10+ Awesome Bugis Korean Food To Go For In Singapore

Best Bugis Korean Food To Stuff Your Mouth With

There are a lot of Korean restaurants in Bugis that offer excellent meals to be enjoyed with family and friends gatherings. Some of the Bugis Korean food listed here houses my favorite choices. From army stew to fried chicken with great drinks, there’s a lot of options to go for to fill the weekend with joy. 

Here’s a list of the best Bugis Korean food that you should give it a try:

  1. Joo Bar
  2. Seoul Yummy
  3. Ssak3 Bras Basah
  4. Korean Fusion BBQ
  5. Pizzamaru
  6. Chir Chir Bugis Junction
  7. Seoul Garden
  8. Hangawi Korean Food (Fortune Centre)
  9. King Army Stew
  10. Daebak Korean Restaurant
  11. Jinjja Chicken Bugis Plus

1. Joo Bar

facade of joo bar bugis korean food restaurant

Found close by Bugis MRT station, this Bugis Korean eatery concept restaurant. The vibe and climate are really great for drinks, for 2 pax you can attempt a stroll in yet you could end it up sitting at the counter which is just cool. This Is my first time here and I’m impressed with the generous food servings and quality of food! Show of food and taste remained forever inseparable in this bar. 

korean rice cake and fried chicken in joo bar bugis korean food

Their drink, the Yakult makgeolli, has a unique flavor itself and is very thick.  

Their seafood pancake is quite decent, kimchi mac and cheddar is definitely a  must if you love cheese. Do eat it while it’s hot!

seafood pancake by chef of joo bar bugis korean food

Their loaded fries with a little Mexican combination – is fries made in paradise with weighty fixings of guacamole, bacon and cheddar. Did I specify there’s twister fries? 

hot and spicy fried chicken of joo bar bugis korean food

Gochugaru Fried Chicken – is fresh chicken pieces on break with Korean bean stew drops to consume your throat! 

The Joo Calamari most certainly one of the foods that stood apart among the present requests – fresh with a tang from the lime, and works out in a good way for the gochujang mayo. 

The Joo Soy Wings were covered in a magnificent player that gave it a decent crunch, at this point the kinds of the soy coat that was obvious in its external layer failed to measure up to its internal layer.

grilled squid with lime and sauce on the side at joo bar bugis korean food

Joo bossam was totally the winner on the menu for me. Delicate pork stomach yet holding its primary uprightness in your mouth, finished off with salted cabbage and radishes.

Check out their barbecued pork belly and black angus kalbi too! They are marinated great!

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The level 2 seating is particularly a popular option. The low eating table placed near the window, probably the best decision, with better lighting, more comfy space as well.

Yakult makgeolli is a famous bugis korean drink in joo bar

In spite of the fact that it was some time back, this place harnesses the lovely experience of having a dinner here. I completely partook in the food which is flavorful and prepared with heart. Additionally, the causal ambiance of the café is particularly blissful!

Be certain to reserve your spot ahead of time to get situations particularly at the end of the week!

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan St, Singapore 188094
8138 1628

2. Seoul Yummy

counter of seoul yummy korean food restaurant

If you’re looking for authentic Bugis Korean food, they serve bona fide Korean food right here. Try out their Bibimbap with bulgogi meat and it tasted astonishing. The potato hotcake was likewise extremely scrumptious which was absolutely unforeseen. I likewise cherished the Apple demisoda float with frozen ice cream drink.

seafood cheese platter that is served in seoul yummy is a must try korean food here

This has become the number one week spot for Korean food by their loyal customers. Must try out the Pork Belly Hot Stone Noodle with Quail Eggs or Chicken ginseng soup.It’s mouth-watering. A few places their ginseng chicken doesn’t even have the glutinous rice at the base yet this spot has! I love their side dishes too – it’s refillable!

chicken ginseng soup by seoul yummy is one of their most famous dish in the menu

The main food portion is very enormous. The Korean pancake was great! Truly a nice place to go to whatever point you come to Bugis.

