10 Appetizing Bugis Vegetarian Restaurant To Try In Singapore

Tasty Bugis Vegetarian In Singapore

Bugis is a pretty hype place in Singapore. It has a wide range of food from hotpot to Japanese food. Their vegetarian food is not to be ignored as well! In fact, some of the vegetarian restaurants here offer amazing similarity to its meat version. You can’t even tell which is which. Bring your non-vegetarian friend along and it might even amaze them. 

Here’s the best Bugis vegetarian food that will fill you up with its exquisite taste and appearance:

  1. Herbivore
  2. Teng Bespoke
  3. Vege Pot 素砂煲
  4. Pine Tree Cafe
  5. Blooming Sprouts
  6. Tracy Juice Culture
  7. Bodhi Deli 菩提斋
  8. Create Healthy Lifestyle 創意天然生機飲食
  9. Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food
  10. Supreme Vege 善心缘

1. Herbivore

vegetarian skewer dish of herbivore

Whenever it’s the first time a customer is eating at this Japanese vegetarian restaurant, it never fails to blow their mind. The food is so delightful and the sashimi is so genuine. The tempura udon soup is so scrumptious and everyone loves it. They serve the best vegan sushi and dishes!

Very fascinating Bugis vegetarian Japanese food choice! Adored the teriyaki chicken. Soba was really well made and tasted great, it tasted as expected. However, sashimi was maybe a miss for some. it had a flavor like jam with fish smell. Hotpot was still alright as well.

grilled fake meat asparagus in herbivore restaurant

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The unagi maki roll – a should attempt. The white sesame ramen was superior to the miso ramen – however the fixings for both ramen types were something very similar.

fake salmon meat crafted in herbivore bugis

This Bugis vegetarian restaurant has a gigantic list in their menu and they, nicely, mark the dishes as one or the other dairy or without dairy so it is not difficult to pick all the vegetarian dishes. The food is tasty and you neglect, particularly with the broiled dishes, that there is no meat in any of them.

On the off chance that you’re a meat/sashimi lover, this spot will knock your socks off as everything is produced using plants yet you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

savory vegetarian ramen served at herbivore in bugis

Their hot ramen was really astounding. The gyoza was all the more a vegetable one as opposed to a fake meat one, so on the off chance that you’re not into mock meats this is for you.

The katsu curry accompanied a thick piece of katsu and is certainly a popular choice on the menu as well. The shitake maki was great, it came covered in an unagi style sauce with a touch of vegetarian mayo on top. The vegetarian mayo was great too. It was truly thick and tried like the legacy kewpie mayo!

another grilled fake meat by chefs of herbivore vegetarian restaurant

The enoki pork was the customer’s number one dish in view of the closeness in flavor and surface. The cheddar shiitake was a bit tacky perhaps because of the kind of cheddar utilized, however those who love shiitake mushrooms will fall in love with it. Do give the crab meat maki a try as well as it’s 100% genuinely like the real meat in terms of taste/surface/flavor.

Herbivore attempts to emulate the Japanese feel with negligible stylistic layout, spotlights over the eating tables, and artistic plate.

I strongly recommend this Bugis vegetarian spot for vegans to get a vibe of Japanese vegetarian food.

When you eat here you understand the reason why this has had a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand for quite a long time in spite of being a vegan café.

It’s situated in Fortune Center and except if you are doing an important point, this put gets full rapidly at the end of the week so call ahead to get a spot in the line.

190 Middle Rd, #01-13/14 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
6333 1612

2. Teng Bespoke

fake meat sushi by teng bespoke bugis

Despite the fact that it’s a vegetarian food, you get to taste the various kinds of the fixings utilized and it is all around as great as having the genuine meat itself.

gaint set of vegetarian and fake meat food in teng bespoke

In the event that you are attempting to switch somebody over completely to be a veggie lover, this Bugis vegetarian spot would be the best spot to begin, the unagi sushi is precisely how an unagi tastes like, likewise you wont be dissapointed attempting their avocado tempura!! Unagi rolls and Shitake mushrooms with cream are incredible!

king oyster mushroom with soy served in teng bespoke

A few recommended suggestions:

  1. Sweet potato roll – firm outwardly and warm sweet potato from within with normal sweet flavor. It’s more similar to a sweet to me in the event that there’s no stew given.
  1. Curry udon – the katsu is extremely fresh, udon is alente, curry is great (additionally dull from potato)
  1. Strawberry mango sushi – invigorating and normal. I would pick this over mock fish sushi

fake grilled meat in teng bespoke is a delightful dish among vegetarian in bugis

Tofu with 5 vegetables and seared dumplings is great. The genmaicha tea is so sweet-smelling and calming to the faculties. Vegan sashimi sure was an invigorating encounter.

