best italian restaurant toronto with cool ambiance

13+ Outstanding Italian Restaurant Toronto With Cool Atmosphere

Welcome to the enchanting world of Italian cuisine in Toronto, where I invite you to join me on a culinary adventure. As a passionate food lover, I have had the pleasure of exploring the diverse Italian restaurants that grace this vibrant city. From charming family-owned trattorias to upscale fine dining establishments, Italian restaurant Toronto offers a myriad of options to indulge in the rich flavors and traditions of Italy. Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance, where rustic decor or elegant settings transport you to the heart of Italian culture. 

Let your taste buds dance with delight as you savor homemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and irresistible desserts. The chefs in these restaurants are true maestros, infusing every dish with their expertise and passion. So, come along and experience the culinary treasures that await you in Toronto’s Italian restaurants, where each bite tells a story and every meal is an unforgettable experience.

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Outstanding Italian Restaurant Toronto That Will Impress

1. Trattoria Mercatto

outside of Trattoria Mercatto

Trattoria Mercatto provided a delightful experience in every aspect. The spacious, well-lit, and tastefully decorated ambiance with ample seating created an inviting atmosphere. It felt like a genuine escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, making it the perfect spot for a warm afternoon meal.

interior view of Trattoria Mercatto

The pizza itself was a delight to the taste buds. Its thin and crispy crust perfectly complemented the fresh and flavorful toppings. The menu offered a wide variety of options, catering to all tastes, ranging from classic Margherita to more adventurous creations with unique ingredients such as truffle oil and arugula.

duck salad from Trattoria Mercatto italian restaurant toronto

However, what truly impressed me was the extensive selection of draft beer. This Italian restaurant Toronto had an impressive range of brews on tap, each with its own distinct flavor profile. The staff demonstrated their knowledge and passion for beer, readily providing recommendations and answering any questions we had.

dry carbonara from Trattoria Mercatto italian food toronto

The staff’s attentiveness and efficiency were remarkable. Despite the weekend dine-in rush, our server promptly attended to us, ensuring our glasses remained full and addressing our needs. The overall service was excellent, reflecting the staff’s pride in their work and genuine care for their customers.

arancini at Trattoria Mercatto italian restaurant

In conclusion, I highly recommend this Italian restaurant Toronto to anyone seeking a memorable dining experience. With its wonderful dine-in and patio options, a great selection of draft beer, and attentive staff, it stands out as a true gem in the city.

pizza with ham and salt Trattoria Mercatto

Additionally, Trattoria Mercatto offers a variety of vegetarian options, including great veggie pizza dishes.


Address: 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1

2. Little Anthony's

outside view of Little Anthony's in toronto

Little Anthony’s provided an absolutely superb dining experience. As an Italian food lover, I highly recommend this place! The food was beyond good, and the service was amazing. The staff was extremely hospitable and attentive. We started with the BBQ shrimp salad as an appetizer, and it was one of the best shrimp salads I’ve ever had in my life. The pasta dishes were also amazing. This Italian restaurant Toronto is a must-visit for incredible Italian cuisine.

Little Anthony's interior view

The Italian restaurant Toronto is cute, the service is good, and the food is tasty. It’s conveniently located near the opera house. Please note that the menu listed on Google Maps is outdated, so check their website for the current menu. I ordered the PROVIMI VEAL PICCATA, and my partner had the Lamb Ragu. For dessert, we shared a cappuccino gelato, which was delicious. Overall, it was an excellent meal.

Little Anthony's tiramisu cake

We chose to sit at the bar, and the service there was decent. I had the pappardelle with lamb ragu, and it was fantastic. The Caesar salad was also excellent. The portion size of the entree wasn’t huge, but it was delicious and satisfying. The wine list at the Italian restaurant Toronto here mainly consisted of Italian wines, which was not surprising. However, it’s worth mentioning that Little Anthony’s doesn’t have a children’s menu and doesn’t seem very accommodating towards younger kids. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend it for families with young children. But overall, it’s a nice Italian restaurant.

Little Anthony's seafood spaghetti in toronto

Regarding kid-friendliness, I observed that they don’t have a children’s menu and don’t seem interested in serving children. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for families with younger kids. However, I did notice a few older children and teenagers dining there, and they seemed to be doing fine.

