best authentic toronto dim sum

13+ Best Toronto Dim Sum With Authentic Taste In Every Bite

As an avid connoisseur of diverse cuisine, there’s one culinary adventure in Toronto that never fails to excite me – dim sum. From the moment I step into a bustling dim sum restaurant, the air becomes infused with the enticing aromas of steamed dumplings, fragrant teas, and the lively hum of conversation. 

The sight of bamboo baskets, neatly stacked and brimming with delectable bite-sized creations, is a visual feast in itself. From the velvety shrimp dumplings to the flavorful siu mai, every dish presents a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures. 

Whether I’m indulging in timeless classics or embracing innovative interpretations, Toronto’s dim sum scene is a captivating culinary journey that celebrates the city’s rich cultural diversity. It’s an experience that not only brings people together but also showcases the exceptional quality and popularity of these renowned dim sum destinations. Here’s the top Toronto dim sum that will fix your craving!

Authentic Dim Sum In Toronto

1. Mean Bao

facade of mean bao in toronto

My friend and I stumbled upon Mean Bao during our visit to Toronto and immediately felt welcomed by the genuinely friendly staff. They took the time to ask about our visit, help us navigate the diverse menu options, and ensure that the spice levels were suitable for our taste. What truly impressed us was when one staff member offered to fill my reusable cup with water even before we had placed our order!

dim sum and food from Mean Bao in toronto

As our Toronto dim sum was being prepared, the staff engaged with us, asking about our music preferences and playing our favorite tunes. It created a cozy and personalized dining experience that made us eager to return. Speaking of the food, we ordered three types of bao buns (pork belly, chicken, and braised beef), a three treasures rice bowl, and siu mai. Each dish was absolutely delicious!

chinese bread from Mean Bao in toronto

The pork belly bao stood out for its perfectly cooked meat that wasn’t overly greasy. The three treasures rice bowl was excellent, featuring pork belly, chicken, and braised beef on a bed of flavorful purple rice, complemented by edamame, bok choy, and a delightful onsen egg. We also shared the siu mai, which had a whole shrimp inside some of them and was equally tasty.

dim sum bread and noodles served at Mean Bao dim sum restaurant in toronto

Mean Bao is truly a cool and charming spot. The bao buns were packed with flavor, with the braised beef and pork belly being our favorites. The dumplings were also a hit, offering a burst of deliciousness. However, what sets this place apart is the staff member who works there. 

siew mai in a take out box from Mean Bao

Their infectious happiness, helpful recommendations, and genuine concern for our enjoyment made our visit even more memorable. We highly recommend checking out Mean Bao, and we can’t wait to try more of their offerings when we’re in the area again.

take out tofu dishes and rice from Mean Bao


Address: 167 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 1Y9


2. House Of Gourmet

outside signage of House Of Gourmet

House of Gourmet is my go-to spot for dim sum in downtown Toronto. The shrimp and chive pancake is an absolute must-try, along with their delectable egg tarts. It’s undeniably one of the best places in the city for Cantonese cuisine.

During my visit, our server, Cindy, provided exceptional service. She was attentive, welcoming, and even assisted us with substitutions for our meal, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience. We started with the Fish Maw and Crab Soup, which was a fantastic choice. The Sweet and Sour Pork Chops were incredibly juicy and tender, while the Yin Yang Fried Rice satisfied those craving creamy sauces. The fried lobster was cooked to perfection, making it easy to extract the tender meat. I’m already looking forward to my next meal at House of Gourmet.

House Of Gourmet inside

This Cantonese restaurant consistently delivers solid Toronto dim sum, although I have noticed a slight drop in quality post-COVID. Nevertheless, the classic Cantonese offerings and reasonable prices make it worth returning. The Lobster and Duck combo specials are especially great for groups of three or more. Additionally, their specialty of deep-fried pork intestine is a must-try.

congee fried noodle char keuy teow and more from House Of Gourmet

The service and Toronto dim sum at House of Gourmet are commendable. Despite the restaurant being packed, we experienced a short wait for a table. We savored the flavors of their roast goose, roast pork, char siu, wontons/sui-kau, and tung-choy, all of which were executed well and delicious. The prices were decent for the quality of food provided.

