10+ Best Italian Restaurant Hamilton For Pizza, Pasta & More

As a first-time visitor to Hamilton, I was eager to explore the city’s culinary offerings, and I couldn’t wait to dive into its Italian restaurant scene. From the moment I stepped into the city’s Italian eateries, I was transported to the heart of Italy, where the tantalizing aroma of fresh pasta and wood-fired pizza filled the air. The Italian restaurant Hamilton here effortlessly blend traditional Italian flavors with a contemporary twist, creating a dining experience that is both authentic and innovative. 

Each restaurant exudes a warm and welcoming ambiance, making me feel right at home as I embarked on a culinary journey through Italy’s diverse regions. Whether I was savoring the rich flavors of homemade pasta or indulging in mouthwatering desserts, the Italian restaurants in Hamilton truly captured the essence of Italian cuisine, leaving me with unforgettable memories and a longing to return for more.

While you’re around here, don’t forget to visit the neighbouring districts too! Italian food in Oakville and Italian restaurants in Milton both have their own charm and ambiance that you’ll indulge in.

Best Italian Restaurant In Hamilton With High Ratings

1. Baci Ristorante

tiramisu of Baci Ristorante in hamilton district

During our visit to Baci Ristorante, located in the Best Western Hotel, we had an absolutely wonderful experience. We decided to try both specials of the day, and we were truly impressed. The seasoning on the flatbread special was amazing, and the sauce on the pasta was absolutely perfect. Everything went so wonderfully for us that day, and we’re already looking forward to visiting this place again!

pasta from Baci Ristorante italian restaurant in hamilton

The food at this Italian restaurant Hamilton was top-notch, and the pasta was simply amazing. Even the dessert was outstanding, and we couldn’t get enough of the Tiramisu. It was the best we’ve ever had! But wait until you try their cheesecake; it’s crazy good! The service was excellent, and we appreciated that we didn’t feel rushed during our meal. The creative wall decor with hanging painted kitchenware added a fun touch to the ambiance. Since the restaurant is on the smaller side, we’d recommend making reservations to secure a spot. We’ll definitely be back to try their regular menu sometime in the future.

cocktail from Baci Ristorante

We had a delightful culinary journey, exploring their pizza, salmon, and ravioli, and each dish was simply incredible. But the true star of the show was the tiramisu – it was beyond words and probably the best we’ve ever tasted. Our experience at Baci was truly enjoyable, and we’re already eagerly anticipating our next visit.

meatball from Baci Ristorante in hamilton ontorio

The restaurant’s contemporary decor adds to the ambiance, providing a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, the portion sizes were quite generous, and we found the pricing to be very reasonable for the quality of food and service we received.

lamb rack from Baci Ristorante

While we loved the spaghetti and meatball, we did find that the sauce had a somewhat dominant sour taste, which was a minor letdown. However, the intensity of flavor in the tiramisu was out of this world, though we understand that it can be a polarizing dessert for some. Nonetheless, it’s definitely worth trying for the overall experience.

For those planning to visit this Italian restaurant Hamilton, do note that the dress code is on the formal side, adding a touch of elegance to the dining experience. All in all, Baci Ristorante offers an authentic Italian cuisine experience, and we highly recommend giving it a try.


Address: 1530 Stone Church Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8W 3P9

2. La Cantina

La Cantina ambiance in hamilton district

I had my first experience at La Cantina, and I must say it was quite enjoyable. The service was excellent, and the food was even better. I decided to try a variety of dishes, including a Caesar salad, a meatball sandwich, pizza, and tiramisu for dessert. It was all so delicious that I highly recommend giving this place a try!

seafood pasta from La Cantina

Upon arriving into this Italian restaurant Hamilton, we were warmly greeted by a pleasant host who escorted us to our table. The assigned server also welcomed us with a smile and promptly brought a basket of their incredible focaccia bread. This bread is a standout for me and one of the main reasons I keep coming back! Its perfect density gives it a crusty outside and a chewy inside, making it ideal for savoring the pasta sauces. The appetizers were delightful, and I must say their pasta dishes are the most authentic I’ve had anywhere. I’ve tried various options from their menu, and each one has been a hit. 

caprese cheese toast La Cantina

The pizzas made at Italian restaurant Hamilton here are equally impressive, made with homemade dough and fresh toppings, all perfectly cooked in their wood-burning oven. If you’re lucky, you might get a table where you can witness the skilled preparation and baking of your pizza in the wood-burning oven. Some might find La Cantina a bit pricey, but for me, the generous portions and exceptional food make it totally worth it. Treat yourself to a visit and prepare to be blown away!

beef salad from La Cantina in hamilton

The overall atmosphere of this Italian restaurant Hamilton is delightful, and the combination of good food and attentive service leaves nothing to be desired. We started with the ‘Margarita’ pizza as an appetizer, and the balance of toppings and crust was just perfect. 

fettucini from La Cantina

The pasta mains were equally tasty, a testament to the chef’s skill and expertise. Throughout our dining experience, from the reception to the waitstaff, we were treated with courtesy and efficiency, along with lovely smiles and attention to our needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend La Cantina to my friends, as I’m glad we got to experience it and would happily return again. Additionally, there was no shortage of parking space, and the rates were very reasonable.