Little Anthony's italian lentil dish

The hardworking and pre-arranged efforts of the staff at this classic establishment were evident. They provided consistently attentive and friendly service, and the dishes were prepared with high-quality ingredients. The fine-dining atmosphere had an unpretentious yet uniquely Italian charm. 

seafood salad at little anthony's italian restaurant

The Asian general manager was very friendly and enjoyed socializing with all the customers. The extensive wine selection and the staff’s knowledge about wines enhanced the overall dining experience. For these reasons and more, this Italian restaurant Toronto is a top choice for Italian food in downtown Toronto, if not the top choice.

Address: 121 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2K1

3. Donatello

Donatello italian restaurant toronto

Donatello is a fantastic and quaint Italian restaurant Toronto. The food is incredibly flavorful, prepared with fresh ingredients. We were greeted by a very friendly hostess who managed to find us a table on the upper patio, providing a lovely view of Elm St. What impressed me the most was the waiter’s detailed descriptions of each dish. The service was impeccable.

interior of Donatello in toronto

I opted for the seafood pasta, which was made fresh and bursting with flavor. My wife enjoyed a delicious caramelized salmon dish. The best part was that all the dishes were reasonably priced. Don’t forget to inquire about the daily specials.

pasta with ribs from Donatello in toronto

They have an extensive wine list at reasonable prices, offering a wide selection to choose from. During the summer, I highly recommend trying out the patio. It’s a nice spot in a quiet neighborhood. However, if you prefer dining indoors, keep in mind that the decor may be a bit outdated, but it still manages to create a cozy ambiance.

tortellini from Donatello

We had a delightful experience with attentive and friendly servers. We particularly loved the pasta and the salad was a nice addition. The bread and butter served before the meal were complimentary and the wine selection, although not extensive, was satisfactory. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience.

The food at this Italian restaurant Toronto is absolutely delicious. I highly recommend trying their gnocchi. Unfortunately, we couldn’t resist devouring it before taking a picture, but trust me, it’s divine. The rack of lamb was also succulent and mouthwatering. This place truly is a hidden gem. Despite the slightly outdated decor, it exudes a cozy, family-owned atmosphere.

creamy gnocchi from Donatello toronto

The warm bread served prior to our meal was delightful, although the butter was cold and hard, making it a bit challenging to spread. The caprese salad was tasty and provided a nice combination of flavors. We enjoyed dipping the bread in the remaining oil and vinegar. The pasta was also very good, although the shrimps and scallops were slightly overdone, resulting in a rubbery texture. It would have been nice to be offered more bread with our saucy pasta.

seafood and vegies from Donatello toronto

We ordered a pot of mussels and linguine in white sauce. Usually, white sauce-based pastas tend to be heavy, but this one was pleasantly creamy and light. We really liked it.


Address: 37 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1

4. Figo Toronto

interior view of Figo Toronto italian restaurant in toronto

Figo Toronto is truly one of the best restaurants I’ve visited in a while. The customer service is absolutely perfect! There was a kind Latina lady with beautiful long black hair who went out of her way to assist me and my family by speaking Spanish and making recommendations. 

pasta at Figo Toronto

The entire staff is incredibly helpful and genuinely committed to making your experience enjoyable. The Italian restaurant Toronto has a lovely bar where you can sit and enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. The music sets a great ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

egg benedict from Figo Toronto

Now, let’s talk about the food. Everything we had was delicious. The AAA steak was unbelievably tender and melt-in-your-mouth buttery. The chicken was juicy and full of flavor. The patata (potato dish) was also incredibly tasty. The only downside was the margherita pizza, which was overly oily on the bottom, almost drenched in oil. However, despite that, I would definitely come back for another visit!

grilled chicken from Figo Toronto

When you can get perfectly cooked al dente pasta with the perfect sauce, it’s an indescribably good experience. The main courses at Figo are simply outstanding. And let’s not forget about the desserts—they are even better! We tried the pink lemonade, which was refreshing and delightful. This place is top-tier!

grilled seabass and lemon from Figo Toronto

I absolutely loved the food at this Italian restaurant Toronto! I decided to try the rigatoni, and it was surprisingly spicy and creamy. For dessert, I indulged in the panna cotta and the affogato. The restaurant’s green and pink color scheme adds to the aesthetic appeal, creating a visually pleasing dining experience. The servers were sweet and understanding, especially when we had questions about the menu. I will definitely visit again and would love to explore their bar as well.

pizza and pasta from Figo Toronto

The interior and ambiance of Figo are absolutely gorgeous. The structure of the restaurant is something to appreciate. However, I found that the menu lacked a good variety of options, which made it challenging for me to decide what to order. While the cacio e pepe was good compared to other restaurants, none of the other dishes we ordered stood out as particularly special. The only item we truly enjoyed was the calamari fritti, which was flavorful and well-prepared.