While I personally enjoyed the BBQ pork and fried rice, I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the other dishes, particularly finding the soup to be bland. It was odd that our meat was served cold, and when I requested it to be hot, I received some strange looks, but the overall experience was still decent.

fried carrot cake served at House Of Gourmet in toronto

The service, albeit slow, was not unfriendly, considering the crowded nature of the restaurant. The affordability in relation to the value of the dishes is a standout aspect of House of Gourmet and one of my favorite aspects of this place.

For those seeking vegetarian options, House of Gourmet offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices. We savored egg rolls, moo shoo pork, chicken and beef sizzling plates, Chinese greens with oyster sauce, soup, and paired it with a couple of glasses of red wine. The popularity of this restaurant and the reasonable prices make it a go-to for Chinese cuisine, especially for those looking for a comparable experience to Chinese restaurants in Markham/Richmond Hill.

dumpling soup noodle from House Of Gourmet

While I found the BBQ to be slightly saltier than desired, particularly the roast pork and duck with a soy sauce-like sauce, the rest of the menu proved to be consistently solid and perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Lastly, if you have any dietary or allergy restrictions, I recommend bringing someone who can communicate in Chinese to clearly convey your preferences. While English communication is possible, it is easier to communicate effectively in Chinese.


Address: 484 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G9

3. Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

ambiance inside Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant is my go-to place for a satisfying dim sum experience. The restaurant’s spacious layout provides reassurance during the pandemic.

morning dim sum selection at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

The Toronto dim sum at Dim Sum King usually arrives quickly, and even though the service staff have limited English proficiency, they still manage to provide good service.

chicken feet from Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

Occasionally, certain menu items may be out of stock, and it would be helpful to know beforehand. However, the authentic Cantonese dim sum with generous portions more than makes up for it. The dim sum is served piping hot and bursting with flavor. I highly recommend trying the beef noodles, as they are cooked with intense heat, giving them that coveted “wok hay” taste. The beef itself is tender and melts in your mouth. The congee is thick and smooth, and all the dim sum dishes are made with fresh ingredients. The only downside is that the table we sat at had a slight slant at the edge, making us cautious about resting our hands too firmly on it. Overall, it was an enjoyable Toronto dim sum at the restaurant.

fried dim sum series served at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant in toronto

Dim Sum King offers an authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum experience, complete with pushcarts and delicious, generously portioned dishes. While the prices may be slightly higher, the quality of the food definitely justifies it. This place is highly recommended for all dim sum lovers.

basket tray of pia guat at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

The restaurant recreates the atmosphere of dining in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia with their no-frills dim sum service. Pushing around carts filled with freshly made steamed dim sum and stir-fried dishes, the experience truly transports you. The Toronto dim sum portions are satisfying, and everything is cooked to order. Personally, I can’t get enough of their shrimp and chive dumplings—they’re absolutely delicious.

small food at Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant

The prices are competitive, and the servers are attentive, with proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. While we made a reservation and found the restaurant not too crowded on a Saturday at 2 pm, I’ve heard that others have had to queue for a table during walk-ins. The authenticity of the Chinese food at Dim Sum King is remarkable, and the service is prompt and friendly. It’s the perfect place to enjoy Toronto dim sum with family and friends, and I’ll definitely be returning.


Address: 421 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W4

4. Rol San Restaurant

outdoor led sign at Rol San Restaurant

Rol San Restaurant is the go-to spot for authentic dim sum in downtown Toronto. It’s widely regarded as one of the best dim sum places in the city, and rightfully so. The Toronto dim sum is on point, with generous portion sizes and affordable prices. While the mandatory $1.5 tea fee and 15% tip included in the bill may make it slightly more expensive, the overall experience is worth it, especially considering the convenient location.

more options of dim sum at Rol San Restaurant

The service and atmosphere are what you would expect from a typical dim sum spot, but the focus here is definitely on the delicious food. Cleanliness, particularly in the kitchen, is something they prioritize and it shows.

Personal favorites include the pan-fried short ribs, which are simply amazing. The service is usually efficient, and the food arrives quickly and fresh. If you haven’t tried Rol San Restaurant yet, it’s definitely worth a visit.

siu mai in basket tray at Rol San Restaurant

One thing to note is that they take spice levels seriously, so be mindful when requesting spiciness in your dishes. The restaurant is conveniently located near King Street West, making it a place I’ll definitely come back to.

egg plant dim sum at Rol San Restaurant toronto

The dim sum at Rol San Restaurant is incredibly fresh and bursting with flavor. Highly recommended items include the shiu-mai, haw-gow, chicken feet, deep-fried chive cake, and deep-fried spring rolls with shredded taro and pork. The seasoning is outstanding, making it stand out from other dim sum places. A must-try is their Mango pudding, which receives top marks.

dumpling soup from Rol San Restaurant toronto

The menu is easy to navigate, and the staff are supportive and attentive, making the ordering process a breeze.