Address: 60 Walnut St S, Hamilton, ON L8N 2L1

3. La Spaghett Pasta House

I recently visited La Spaghett Pasta House, and it turned out to be the perfect choice! The ambiance of this Italian restaurant Hamilton was quiet and intimate, creating a personal and private dining experience. The wait staff was exceptional, going above and beyond to make us feel welcome and cared for. The pasta dishes were some of the best we’ve had in a long time, and the variety of options catered to our appetites perfectly. 

romantic lighting inside La Spaghett Pasta House

The portions were generous for the price, and everything tasted absolutely delicious. We left feeling thoroughly satisfied and already planning to return in the future. To start, we ordered the Caesar salad and bruschetta, both of which were yummy. They also surprised us with free hot bread and garlic butter, adding a delightful touch to the meal. For our mains, we chose the Quattro Formaggi and the spicy Italian sausage in tomato sauce, and both dishes were fantastic. Due to limited seating, I recommend making a reservation in advance to secure a spot in this busy Italian restaurant Hamilton.

chocolate dessert at La Spaghett Pasta House in hamilton district

The pasta at La Spaghett was truly incredible, and you could taste the love and care put into each dish. The Santorini salad was refreshingly fresh, and I was curious about the source of their vegetables. The service was excellent, and our food arrived promptly. The extensive pasta options made it clear that you could return many times without having the same meal twice!

mushroom and shrimp italian pasta from La Spaghett Pasta House

In my experience, La Spaghett Pasta House is the best pasta house you’ll find. The food is amazing, and the portions are huge. The owners of this Italian restaurant Hamilton are wonderful, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. I’ve been coming here for 15 years, and it never fails to impress me! Their Caesar salad is the best in the city, and the dynamic servers were spectacular.

mushy pasta from La Spaghett Pasta House

What a romantic little gem! The portions were massive, especially the mussels, served in a beautiful sauce. Everything from the pasta to the sauces was made fresh from scratch, resulting in a perfect dinner. I have nothing negative to say; it was simply a delightful dining experience.

La Spaghett Pasta House may be hidden in a small plaza, but once you find it, you’ll be blown away. The service was excellent, and the food had that homemade, Mama-used-to-make flavor. The large portions left us impressed, and I highly recommend this wonderful place to anyone looking for authentic Italian cuisine.

Address: 970 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A5

4. La Piazza Allegra

La Piazza Allegra

La Piazza Allegra was an amazing dining experience. Everything on their menu is freshly made in-house, and the food was simply delicious. The service exceeded our expectations, going above and beyond to ensure we had a great time. They even have a lovely lounge area if you’re in the mood for drinks. We are definitely planning to come back soon!

italian food tomato bread from La Piazza Allegra

One highlight was their homemade Cappeletti, which was absolutely delicious. Each dish was prepared with fresh ingredients and served hot. The chef and waitstaff did a fantastic job, making our entire experience enjoyable. Without a doubt, this Italian restaurant Hamilton stands out as one of the best in the city.

mussels from La Piazza Allegra

Located in the James St South area of South Hamilton, La Piazza Allegra is a hidden gem among great eateries. The Italian cuisine they offer blends in perfectly with the surroundings. Their wine menu includes a good selection of reds and whites, as well as cocktails. The servers, were awesome and attentive. If you can, try to get a table by the window; it offers a great view of the social scene outside. 

The Italian restaurant Hamilton does offer parking out front, although finding a spot can be a challenge. Keep in mind that it might not be the best option for wheelchair-bound individuals as it’s on the second level, and I didn’t spot an elevator. Nevertheless, it’s a must-visit if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, and the well-stocked bar offers plenty of options for those seeking just a drink.

lamb shank pasta from La Piazza Allegra in hamilton

The mussels were an absolute delight, bursting with flavor and deliciousness. For dessert, the Venetian cannoli was a perfect ending to the meal. If you’re looking for a restaurant that will leave your taste buds dancing, La Piazza Allegra is the place to be.

grouton pasta from La Piazza Allegra

During our visit, our friend was craving pasta, and Chef Melissa delivered an exceptional Cappelletti pasta dish with just the right amount of creaminess and an explosion of flavors. We highly recommend it. The Agnello was also a simple, tasty, and well-balanced dish. The portions were just right, and the service was excellent. We can’t wait to visit this Italian restaurant Hamilton again for another memorable dining experience.