Address: 295 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7

5. Carisma

Carisma has secured a spot as one of my favorite restaurants in Toronto, possibly even in the top three Italian restaurants in the city. The ambiance is sophisticated, romantic, and chill. Being a family-owned establishment, the owners are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

pappardelle of Carisma italian restaurant in toronto

The food at Carisma is simply delicious. They use simple ingredients of the highest quality. The pasta is homemade, the appetizers are exceptional, and the pastries are made in-house. It’s evident that the team works tirelessly to ensure everything feels fresh and authentically Italian.

fish and vegie dish from Carisma italian restaurant in toronto

Carisma is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a quick meal with a friend. The service is top-notch, and the Italian restaurant Toronto itself exudes class and beauty. I had the pleasure of dining here with my company for a team dinner. 

fruit custard from Carisma italian food

Although the overall atmosphere was a bit chaotic, it could be attributed to the fact that we had a large table positioned in the center of the Italian restaurant Toronto. Nonetheless, the service was good and attentive, with the staff providing excellent recommendations for both food and drinks.

caprese salad at Carisma toronto

Opinions varied among our group when it came to the main dishes of various pastas, such as ribbon pasta, gnocchi, and ravioli. Some found them to be just okay. However, the appetizers were a true delight. We ordered the beef carpaccio, grilled calamari, and tomato basil, all of which were delicious. The menu in Italian restaurant Toronto here offers a wide selection, allowing you to choose from various options. Those who opted for steak and lamb chops were particularly pleased with their meals.

Overall, I would highly recommend Carisma for a memorable dining experience.


Address: 15 Toronto St, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3

6. Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street

inside view of Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street in toronto

Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street offers delicious Italian food that never disappoints. The portion sizes are satisfying, and the service and staff’s attitude are commendable. The environment and atmosphere are enjoyable, making it the perfect place to chat and have drinks with friends. Personally, I’m a big fan of their pasta and pizza, and I can’t wait to visit again.

pasta with cream from Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street in toronto

Every time I dine at Scaddabush, I always order the Bolognese, and it consistently impresses me. The parmigiana and fresh pasta dishes keep me coming back for more. Additionally, the three cheese bread is the best starter.

pasta and arugula from Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street

It’s an ideal Italian restaurant Toronto for a family dinner, a date, or a work meeting because it accommodates everyone. We also shared the butcher pizza but ended up taking it home since we were already full from the starters. However, I couldn’t resist trying a small slice while it was still hot and fresh, and it was pretty good.

bruschetta from Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street toronto

In my opinion, Scaddabush is the best Italian restaurant Toronto I’ve ever been to. They make their pasta, dough, and mozzarella fresh every day, and you can truly taste the difference. The mozzarella appetizer was one of the best things I’ve ever had, so good that we ordered a second one to bring home! We tried a few different pasta dishes, and they were all amazing, but the crowd favorite was the carbonara. 

chicken sandwich served at Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street

Everything about this place was outstanding—the staff, the atmosphere, and even the prices, which were surprisingly reasonable considering the location and quality. I can’t praise this place enough. You really have to experience it for yourself.

creamy carbonara and Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Front Street toronto

During my visit, I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara, Calamari appetizer, and the black cherry bellini. The spaghetti was fantastic—rich, salty, and creamy. Even though I’m not usually a fan of calamari, I found the dish here to be light and enjoyable, especially when paired with the lemon aioli. For a chain restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the excellent service provided.


Address: 200 Front St W Unit #G001, Toronto, ON M5V 3J1

7. Eataly Toronto

Eataly Toronto lived up to my expectations as a big fan of Eataly. The modern decor with an Italian twist created a delightful ambiance. The store is filled with plenty of Italian products, including my favorite pistachio cream, a must-try. They also have a wide selection of wines and fresh vegetables.

mushroom cheese pizza of Eataly Toronto italian food

I appreciated the opportunity to sample various foods and drinks available throughout the store. Although it was a bit crowded during my visit, the bustling atmosphere added a nice vibe to the place.