healthy vegetarian meal set served in teng bespoke bugis vegetarian restaurant

Shitake mushroom with cream was one of their most suggested dishes yet you shouldn’t organize in the event that you feast in as 2 pax. For my absolute first piece, it was truly great. In any case, that is all there is to it, the second you hit the second piece onwards, you wouldn’t actually partake in the following nibbles. There was excessively and I mean an excessive amount of “cream” as mayo in it. An excessive amount of cream and sauces stuffed into that terribly defenseless mushroom.

savory broth vegetarian soup served in teng bespoke restaurant in bugis

Generally approval, one of a kind vegan Japanese spot that you will need to return to attempt more. Setting is little and staff a little wrecked yet at the same time kept up with their cordiality and supportiveness.

Teng Bespoke
91 Bencoolen St, #01-50, Singapore 189652
6337 7050

3. Vege Pot 素砂煲

simple vegetarian bibimbap served in vege pot bugis

Plain veg food that is sensibly evaluated. Adored the veg soup and carefully assembled dumplings! Felt like it was made and cooked from home. This unassuming veggie lover restaurant serves foad with a great deal of heart.

savory vegie broth noodle in vege pot bugis

Awesome vegan food place in the second level of Fortune Center. It is Malaysian Penang flavored food. The Penang Asam Laksa has an extremely true taste even though it is vegan. The red yeast Mee Sua is likewise awesome yet on the better side. The broiled clam is a super and near non veggie lover variant. The vegan rojak is additionally a great take of the genuine variant.

more vege bowls by the chefs of vege pot

Penang Hokkien mee taste extremely near those in Penang – bring back recollections. Curry rice – sauce is thick and tasty. Dumpling soup – dumpling filling is very typical and soup is light in taste. Bak Kut Teh (BKT) delightful taste, part of fixings, large pieces worth the cash!

vegetarian rojak served in vege pot restaurant

I requested the thunder tea rice, and I enjoyed how they figured out how to keep the unmistakable thunder tea flavor while restraining on the generally solid basil taste. They offer earthy colored rice as well (+$0.50), which I truly appreciated

The “unagi ” in the bibimbap bowl could be greater however on the grounds that it was truly delicious!

vegetarian rice bowl served in vege pot at bugis

The help was the clincher! Each aunt there was so sweet and true – they addressed our inquiries on the menu quietly; and they would likewise wish us great wellbeing when they served our food!

Vege Pot 素砂煲
190 Middle Rd, #02-31, Singapore 188979

4. Pine Tree Cafe

pine tree cafe vegetarian restaurant in bugis

Quite spotless Bugis vegetarian eatery situated on the second floor of the food court. They have been serving sensibly valued vegan nourishment for the majority, numerous years, since their underlying arrangement area at Bendemeer.

The assortment of food is galore for you to browse, and there is additionally their consistently accessible yong tau hu for you to look over.

pork broth soup vegetarian version in pine tree cafe

They for the most part have large pieces, tasty, great worth, and the food is served before long. A fantastic lunch for $14 for two. The free soup made with spices is astounding!

Seared hokkien mee as well as Monkey Head Mushroom Pao Fan. Noodles tasted very quiet and the Pao Fan was exceptionally soothing to eat.

vegetarian nasi lemak at pine tree bugis vegetarian food court

Noticed that the soup that accompanied the hokkien mee tasted not quite the same as the Pao Fan.

Their noodles favor a harder side. Do try their mee pok and request milder noodles assuming that is your inclination. The blessing is on the point. If you’re not sure what to get, their Mala Xiang guo, Yong Tau Foo and braised pork belly rice will not disappoint. The rice was flavorful which was a decent treat.

noodle choice at pine tree cafe bugis

This is a vegetarian restaurant anyway, so any meat name on their menu can be expected to be fake meat. 

mala mini hotpot a popular bugis vegetarian favorite served in pine tree cafe

For S$5 you can get their vegan salted egg boiled rice. Not slick, however some might lean toward their noodles. This taste can be excessively light for specific individuals. They serve nasi lemak as well yet at a restricted time. Some say it’s truly great!