Fried chicken was exceptionally firm, the ginseng chicken soup was very tasty and flavourful, and the range of the food items in the cheese hotpot were a decent blend.

variety of food meal set served in seoul yummy

Food is of decent quality and the price is sensible so it’s well worth your money. Armed force Stew has bunches of fixings and pastries were very satisfying as well.

dessert in seoul yummy bugis korean food restaurant

Service here is great with the outlet manager and standard staff being really mindful of our solicitations. Food segment is additionally liberal. A+ along while the astonishing side dishes top up. If you’re not sure where to go in Bugis for Korean food, you won’t go wrong hitting this restaurant. 

Seoul Yummy
201 Victoria St, #04-11 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
6509 0353

3. Ssak3 Bras Basah

ssak3 bugis korean food restaurant facade

Credible Bugis Korean food that serves smorgasbord and ala carte dishes. The Korean vibe is certainly there.

interior of ssak3 bugis korean food restaurant

The bar-b-que plate is designed so that the oil will stream out of the dish and the meat will be exceptionally fresh but succulent. This will be one of the top Korean bar-b-que cafés for the vast majority!

grilled bugis korean food in ssak3

Look at the huge options which included free flow of beef, Pork tummy, marinated chicken and marinated pork, free progression of side dishes and a decision of stew which you’ll need to wrap up by an hour and a half.

meat grilled on parchment paper in ssak3 bugis

Anyway the buffet isn’t accessible on end of the week supper, just lunch or work days.

They give baking paper to abstain from having meat adhering to the skillet which is perfect !

My definitive love was the egg. Best one I’ve attempted in each Korean BBQ eatery I’ve went to. My second most favorite is their fish flapjack really – very fresh and brimming with fish. 

The crowd loved the jjamppong – noodles were flawlessly cooked (not excessively delicate) and they were liberal with the fish. The soup base was rich and shockingly fiery, which I like. I energetically suggest sharing a bowl. It’s colossal.

signature bugis korean food the fried chicken in ssak3

Soda pops were 2 dollars everywhere you can get from the candy machine given in the café. I comprehend that they give other in house drinks too.

For their water it’s $1 per bottle out of the vending machine. Drinks (Besides Alcohol – Beer and Soju) can be bought by means of the Vending Machine as well which is situated inside an aluminum can with several assortment of Korean beverages like Bong Grape Juice, Original Milkis, Coolpis, Korean Pear Drink, Sikhye.

refillable side dishes or ban chan of ssak3

The help is exceptionally quick yet the spot appears to be understaffed for its café size. Really credible and all the staff are Korean.

Ssak3 Bras Basah
231 Bain St, #02-01, Singapore 180231
6336 4476

4. Korean Fusion BBQ

food grilling up in korean fusion bbq located in bugis

Awesome Korean Bbq Buffet experience! Ambiance of this Bugis Korean food place is highly suggested in the event that you are nearby and up for some standard KBBQ quality Bugis Korean food.

ambiance inside korean fusion bbq

interior of korean fusion bbq

There’s a QR code at the table for you to output and submit your request. When your food is ready, your number will be displayed on the screen and you can advance toward gathering your fixings. They have various pork stomach choices with various marinates, for example, bak Kwa, lychee, Thai, Korean. A portion of the time meat was excellent, particularly the lychee pork gut. There’s likewise meat cuts, dory fish with various marination. Mushrooms, surimi, sauces and so forth.

grilled meat close up in korean fusion bbq

Meat choice (pork, beef and chicken), fish, veggies, leafy foods dishes were great. They used to have waffles in their menu and I completely partook in their frozen yogurts. Coconut flavor is a should attempt. The chocolate is very great and not excessively sweet. Strawberry would be a hit with small children. Treat was very fine.

food selection corner in korean fusion bbq

For the beverages you can pick any beverage yet they will top off the beverages with a similar cup.

plates of dishes ready to grill in korean fusion bbq bugis

Staff were cordial and accommodating particularly the old ones, as it seems as though they changed their administration.

Expect that you’ll leave the put with major areas of strength for a smell on you! Region isn’t that cooling and the gill skillet could be cleaner as there were a ton of dark stains around. Not so much for particular quality eaters. Great for the people who simply need a decent bar-b-que and feast reasonably with companions.

simple waffle and cookies and cream ice cream in korean fusion bbq bugis

Do make reservations first. Use the app Eatigo for great discounts!