One of the highlights for me was trying their delicious focaccia, which had an incredible flavor.

arancini of Eataly Toronto

What I really liked was the convenience of self-payment options. Instead of waiting in line, there were dedicated machines available for those who preferred this approach.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Eataly can be a bit pricey, so it’s important to consider this when planning a visit.

food from Eataly Toronto

In terms of vegetarian options, there are plenty of choices available, including a variety of pizzas and focaccia.

Now, let’s talk about the desserts. The tiramisu at Eataly is AMAZING! It’s creamy, and the sugar content is just right. It tasted like a perfect blend of cheese and egg white.

cannoli at Eataly Toronto

Over the weekend, I had a great time strolling through the mall at Eataly. It was a fun-filled day with fresh and great-tasting food options for everyone. The different areas within the store create a vibrant and unique experience, making you feel like you’re in Italy. The customer service was excellent, and it seemed like everyone was genuinely happy to be there.

During my visit, I couldn’t resist indulging in Eataly’s mouthwatering pizza. And to top it off, I treated myself to a delightful dessert from “Il Gelato Artigianale,” which consisted of a generous scoop of ice cream nestled within buns. It was not only visually appealing but also a delight for the taste buds.

tagliatelle of Eataly Toronto

While it’s true that this Italian restaurant Toronto prices tend to be higher compared to regular stores, the exceptional quality and variety of food make it worth the occasional splurge. The inviting ambiance and bustling atmosphere add to the overall charm of the place. If you’re a food lover who appreciates the finest ingredients, Eataly is definitely a must-visit. It’s a gastronomy paradise, offering a wide range of culinary delights to explore.

I highly recommend Eataly as a great place to find authentic Italian food. They have a wide selection of fresh food options, including pizza, pasta, and a tempting variety of desserts and gelato. After enjoying your meal, make sure to head downstairs to the Birroteca and try their in-house brews.


Address: Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W 1A6

8. Modus Ristorante

ambiance inside Modus Ristorante italian restaurant toronto

I recently went to Modus Ristorante with a group of friends for dinner, and it was an amazing experience. The food and drinks were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the watermelon salad, grilled calamari, and the lobster fettuccine in squid ink. Every dish was prepared with precision and tasted delicious. What truly stood out was the impeccable service. Our server was not only funny but also attentive, providing us with excellent recommendations. The owner of the Italian restaurant Toronto was courteous and kind, ensuring that we were well taken care of throughout our meal.

small italian dish served at Modus Ristorante

One of the conveniences of this Italian restaurant Toronto is the availability of underground parking in the same building, making it super convenient for diners. This place is perfect for business lunches or dinners, special occasions, or simply a night out with friends.

beef chunk italian style from Modus Ristorante

The food at Modus was not only delicious but also served in a timely manner. The desserts made in-house were simply incredible. Our server was amazing, displaying extensive knowledge of the menu and providing great drink pairings. She also made some excellent recommendations, enhancing our dining experience even more.

cake from Modus Ristorante

I can’t speak highly enough about the great food, ambiance, and services at Modus Ristorante. The majority of dishes were delicious, fresh, and executed with great precision. Some of my favorites include the grilled calamari, grilled prawns, and saffron risotto with seared scallops. The bread and side dishes were also quite satisfying.

scallop dish from Modus Ristorante

For those looking for a somewhat upscale setting for business lunches or dinner meetings, Modus Ristorante is a reasonably pleasant choice. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, it is conveniently close to offices in the financial district. The servers are friendly and attentive. 

cheese cake from Modus Ristorante toronto

I have personally tried some of their main dishes and highly recommend the Branzino (sea bass), tuna steak, and shrimp pasta. These dishes have become my go-to options, and I can vouch for their quality. Additionally, Modus Ristorante offers a good selection of Italian desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Address: 145 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1J8

9. Terroni

upper view of Terroni restaurant in toronto

Terroni is a hidden gem we stumbled upon, offering delicious Italian food at an affordable price. We ordered the Tonnarelli alla Norcina, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, Margherita Pizza, and Tiramisu. 

interior of Terroni

The Tonnarelli alla Norcina was a pasta dish with black truffle shavings, spicy sausage, Pecorino cheese, and garlic, cooked with Tonnarelli pasta. It was incredibly flavorful, with generous amounts of sausage, and the truffle shavings added an extra layer of depth to the dish. 