Pine Tree Cafe
190 Middle Rd, #02-09/13, Fortune Centre, 188979
9681 5457

5. Blooming Sprouts

vegan fried chicken and fries set by the creative chefs of blooming sprouts in bugis

It’s vegan yet additionally delectable. Enthusiastically suggested the pasta dishes above all else – they are first rate in flavor and just $8! The aglio nolio likewise came as a shock, with its fresh surface and smoky “wok hei” taste. They make their own cream sauces and soups (I particularly preferred their mushroom soup) in-house out of cashews, and whenever I first attempted it I thought that it is so unbelievably smooth. It is flavored spaghetti with purple cabbage, lettuce and mushrooms. Likewise I attempted the mushroom soup which was a decent supplement to my principal dish.

delicious burger set of blooming sprouts located in bugis

This Bugis vegetarian restaurant has likely become the number one spot for veggie lover pasta in Singapore. Their rich and fragrant tom sweet potato, basil pesto, and bolognese spaghetti, as well as their proudly striking and eminently fulfilling arrabbiata is loved by many.

They do serve nice burger sets at an extremely practical cost too ($10 for a burger with fries and salad), highlighting an enjoyably natural housemade bean patty as well as a magnificently delicious battered portobello patty – I recommend topping up $2 to add truffle oil to the portobello for an additional kick! The tart mustard vinaigrette dressing on the serving of mixed greens that can assist with balancing any greatness from the feast.

mushroom pizza is a great choice in blooming sprout

The dark bean burger is likewise pleasant on the grounds that it’s not produced using that synthetically handled Impossible meat, nevertheless tastes great while being reasonable.

Scrumptious spaghetti with wok hei, extraordinary mushroom burger and what more do we need to have an  extremely pleasant vegan food.

signature pasta dish of blooming sprouts vegetarian restaurant in bugis

It is highly suggested that anyone that comes here to check out their mushroom pizza. It is truly amazing! Delicious in each bite. Truly delectable and radiates a valid home made feel.

fish and chip vegetarian set in blooming sprouts bugis

Mala burger’s sauce is great too! Truffle fries are flavourful as well. The patty isn’t the standard fake meat, appearing as though its hand is tailored with beans. Should definitely try it.

Blooming Sprouts
190 Middle Rd, #03-03 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
8926 1077

6. Tracy Juice Culture

signature mushroom broth udon at tracy juice culture a vegetarian restaurant in bugis

One of the most amazing Bugis vegetarian foods in Fortune. We have requested Tracy’s extraordinary mushroom udon consistently and the quality is awesome. This time we requested a Fruit juice curry set and truly liked the sweet sharp taste. For the pastry Peach Gum Cheng Tng and Red bean with lotus seeds are great not to give them not right.

leicha served at tracy juice culture

Tracy’s exceptional mushroom udon is truly basically as great as it’s been said. The soup is very mushroomy and thick. So brimming with flavor and the wealth is god sent. One bowl is sufficient to fill your stomach 100 percent. Certainly attempt it!. It resembles a western mixed mushroom soup with udon for certain vegetables. Be cautious, it will be quite hot! In the event that you request a set dinner, it accompanies dessert which is either Cheng T’ng or red bean with lotus seeds.

top view of a vegetarian bowl in tracy juice culture located in bugis

The mushroom stock is thick and fragrant. In addition, they likewise have porridge and curry. They sell leicha on day 1 and 15 lunar calendar.

chinese dessert with snowmushroom and dates served in tracy juice culture bugis vegetarian restaurant

red bean soup by tracy juice culture in bugis

Tracy Juice Culture
190 Middle Rd, #01-34 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
6336 0754

7. Bodhi Deli 菩提斋

vegan chicken cutlet best seller at bodhi deli bugis vegetarian

Situated on the third floor of Fortune Center in the Bugis region. The menu is very broad with a few noodle and rice things. Give a shot the laksa which is truly rich and flavourful. The spring rolls are extremely scrumptious as well!

vegan asam laksa is bodhi deli specialty in vegetarian food in bugis

They additionally serve a large bowl of pumpkin porridge with liberal measure of fixing, at a reasonable price tag of $3.5. The fixings supplement the porridge well overall!

It’s additionally prescribed to go for their Lor Mee and Laksa. Lor Mee was flavourful, with a perfect proportion of vinegar. Laksa was likewise great, sauce was a piece on the more slender side.

loaded cheese vegan bowl at bodhi deli bugis

You are additionally ready to redo your orders, for example, adding vinegar, stew or no coriander at purpose in requesting too.

bean sprout laksa at bodhi deli bugis vegetarian food restaurant

Searching for meat substitution? The chicken cutlet rice is a must-try. It’s so pleasant you wouldn’t believe it’s really vegan. Their different dishes like wonton and noodles are marvelous as well!

vegetarian fried wonton at bodhi deli vegan restaurant in bugis

Additionally the staff service was truly warm and plain ensuring that you are both quickly presented with tables cleared. This place does add another Bugis vegetarian spot to go for when you’re feeling guilty of having too much meat in your hotpot the day before.

