bugis japanese food in singapore

10 Highly Recommended Bugis Japanese Food In Singapore

Best Bugis Japanese Food In Singapore

Bugis have a lot to offer. From meat-like vegetarian to Korean food, they don’t disappoint. Even for Japanese food as well, Bugis holds some of the best Japanese restaurants that bring Japanese culture to you. Feeling hungry? Strap on tight as this post will bring the best Bugis Japanese food to you! 

1. Miam Miam

facade of miam miam a japanese eatery in bugis singapore

Miam Miam has been around for quite a while and that in itself is astonishing. Its menu has remained to a great extent the equivalent yet it actually draws a group each dinner period.

The food satisfies its name – a French-Japanese combination that is generally welcomed in Singapore.

pork cutlet bowl in miam miam japanese restaurant

Impeccably mix French and Japanese cooking. Food served satisfied its french and japanese eatery flows! The cost is steep, yet the end product will correspond to its price. Cost was sensible for the quality food served here!

creamy miso squid with squid ink pasta in miam miam japanese food restaurant bugis

Totally adored the egg from the squid ink rice and the soufflé was delicate and moreish.

The berry souffle pancakes were paradise! The pancakes were delicate and cushy outwardly yet sodden and warm inside (the inward surface was a piece like steamed egg). They supplemented the vanilla frozen yogurt quite well. The show was pretty as well!

chicken wing in a mini wok served at miam miam bugis japanese food

The beverages were new and the chicken wings weren’t really awful by the same token. I cherished the carafe of mixed water – loaded up with new cucumbers, lemon and mint leaves – a basic mix however tasted so reviving. I could obviously taste and smell the mint and it was a smart idea.

The miam miam haze was light baron dim milk tea with light vanillaness, was exceptionally light and not extremely amazing. Would get it once more.

The truffle chocolate hotcake was very great, the flapjack took 15 min to serve. The cream on the top is chocolate hazelnut whipped cream? With a ferrero rocher and strawberries on top. The hotcake is very rich, the chocolate is alright, the piece isn’t excessively enormous.

squid ink pasta with mentai topping at miam miam that serves one ofthe best fusion bugis japanese food

Most certainly a decent spot to treat your companions or friends and family to an extravagant feast.

Staff’s assistance was great with mindful staff looking after us.

Miam Miam
200 Victoria St, #02 – 14, Singapore 188021
6837 0301
Reservation: miammiam.sg

2. Genki Sushi Bugis+

genki sushi bugis japanese food facade

I believe this is a decent spot for some fast and simple Bugis Japanese food. Reasonable sushi eatery with numerous assortments, great seating and administration generally. Strategically placed close to Bugis train station. Connected by cover through Bugis Junction interface span.

close up salmon sashimi at genki sushi bugis

The sashimi was very respectable and the part measures are liberal contrasted with other Japanese eateries.

variety of japanese food on the table served at genki sushi in bugis

Can’t turn out badly with sushi and mentaiko sauce. The udon was wonderful and the Oyaka were delicious. The Salmon Don was a little form that is really brilliant on the off chance that you’re a little eater and assuming that you like richness on top of rice. Worth an attempt.

beef rice bowl at genki sushi in bugis

Most suggest the karaage which is marginally firm and the abundant measure of Mayo. The unagi sushi is a piece, you want to regard it as one piece for every pax. Pleasant piece of eel fat and umaminess.

fresh sashimi platter in genki sushi located in bugis

This Bugis Japanese food outlet becomes pretty busy during supper time, so be ready to sit tight for quite a while.

unagi rice bowl by genki sushi japanese restaurant

Extremely helpful to arrange food and refreshment, simply check the QR code by hand telephone and afterward request. Simple and quick. Food showed up by means of the “train stage” alongside the table and clicked to send the train back once food gathered. Continuously love this part.