Address: 388 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2G5

5. Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine

Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine stands out among other authentic Chinese restaurants due to its exceptional customer service. The staff is incredibly friendly and communicative, making dining here a pleasant experience. The Toronto dim sum, while tasty, offers a unique twist with upgraded dim sum options that differ from the traditional offerings. 

The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is delightful, with just the right amount of lighting and soothing music playing in the background, creating a charming ambiance. Undoubtedly, Moon Palace is my favorite Chinese restaurant in downtown Toronto.

chicken feet har gao and more from Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine

The cuisine is both delicious and authentic, with outstanding presentation. For my family, this restaurant has become our go-to choice for all special occasions. We always make sure to order their fried lobster, which is a standout dish, and my personal favorite is their famous oysters. While the duck and fish are also excellent, they come with a slightly higher price tag. The service at Moon Palace is exceptional. 

I often call ahead to make reservations, informing them about the need for extra space due to my baby’s stroller or bassinet, and they are always accommodating. Wilson, one of the staff members, is my favorite, as he recommends the best dishes, such as the black chicken herbal soup and the fish. Wilson is friendly and knowledgeable, adding to the overall dining experience. If you’re seeking quality food and service in a pleasant atmosphere, Moon Palace is the place to go. My only suggestion would be that they sometimes struggle to answer the phone due to busyness, so it may require a few attempts.

dim sum dish at Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine toronto

The restaurant combines modern and traditional cultural elements, with soft colors and a bright atmosphere. While these furnishings are commonly found in modern shopping mall or hotel restaurants in Chinese cities, they are not often seen in Chinese restaurants in North America. Upon being seated, the servers proactively and enthusiastically introduced some of the dishes to us. They were polite and proficient in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, providing a higher level of service compared to the average Chinese restaurant.

carrot cake at Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine

Apart from the impressive furnishings and service, the food at Moon Palace was delicious and beautifully presented. We ordered the roasted duck, the house fried rice, and two types of dim sum. The roasted duck was perfectly cooked, with crispy skin and an ideal amount for wrapping. The second dish, which included the duck bones and carcass, was generously portioned and flavorful. 

The house fried rice featured interesting ingredients and was creatively shaped like a mountain. The dim sum dishes were served in hexagonal steamer baskets. The tea was served in elegant china teacups with handles, a detail that I appreciated. The portions were ample, enough for three people, and we ended up taking home leftovers.

The only drawback was that the restaurant’s washrooms were undergoing maintenance, requiring us to use the facilities in the mall/atrium, which were inconveniently located one storey below and challenging to find. Hopefully, the maintenance work will be completed soon.

chee cheong fun from Moon Palace Cantonese Cuisine

Considering the overall experience, our meal at Moon Palace was not cheap, amounting to approximately $80 per person after taxes and tips. However, it could have been reduced had we skipped the fried rice or dim sum dishes and still felt satisfied. If you visit solely for dim sum, the bill would likely be significantly lower. 

Although an $80 meal is not something I can afford regularly given my current income, I highly recommend Moon Palace due to the quality of the roasted duck and other elements of the restaurant. It’s a perfect choice for an occasional splurge, and there are still ways to make the meal more affordable.


Address: Atrium on Bay, 40 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5G 2C2

6. Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

seat facing the window at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

For a refreshing change from traditional dim sum, Sue Fung’s Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂 is the place to be. The bright and airy dining room features a fast-food-style counter for placing orders, while dim sum is served at the other end of the room, complete with a condiments table. 

rich platters of dim sum at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

The spacious seating area caters to various party sizes, with a vibrant but not overly noisy ambiance. While prices may be on par with high-end dim sum restaurants in the city, Sue Fung’s makes up for it with quality and novelty.