Address: 180 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4V1

5. The Express Restaurant - Italian Eatery

ambiance inside The Express Restaurant - Italian Eatery

At The Express Restaurant – Italian Eatery, we had a delightful experience with their wood-fired pizzas and pasta. The thin crust of the pizza was delicious, and the service was excellent, even as we kept adding more items to our order. We highly recommend trying their Hawaiian pizza with prosciutto; it got our seal of approval as Italians! The tiramisu was also very good, although we would love to see some more dessert options or maybe even gelato on the menu.

signature italian pizza from The Express Restaurant

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the food, with each dish masterfully prepared and bursting with flavor. It was an absolute delight for our taste buds. However, what truly made the night unforgettable was the exceptional service provided by the staff. They were warm, attentive, and truly passionate about hospitality, making us feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout the entire event.

seafood pasta at The Express Restaurant

The Express in Stoney Creek consistently delivers phenomenal food, and Sunny and his crew do an excellent job. We’ve never left feeling anything less than completely satisfied. We must say, they serve the most authentic and delicious Italian meals we’ve enjoyed. 

famous italian risotto at express restaurant

Our server was pleasant and always had a smile, adding to the overall positive experience. The grilled vegetable salad, seafood pasta with homemade fettuccine (a nostalgic reminder of my mom’s cooking), and the arugula pizza were all amazing. It’s also reasonably priced, making it a great value for the quality and taste of the dishes.

meatball pasta from The Express Restaurant in hamilton district

Without a doubt, we’ll be returning to this Italian restaurant Hamilton as our go-to Italian restaurant now that we’ve moved to the area. Their Alfredo pasta sauce is exceptionally tasty, and the shrimp with mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese in white wine and lemon sauce is simply delicious. We can’t wait to go back for another wonderful dining experience.


Address: 349 Grays Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 2Z1

6. CIMA Enoteca, Italian Fine Dining In Hamilton

classy italian fine dining dessert at CIMA Enoteca

At CIMA Enoteca, we had a exciting dining experience. We started with the Hawaiian pizza and the spicy meat pizza, both of which were delicious. The service was great, and the atmosphere was amazing. The wine glasses were impeccably clean, adding to the overall experience. We can’t wait to come back for more.

seating inside CIMA Enoteca

For appetizers, we tried the grilled calamari and rice balls, which were both fantastic. The main course consisted of bistecca and stuffed vegetables. The steak was a generous 15oz portion, so we were glad we ordered smaller dishes. The ambiance in this Italian restaurant Hamilton was warm, lively, and accompanied by a great selection of music. Our server was excellent, very nice, and attentive, and the food came out promptly.

meatball and sauce from CIMA Enoteca

The restaurant offers weekly specials, making it exciting for regular visitors like us. The food has a nice depth of flavor, although it tends to be on the salty side. The presentation, serving sizes, and pricing were all excellent, making it easy for us to recommend this Italian restaurant Hamilton to others.

italian roasted pizza from CIMA Enoteca

We had a lovely dinner with fresh pasta, Arancini, salad, and more. The service was amazing, and the ambiance added to the overall enjoyment. The exposed kitchen provided a fascinating view of the chefs’ hard work and efficiency. We couldn’t find any complaints and are eager to return to try other dishes, especially on the patio during warmer months.

italian cooked fish with salad and lemon slice at CIMA Enoteca

The ambience of the Italian restaurant Hamilton is warm, inviting, and open with high ceilings and ample windows. The lunch menu differs slightly from dinner, but we enjoyed the heirloom beet salad and the delicious margarita pizza with prosciutto. The sauce on the pizza was fresh, and the thin crust had a rustic touch from the stone oven. Although a few spots were slightly over-baked, it didn’t diminish our enjoyment.

The wine list heavily features Italian wines, complemented by craft beers and enticing house cocktails at the beautiful bar. The staff were friendly and encouraged us to take our time, making for a relaxed dining experience. We look forward to returning for dinner and perhaps enjoying the view from the bar while savoring the food and the ambiance. Buon appetito!