fritto misto served at Terroni in toronto

The Tagliatelle alla Bolognese featured flat pasta cooked in a meat sauce. Although the meat was lean, the flavors were spot-on. The Margherita Pizza, despite its simplicity, was expertly made, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Lastly, the Tiramisu was the perfect dessert, with espresso-soaked Savoiardi, mascarpone cream, and a dusting of cocoa. It was smooth and provided a satisfying end to the meal.

green ravioli from Terroni

The restaurant’s ambiance was beautiful, creating a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy our meal. We opted for vegetarian pasta and pizzas, and they were truly delicious, well worth trying.

close up of pasta from Terroni italian food

At times, the noise level was a bit high, but it was understandable considering the spacious rooms and background sounds of a bustling environment. However, the service we received was impeccable. The staff were attentive, thoughtful, and kind, ensuring that our dining experience was enjoyable.

seafood pasta of Terroni in toronto

Overall, this Italian restaurant Toronto provided a fantastic dining experience with its delicious food, beautiful ambiance, and attentive service. It’s definitely a place worth visiting for a satisfying and affordable Italian meal.


Address: 57 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1K6

10. Biagio Ristorante

outside view of Biagio Ristorante italian restaurant toronto

Biagio Ristorante provided us with a truly wonderful dining experience. The food was exceptional, beautifully presented, and incredibly delicious. Our server, Roberto, was friendly, engaging, and offered fantastic recommendations for both food and wine. 

outside seat area of Biagio Ristorante

The Italian restaurant Toronto had a bright and airy atmosphere, although it could benefit from a slight update in decor. One minor inconvenience was that the washrooms were not connected to the restaurant and were located in the building’s basement. The dim lighting in that area gave it a somewhat sketchy feel.

seafood and vegie dish from Biagio Ristorante

We opted for the winterlicious lunch menu, which included veal and calamari as the main courses. Both dishes were incredibly fresh and tender. I also appreciated the overall atmosphere of the Italian restaurant Toronto and the fact that the staff took the time to teach us how to pronounce the bill amount in Italian. It was a small but impressive touch that added to the friendly and welcoming vibe.

dish 2 from Biagio Ristorante

Biagio Ristorante is a nice establishment located in the heart of Downtown, with a decent patio area. The staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and assisted us in ordering a great selection of dishes. The warm cheesecake cake was an absolute standout!

favourite dish from Biagio Ristorante

Eating at this Italian restaurant Toronto felt like being back home in a village where locals would gather to enjoy a meal. The authenticity of the flavors and the passion behind the food was evident, thanks to the chefs who clearly appreciate this culinary art. The staff were incredibly friendly and didn’t hesitate to share their enthusiasm and dedication to the cuisine. And let’s not forget about the impressive wine list, which is a story I’d prefer you experience firsthand rather than hear from me.

creamy chocolate cake served at Biagio Ristorante toronto

Biagio Ristorante is a place that delivers an exceptional dining experience, combining delicious food, friendly service, and an inviting atmosphere. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this restaurant and discover the culinary delights it has to offer.


Address: 155 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1G9

11. Sud Forno

inside view of Sud Forno toronto

Sud Forno offers a delightful high-end food experience. I decided to bring my Italian friend along, and she absolutely loved it! To our surprise, the waitress even spoke Italian, adding to the authenticity of the place. Now, let’s talk about the peppers. 

steak and asparagus from Sud Forno in toronto

They were spicy, and I’m not talking about your regular spice level. They were incredibly hot, enough to make your mouth feel like it might fall off. Consider yourself warned! Despite the intense heat, the food and peppers were delicious, and I would definitely consider returning in the future.

ice cream croissant from Sud Forno

Speaking of deliciousness, I must mention their mushroom pasta. It was absolutely divine! The unexpected highlight was the coffee. I have to admit that it’s one of the best coffees I’ve had in Toronto. The Italian restaurant Toronto has a modern and pleasant atmosphere, making it a great place for a walk-in visit.

cheese truffle pasta from Sud Forno toronto

Sud Forno, an Italian-style bakery and pizzeria, is located in an old historical building in the central business district, just a block away from the Queen subway station. It’s the perfect spot to grab something quick or to-go. Keep in mind that it can get a bit crowded during lunch hours. However, if you’re in the mood for authentic pizza and sandwiches made with real bread, this is the place to go for lunch, dinner, or a snack. The service is usually fast and efficient. 

tiramisu in a jar at Sud Forno

On the other hand, when dining in, the staff truly deserves a generous tip for their excellent service.