dim sum on wooden plate at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

The menu offers unique twists on classic dim sum dishes. The fried tentacles, for instance, incorporate bits of oat, adding an interesting texture. The egg tarts surprise with their liquid-y consistency and bold flavor, accompanied by a buttery and consistent pastry base. The lotus leaf-wrapped sticky rice is delightfully moist with generous fillings. For those seeking a bit of heat, the fragrant chili oil provided is a must-try.

abalone dim sum at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

Sue Fung’s is a solid choice for those seeking a different Sunday brunch experience, although it comes at a premium compared to traditional Toronto dim sum spots in the city. 

sesame balls served at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂

The Toronto dim sum flavors are exceptional, and the textures are delicate, making every bite a delight. However, it’s worth noting that the service may be a bit slow, as there is only one person attending to all patrons, resulting in longer wait times. Hopefully, they will have additional help in the future. Despite this, the delicious food and great service make Sue Fung’s a place to return to.

dim sum box at Sue Fung's Dimsum Canteen 小鳯食堂 toronto

Personal favorites include the juicy Siu Mai, the light and not overly sticky Lo Mai Gai, and the super crispy spring rolls. The egg tarts, with their flaky and buttery crusts, come highly recommended. The food at Sue Fung’s is fresh and flavorful, accompanied by excellent service and a clean and spacious environment. It’s a place that will definitely entice a return visit for further exploration of their menu.

Address: 356 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S6

7. Dine & Dim

interior of Dine & Dim in toronto for dim sum

Dine & Dim has quickly become my new go-to spot for excellent quality dim sum. The pan-fried shrimp and chive dumplings, in particular, were my absolute favorite. The restaurant has a unique atmosphere, with an ‘in-between’ vibe as you pass through the upstairs bar to the bathroom.

inner seat at Dine & Dim

I’ve tried both their dim sum and dinner menu, and overall, it’s pretty decent. The restaurant has undergone a clean makeover, resulting in a comfortable dining experience. The dim sum offerings were fresh and included all the essential dishes. While the dinner menu is somewhat limited, the Toronto dim sum was still quite satisfying. We may have ordered a bit too much, but leftovers are always a treat! 

different dim sum choices at Dine & Dim

The black pepper short ribs stole the show for me, with their melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and the fresh ginger adding a delightful kick. I had been eager to try the green beans with minced pork and they did not disappoint. The deep-fried tentacles are always a must-order item for me as well. The service was great and prompt too. In the photo, you can see some of the dishes we enjoyed, including Har Gow, Siu Mai, Deep-Fried Octopus Tentacles, Black Pepper Short Ribs, Ginger Chicken, and Pineapple.

crab claw dim sum at Dine & Dim

The Har Gow dumplings were generously stuffed with shrimp, the Siu Mai were flavorful, and the shrimp rice noodle rolls were a hit. We also tried the deep-fried shrimp with salad, which was perfectly crispy and bursting with flavor. The menu had a variety of other lunch items, and we couldn’t resist ordering the XO noodles, which turned out to be delicious. The only slight disappointment was that the Char Siu Baos could have had a higher ratio of BBQ pork to dough, and it would have been great if they offered a few more options like ham sui gok, wu gok, or BBQ pork rice noodle rolls.

close up har gao from Dine & Dim

The ambiance and decor inside the restaurant are more modern, clean, and thoughtfully designed compared to typical Toronto dim sum spots I’ve visited. Although the total bill was slightly higher compared to other places in Chinatown, we didn’t mind it at all considering the unique dining experience, the quality of the food, and the nicer decor.


Address: 633 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Y2

8. Lee Chen Asian Bistro

wooden interior of Lee Chen Asian Bistro toronto

Lee Chen Asian Bistro is my absolute favorite go-to place, especially when I have tickets for the symphony. Its location is perfect, and the consistently amazing Toronto dim sum is a bonus. I’ve been here for every concert this season and have tried numerous dishes, each one cooked to absolute perfection. During my last visit, I had the shrimp fried rice, which ranks among the best I’ve ever had. The rice grains were perfectly separate, and the shrimp had a delightful al dente texture. The staff is always friendly and hardworking, ensuring that we receive our orders quickly and allowing us to never be late for the symphony.

steamed xiao long bao from Lee Chen Asian Bistro in toronto

The food at Lee Chen Asian Bistro is great, and the staff provides excellent service with a friendly demeanor. I’ve been there twice so far and have enjoyed their pork and tofu dish, which is really tasty. The soup dumplings are a must-try. I definitely plan on going back, and I appreciate the beautiful oasis-like patio in the front with a fountain.