Address: 190 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4

7. Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco

I had an amazing experience at Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco. The ziti tagliati and spaghettini con pollo aglio were delicious, and with such a large menu offering various pasta dishes, I can’t wait to come back and try more. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, making it a great place to dine.

italian dish of Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco

This Italian restaurant Hamilton is truly a hidden gem in Hamilton, and I highly recommend giving it a try. The gnocchi was fresh, and the pizza dough was perfectly made. It was a 10/10 experience.

From the moment I stepped foot in the restaurant, I fell in love with the cozy atmosphere and welcoming ambiance. The food was exceptional, and our server, whose name I unfortunately forgot, was fantastic and had a great personality.

italian seafood pasta from Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco in hamilton district

During summer, I love visiting Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco after exploring Webster’s Falls. The seafood fettuccine is my favorite, and the taste of the food never disappoints. The restaurant’s ambience is charming, and their lovely back patio is perfect for warm summer evenings.

The return of beer taps was a pleasant surprise, and we tried the Japanese beer, Asahi, which paired perfectly with the calzone. The food, as always, was outstanding.

black mussels and bread at Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco

Everything we ordered here was delicious, and the friendly staff added to the wonderful experience. The bruschetta was our favorite, and the cozy atmosphere made it a memorable dining experience. While it may be a bit pricey, the quality of the food is well worth it, and I’ll definitely be returning.

The ambiance at Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco was just right, with the perfect music and beautiful artwork on the walls. The food was both tasty and beautifully presented, and the service was fantastic.

thick loaded cheesy pizza from Maccheroni Cucina Alfresco

The portions of the salads and mains were generous, and everyone in our group enjoyed their meals. The lasagna was filling, though it could use a bit more seasoning. We’re looking forward to returning during the summer to enjoy the patio.


Address: 1560 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1E7

8. Caro

We had such a lovely experience at Caro. The staff made us feel incredibly welcome, and the simple menu of appetizers, pizza, and pasta had us excited for our meal. I particularly enjoyed the Margherita Pizza with the delicious garlic aioli. The Italian restaurant Hamilton was clean, and our waitress was genuinely kind. I’m definitely looking forward to going back for more!

lemon squid italian style from Caro

Caro is a cute little restaurant with amazing service and food. My friend tried the three little pigs pizza, while I opted for the Omar pizza, which had corn purée on it. To my surprise, the Omar pizza turned out to be one of the best-tasting pizzas I’ve ever had. My friend loved her pizza too. I highly recommend visiting this place if you haven’t yet!

meat steak and pasta from Caro

We were blown away by the quality of food and service at Caro. The pasta was exceptional, and we couldn’t get enough of the Caro bread. Considering the high-quality dishes they serve, we were surprised that the prices weren’t higher. Can’t wait to return and indulge in their delicious offerings again.

Caro on Ottawa impressed us with its lively atmosphere, exceptional service, and delectable food. Their unique cocktails were both tasty and beautifully presented. Don’t miss trying their Caro bread and Polenta fries. The pizzas were also outstanding, perfectly cooked with the ideal texture. A visit to Caro is highly recommended!

egg benedict and potatoes from Caro in hamilton district

We were delighted to stumble upon this eatery on King and Ottawa in Hamilton. Despite the small menu, the dishes were exceptionally delicious. As a group of five, we tried various items, including Beef Carpaccio, Pepperoni Pizza, Arugula salad, Rigatoni with Shrimp, Cacio e Pepe, Gnocchi with Mushrooms, and Spaghetti with meatball. We also enjoyed some cocktails and a bottle of red wine. The experience was wonderful, and we ended it with a fantastic choice of Gelato. The reasonable prices made it even more enjoyable, and we had a relaxing few hours in a great atmosphere.

signature pizza of Caro

Caro offers an excellent assortment of dishes on their menu, and the food is truly outstanding. A group of four of us had a delightful dining experience with meals, drinks, and dessert for under $200. We savored the short ribs, a pizza, gnocchi, and butternut squash ravioli. The service was good, and the lovely atmosphere with big windows allowed us to enjoy watching the activity at Ottawa and Main streets.


Address: 4 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Y7

9. Bronzie's Place

pizza with tomatoes from Bronzie's Place

Bronzie’s Place is a hidden gem tucked away in downtown Hamilton, and I’m so glad we finally decided to try it out. The sandwiches here are fantastic, especially the meatball and veal options. I can’t wait to come back and sample their pizzas and pasta, considering how reasonable their prices are.

pepperoni pizza from Bronzie's Place

The Italian restaurant Hamilton has a cozy and authentic vibe, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. I had the spaghetti and meatballs before, and it was delicious. Despite the small size and basement location, the food experiences here have always been top-notch.