Korean Fusion BBQ
5 Dunlop St, #02-00, Singapore 209335
6291 4468

5. Pizzamaru

pizzamaru bugis korean food facade

Pizzamaru is a unique Bugis Korean food place that specialize in, you guessed it, Pizza. They have very delectable fixings and the green tea batter is somewhat chewy. The Korean Surf and Turf ($23.90), only pleasant for dividing among 3 individuals.

shiny pizza from pizzamaru

Onion tartar seared chicken ($19.90 for 6 pieces) merits the cost simply because of the sauce. There’s 1 little drumstick, 1 chicken wing, and 4 different parts. Their seared chickens are exceptionally predictable, never for once fizzling. Is constantly seared till flawlessness! Ultra firm external yet meat holds it’s really smooth delicacy in any event, for bosom meat, delicious and delicious. Very much marinated and there was nothing oily. 

thick cheesy pizza pull in pizzamaru

korean fried chicken with picked radish in pizzamaru bugis

One of the most amazing pizzas since it’s hull was delicate and flavourful on the inside firm on the skin. The filling’s taste came in bursts; yet not excessively sweet nor pungent. I would suggest the chicken also on the grounds that the meat is delicate with skin that pops in flavor when you nibble it.

fried chicken served in pizzamaru bugis

Recommended is the Chicago pizza – the amount of cheddar is exceptionally fulfilling! The batter is extra pillowy and light, seared chicken and the yam outside. Chicago pizza is a must-pursue cheddar sweetheart! Very liberal with the cheddar serving – and ensure you set up your telephones for a decent boomerang when you get the primary cut. The wiry ness of the cheddar is extraordinary! The softness and unmistakable taste of the dark rice batter serves as a decent differentiation.

other non pizza bugis korean food in pizzamaru

They additionally gave some beetroot pickle which coordinates well with the chicken as it cuts the oil.

Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, #04-03/04, 188067
6634 0930

6. Chir Chir Bugis Junction

korean fried chicken in chir chir bugis junction

Ahh… that cheddar pull *cues gourmet specialist kiss* truly hit a spot with this dish. This Bugis Korean food specialize in cheesy stuffs! One of their signature food features equal proportion of cheese to chicken parts, so you have the option to liberally cover each piece of chicken with the ooey gooey cheddar!

interior seating of chir chir bugis junction

Love the very fresh, unique seared chicken! Garlic broiled chicken was delicious and delicate, flavourful skin however within was still very dull. Zest level isn’t excessively high and truly agreeable for somebody who doesn’t take flavor well. Heated potato was dry. Honey margarine chicken was extremely firm with great wedges!

crispy chicken with cheese sauce bugis korean food in chir chir

This can be one of your #1 chicken spot in Singapore as a result of the fair setups and the delicious chicken. For a change I needed to attempt the Kurry chicken, cheddar fries and bean stew soy chicken. Be that as it may, the lunch bargains (hot or garlicky) are wonderful choices assuming you’re hanging around for a speedy combo lunch.

fries and korean chicken wings by chef of chir chir in bugis

Evaluate the zesty messy Dakgalbi which was awarded an intriguing encounter. The dissolved cheddar was so stretchy and it supplemented well with the fiery chicken marinate.

loaded fries with heavy cheese sauce only in chir chir bugis

The grapefruit yogurt drink was very invigorating and it wasn’t excessively sweet. The energy yellow toktok mocktail is truly scrumptious as well!

loaded mac and cheese bugis korean food in chir chir

Great spot to go with companions to share food. The roomy couch seats in the Bugis branch is the reason individuals love that specific outlet, alongside the astounding food!