I’ve been to this Italian restaurant Toronto multiple times, often for the grab-and-go section, and I always return for their amazing food. It truly offers an authentic Italian dining experience. The pizzas are freshly made daily, and their pastries and coffee are absolutely delicious. 

pizza slices from Sud Forno italian restaurant toronto

If you’re in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, I highly recommend trying the Calita from their summer menu if you’re a fan of mezcal. As for the food, I must admit that I haven’t explored the menu extensively as I tend to prefer lighter fare. However, my personal go-to is the caprese salad, and the burrata with fig special looks equally tempting.

Sud Forno is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of authentic Italian cuisine. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or dining in, the food and atmosphere are sure to leave you satisfied.


Address: 132 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 1X3

12. La Fenice

La Fenice has been on my “To-Eat” list for quite some time, and I finally had the opportunity to visit with a group of friends. I’m happy to say that it lived up to the hype, for the most part.

interior vibe of La Fenice italian restaurant in toronto

The Italian restaurant Toronto itself is not very large but is nicely decorated, although the dim lighting made it a little challenging for photography. The service was good, leaning towards the more formal side.

Now, let’s talk about the food. It was very good overall, with the veal rib being the standout dish of our meal. The spicy sautéed squid was excellent, and the shrimp entree, while delicious in taste and quality, only had five shrimp, which could create some anxiety about splitting the food equally on a first date (thankfully, not a problem I encountered myself, of course). 

mushroom pizza from La Fenice

As for me, I opted for the cheapest pizza option, trying to save a few bucks, and it turned out to be excellent. The taste was so satisfying that I didn’t even miss having any meat on it. The server provided classy service, although the ambience was a bit subdued during our Saturday lunch as there were hardly any other patrons. Nonetheless, the interior of the restaurant itself was quite nice.

La Fenice serving italian food called scampi

La Fenice is truly a great restaurant in every way. The menu in this Italian restaurant Toronto offers excellent options to suit everyone’s preferences. We chose the salmon and the New York sirloin, and both dishes were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. We started our meal with the grilled shrimp, and it was incredible. 

la fenice seafood pasta in toronto

Aside from the outstanding food, the service at La Fenice is truly top-notch. Our servers were attentive and provided the level of service one can only hope for. In today’s world, good service is hard to come by, but at La Fenice, you can be confident that the service is exceptional. Furthermore, the restaurant has a fantastic ambience, with a warm and enjoyable atmosphere. I cannot recommend this place enough, and I would gladly visit again without hesitation.

steak and vegetables served at La Fenice in toronto

The service at La Fenice was great, and they served fresh, traditional Italian cuisine. While the menu is small, there are a few off-menu items that you might want to inquire about. The decor is classic and intimate, with classical piano music playing softly in the background. The lighting sets a perfect mood for a romantic dining experience. Additionally, the wine list is not bad at all.

La Fenice exceeded my expectations with its great service, fresh Italian cuisine, and charming ambiance. It’s definitely a restaurant I would recommend, especially for those seeking a romantic and intimate dining experience.


Address: 319-A King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1J5

13. Gusto 101

skylight view of Gusto 101

Gusto 101 offers a spacious and industrial setting, where you can enjoy quality Italian dishes that cater to various tastes. The service is professional and energetic, adding to the overall dining experience. We decided to go for brunch and ordered two dishes along with drinks. Both portions were generous and freshly prepared. The eggs, which were free-range, had a rich and distinct flavor that elevated the dish. The pizza dough had a perfect texture, not too chewy but just right. 

outdoor seating of Gusto 101

However, I must admit that the seats at the smaller tables weren’t very comfortable, and the benches on the side seemed like a more cozy option. One notable feature of the Italian restaurant Toronto is the open kitchen, which adds to the lively atmosphere, albeit a bit noisy. Nonetheless, being able to see the dishes being prepared made it difficult to choose as they all looked incredibly tempting!

interior of Gusto 101 italian restaurant toronto

Following the recommendations, we ordered the mushroom pasta, and it truly lived up to the hype! The pasta was cooked to perfection, and the mushroom flavor was delicious without overpowering the dish. I would definitely return to Gusto 101 for this dish alone!