meat bowls from Lee Chen Asian Bistro

I had an amazing experience at this place! The soup dumplings were simply fantastic, and my friend claimed they were the best he had ever tasted. We were delighted by the cute little robot delivering our food. The seating process was efficient, and the food arrived promptly within 20 minutes. I ordered the salt and pepper chicken along with the soup dumplings.

sesame balls from Lee Chen Asian Bistro

Lee Chen Asian Bistro is one of my favorite Toronto dim sum. The food is incredibly tasty, with a wide selection ranging from dim sum dishes like soup dumplings and pan-fried dumplings to noodles and larger dishes such as beef noodle soup, black pepper beef, and sweet and sour fish, which happen to be some of my personal favorites. 

hot and sour soup from Lee Chen Asian Bistro

Everything I’ve tried here is fresh and delicious. The prices are reasonable, especially considering it’s located in downtown Toronto. The clean environment and friendly service always make dining here an enjoyable experience.


Address: 214 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3S6

9. Bao Bao Express

front view of Bao Bao Express

Bao Bao Express exceeded our expectations with their delicious selection of individual steam buns, orange chicken, and dim sum. The orange chicken sauce was simply mouthwatering, and we generously coated our chicken with it. The dim sum was incredibly fresh, with soft wrappers and flavorful fillings. The pork steam buns stood out as they were exceptionally fresh and still warm. The taste was absolutely amazing, and we were impressed with the reasonable prices of all the Toronto dim sum.

Although we opted for takeout this time, we were intrigued by the comfortable chairs inside the restaurant and plan to dine in next time when we have more time to spare.

Bao Bao EBao Bao Express dim sum tray in torontoxpress dim sum tray in toronto

Bao Bao Express is a hidden culinary gem that I highly recommend exploring if you’re in search of delectable dim sum and a delightful assortment of Asian cuisines. Located on Bloor Street, this unassuming eatery has won me over with its exceptional dim sum and impeccable service. From the moment I entered, I was greeted with warmth and genuine hospitality from the friendly staff. 

fried variety from Bao Bao Express

Their genuine smiles and kind demeanor instantly made me feel welcome and valued as a guest. The team at Bao Bao Express goes the extra mile to create a welcoming atmosphere, and their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every interaction. As a delightful surprise, I was even treated to complimentary sesame balls, a delightful ending to my meal!

Bao Bao Express specializes in take out dim sum in toronto

Now, let’s turn our attention to the star of the show—the dim sum! Bao Bao Express offers an impressive array of bite-sized culinary delights that are sure to enchant your taste buds. Each steamed parcel is a masterpiece, carefully crafted with the freshest ingredients and bursting with flavors that transport you to culinary paradise.

The dim sum menu at Bao Bao Express caters to both traditionalists and adventurous foodies. Classic favorites like steamed shrimp dumplings and pork siu mai coexist with innovative creations like the house special hot sauce, made fresh daily. Every dish is a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, showcasing the culinary expertise of the talented chefs.

char siew bao from bao bao express in toronto

Beyond the exceptional food, the staff at Bao Bao Express excel in efficiency and attentiveness, enhancing the overall dining experience. They possess extensive knowledge of the menu and are always ready to provide recommendations or accommodate dietary preferences and allergies, including gluten-free options. The servers navigate the bustling restaurant with grace, ensuring that each table receives prompt and personalized service without compromising on quality.

prawn in wrap at bao bao express

The ambiance at Bao Bao Express is inviting and unpretentious, making it an ideal setting for intimate gatherings or casual meet-ups with friends.

Bao Bao Express shines brightly in the realm of dim sum, offering an unforgettable dining experience with their exceptional cuisine and genuine hospitality. From the tantalizing flavors to the warm and friendly staff, this hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone seeking culinary delights. Whether you’re a dedicated dim sum enthusiast or simply in search of remarkable food, Bao Bao Express will leave you yearning for more.