Chir Chir Bugis Junction
200 Victoria St, #02-50 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
6251 0598


7. Seoul Garden

grilled meat in seoul garden bugis

This is a seriously well known all you can eat Bugis Korean food in BBQ style. It’s also halal! Loads of assortments for steamers and BBQ. Meat, mutton, fish and chicken marinated in various flavors. A lot of vegetables and mushrooms. You likewise get both a steamboat (with 6 stocks to choose from; one table is allowed to have two stocks) and hotplate BBQ for one pricing.

meat grilling in seoul garden bugis korean food restaurant

You can likewise decide on the superior beef by paying extra $5/individual. Great spot for gathering and family. Love that the barbecue plate has vents along the edges that will not have your garments smelling when you leave the café. Premium Kalbi is great, armed force stew is ordinary, yet the prawn is exceptionally new.

ingredients ready for the grill in seoul garden bugis

Food served are halal korean style BBQ and hotpot. Prepared food (glass noodles, and so forth) were accessible.

choice of vegetables in seoul garden bugis

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There’s likewise frozen yogurt and neighborhood pastries, free stream soda pops and espresso and tea.

loaded meat platter bugis korean food in seoul garden

Staff well trained, they welcome everybody with a warm welcome. Most certainly a great value for your buck.

Seoul Garden
200 Victoria St, #02 – 52, Singapore 188021
6334 3339

8. Hangawi Korean Food (Fortune Centre)

hangawi bugis korean food facade

A hidden gem selling staggeringly great Bugis Korean food. Situated on the second floor of Fortune Center.

home cooked bugis korean food served in hangawi

Primary kitchen looks little, however there’s additional seats in the opposite space. Could situate something like 25-30 individuals. Their feasting/sitting area is very huge and was found an extremely brief separation away from the request/kitchen region.

fried fish koren food by hangawi in bugis

The counter is a little slow down where they have the kitchen. The eating region is isolated while others slow down. Yet, this makes it an exceptionally decent game plan. The request is productive and food is conveyed to us.

variety of korean set meal by hangawi in bugis junction

Food tastes brilliant and is sold at a particularly reasonable cost. They even serve soup and heaps of side dishes. Oh, they have free flow soup too! 

The tofu soup is hot and fiery. The BBQ hamburger is somewhat sweet. The two of them praise one another.

kimchi seafood soup by hangawi in bugis

Suggest their Kimchi Fried Rice with Beef on the off chance that you eat hamburger. Else, the other meat, for example, pork or chicken ought to work out positively also.

stir fry pork meat at hangawi located in bugis

Free sides of caramelized ikan billis and kimchi in addition to they’re liberal with it as well!.

The Bugis Korean food spot wasn’t extravagant yet the food was flavorful and the costs truly sensible.

Hangawi Korean Food (Fortune Centre)
190 Middle Rd, #02-18, Singapore 188979
9107 8749

9. King Army Stew

king army stew noodles portion in bugis

An extremely straightforward store selling armed force stew. Great Bugis Korean food spot to chill and have a drinking meeting with your pal. Stew was quite to the taste. Armed force stew was incredibly delectable and there wasn’t a line shockingly on a work day! The prawns were very fresh.


The stock was rich and tasty and the ramen noodles were the thick chewy kind, in contrast to the typical modest ones. The fixings were liberal (kimchi,bacon, enoki, tofu, rice cake, frank, lunch meat and cabbage).

Service here is great! Not certain on the off chance that it’s the owner or staff, yet all the same cordial and accommodating. Verifying whether we are alright and furthermore adding more soup for us when the stew is going to thicken or dry out. Goodness definitely, it accompanies free soup top off.

cooking a pot of army stew in king army stew bugis

Requested a fish armed force stew – an exemplary armed force stew finished off with fish. Soup base was spotless and light. You can decide to request an expansion of gochujang in the event that you favor a taste with more profundity.

Kimchi Bacon hotcake was a bit pungent (presumably due to the bacon) however alright on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret heavier taste. The kimchi and bacon hotcake is especially vital.

korean pancake in king army stew at bugis

What separates it is the assistance – totally great, very agreeable and accommodating.

An extraordinary spot to have army stew in Bugis! An unexpected, yet invaluable treasure \as the spot may not be not difficult to find in the busy buzz of Bugis. 

