Muka Head Lighthouse – Awesome Hiking Trip From The Beach

Muka Head Lighthouse


Monkey Beach and Muka Head LighthouseAre Penang’s secret treasures – Situated at the far North West finish of Penang island where the country’s littlest public park is – Taman Negara Teluk Bahang, there lies a couple journeying courses in this small scale rainforest. I’ve journeyed the Pantai Kerachut course previously and this time was to Monkey Beach which further paves the way to the Muka Head Lighthouse.

sea and green mountain view from muka head lighthouse near monkey beach in penang

Muka Head Lighthouse in Penang is a 14-meter high lighthouse, worked by the British in 1883, situated at the exceptionally north-western tip of Penang Island.

Situated in Penang Public Park and set on the highest point of a slope at a rise of 227 meters, the best way to arrive is by journeying up the slope from the western finish of Monkey Beach.

tip of the muka head lighthouse

The Muka Head Lighthouse fills in as a signal to help approaching boats moving toward Penang Island from the Andaman Ocean and the northern finish of the Waterways of Malacca, directing them to explore through the North Channel towards Penang Harbor. In comparable design, the beacon at Pulau Rimau does likewise from the southern methodology.

gate entrance that leads to the lighthouse

 At the foundation of the Muka Head Lighthouse is the workplace of the Jabatan Laut as well as the overseer’s living quarters. From the base, a cast-iron winding flight of stairs paves the way to the lamp. That is the glass cottage encasing the light. There are various lights, or bulbs, pointed in various bearings. They are encircled by allegorical reflectors to augment the light. At the point when the beacon is functional, the component turns, sending a general beam of light across the ocean.

Muka Head Lighthouse Trail

cozy jungle trail to muka head lighthouse

Extremely nice path from Monkey Beach, truth be told, the path is greatly improved and more pleasant than Monkey Beach. Sees on the lighthouse are a revived and tremendous scene of Penang and Strait of Malacca. Sometimes you can see an eagle soaring in the sky. Lovely climb.

jungle trail to hike up to the lighthouse

Anyway the fulfillment of getting the superb view from the highest point of this over exceptionally old lighthouse was simply mind boggling!

jungle path to the muka head lighthouse

Lighthouse from Monkey Beach (around 1233 meters) however it ought not be an over the top issue in general.

paved muka head lighthouse trail for hiking

Worth the journey of 1 hour to arrive at the lighthouse! The trip goes through the lavish green Penang public woodland and it’s actually a tropical jungle !! A challenge on the off chance that you choose not to take some spots to rest on the baking hot sun of Monkey Beach. However, up there, the breeze is cool and the 270 seaview is significantly cooler. Anticipate that there’s only a greenery view till you reach the highest point of the light house. 

majestic view of mother nature from the lighthouse

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re around mid-afternoon when it’s the most blazing it can end up being a tiring little climb, as you’re moving up a lofty slope! There are various rest areas along the wilderness trail where you can get your stop to slow down and rest before continuing the hike.

view from top of the lighthouse overseeing the ocean

The best time is to begin your Muka Head lighthouse trail hike in the first part of the day and go through your day on the top and remember to take water bottles with you and don’t litter.

tight stairs leading up to the lighthouse

The actual lighthouse is tiny yet you are permitted to ascend to the top. The 360 degree view from the lighthouse is impressive. Take a view over the Andaman Sea and Turtle Beach and Teluk Bahang and Batu Ferringhi at the back of the scenes. During the journey all of you notice that exceptionally less adventurers on both up/down the path.

view of the window from inside the lighthouse

The operating hour is from 9am-3pm.There are No passage charge to the lighthouse. Remember to fill the visitor journal there. During the trip you’ll experience many monkeys or groups of monkeys.

monkey hanging by the rail of muka head lighthouse

Expressing caution however, the monkeys here are quite scary. There was a case when a hiker was leaving the lighthouse, a huge grown-up male was in the entryway obstructing the way. The monkey bared its teeth as the hiker approached closer, in an attempt to exit the lighthouse.  Take a stick with you as a safety measure.

It’s alright if you’re not familiar with the challenges of the hike, just left on a stroll in the rainforest with a path lying by the coastline. It was a decent morning, and you can join other hikers from places around the country.

How To Get To Muka Head Lighthouse

take a boat to monkey beach then hike the way up to muka head lighthouse

The best way to get to Monkey Beach is to travel there or recruit a boat to take you there from the national park office. 

The 101  Rapid Bus  goes from Weld Quay in George Town up Chulia Road and Penang Street to Pulau Tikus, Tanjung Bungah and Batu Feringgi and closes its spat Teluk Bahang straightforwardly before the more well known access to the Public Park. Transports are continuous – each 15 to 20 minutes, and tickets are RM4 from one end to another. No change is given so bring little notes and coins.

A boat can be sorted out to take you to Monkey Beach  or one to take you back if you don’t have time or energy to make the climb in the two headings. You’ll find boat service just outside the Teluk Bahang Park entrance. You can likewise enquire at Monkey Beach.

What To Bring On Your Hike To Muka Head Lighthouse

Pack a towel, a few swimmers, water and a lot of sunblock. Furthermore, wear proper shoes. I wore hiking shoes which are perfect for water and sand. Most people tend to wear flip flops, which is alright on the off chance that you’re traveling every which way by boat. 

For me, I love wearing hiking slippers. It wraps to my feet so it doesn’t fall off. I can jump off the boat and run alongside the beach. It’s quite well-ventilated too so my feet keep dry in no time! 


Muka Head Lighthouse makes a decent hiking trail to those who are quite active at sports. It’s a great add-on destination to go to if you’re looking to explore further than staying on Monkey beach. Don’t forget to check out Starbucks Batu Ferringhi on your way back to the city too! It boasts one of the best places to enjoy the sunset right from the beach. 

Once you’re done, it’s pretty much dinner time. Be on the lookout for exquisite Thai food Penang and local bistro that serves top notch Western food Penang has. 

Muka Head Lighthouse
Penang National Park, Malaysia

Opening Hours of Muka Head Lighthouse

Sunday 9am–3pm
Monday 9am–3pm
Tuesday 9am–3pm
Wednesday 9am–3pm
Thursday 9am–3pm
Friday 9am–3pm
Saturday 9am–3pm


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