Genki Sushi Bugis+
201 Victoria St, #01-13 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
6957 2732

3. En Sushi

facade of en sushi for bugis japanese food in singapore

A total hidden gem for Bugis Japanese food! It’s at a street center near a dance studio and just located on the subsequent level.

california maki in en sushi bugis japanese food singapore

Colossal menu determination we were spoiled for decision! The food is scrumptious – barbecued squid (MUST TRY MUST), chirashi wear, aburi maki, triple salmon, shimaaji and meat steak!

salmon rice served in en sushi in bugis

Sashimi platter was simply remarkable. From the thick slices to how new they tasted. The fish to rice proportion is simply crazy. The En Sashimi platter was exceptionally new with liberal bits. Unique notice to the thick salmon tummy sushi. I had a mouth climax when I was eating that. Then, at that point, the chutoro sushi. Carried me to another planet seriously. Ebi fry salmon aburi maki was astounding as well. Fresh, delicate incredible surfaces.

beer ramen and other set of dishes in en sushi bugis singapore

The Beer Ramen which isn’t really cooked in brew is mind boggling. Love the inventiveness of the dish and the way that it tastes!

The don series, anyway, can give it a miss. Yet, hello, not halting you. Who realizes you could like it.

The culinary specialist’s proposals were flavorful. Green tea dessert was yummy also! They have fair determination of liquor as well however for the most part inclining towards purpose.

whole grilled squid is a must try bugis japanese food in en sushi

Happy with lighting, negligible clamor level, and great protection away from different burger joints.

En Sushi
112 Middle Rd, #01-00B Midland House, Singapore 188970
6259 8548
Reservation: ensushisg.com 

4. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

facade of keisuke ramen bugis japanese restaurant in singapore

One of the most amazing ramen places in Singapore. The menu highlights four “seasons” of ramen. The ramen presentation was pleasant and the portion was huge. The piece is huge to such an extent that you could try and struggle to complete them.

famous bugis japanese food the four seasons ramen in keisuke

fiery fire ramen bowl in keisuke ramen bugis

Great scrumptious ramen with delightful stock is likely the best Bugis Japanese food this spot brings to the table. Its most amazing aspect is they allowed you to modify pretty much every component of it: from the noodle thickness , the meat, salt level. There is likewise free progression of half bubbled eggs and bean sprouts. The Japanese mayonnaise with the free stream eggs is simply excessively great! They additionally have the “Lord release”, have marginally home grown taste, the ramen extremely chewy and firm.

pink japanese cola a signature drink in keisuke bugis

free flow of eggs and bean sprouts in keisuke ramen bugis japanese food restaurant

Ramen is certainly good, the stock true to form is flavourful, delicate and delicate greasy pork, delicate yolk.

Do take note that they have a standard that “Every customer is expected to order a beverage”. The Sakura coke which was special as it’s pink in variety!

ramen with soy cooked by chefs of keisuke bugis japanese food restaurant

Long lines during top hours so show up before the expected time! Friendly and attentive staff makes this place even worth the visit! 

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
158 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188433

6333 5740


europian interior vibe of mai maison bugis japanese food eatery

An extremely exemplary and comfortable Japanese Western restaurant in Bugis, Singapore. The deco  is comfortable and warm while the Japanese food combined well with a western touch. The vibe is generally perfect and one of my best couple of cafés to go to for solace food. The stylistic layout is suggestive of European bistros.

ambiance of ma maison bugis japanese food restaurant

Anyway hope to line during top hours as they are normally stuffed. With respect to the food, I have attempted their pork and hamburger dishes, they were all around prepared and delicate. Be that as it may, not exactly a devotee of the fish paella (it’s immense however, prescribed to share). Ultimately, I would agree that they serve rural food with no beyond ludicrous platings.

pork cutlet plate served in ma maison japanese food restaurant in bugis

Food is great, particularly their beef steak, tonkatsu and scotch egg. Their pastry is great as well, particularly the brownie and blueberry tart. Their tart is my absolute requirement. Blueberry obviously tastes perfect and I favor it over the new organic products.

crusted egg japanese food bugis by ma maison

Beef katsu omu rice – should attempt! Delicious katsu with curry was so yummy. Rich cheddar was good to beat all of this dish.

japanese curry and omu egg bugis japanese food by ma maison

Strawberry shortcake – I accept you won’t be disheartened after the first bite. The taste was way better compared to my assumption. The pleasantness was simply great and the chocolate jam added additional flavor in this cake.

Sirloin steak – Better than normal western cafe. In the event that you are a meat darling, do check it out.

tonkatsu set japanese food in bugis by ma maison

Upheld by warm and well disposed staff. Service was astounding. Join their part and get a 20% rebate in the birthday month. One of only a handful of exceptional ideal spots for Bugis Japanese food that wouldn’t break your wallet.