King Army Stew
190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre #03-19, 188979
8926 1372

10. Daebak Korean Restaurant

daebak bugis korean food storefront

The kimchi stew is astonishing! Even among hot and acrid. The side dishes are great as well! What’s more, everything is sold at a very reasonable cost! This spot is simply so misjudged! It’s self assistance and the spot isn’t large so when feast time, it’s pressed.

set meal served at daebak korean restaurant in bugis

Love their assortment of dishes spread with a pleasant café climate. Continuously spot to go for lunch and supper. This Bugis Korean food is situated inside Wilkie Edge.

topokki ramyeon in daebak bugis

Menu comprises the well known dish of BBQ meat of pork hamburger and chicken, chive hotcake – Chives flapjack was slender yet fresh at the edges and it wasn’t sleek, bibimbap, tofu fish soup, pork kimchi soup and noodles. Their fiery pork bar-b-que was heavenly, tofu soup fish was pleasant to the last drop.

tasty chives pancake in daebak bugis

A large portion of its clients track it down on par or far better than some Korean eatery. It would be one of the nearby’s decisions if it is in space searching for Bugis Korean food.

stir fry pork with side dishes in daebak korean restaurant

The side dishes given were kimchi (suits neighborhood taste buds), omelet, and fish cake. An unmistakable soup is likewise given for jajangmyeon and bibimbap, and the soup is delicious.

The food has a plain vibe to it. The side dishes are an extraordinary commendation to the noodles, particularly the kimchi which was exceptionally reviving. It was an unexpected treat to track down such a great café in a somewhat vacant shopping center.

a cheesy dish korean food in daebak bugis

Exceptionally bona fide Korean food and the restaurant is operated by Koreans. So, you don’t have to doubt its authenticity!

Daebak Korean Restaurant
8 Wilkie Rd, #01-18, Singapore 228095
Photo credit: DBWilkie

11. Jinjja Chicken Bugis Plus

A Korean fried chicken premise located close to Bugis Street’s entry. This Bugis Korean food restaurant gives great and reasonable Korean food. A ton of assortment of Korean food. Going from jjajangmyeon to kimbap and to chicken wings. Combination food, for example, kimchi fries, burgers and such.

signature jinjja bowl in bugis

The soy garlic sauce chicken tasted pleasant with perfectly pungency. The yangnyeom chicken was not quite as zesty as I naturally suspected, but rather I actually favored the soy garlic one.

cheesy korean food in a mini wok served in jinjja

The noodles are delicate, yet not extremely hot. The chicken wings are firm and tart. I would suggest the Korean fried chicken wings and the veggie gyoza/dumplings.

Enjoy their cheddar sticks and I can say the cheddar sticks Jinjja offers are truly outstanding, Most couldn’t avoid the compulsion to arrange one more serving of it and wound up doing as such.

more bugis korean food on the table at jinjja

For individuals who lean toward rice can attempt their bibimbap. A bed of rice lies at the lower part of your bowl and a plenty of minced chicken, carrots, cucumber, kimchi, kelp, egg and some sauce on top. So you stir everything up and dive in! Delicious!

The Mandu has an incredible fresh outside that you will cherish eating down on to get that extraordinary freshness. Inside this little bundle of yumminess is prawns and chives. It accompanies soy-sesame sauce sprinkled over it and it is a totally wonderful matching and habit-forming.

set meal served at daebak korean restaurant in bugis

The tteobokki and fries is suggested as well. Tteobokki has a tad of a hard and chewy surface, presented with a sauce that is very zesty. It’s just great!

oreo ice cream dessert in jinjja is a delight among the kids

Exceptionally young and lively tones and music. Really a pleasant place to enjoy the Bugis Korean food within the area.

Jinjja Chicken Bugis Plus
201 Victoria St, #01-11, Singapore 188067
6837 0937

These are possibly the few reachable areas in Bugis for their Korean food. Some are located in Bugis Junction while others are within walking distance. Tingling for some Bugis Korean food? Let me know which one you went to and your experience in the comments! Bugis also offer several hot cake shops with artisanal cakes! Keep an eye out for them too!

If you love Korean food, don’t forget to visit Tanjong Pagar for their Korean food. Their artisanal food from Anju and huge portion of army stew from Twins Korean restaurant is an absolute must-try!


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