The high ratings and positive reviews for Gusto 101 are well deserved. We decided to try their popular items, including the mushroom truffle pasta, mushroom pizza, and tiramisu. The pasta was wonderfully creamy and delicious, truly a standout dish. And let’s not forget the rich and flavorful mushroom pizza. To end the meal, the tiramisu was a delightful treat.

octopus italian cuisine from Gusto 101

When it comes to the ambience, this Italian restaurant Toronto excels. The high ceilings and industrial loft finishes create a cool and trendy vibe. Now, let’s talk about the Malfade ai Funghi, which was simply amazing. It featured a combination of portobello, porcini, and oyster mushrooms, all cooked in a luscious truffle cream sauce. The portion sizes were just right, although the dish can be a bit heavy. Luckily, my friend ordered the Casarecce al Ragu to balance out the flavors. The mushroom pasta provided a rich and creamy experience, while the ragu had a more savory and acidic profile, thanks to the inclusion of iberico pork and tomato sauce.

meatball from Gusto 101

As an appetizer, we ordered the calamari fritti, which was a delight. The batter was thin, allowing the calamari to remain tender and flavorful. Every dish we ordered was delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the rustic design of the restaurant’s interior, especially with the open kitchen. The aroma of the food being cooked added to the overall sensory experience.

squid ring from Gusto 101

Finding street parking was a bit challenging, but luckily there was a private lot nearby for $20CAD. We visited Gusto 101 on a Monday afternoon before our flight, and we were seated immediately. I was thrilled to discover that Gusto 101 is open in the afternoons, providing a great way to end our trip in Canada.

Gusto 101 offers a fantastic dining experience with its delicious food, cool ambience, and attentive service. It’s a place I would highly recommend, especially for those looking to savor rich flavors and enjoy the rustic charm of the restaurant.


Address: 101 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N3

14. Taverna Mercatto

interior of Taverna Mercatto italian restaurant toronto

Taverna Mercatto exceeded all my expectations. The decor was excellent, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere from the moment we walked in.

The service was prompt and efficient, ensuring we didn’t have to wait long for our food and drinks. We decided to try the Beets and Ricotta Salad, Ricotta Gnocchi pasta, and Margherita pizza, and let me tell you, each dish was a perfect 10/10.

Taverna Mercatto seafood pasta

However, my absolute favorite was the Tiramisu. It was the perfect balance of flavors and textures, leaving me craving for more.

If you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, Taverna Mercatto is a must-visit. The space is great, with a cozy atmosphere that adds to the overall experience. The service was exceptional, with the staff always checking in on us and ensuring our wine glasses were never empty. While the food was outstanding, I would recommend ordering a variety of dishes to share. The wine selection was a bit pricey, but considering the location and atmosphere, it was worth it.

proscuito pizza at taverna mercatto

What surprised me the most was how delicious the food was. You could tell that every dish was prepared using fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection. We ordered three dishes, and each one was incredible. My personal favorite was the Orchiette Pugliese. It had a light and fresh taste, reminiscent of summer. The quality of the ingredients was evident, and the flavors melded together beautifully, without overpowering one another. The rapini and pine nut pesto with pepperoncini was simply divine. Although it wasn’t the dish I initially ordered, I loved it so much that I returned the next day to have it for lunch.

arancini served at Taverna Mercatto toronto

We also tried the Chitarra Alla Carbonara, and it completely changed my perception of carbonara. Often, carbonara can be heavy and overly salty, but this version was one of the best I’ve had in a while.

Lastly, we had the Tortiglioni alla Bolognese, which was recommended by our server Chanelle. She assured us that the veal and pork ragu wouldn’t have a gamey taste, so we gave it a try. Once again, the flavors were fresh and vibrant. The subtly sweet pasta complemented the spiced meat, and the dish was topped with fresh basil. It was a perfect marriage of flavors, with the pasta bringing a touch of sweetness while the veal and pork ragu added a delightful spiciness.

pasta and fries from Taverna Mercatto

Without a doubt, I highly recommend this Italian restaurant Toronto if you’re in the mood for authentic Italian cuisine. The indoor dining space is spacious, with cozy booths and tables. The ambiance is enhanced by the mood lighting, creating a warm and inviting setting. Make sure to ask your server about any special menu items, such as the house lasagna, which is a limited offering. 

tiramisu from Taverna Mercatto

The thin-crust pizza was bursting with flavor, and the portion sizes were satisfying. I shared a starter and a pizza with a friend, and it made for a hearty and fulfilling meal. They also have a selection of easy-to-drink wines to accompany your dining experience. And don’t forget to save room for dessert! Their desserts are pretty amazing, and if you’re a coffee lover like me, the affogato (hot espresso poured over vanilla ice cream) is the perfect way to end your meal.