Address: 2298 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P2

10. Mother's Dumplings, Chinese Dim Sum Toronto

Mother's Dumplings front store

Ever since my first visit to Toronto years ago, I’ve been in love with Mother’s Dumplings. The Toronto dim sum here is absolutely amazing, and it’s no wonder the place is always bustling with customers. The prices are fair, the service is quick, and you’re never left disappointed. If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, especially dumplings, this is a must-visit spot. They make their dumplings fresh in the kitchen.

trays of Mother's Dumplings dim sum on the table

Mother’s Dumplings is a classic establishment on Spadina. If you’re a dumpling lover, this is the place for you! They offer a wide variety of options, including pan-fried, steamed, and boiled dumplings. The potato pancakes and steamed buns are my personal favorites. Every dish is cooked to perfection, and the flavors are truly delightful. The service is great, and the food is served promptly.

siew mai and fried dumpling from Mother's Dumplings

During our visit, we tried the eggplant entree, bok choy tofu steamed dumplings, and boiled chive dumplings for the vegetarian options. We also enjoyed the sesame balls. What stood out was that they served Chinese tea as soon as we were seated. The atmosphere is pleasant, with enough space to move around. 

plates of dishes at Mother's Dumplings

You can even see the chefs preparing the Toronto dim sum, which adds to the overall experience. It’s worth noting that they accept all types of payments, unlike some nearby dumpling houses that are cash only. This was one of the reasons we ended up choosing Mother’s Dumplings.

pau dishes in a tray at Mother's Dumplings toronto

In my opinion, Mother’s Dumplings offers the most authentic and light Toronto dim sum in all of Chinatown. It never disappoints. The dumplings are hand-wrapped right in front of customers, and you even have the option to purchase them as frozen food items. The homemade sauces and kimchi are a delightful accompaniment. If you’re a dumpling enthusiast like me, you absolutely need to give this place a try. They offer a variety of options, including vegan and vegetarian choices.


Address: 421 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2G6

11. R&D

incredible wall mural inside R&D chinese dim sum place in toronto

R&D provided me with one of the best dining experiences of my life, and it’s no wonder it’s recognized as a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant. I visited with a large group, and the Toronto dim sum served family style was absolutely outstanding. From appetizers to main dishes to dessert, every bite was delicious. The drinks were creative and equally impressive.

ceiling lights and wall mural at R&D chinese food restaurant

The service at R&D was top-notch, with attentive and friendly staff. The ambiance was inviting and upscale, creating the perfect atmosphere for a memorable dining experience. The mushroom fried rice, made with six different mushrooms, stood out as one of the best I’ve had in the city. The high ceilings, industrial contemporary decor, lighting, and wall art added to the overall appeal. It was the cozy yet cool date night experience my partner and I were seeking in a family-style restaurant. Thank you, R&D, we’ll definitely be returning to explore more of the menu.

R&D dim sum restaurant toronto

The environment at R&D is amazing, especially when seated in front of the chefs. The food is phenomenal, and the drinks are delightful. The Char Siu dish and sauce were personal favorites, and I can’t wait to try the Peking duck next time. Seeing the chef slicing it right in front of me was a sensory delight.

dim sum served at R&D

Sitting on the chef’s rail was a great experience. The Toronto dim sum was excellent, and it exceeded my expectations considering the price point. The portions were satisfying, and I happily enjoyed the leftovers the next day.

R&D is worth every penny. Each dish surprised and delighted me, despite their simple ingredient lists. Chef Eric Chong’s creations were fresh, innovative, and a true feast for the taste buds. We had the privilege of sitting at the bar, witnessing Chef Eric Chong in action, and he was also incredibly kind.

peking duck served at R&D toronto

The beef tartare at R&D is uniquely different from the traditional version, and it makes for a fantastic starter. The funguo dumplings with truffles are a must-try for truffle lovers. As for the drinks, Buddha’s Secret Passion stood out as the best, while Emotional Damage offered a spicy kick once the ice melted.

Truly one of the best place to go to for Chinese dim sum.


Address: 241 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2E2

12. Asian Legend

interior of Asian Legend in toronto

Asian Legend is a go-to spot for me when it comes to satisfying beef soup noodles. The rich broth, thick noodles, and tender beef never disappoint. The xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings, are absolutely delicious, although not featured in the picture. 

We also ordered other Shanghainese dishes like won ton soup and steamed dumplings, and they were all great. This place is known for their steamed soup dumplings, and they truly live up to the reputation. While the overall Toronto dim sum is good, I must admit that the atmosphere falls short compared to their larger locations in Markham. 

bean curd dim sum Asian Legend

Located in downtown, Asian Legend is a great spot with an impressive menu of Chinese dishes. It’s always popular, which is not surprising. On this visit, we tried their Steamed Soup-filled Dumplings with Crab Meat and Pork. The broth could have had a stronger and more aromatic flavor, but it was still a decent choice. 

