11am–3pm, 5–11pm
Wednesday 11am–3pm, 5–11pm
Thursday 11am–3pm, 5–11pm
Friday 11am–3pm, 5–11pm
Saturday 11am–11pm


2. SBCD Korean Tofu House, Top Rated Tanjong Pagar Korean Food In Guoco Tower

short ribs cooked and served in sbcd korean tofu house in tanjong pagar

It’s a pleasant area, enormous and clean, and the food is by and large great.

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grilled meat platter served at sbcd korean tofu house

Highly recommended is to order the combo set to make your time worthwhile. 

Recommended Tanjong Pagar Korean food in this restaurant

The tofu is satiny and the fish soup tastes perfect, however I wish they would give more. Soon Tofu is extraordinary, exceptionally delicious , and the tofu is new and huge.

korean fried chicken served at sbcd korean tofu house tanjong pagar

Teriyaki barbecued chicken is sweet, tart and delicate.

The hot chicken and spicy pork is awesome . One bowl of rice is never enough.

signature tanjong pagar korean food tofu at sbcd korean tofu house

Rice served in the stone pot and you will wind up with nurungji (singed rice) toward the end. I think that it is firm and decent!

The fish tofu soup, you are going to adore it. Be that as it may, next round I will go for the unadulterated meat rather than the blend of all.

The pancake size is colossal for 2!! Omg no joke, we nearly couldn’t finish it.

korean pancake at sbcd korean tofu house

Cherished the free side dishes that accompany it. The fish is truly great and has heaps of meat. Be that as it may, do watch out for little bones.

The Tanjong Pagar Korean food spot doesn’t serve water however you can arrange the wheat tea for limitless top off. They will give u a pot of it.

This outlet is the greatest one and more spacious. 

SBCD Korean Tofu House
7 Wallich St, B1 – 01 / 02 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078884
6386 6441

SBCD Korean Tofu House Operating Hours

Sunday 11:30am–10pm
Monday 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Tuesday 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Wednesday 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Thursday 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Friday 11:30am–3pm, 5–10pm
Saturday 11:30am–10pm


3. Supulae Korean BBQ

Stumbled upon this spot while searching for a Korean food place that opens past 9pm and has been visiting often later. The service is great and the staff would grill the meat for you. The meat was cooked flawlessly and it was an extremely delicious hamburger! We had an extraordinary dinner and it truly feels like we’re in Seoul!

Recommended food in this Tanjong Pagar KBBQ place

fish cracker served at supulae korean bbq in tanjong pagar singapore

Fish cracker is shockingly great. The meat portion is little and not greasy when contrasted with other KBBQ. However the meat is delicate yet flimsy.

korean chili crab served in supulae korean bbq restaurant

Banchan were all terrific and the meat was great also, particularly the marinated pork collar. I like the fish soup, kimchi pancake and the marinated bar-b-que things.

The spicy chicken with cheese was pleasant as well! Chicken feet additionally was so great. It works out positively for Soju or Brew. I love their climate as well so I will visit in the future!

boneless chicken feet is one of the good korean food in tanjong pagar served at supulae korean bbq

Ventilation is good so I didn’t leave the spot smelling an excess of like smoke.

refreshing watermelon punch with ice only at supulae korean bbq

Unfortunately, this Tanjong Pagar Korean food eatery don’t take reservations so be ready to wait or go there early. 

Supulae Korean BBQ

80 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088501
6225 2248
Facebook: Supulae

Supulae Korean BBQ Operating Hours
Sunday 5pm–1am
Monday 5pm–1am
Tuesday 5pm–1am
Wednesday 5pm–1am
Thursday 5pm–1am
Friday 5pm–3am
Saturday 5pm–3am

4. Kko Kko Na Ra

tanjong pagar korean food restaurant kko kko nara

One of the famous Tanjong Pagar Korean food places – book ahead of time cos it’s very stuffed. Food is decent and very marvelous. Enormous partitions so you can share! I went to my #1 Korean food place to no one’s surprise, I should say the food is generally top quality and it simply tastes astonishing!! 