cheesy salad Bronzie's Place

If you plan to visit Bronzie’s Place, keep in mind that it’s quite tiny, so calling ahead for reservations is a good idea, especially for a small gathering or date night. The coziness adds to the charm, but larger individuals might find it a bit challenging to move around the small spaces between tables.

buffalo wings and fries from Bronzie's Place in hamilton

On our recent visit, we tried the lasagna, parmigiana, and a custom-made pizza, and everything was mouthwateringly good. The handmade dishes truly captured the authentic Italian taste, and the owners and staff were kind and attentive. We’re already looking forward to returning soon.

creamy pasta from Bronzie's Place

One sandwich that I can’t stop raving about is their meatball sub. I opted for a simple version with just sauce and cheese, and it was hands down the best meatball sub I’ve ever had. The taste and texture were perfect, and it left me completely satisfied. The best part? The generous portion and unbeatable price. I highly recommend trying it; you won’t be disappointed!


Address: 201 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A8

10. Valentino's Restaurant - Westdale

home made tomato sauce of Valentino's Restaurant - Westdale

Valentino’s Restaurant in Westdale truly exceeded all our expectations. The risotto was hands down the best I’ve ever had, and the pizza was cooked to perfection. But the real showstopper was the chicken parmigiana, which was absolutely out of this world! I can confidently give it 6 out of 5 stars, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

fried squid from Valentino's Restaurant - Westdale

After our delightful meal, we couldn’t resist trying their desserts. The chocolate Gelato was so yummy and fresh, and the almond cookies were adorable and gluten-free, making it a perfect ending to the evening.

During our lunch, we were pleasantly surprised by the Stracciatella soup, which was incredibly good. The other dishes we ordered were also nice, and the Latte had a frothy milk top that added to the experience. The Napoleon dessert provided a fulfilling and delightful ending to our meal.

cheese shredded on pasta only at Valentino's Restaurant - Westdale

One of the standout dishes of the night was the bruschetta with goat cheese. The combination of ripe tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze was sensational, and we couldn’t get enough of it.

For our main course, we savored the Chicken parmigiana, which was cooked to perfection, tender, and juicy. The accompanying side of spaghetti in their signature pomodoro sauce was the perfect complement. Every bite was truly a taste of heaven.

sweet italian dessert of Valentino's Restaurant - Westdale

And what Italian dining experience would be complete without Tiramisu? Valentino’s version of this classic Italian dessert was nothing short of extraordinary. The velvety layers of mascarpone cream, espresso-soaked ladyfingers, and cocoa powder created a symphony of flavors that left us speechless.

Beyond the outstanding food, the atmosphere at Valentino’s was enchanting. The Italian restaurant Hamilton exudes a sophisticated yet cozy ambiance, with elegant décor, soft lighting, and tasteful music that enhanced our dining experience.

pasta dish from Valentino's Restaurant in hamilton

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a remarkable meal, Valentino’s is an absolute must-visit. The combination of impeccable service, exquisite cuisine, and a warm atmosphere creates an extraordinary dining experience that will leave a lasting impression.

During our visit, we started with the charcuterie, and it was amazing. We highly recommend trying it! I personally had the panzorotti, which was massive and very tasty, leading to an excellent dining experience overall. Valentino’s is definitely that sure bet for a good meal, and it perfectly fulfills the role of a weekly family dine-out tradition.


Address: 824 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1K3

11. Martello

outside seat of Martello

When we arrived at Martello after the night market, we found a nice little spot with a backyard patio that had a unique vibe – it almost felt like we were in Texas with the right music and someone playing guitar. I decided to try the blueberry gin spritz, which was quite refreshing.

The ambiance of this Italian restaurant Hamilton was perfect for a first date, with a warm and cozy feeling, especially with the option of having a fire going.

italian bread Martello

For our meal, we opted for some red wine and ordered a variety of dishes to share. We started with the brussel sprout appetizer and it was fantastic. Then came the pizzas – we tried both the arugula prosciutto and the honey hot, and both were delicious, but the hot honey pizza stood out as our favorite. To end our delightful meal, we savored the tiramisu, which was a perfect way to satisfy our sweet tooth.

ambiance inside an italian restaurant called Martello

One thing that really impressed us was the reasonable prices for the high-quality food they served. The menu was thoughtfully curated with a mix of familiar dishes done really well and more unique options. We loved trying the squash fritters, soppressata and hot honey pizza, and gnocchi with roasted corn, prosciutto, and scallions. The food was not only beautifully presented but also incredibly delicious.