Address: 120 Bremner Blvd suite 100, Toronto, ON M5J 3A6

15. The Old Spaghetti Factory

unique interior of The Old Spaghetti Factory italian restaurant toronto

My recent visit to The Old Spaghetti Factory was quite an experience. The Italian restaurant Toronto has a charming decor with an old-school carnival vibe, which added to the overall ambiance. It’s clear that this place caters to families, so expect to see lots of kids and babies enjoying their meals. 

The food was decent, although some menu items listed online were not available due to supply issues. The servers were friendly, but it seemed like they lacked experience. Despite that, it was still a decent meal, and I appreciated that all entrees came with ice cream and a choice of tea or coffee.

interior seating area of The Old Spaghetti Factory

During my visit with friends last week, I tried their Ravioli pasta and soup, accompanied by a refreshing glass of beer. The service was great, and the food was absolutely delicious. I left with a satisfied palate and a desire to return soon to explore more of their offerings.

The Old Spaghetti Factory lanterns hanging from the ceiling

The Old Spaghetti Factory is truly a one-of-a-kind restaurant. I was amazed by the attention to detail in the interior design, which created a visually pleasing atmosphere. The food itself is of excellent quality, and the portion sizes were satisfying. We had the pleasure of trying the Tuscan lasagna and the mushroom Alfredo risotto, and both dishes were absolutely divine.

steak and pasta from The Old Spaghetti Factory

Situated in a lovely location, this Italian restaurant Toronto offers great food at reasonable prices. Our dining experience was elevated by the exceptional service provided by Mark, who made our visit truly pleasant. I indulged in a pesto dish with a side of minestrone soup, and finished off the meal with a cup of coffee and a delightful serving of vanilla ice cream. We also had the opportunity to try the beyond meat meatballs and the lasagna, both of which were incredibly delicious.

salad greens and bread at The Old Spaghetti Factory in toronto

The restaurant’s aesthetics are simply pleasing, exuding an antique charm. The servers I encountered during my two visits were wonderful, providing attentive and friendly service. While the food was decent overall, I must admit that some of the pastas were slightly dry for my taste. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the unlimited bread and the accompanying garlic butter.

salad and cheese from The Old Spaghetti Factory toronto

One aspect that I particularly love about this Italian restaurant Toronto is that each main dish includes a starter, ice cream, and a choice of tea, all at no additional cost. This makes for a great value for the price you pay. The staff were friendly, and the wait time was minimal. Even when I visited with a friend without a reservation, we only had to wait about 5 minutes. I would highly recommend giving this place a try!

ice cream dessert from The Old Spaghetti Factory

My experience at The Old Spaghetti Factory was great. It was my first time there, and the service provided by our waiter Harry was impeccable. He was friendly, helpful, and added to the positive dining experience. The location itself is fantastic, and the venue design is incredible. This restaurant is definitely family-friendly. 

I ordered the lasagna, while my friend opted for the spaghetti and vegan meatballs, and we were both thoroughly impressed with the flavors and quality of the food. I wholeheartedly recommend The Old Spaghetti Factory to anyone looking for a memorable dining experience.


Address: 54 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1A6

In conclusion, Toronto offers a diverse array of Italian restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. From the elegant and sophisticated ambiance of Carisma to the cozy and inviting atmosphere of Biagio Ristorante, there is something for everyone. Trattoria Mercatto provides a delightful dining experience with its wonderful decor, attentive staff, and fantastic selection of draft beer. 

Little Anthony’s stands out for its superb service, delicious food, and warm, family-owned atmosphere. Donatello offers a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its spacious and well-lit interior, delectable pizza, and attentive staff. The charming and quaint Figo Toronto impresses with its delicious Italian cuisine, aesthetic food presentation, and friendly servers. 

And lastly, Sud Forno provides a unique experience with its Italian-style bakery and pizzeria concept, serving fresh and flavorful dishes. With such a diverse range of Italian restaurant Toronto, food lovers are sure to find a memorable dining experience that suits their preferences and creates lasting culinary memories.

Looking for something more Asian? Checkout the dim sum options in Toronto! Their dog cafe in the vicinity is pretty awesome to drop by for coffee as well!


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