The Noodles with Minced Pork in Peking Sauce were absolutely delicious, with an incredible bite and texture. And let’s not forget the Camphor Smoked Duck, which was amazing if you’re a fan of duck. Some pieces were slightly dry, but that’s just me being picky. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Toronto dim sum here, especially the crispy skin duck that uses all parts of the duck. The other dishes we had were also good, making it a great option for family gatherings. 

big juicy siew mai at Asian Legend

The service we received was great. We ordered their fried rice, beef patty, and kungpao chicken. The fried rice had a nice chewy texture and wasn’t too oily. The beef patty was filled with flavorful meat. The Kung Pao chicken was good overall, although the peanuts in it were a bit stale. Despite that, I would still recommend this place. The atmosphere is relaxing and quiet, providing a pleasant dining experience.

tofu served at Asian Legend restaurant in toronto

I must say, the Toronto dim sum here is delicious, and the atmosphere is nice as well. We had the chance to sit in a private seating area downstairs, and despite the restaurant being busy, the staff was incredibly polite and courteous. I would definitely come back here again.

The restaurant has a nice clean and modern decor. It maintains a consistent quality standard that you would expect from the Asian Legend chain. They offer a mix of Northern Chinese fare and a few new Cantonese items. My go-to dishes here are the braised beef noodle soup, pot stickers, and steamed soup-filled pork dumplings.

green dim sum at Asian Legend

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food and fast service, Asian Legend is the place to go. They have a unique ordering system where you write down your order on a piece of paper, and the waiter comes back to pick it up. It adds to the efficient and fast-paced dining experience.


Address: 418 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G2

13. Soya Mandarin Kitchen

interior layout of Soya Mandarin Kitchen

I discovered Soya Mandarin Kitchen while exploring the area and looking for a nice place to have dinner with friends. The restaurant impressed us with its spacious and bright ambiance, offering plenty of seating. Despite being a Wednesday night, the atmosphere felt cozy and quaint.

Soya Mandarin Kitchen in toronto

We decided to try the chicken and rice, shrimp dim sum, and duck breast. The Toronto dim sum was quickly served, and we were pleased with the value and flavors. The duck, in particular, stood out and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely return for more of their delicious duck and to explore other dishes and drinks on their menu.

classic siew mai from Soya Mandarin Kitchen

One interesting aspect is that each day of the week features a special signature dish, which is both tasty and a good value. We opted for half a Peking duck for our party of four, along with other dishes. While the taste was good, the duck leaned towards the drier side, and I would have preferred the skin and fat pieces to be separated.

chinese egg tart dim sum at Soya Mandarin Kitchen

The other dishes we tried were also enjoyable, especially the fried noodles. To our surprise, the owners were incredibly kind and even treated us to free egg tarts before we left. The chili wontons were covered in a flavorful chili oil with a hint of spice and numbing sensation. The filling, consisting of pork and shrimp, tasted great and had a satisfying crispness.

dim sum variety served at soya mandarin kitchen dim sum restaurant in toronto

The pork dish was fried to a nice crisp, although I found the batter-to-meat proportions slightly off. The larger chunks of pork were juicy, while the thinner ones were slightly tougher. The dish was topped with a thick and slightly sweet vinegar sauce.

Soya Mandarin Kitchen may be a low-key and hidden gem, but the food exceeded our expectations. The staff was friendly, and I highly recommend giving them a try.


Address: 31 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1

14. Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

awesome ambiance in Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine offers a beautiful view of the harbor, making it a nice place to dine. The service is excellent, and overall, the Toronto dim sum is tasty. While I don’t usually eat Siu Mai, I found theirs quite enjoyable. However, the eggplant dish was just average.

shrimp dim sum at Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

To secure a seat by the window, it’s advisable to reserve a table ahead of time. The restaurant is a nice fine dining establishment located near the lake. During our visit, we thoroughly enjoyed the view while having dinner. The food was great, and the staff was very courteous. The dishes arrived piping hot, and the service was quick.