200 Victoria St, #02 – 51, Singapore 188021
6338 4819


beef tonkotsu at yayoi bugis japanese food in singapore

This is Bugis Japanese food restaurant serving an enhanced menu of Teishoku and a decent assortment of Japanese dishes with sans meat choices. The mains were a big bang for your buck and their tonkatsu was amazingly great.

lemon clams japanese food in yayoi bugis singapore

Mix Katsu Teishoku Set is worth a mention. The chicken cutlet, pork cutlet and breaded prawns were firm and delicate (the pork can be somewhat hard) without being excessively oily. Plunge it in their egg tartar sauce for that additional character.

Meat-Free Kinoko Tempura is perfect for vegans. Rotisserie grouped mushrooms with a firm outside and succulent inside, making it truly habit-forming. I preferred how the natural flavor wasn’t a major area of strength as it makes it more sensible for the people who despised mushrooms such as myself.

mackerel fish japanese food set at yayoi in bugis singapore

Kani Cream Croquette was fantastic too. Firm and blast into a flavourful pool of smooth white sauce and crab as you nibble into it.

Aburi Salmon Mentaiko is worn with a side of seared prawn. The salmon was perfect and the mentaiko wasn’t overwhelming yet I could do with more sauce because the rice was abit dry. The seared ebi was perfect – not slick and the going with sauce is adequately reviving.

Should applaud their unagi wear with salmon sashimi side dish. The unagi was so delicate and substantial, yet there wasn’t sufficient sauce for the rice. The sashimi likewise came in thick pieces, and the wasabi was solid.

mackerel fish japanese food set at yayoi in bugis singapore

I love the hot Yuzu tea as well! The pleasantness level was simply great. Will return once more and prescribe to my companions! The space is extensive so I can have get-togethers with my companions there.

They have a Yayoi application and on the off chance that you download it now, you can partake in a $10 in-application voucher which is effectively redeemable at the café.

201 Victoria St, #01 – 08 Bugis+ (near taxi stand, Singapore 188067
6636 5448

7. Itacho Sushi

Itacho sushi seldom disappoints. It is a famous go-to sushi place. Quality is very predictable and great. This Bugis Japanese food have great promotions occasionally. Love the chawanmushi, so smooth and scrumptious.

salmon skin sushi at itacho sushi restaurant in bugis singapore

The spot is an exceptionally customary Japanese eatery. Requesting is contactless. You can undoubtedly check their advancement area and the determination is all displayed with pictures. Application was easy to understand and it assists with limiting cooperation particularly during this pandemic.

avocado maki at itacho sushi bugis japanese food restaurant

Barbecued scallops spread rice was delightful, so was the delicate shell crab salad. Soup for soba was a smidgen excessively sweet. Simmered egg with curry lobster was intriguing. The scallops with truffle is an unquestionable requirement, the avocado roll is a must-attempt as well!

salmon sushi served at itacho sushi japanese restaurant in bugis

Food things was new, delicious and of good guidelines.

Hot dishes like Soup, Salmon Fin and Seafood Tempura were served hot. Their sashimi tastes exceptionally new! Sushi and maki are great too with the size of the rice balls being greater than whatever I have anticipated.

Staff service was mindful, drinks were topped up quickly without the need to ask for it.

Itacho Sushi
200 Victoria St, #B1-05 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
6337 8911
Reservation: itachosushi.com.sg

8. Una Una

una una bugis japanese food restaurant singapore

Found at the highest level of Bugis+ next to the cinema, they have live eel for shows which kids view as captivating. They likewise have non-unagi based food on the off chance that anybody in a gathering doesn’t fancy eating eel. Extremely open eatery with a clear menu.

unagi rice bowl served in una una japanese food in bugis

A customary serving bowl of rice with unagi is $14.90++. Rice is cooked to the ideal consistency for the unagi sauce and soup. Unagi is barbecued decently with juice and sauce. The unagi segment is perfect as well.

other selection of food that is not eel in una una

The Kaisen was new and delectable! Dribble a touch of soy sauce onto them for the extra lift in flavor! One didn’t do that, cause the first savouriness from the bowl was above and beyond!

beef noodle soup in una una bugis

Extraordinary Japanese eatery! The disadvantage here was that it was really warm in the eatery, don’t think it was the café’s shortcoming, simply that they were on the most elevated floor of the shopping center, heat ventures upwards, whatnot. They even had an extra forced air system arranged! So can’t blame them for that!

chicken teriyaki japanese food served in una una bugis

They acknowledge reservations so you wouldn’t need to line up like some other unagi eateries!