Most mentioned Tanjong Pagar Korean Food In Kko Kko Na Ra

korean fried chicken at kko kko nara is one of the best korean food in tanjong pagar singapore

Here you can have astonishing stew and fried chicken! The chicken was the star of the menu; attempt the blended one! I for one like the spicy one. Chicken is delicious and flavorful ! Sides were agreeable as we went for seconds.

kko kko nara serve one of the tastiest seafood pancake korean food near tanjong pagar

The delicacy of the beer and pork was perfect. It can satisfy the norms in Korea.

Watermelon soju, pancake, and steam eggs are great sharing dishes also! Korean pancake was the delicate kind, not firm yet at the same time delectable. Had the broiled gizzards as well!

korean bbq hotpot served at kko kko na ra near tanjong pagar

The side dishes are free flowing and the free ice cream is decent as well.

korean banchan side dishes served at kko kko nara

Great Tanjong Pagar Korean food with extraordinary service. In any case, a holding up time might be expected on specific days at specific times. They didn’t acknowledge reservations. Thus, be there right on time.

Kko Kko Na Ra
68 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088489
6224 8186

Kko Kko Na Ra Operating Hours

Sunday 12pm–1am
Monday 12pm–1am
Tuesday 12pm–1am
Wednesday 12pm–1am
Thursday 12pm–1am
Friday 12pm–1am
Saturday 12pm–1am

5. Todamgol Restaurant, good korean food in tanjong pagar to go with family

todamgol korean food tanjong pagar restaurant facade

Beautiful and legitimate Korean café. It is an incredible spot for loved ones’ social events.

Wide assortments of genuine Korean food served! Cost can be on the high side, but divides are so liberal. Food is heavenly. I enjoyed assorted pancakes and Pan-seared little Octopus the most.

Recommended korean food in Todamgol Restaurant, Tanjong Pagar

platter of pork makes one of the best tanjong pagar korean food that is shareable with the family only at todamgol

The Cheddar Dak Lady Bi had a somewhat hot sauce. I like that huge lumps of delicate thigh meat were utilized, and there was some tteokbokki (delicate, chewy rice cakes) under the thick cover of ooey-gooey liquefied mozzarella cheddar.

fried vegetables servd in todamgol near tanjong pagar

The Mo Deum Jun permitted us to attempt an assortment of Korean-style pancakes at the same time. The slim layer of battered covering wasn’t the extremely firm sort however we could genuinely taste the fixings. My absolute favorites would be the Pollack, the Kimchi and the Eggplant.

kimchi cheese with cabbage at todamgol tanjong pagar singapore

Dwae Ji Sul Guk, otherwise called the Pork Soup was the third dish I chose. Other than delicate cooked pork, it had cuts of grouped pig’s organs, for example, heart, stomach, liver and so on. A small bunch of new perilla leaves, leeks, and various types of cut chillies were thrown on before it was served. These mixed the pork stock with a wonderful smell and an unpretentious intensity which drove us to complete each drop.

pan seared little octopus is one of the famous korean food in todamgol tanjong pagar

fresh clams in todamgol korean restaurant

As it can get going on Friday evenings/ends of the week, prescribed to reserve a spot prior to heading down.

Todamgol Restaurant
31 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088454
6224 7077

Todamgol Restaurant Operating Hours
Sunday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Monday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Tuesday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Wednesday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Thursday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Friday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Saturday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm

6. Don Dae Bak Restaurant, Another Korean BBQ in Tanjong Pagar

samgeopsal in don dae bak korean restaurant near tanjong pagar singapore

A somewhat decent charcoal KBBQ eatery is located close to Tanjong Pagar.

The pork belly was a thick cut which we valued a great deal.

meat cuts served in don dae bak korean restaurant in tanjong pagar

The side dishes are standard Korean bar-b-que staples. The serving of meat was very liberal and we were very full after just 1 round. Of the multitude of meats, go for the carefully prepared/marinated meats. Our most loved is the marinated soy sauce pork collar.

korean fried chicken of don dae bak korean food tanjong pagar

Their marinated meat barbecue which was so delectable yet nothing was superior to their fried chicken. We had the boneless soy sauce and it was the very best chicken we had at any point. Delectable, new and finger licking great.

korean bbq in don dae bak korean restaurant

Their pancakes were perfect. Above all, great for gatherings to hang out, over some sake and makkoli.