Throughout our time at Martello, the service was friendly and attentive, allowing us to enjoy our meal without feeling rushed or overcrowded. The ambiance was fantastic, especially with the awesome patio – we can’t wait to return when the weather is nice again.

italian dish from Martello

During our visit, we ordered a variety of dishes, including the suppli, artichoke, verde salad, funghi pizza, pappardelle, and the cannoli. While everything was delightful, the verde salad and pappardelle ragu stood out as our favorites. The fried artichokes were a unique and pleasant surprise. Although the bottom of the pizza had a slight burnt flour taste, the flavors of the pizza were excellent, and we thoroughly enjoyed the funghi pizza with fontina cheese and caramelized onions. The cannoli had an airy and fluffy filling, different from what we’re used to, but still tasty.

cheese pizza Martello

The atmosphere inside this Italian restaurant Hamilton had a super funky and almost gothic vibe, with dark and gloomy finishes, complemented by a music playlist that matched the aura perfectly. While we didn’t get a chance to explore their patio during this visit, it looked inviting and spacious, making us excited to check it out when the weather is nice again. Overall, Martello exceeded our expectations and is a highly recommended spot for anyone looking for great food, service, and ambience.


Address: 298 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3

12. Castelli Cucina

front entrance of Castelli Cucina

We had a wonderful time at Castelli Cucina, celebrating a friend’s birthday. The service was excellent, and we loved the cozy vibes and great mixed drinks. The Calamari was incredibly fresh, though it was seasoned with a bit too much salt for our liking. However, all the pizzas and pastas we tried were fantastic.

While the rum and coke was a little watered down, the Nodini pastry was tougher than expected; it should be light and airy. The Tiramisu was decent, but the Sicilian Cannoli had a delicious filling.

italian bread with cheese and tomatoes from Castelli Cucina

Overall, we highly recommend this Italian restaurant Hamilton because of the incredible staff, delicious food (despite some minor flaws), and the great atmosphere. The menu changes frequently, adding a nice touch to the dining experience. Choosing between their pastas and pizzas was tough since both were equally good, but that’s a good problem to have! If you’re in Hamilton and craving Italian, Castelli Cucina should be a top choice.

messy pasta from Castelli Cucina

We started our meal with the bruschetta, which was fresh and delicious. The only downside was that the bread wasn’t flat on top, making it challenging to balance the toppings. However, the portion was generous and perfect for sharing.

Next, we had the PAPARDELLE AL RAGU, and it was amazing! The hand-made noodles had the perfect texture, and the veal sauce was incredibly tasty. We both loved it and plan to return to try their pizza from the real stone pizza oven.

chocolate dessert from Castelli Cucina

While the meal was unique and enjoyable, we found it a bit odd that there were only five dishes on the menu other than pizza.

One downside was that the Italian restaurant Hamilton was quite chilly inside. We ended up keeping our coats on throughout the meal, and we noticed another couple doing the same. It would have been nice if they had turned up the heat a bit.

pepperoni pizza from italian restaurant in hamilton called Castelli Cucina

Despite that, the food was absolutely delicious, and the interior of the restaurant was cute and cozy. We also had a pleasant experience on the small patio outside of this Italian restaurant Hamilton with great service. The mussels in white sauce were fantastic, and the braised beef cheek in polenta was tender and incredibly tasty.


Address: 337 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1H3

13. Capri Family Restaurant

ambiance inside Capri Family Restaurant

Capri Family Restaurant has been a long-standing favorite, and we recently had a dining experience there. The pizza, unfortunately, wasn’t well done, but they promptly made it to our liking when we asked. The food has a comforting, home-style quality, and their homemade tiramisu is hands down the best in Hamilton – no other can compare!

italian pizza from Capri Family Restaurant

We loved the bread served with olive oil and vinegar – a delightful start to the meal. The baked pasta dish and eggplant Parmigiano were equally delicious and perfectly cooked, which is rare to find. But the true star of the show was their coffee; the espresso was one of the best we’ve had in years.

The service in this Italian restaurant Hamilton was excellent, with a courteous and friendly lady attending to us. The owner/manager also took the time to greet us as we left, which we appreciated.

bolognese and caprese salad from Capri Family Restaurant in hamilton district

As vegetarians, we were pleased to find several tasty options, including the Egg Parmigiano, on the menu.

What truly impressed us was meeting one of the owners, which was a pleasant surprise as we thought the Italian restaurant Hamilton had closed for good during renovations. We left the menu in Mama’s hands, and she served us a roasted calamari-topped salad, which was cooked to perfection. 

chocolate cake from Capri Family Restaurant

The main course of homemade gnocchi with veal was exceptional – a proper Italian gnocchi that reminded us of being in Italy. The homemade tiramisu for dessert was also fantastic, and we finished off with a snappy espresso.

signature pizza from Capri Family Restaurant italian

Overall, our dining experience at Capri Ristorante was a highlight of our visit to Hamilton. Mille Grazie to the wonderful team at Capri for making our evening so memorable!