Bodhi Deli 菩提斋
190 Middle Rd, #03-26A Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
9005 6968

8. Create Healthy Lifestyle 創意天然生機飲食

A nearby Bugis Vegetarian store in a tranquil environment. It’s situated on the second floor of Fortune focus. Just an incredible spot for unattractive veggie lover dinner with day to day exceptional dishes. Solid and new fixings are utilized, not excessively pungent or slick to taste.

famous vegan sushi roll only available in create healthy lifestyle bugis vegetarian shop

The serving of mixed greens is heavenly and the sushi is new and tasty. The sushi roll is scrumptious as well and could be better with more yogurt.

tofu with shredded vegetables by create healthy lifestyle

Should endeavor their tom yum noodle soup! It’s so thick thus fulfilling with a little clue hot however the groups love it! It has very springy noodles as well! Kimchi noodle soup was likewise thick and is one of their group’s #1.

mushroom noodle by create healthy lifestyle vegan food in bugis

Natural Vegetable Sushi Roll is at $6. Essentially a roll with external layer ocean growth with lettuce, cuts carrot, cuts beetroot. It is a delicious and solid choice for everybody.

tasty vegie fried dumpling is a crowd pleaser at create healthy lifestyle bugis

Their sesame yogurt costs $5. Each significant piece has dark sesame taste and yogurt. Great in each nibble.

It’s likewise worth their Sambal Petai seared earthy colored rice alongside EeFu noodles with Mapo Tofu. The seared rice was totally astounding and each dish accompanied an unmistakable soup with snow parasite.

noodle and vegetarian maki roll tops the spot in create healthy lifestyle vegetarian restaurant

It is a little bistro so expect a group and line particularly during top hours. There’s likewise a seat by the window with a pleasant peaceful view.

Create Healthy Lifestyle 創意天然生機飲食
190 Middle Rd, #02-06 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
6336 4355

9. Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food

fried enoki roll at su shi piao xiang vegetarian food eatery

Veggie lover food fit for Buddhists at a reasonable cost! Essentially a magnificent Bugis vegetarian spot to get exemplary Singapore dishes vegan style at an extraordinary cost. A great deal of assortment as well. Look at their total menu available. The menu is on their wall, in a real sense.

claypot tofu at su shi piao xiang vegetarian food near bugis area

Suggested to try their laksa, kway chup and hor fun with cut green chillies. The fish soup taste not terrible, but not great either near the real one!

su shi piao xiang vegetarian food in bugis signature fried rice

There’s a ton to cherish their dark vinegar mee sua! It may very well be an elusive dish that will fulfill your vinegar desires.

brinjal in gravy

They additionally serve strong Singapore laksa noodles which make great quality nourishment for vegans.

carrot cake in bugis

Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food
190 Middle Rd, Singapore 188979

10. Supreme Vege 善心缘

vegetarian fish served in supreme vege near bugis

This is no doubt one of the most incredible Chinese veggie lover eatery that individuals decided in favor of. Cost is somewhat steep, however you really do receive whatever would be reasonable. They’re likewise on eatigo so book ahead of time to get a slight discount.

A decent Bugis vegetarian spot for vegan Chinese food.

interior of supreme vege bugis vegetarian restaurant

You can arrange their monkey head mushroom, broiled rice, fish curry, szechuan soup and shumai. These were veggie lovers and amazingly scrumptious.

sweet sour vegan chicken by supreme vege restaurant

The delicate quality and smoothness of the monkey head mushroom is really agreeable. The cream truly drew out an alternate kind of the monkey head mushroom. The seared rice was delicate and fleecy. It was improved with different flavors and flavors. The fish curry had a slight harshness with a touch of pleasantness. It had flavors and vegetables. The fish, which is made of soy, was exceptionally delicate too.

cashew salad at supreme vege bugis vegetarian restaurant

The soup was tart and scrumptious. The Shumai was delicate and fleecy. I truly preferred how it tasted when finished off with the monkey head mushroom.

mushroom soup by supreme vege

Remember to check out their Yam Ring, pumpkin tofu, sambal bean stew fish, and rojak. There’s colloquialism that they are extraordinary as well!

cereal chicken by the chefs of supreme vege near bugis

This Bugis vegetarian eatery has a broad menu and food tastes perfect without any absence of inventiveness whatsoever! By and large, a decent spot to appreciate Chinese veggie lover food. Administration was flawless as well! Also, they’re sensibly estimated!

Supreme Vege 善心缘
12 Queen St, #02-03 Hotel Royal @ Queens, Singapore 188553
6238 5085

These Bugis vegetarian restaurants are not only serving healthy vegan food but also tasty ones as well! End the day with delicious desserts from their popular cake shop too! Don’t hesitate to give them a try and let me know what you think about it. Which vegetarian food do you find mindblowing? 


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