The location of the restaurant is pretty nice, offering a great view of the lake. The place itself is clean and spacious. The menu is extensive, providing a variety of choices for Toronto dim sum. The service was prompt, and the food was served hot. I would definitely consider going back there.

variety of dim sum with a view from Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

I must say, the food at Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine is absolutely delicious! The staff is incredibly friendly and efficient, ensuring that the tables are clean and well-maintained. The combination of delicious food and the stunning view makes dining here truly worthwhile. We had the pleasure of trying the chicken with pepper, ginger, and pineapple, as well as the seafood assorted combination with snow peas. 

dim sum from Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine toronto

Both dishes were outstanding! We also indulged in the hot and sour soup and the shrimp and pork dumplings, which were absolutely phenomenal. If you happen to be near the harbor and want to enjoy a nice dinner with a great view of the lake, I highly recommend checking out this restaurant.

egg tart at Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine in toronto

The highlights of our meal were the Toronto dim sum, tofu skin with shrimp and pork, and shrimp and chive dumplings. The spicy green beans were also a relish. While some of the dim sum dishes were fairly standard, they were still tasty and freshly prepared. I would definitely come back again, considering the great service we received as well. The overall dining experience was delightful, except for the dessert. Personally, I would prefer the Stir-Fried Green Beans, Eggplant Casserole, and Fried Beef. Surprisingly, my personal favorite turned out to be the hello kitty mango pudding dessert. 

pier view from Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine

The chicken dish was also a standout, with its crispy exterior and juicy interior. It’s worth noting that the sweet and sour pork came with bones, so be prepared for that. The shrimp toast was truly the best I have ever had, boasting an abundance of fresh and flavorful shrimp. Each dish presented a depth of flavors that was simply amazing. The spectacular view of the water added to the dining experience, making it an unforgettable location. Moreover, the attentive and caring staff truly enhanced our time there. Their exceptional service comes highly recommended!


Address: 207 Queens Quay W #200, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7

15. Dasha, Dim Sum Restaurant Toronto

dasha interior

Dasha was a new experience for us, and we were immediately drawn in by the enjoyable atmosphere. Anthony, our server, provided exceptional service, recommending delectable dishes and delicious cocktails. 


The Brussel sprouts were an absolute delight, and we couldn’t get enough of the flavorful Dan Dan noodles, sushi, and pineapple chicken. Thank you, Anthony, for making our dining experience truly wonderful. We’re already looking forward to returning soon!

variety of dasha dim sum from toronto

We absolutely loved this spot! The mood was upbeat and trendy, creating a fabulous dining experience. The Toronto dim sum and drinks offered exciting new flavors and were presented with unrivaled style. It was the perfect place to kick-start a fun night out in the city. Despite the high-end feel of the experience, the bill was surprisingly reasonable.

dasha xiao long bao

During our visit, we indulged in the chicken katsu bao, soup dumplings, and millionaire fried rice. The fried rice stood out as one of the best dishes of its kind that I’ve ever had. The restaurant’s interior was also beautifully designed. It had a vintage Asian vibe, reminiscent of a 60s or 70s Asian restaurant. The service was excellent, with our server patiently guiding us through the menu and highlighting popular items. 

dasha toronto dimsum

Opting for shareable dishes was the perfect choice for our group. The Wagyu surf ‘n’ turf was simply amazing, and the millionaire rice was also a standout. Additionally, the holiday feature, tuna crispy rice, exceeded our expectations. The cocktail menu offered a range of awesome choices, and I particularly enjoyed the gin cocktail. As an interesting bonus, the restaurant even had private karaoke rooms upstairs, which perfectly complemented the Asian theme. If you’re looking for something different in downtown Toronto, I highly recommend giving Dasha a try.

har gao from Dasha dim sum restaurant in toronto


Address: 620 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6

Toronto offers a diverse and vibrant Toronto dim sum scene with a range of options to satisfy any craving. From traditional and authentic spots like Mean Bao and Mother’s Dumplings, to modern and innovative establishments like R&D and Soya Mandarin Kitchen, dim sum lovers are spoiled for choice. 

Whether you’re seeking classic Cantonese dishes like shrimp dumplings, steamed buns, and BBQ pork, or looking to try unique variations and flavors, there’s something for everyone. 

Toronto dim sum restaurants not only deliver on taste, but also provide excellent service, comfortable atmospheres, and reasonable prices. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the dim sum offerings in Toronto is a delightful culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more. 

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