Address: 25 John St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 1H1

14. Caro on James

waffle from Caro on James italian restaurant hamilton

Caro on James was an absolute delight for my first visit. The food was not only beautifully presented but also incredibly delicious, leaving a lasting impression on my taste buds. The staff were genuinely kind, helpful, and patient, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The bright and homey atmosphere created a welcoming vibe that instantly made me feel at ease.

stacked fries from Caro on James

I opted for the Brown Butter Beet Salad and Margherita Pizza, both of which exceeded my expectations. The salad was a perfect blend of flavors, and the pizza was a true masterpiece. My friend also raved about the Caro Bread, which was a hit as well. With such a fantastic experience, I can’t wait to return and explore the rest of their menu.

The best part is that Caro offers a wide range of delicious vegetarian options, making it a great spot for those seeking meatless delights. The homemade noodles were a standout and paired perfectly with the appetizers like the refreshing arugula salad and the delectable polenta fries.

signature pizza from Caro on James

During our visit, we tried the margherita pizza, carbonara, peach, and tomato caprese appetizer, along with the crispy crunch gelato and tiramisu for dessert. Every main dish was a winner, showcasing the use of fresh ingredients and skillful preparation. The ambience of this Italian restaurant Hamilton was modern and cool, adding to the overall dining experience.

fried italian seafood of Caro on James

To quench our thirst, I tried the Caro Spritz, which was tasty and refreshing, while my partner enjoyed the Pear for the Course mocktail. We also decided to go with the pre-fixe menu, and I must say the arugula salad, cacio e pepe, and coffee/caramel crunch Gelato were all superb. The cacio e pepe, in particular, stood out with its perfectly cooked pasta and delightful flavors. The meal concluded with the Gelato, a smooth and delightful finish with its coffee flavor.

italian breakfast from Caro on James hamilton

My partner ordered the gnocchi, which was equally satisfying and delicious. Overall, Caro on James left us thoroughly impressed, and we can’t wait to return to savor more of their delectable offerings.


Address: 229 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L2

15. Claudio's

italian bone marrow dish from Claudio's in hamilton

Claudio’s was an exceptional dining experience, and I must say the food surpassed all my expectations. It truly was the best Italian cuisine I’ve ever had, and I highly recommend this Italian restaurant Hamilton to anyone seeking the ultimate dining experience.

We celebrated a family birthday at Claudio’s, and the staff was courteous and professional throughout. Each dish we ordered was well-received, and the daily specials piqued our interest for future visits. The Beef Carpaccio is a must-try and highly recommended.

sliced octopus italian dish from Claudio's

The Italian restaurant Hamilton itself has a charming Italian vibe and is conveniently located on James St N, making it perfect for a post-dinner stroll to explore other spots in the area. Although the atmosphere was a bit unusual with no music and separated dining areas, the exceptional service from our friendly server made up for it.

For appetizers, we savored the Burrata (a delightful daily special) and the Octopus Carpaccio (also a daily special). The Burrata was simply delicious, while the Octopus Carpaccio was decent but didn’t stand out as much.

strawberry tiramisu from Claudio's

As for the entrées, we enjoyed the tender Ossobucco, the delicious Beef Carpaccio (which could have used an additional texture), and the Gnocchi with pesto and pistachio (though the gnocchi didn’t seem house-made).

Every dish on the table was terrific, with perfectly cooked Calamari, exceptional Cream Pesto Gnocchi with chicken, and excellent salads and pizza.

red meat pasta from Claudio's

The Italian restaurant Hamilton itself exuded a beautiful and clean ambiance with lovely decorations. Our server was not only nice but also had a great sense of humor, making the experience even more enjoyable. The food was phenomenal, with perfectly cooked calamari served with a delicious aioli, fresh and tasty Burrata, and a generous portion of Spaghetti Frutti di Mare bursting with goodness.

tomato seafood steak of Claudio's

To end our fabulous meal, we indulged in the delightful chocolate cake and the tempting apple caramel cheesecake, complemented by some delicious coffees. The chef even came out to greet us after hearing how much we enjoyed our dinner. It was a memorable and delightful experience, and we’re definitely planning to return to Claudio’s in the future.


Address: 191 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2K9

16. Born & Raised

ambiance of Born & Raised in hamilton district

I had high hopes for my food experience at Born & Raised, as I believe Hamilton has the potential for a great food scene. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. The cocktails were delicious, and the appetizers, including the Brussel sprouts, oysters, burrata, and chicken tacos, were all delightful. The pepperoni pizza was also a standout.