The ambiance was okay and calm enough to have a chit chat with friends and family. The grill didn’t leave a lot of smell on us as each pit had a smoke extractor over it. Stopping can be found at the outdoors open carpark straightforwardly inverse the café. It’s moderately little so stay away from top hours to get a parking spot.

korean noodle soup at don dae bak restaurant in singapore

Don Dae Bak Restaurant
35 Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 089000
+65 6226 1727

Don Dae Bak Restaurant Operating Hours
Tuesday 11:30am–5am
Wednesday 11:30am–5am
Thursday 11:30am–5am
Friday 11:30am–5am
Saturday 11:30am–5am
Sunday 11:30am–5am
Monday 11:30am–5am

7. O.BBa BBQ

o bba bbq korean restaurant front in tanjong pagar

Yummy Korean bar-b-que eatery close to Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. They offer the great nature of meat. Side dishes are refillable upon demand. Food is for the most part great regarding taste and quality. Like the Ginseng Chicken Soup, Flying Fish Roe with Rice and Fish Spring Onion pancake with Cheddar.

fluffy steamed egg with fish roe at o bba bbq near tanjong pagar

A genuine Korean bar-b-que experience. Albeit the pork and meat look no flavoring or marinated, however some way or another they tasted so flavourful.

wagyu beef served at o bba bbq korean restaurant

The tofu soup was truly delightful with a perfectly measured proportion of flavor. We totally cleaned it off! There’s likewise free frozen yogurt for all after the feast.

korean pancake at o bba bbq near tanjong pagar

Fish tofu soup and rice balls were the highlight of the show. In the wake of revealing the food, save some space for the melon or banana frozen yogurt.

tasty grilled pork with garlic oil at o bba bbq korean restaurant

The dipping sauce of bean stew paste and broth sauce with wasabi taste are likewise amazing.

Disadvantage is no booking permitted, so should ensure reach ahead of schedule to try not to significantly delay.

63 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088484
+65 6222 0840

O.BBa BBQ Operating Hours
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm
Thursday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm
Friday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm
Saturday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm
Sunday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm
Monday 11:30am–3pm, 5–11pm

8. Super Star K For Awesome KBBQ Tanjong Pagar

grilled pork dipped in salt at super star k korean bbq restaurant in tanjong pagar

An exceptionally korean feel. One of my #1 Korean bar-b-que places in sg. Their food is exceptionally good and the staff are Korean, we had the set menu A with all beef on this time. They have different sets that have chicken and different meats. Barbecue meat on charcoal, not a gas oven. This is the means by which you eat bar-b-que.

makchang at super star k kbbq restaurant

Another most loved is the steamed egg which is feathery and delicate.

Ginseng soup was great. Steam egg was flavourful. Kimchi pancakes were decent as well. I had a pork collar and belly. That is all we can stomach.

tteok bokki at super star k korean bbq restaurant

The kimchi soup tasted precisely like the eateries in Korea. I’m the happiest with kimchi soup in this shop.

What should be arranged here is the bulgogi pork, salted pork neck, and kimchi stew. Love their reciprocal steam cushy eggs.

bulgogi with rice at super star k kbbq tanjong pagar

It’s likely the most value-for-money Korean bar-b-que place I’ve attempted. The banchan side dishes are free and ceaseless, as is the lettuce wrap, lettuce salad and toppings. My go-tos are the iberico pork collar, marinated pork shoulder, and pork cheek. Additionally, the staff members cook and flip the meat for you so you won’t consume or half-cook the cuts you request. I’ve gotten really predictable quality even with various staff members cooking for me.

customer grilling meat at super star k kbbq tanjong pagar

The holding up time can be really lengthy. Sit tight for an hour before we can sit in..