Una is incredibly reasonable. The customary hitsumabushi and accompanied a large portion of unagi and fixings. Anyway contrasted with additional exceptional spots the unagi was a piece disgusting and the sauce was cloyingly sweet.

Staff here are extremely helpful as well, this place is definitely a go to place to have nice unagi.

Una Una
201 Victoria St, #05-02/03, Singapore 188067
6238 1011
Menu: unaunabugis.oddle.me

9. Izakaya Hikari

karaage rice by izakaya hikari a bugis japanese food restaurant

Diamond of an izakaya concealed in third floor of Fortune Center. Wonderful izakaya, have real Japanese energy here. The buzz and dynamic quality here astonished me. One of the most amazing Izakaya encounters accepting genuine Izakaya in Japan.

mentai bowl japanese food served in izakaya hikari bugis

Go for the chicken balls, pork sticks, bacon asparagus and their sleeper hit, their Hikari Cracker. Karage was so fresh. The chicken was prepared well, delicious within and not excessively slick. Meatballs were great as well. Incredible flavors and all around matched sauces.

seafood bowl at izakaya hikari makes the perfect bugis japanese food

The barbecued dried stingray is an unquestionable necessity! The barbecued squid was finished flawlessly! Mentaiko was incredible as well yet somewhat pungent. Swordfish sashimi was maybe the most extraordinary sashimi I’ve had at any point and had the delight to attempt! A splendid spot for an easygoing or celebratory fun evening!

grilled yakitory served at izakaya hikari bugis

We can suggest the makarele as well as the sashimi platter, along with a glass or container of Dassai 45 purpose and a few additional side dishes makes for a casual eating experience.

vfried japanese food that goes well with beer at izakaya hikari bugis singapore

Purpose suggested by the staff was really astonishing and smooth. Reserved a spot for Friday night. It was really stuffed!! Administration was perfect.

Izakaya Hikari
190 middle road fortune centre #03-01, 188979
8921 3779

10. Hey! Yakiniku

cooking meat by the grill at hey yakiniku japanese restaurant

This Bugis Japanese food restaurant has astonishing vibes. The spot is actually quite perfect and has an exceptionally pleasant climate. Strolling into the woody-themed inside café, the passage and the seating region feels open, brilliant, and vaporous.

meat seat served at hey yakiniku japanese restaurant in bugis

You can top up your sauces and I will say the garlic and stew sauces here are great. The spot isn’t smoky by any stretch of the imagination notwithstanding being a BBQ place. The compelling exhaust framework underneath the barbecue gives you a smokeless barbecuing pleasant feasting experience ensuring you leave the spot scentless and odor less. Extraordinary for noon desires of meat yet not having any desire to possess an aroma like BBQ while returning to office.

japanese meat bowl at hey yakiniku in bugis singapore

Top quality food sources inside and that is including the side dishes like rice and bean sprouts. The Karubi, Harami, and A4 incomparable is an unquestionable requirement for meat sweethearts! They likewise sent off the Marumi pork which is known to be sweet and umami with sweet, unscented fats. Look at their marbling.

grilled meat box japanese food at hey yakitori bugis

They serve meat tongue! Their meats are all around marinated and flavourful. They additionally give 2 sorts of meat plunging sauces, garlic soy and fiery soy adding extra umami to the barbecued meats.

The dishes were served super quick and the staff were mindful! They are likewise truly brief in changing the barbecue plate.

Hey! Yakiniku
80 Middle Rd, #01-92/96 Bugis Junction, 188966
Menu: heyyakiniku.sg 

This awesome Japanese restaurant in Bugis is handpicked to be the best by the locals. Be it yakitori or pink coke, each has their own specialty that makes them worth a visit. Which Bugis Japanese food do you love the most? Comment below! 

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