The oysters were incredibly fresh and tasty, and the staff was attentive throughout our visit. While the cocktail menu could use some improvement, the overall experience was enjoyable.

alcoholic drinks from Born & Raised in hamilton

On another occasion, we tried Born & Raised for the first time, and it truly blew us away. From the drinks to the appetizers, mains, and dessert, everything was phenomenal. The server was excellent, and the restaurant’s modern and warm atmosphere added to the experience. The oysters and spicy Brussels sprouts appetizers were particularly amazing. I highly recommend this Italian restaurant Hamilton if you’re in the Hamilton area or looking to explore the downtown scene.

fresh oysters from born and raised italian restaurant in hamilton

The Smash burger and truffle fries were the clear winners for us, and we’re eager to return for the wood oven pizza, which has received raving reviews from our friends. Additionally, the steak we tried was one of the best I’ve ever had.

beef and fries from Born & Raised

The wood-fired oven, personally designed by the owner Vittorio (or Vito to friends and family), is a prominent feature of the restaurant, which he takes great pride in. He personally makes the original Italian recipe pizzas. Our meals were prepared with care and a commitment to quality, evident in every bite. Our attentive wait staff, particularly a wonderful young woman, added to the overall experience.

seared scallops plate from Born & Raised

The staff’s dedication to ensuring our satisfaction was evident, as they frequently checked in with us during our meal. The food, moderately priced, used the best ingredients, resulting in fresh and outstanding flavors. Vito also took the time to visit tables, speaking with his guests and ensuring they were enjoying their time at the restaurant. It was clear that everyone was having a wonderful dining experience at this Italian restaurant Hamilton.


Address: 224 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3

17. Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

traditional oven at Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

I absolutely love the food at Sasso Pizza Market & Bar. My go-to favorites are the Mona Lisa and pepperoni pizzas. For pasta, I always go for the Marky Mark, and sometimes I make special requests for a burger. The staff is always friendly and attentive, which adds to the enjoyable dining experience.

During my visit at this Italian restaurant Hamilton, the food was super delicious! I was blown away by the amazing salad, it was probably the yummiest salad I’ve ever had. The waitress was very nice, and the overall atmosphere was good, but the food was the highlight for me.

seafood pasta at Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

The food, for the most part, was delicious. However, I found the soup of the day and garlic bread to be a bit overpriced. The garlic bread had a tough, dry, and crumbly texture. On the other hand, the rocket (arugula salad), 2.0 buttermilk fried chicken burger with g-frites, 4 season pizza, and kid’s pepperoni pizza were all great! The Mona Lisa pizza was good, but I wished it had more cheese. Even though the pizza is not exactly Neapolitan style, it’s still very tasty, especially being cooked in a wood oven.

bread from Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

We wanted to try a variety of dishes, so we had fried calamari, wings, a dozen oysters, Marky Mark pasta, Sea Dis pasta, and Spicy Pep pizza. The food was fantastic overall. The calamari had a delightful breading, crispy yet tender. The oysters were accompanied by a red sauce, which was good but lacked a bit of kick. 

grilled octopus from Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

The sweet creamy tarragon sauce in the Sea Dis pasta tasted great, but I wished there was a bit more sauce in the dish. The Spicy Pep pizza was amazing, with the perfect combination of honey and spicy pepperoni. The dough was crisp, fluffy, and chewy just as it should be. However, the middle of the pizza was slightly soggy, which was the only downside. The mango daiquiris were a delightful addition to the meal.

huge burger and fries from Sasso Pizza Market & Bar

The service was exceptional, with a friendly and genuine staff who provided excellent service throughout the evening. To top it off, they even surprised us with complimentary shots of limoncello for our anniversary, which was a generous and heartfelt gesture. The pricing was reasonable as well, and our server was fantastic. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and we’ll definitely be back again soon!


Address: 1595 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 1K2

In conclusion, these Italian restaurant Hamilton offers a delightful array of culinary experiences that cater to various tastes and preferences. From cozy and traditional family-owned eateries to vibrant and modern establishments, there is something for everyone seeking an authentic Italian dining experience. I have had the pleasure of exploring several of these fantastic restaurants, each leaving a lasting impression with their mouth watering dishes, warm hospitality, and charming ambience. 

Whether it’s savoring perfectly cooked pizzas, indulging in homemade pasta creations, or relishing classic Italian comfort food, these restaurants consistently deliver exceptional flavors and memorable moments. Hamilton’s Italian restaurants have undoubtedly made a mark on my palate, and I look forward to continuing my gastronomic journey through this delightful and diverse culinary landscape.


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