Super Star K
75 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088496
+65 6224 0504
Facebook: SingaporeSuperStarK

Super Star K Operating Hours
Tuesday 12pm–1:30am
Wednesday 12pm–1:30am
Thursday 12pm–1:30am
Friday 12pm–1:30am
Saturday 12pm–1:30am
Sunday 12pm–1:30am
Monday 12pm–1:30am

9. Chicken Up Korean Restaurant

korean hot pot at chicken up

Chicken Up serves fabulous Korean food cherished by me and my companions the same. Such countless beneficial things to discuss, yet our main 3 decisions are: Ganjang Chicken, Meat Bulgogi Fries and Watermelon Soju.

jumeok bap at chicken up

Incredible spot for late night beverages and bites. I Tried Korean food. Sweet chicken is great, however the pieces are too large. Two seater table isn’t extensive enough for a couple.

army stew served at chicken up korean restaurant at tanjong pagar

Try not to be tricked by the honest appearance of the Ganjang Chicken. I passed judgment on its appearance rashly when I had it interestingly, yet when I sank my teeth into the succulent piece of chicken it overflowed with flavors that were so extraordinary! Hamburger bulgogi fries is additionally a definitive must-attempt at Chicken Up. Trust me, you won’t ever turn out badly with these two!

fried chicken with fries and onion cheese sauce at chicken up tanjong pagar

Additionally, request the chicken wings with the hot Yangnyum sauce. I believed that the sauce was excessively sweet and not hot by any means. I additionally requested the fish jjigae which was astounding!

while fried chicken with sesame street and deep fried flower onion served at chicken up korean restaurant in tanjong pagar

The spot becomes very busy and there’s no booking framework for Friday and ends of the week so arrive early in the event that you need a table.

juicy korean fried chicken stacked up to a mountain in sin manbok

Chicken Up Korean Restaurant
48 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088469
6327 1203

Chicken Up Korean Restaurant Operating Hours
Friday 4:30pm–1am
Saturday 4:30pm–1am
Sunday 4:30pm–1am
Monday 4:30pm–1am
Tuesday 4:30pm–1am
Wednesday 4:30pm–1am
Thursday 4:30pm–1am

10. MIMI Korean BBQ Restaurant

cut meat on a wooden board at mimi korean bbq restaurant tanjong pagar

The food was really delectable, I truly adored the fish pancake! It was so fresh. The pancake was great and fresh. The size is immense. Wound up, I take away half of the pancake. The little side dishes were great as well.

Best Korean Food Tanjong Pagar In Mimi Korean BBQ Restaurant

ingredients served in a wooden box at mimi korean kbbq restaurant

Most favor the marinated meats – galbi pork, fried chicken and bulgogi beef. The pork midsection was a bit intense, perhaps we overcooked it. We additionally like every one of the side dishes – particularly the fishcake cuts and the crunchy mayo noodles!

load of korean fried chicken on a plate at mimi korean bbq restaurant near tanjong pagar

There are ala carte things too which I think ought to merit more holler. To begin with, it’s their naengmyeon. The stock is as of now astonishing all alone! Both zesty mustard and rice vinegar are simply superfluous.

meat on a hot plate at mimi korean bbq restaurant

Next on, it’s their broiled chicken ! My standard inclination is to arrange broiled chicken from specialty eatery as it were. These fried chicken disproved me. Indeed, even my most memorable piece was not covered thoroughly with soya garlic, it had astounded me. Which then I ensure that my subsequent piece is completely dunked into the soya garlic sauce at the lower part of the bowl.

samgeyeopsal at mimi korean bbq restaurant

MIMI Korean BBQ Restaurant
2 Peck Seah St, #01-01 Air View Building, Singapore 079305
6225 1317

MIMI Korean BBQ Restaurant Operating Hours
Friday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Saturday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Sunday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Monday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Tuesday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Wednesday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am
Thursday 11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm–12am

11. Sin Manbok, Korean Food Near Tanjong Pagar

cheese cabbage platter and other dishes in sin manbok

Astonishing involvement with Sin Manbok. This Tanjong Pagar Korean food spot is open till late evening. Went at 1am on a work day and it was as yet open. The sides were refillable. The food was perfect, partook in the cool noodles and the rest. The woman owner was exceptionally overall quite friendly.

The grilled chicken is great.

grilled meat and pork belly samgyeopsal in sin manbok

The marinated meat is decent as well. Roll pork is fresh and amusing to eat.

Pleasant hot egg! All are tasty dishes you gotta try!

puffy korean steamed egg at sin manbok

Meat quality is great, they cook it for you, pleasant stylistic layout, fantastic chimney stack framework (very little smoky smell subsequent to eating not at all like at different spots), refillable sides, brilliant that they furnish sesame oil with salt in it as a sauce of course (this is standard practice in Seoul however a few Korean cafés here hold back on this) – – this is my favored fixing for eating samgyeopsal and beef with, not the red ssam.

kimchi buchimgae at sin manbok korean food tanjong pagar

Superb service! Amicable owner who gives gifts. meat is cooked over charcoal to give the meat more flavor.

juicy korean fried chicken stacked up to a mountain in sin manbok

Sin Manbok, Korean Food Near Tanjong Pagar
81 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088502
6221 7030

Sin Manbok Operating Hours
Friday 11:30am–3am
Saturday 11:30am–3am
Sunday 11:30am–3am
Monday 11:30am–3am
Tuesday 11:30am–3am
Wednesday 11:30am–3am
Thursday 11:30am–3am

12. Twins Korean Restaurant

outside store front of twins korean restaurant

Ambiance was perfect, clamoring with energy and by and large a pleasant spot to have a brilliant feast.

ambiance inside twins korean restaurant in tanjong pagar

Partaking in a wide choice of Tanjong Pagar Korean food, going from broiled chicken to fish pancake, the choices were all wonderful. Of course, the fried chicken stood out. The military stew was not excessively fiery, and the sweet and harsh pork was gently broiled and all around prepared. Meat japchae was extraordinary as well.

seafood kimchi soup available at twins korean restaurant in tanjong pagar

Love the conventional broiled chicken (off menu) needed to do an extraordinary solicitation for it. Love the player of salt and pepper that went all around well in the chicken hitter! The fish jjampong noodle surface was the only one I loved. Truly liberal with the fish in the noodles. The soup is flavourful without being excessively pungent.

large korean army stew only at twins korean restaurant in tanjong pagar singapore

Prescribe to arrange the japchae and tangsuyuk. Decent parcels for sharing of 3 to 4.

Drinks choices are likewise not awful and sufficient for gatherings to have an evening out on the town’s.

bulgogi cheese fries at twins korean restaurant tanjong pagar

Parking: As the area is a shophouse, may try not to get there if not you might have to stop a distance away and stroll over.

Twins Korean Restaurant
7 Craig Rd, Singapore 089667
6221 5205

Twins Korean Restaurant Operating Hours
Friday 11am–11pm
Saturday 11am–11pm
Sunday 5–11pm
Monday 11am–11pm
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11pm
Thursday 11am–11pm

13. ANJU, Good Korean Food Tanjong Pagar

korean fried octopus only at anju

Exquisite current Tanjong Pagar Korean food with imaginative pizza and making an honest effort to hold a portion of the fundamental flavors. Carries another bend to each dish, with everything taken into account a phenomenal encounter rather than the typical conventional Korean passage.

plate of beautiful grilled pork served at anju korean food in tanjong pagar

First rate Korean-western combination. Food quality is fitting for the higher estimating. The beef is extremely delicate, fixings are new and of good quality. Service is okay. Worth going on the off chance that advanced combination Korean food is your thing. The current Korean cooking is inventive and perfectly plated. Try not to miss the Cauliflower (bearing likenesses to sweet and sharp pork yet without the calories) and the Bossam – ideal for sharing.

artisan korean food at anju

Must-try: pancake, dark bean cream cheese, cauliflower, abalone noodles, sweets are great as well.

korean beef soup at anju tanjong pagar

Something to note in the event that you’re considering commending a birthday here. No external food was permitted, so we couldn’t cut a cake here.

carpaccio at anju

Saw that the potato hotcake was profoundly raved in audits and chosen to give it a shot. Consistent with what some said, it was all the more a roti rather than what you would anticipate from a conventional Korean hotcake.

korean fried chicken at anju

ANJU, Good Korean Food Tanjong Pagar 
62 Tras St, Singapore 079001
6612 1172

ANJU Operating Hours
Friday 6–10:30pm
Saturday 6–10:30pm
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 6–10:30pm
Wednesday 6–10:30pm
Thursday 6–10:30pm

Whether you want high-end Tanjong Pagar Korean food such as Anju or more affordable KBBQ versions, this list has it  all! Which one have you visited before and which one you’re going next? Let me know! 

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