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Tong Sui Po – No.1 Oriental Dessert in Penang at Night

Tong Sui Po is probably one of the best place to get the best dessert in Penang at night. It’s just right after a scrumptious seafood dinner that we decided to pamper our belly further with something sweet and nice. Best of all, it’s just near the place where we stay. So, it’s a good spot to hangout and chit chat the entire night until you’re done with your dessert.

Tong Sui Po came up as one of the top place to go for desserts. It’s so good that we actually went there twice. One night after the other!

The Food of Tong Sui Po

tong sui po food in penang
red bean paste snack of tong sui po

Dessert is what Tong Sui Po is all about!

What we think is the best dessert in Penang at night comes in the form of aiyu jelly, red bean paste snack and yin yang peanut and black sesame soup.

There are several food items with the thumbsupstamp that I think is worth giving it a try as well.

Now, let’s talk about the ai yu jelly.

valerie smiling to the camera in a dessert shop in penang
ai yu jelly

It is absolutely a legend.

There’s tons of passion fruit in it. The bowl looks like it’s going to spill. There’s also lime and sour plum.

The sourness from the plum gives it a nice tinge along side with the cool sweetness. The passion fruit gives a slightly stronger soury and citrusy crunch as well. It’s the perfect combo to quench your thirst.

The best part is the aiyu jelly. Smooth and soft. One bite then I gargle in my  mouth to sort of crush it into a mush. Then I was it all down in its liquid. That satisfying gulp is strong!

Next, the yin yang paste. There’s dark side which is the black bean. Then, the yellowish one which is the peanut.

yin yang peanut and black sesame dessert bowl

This is one of the most instagrammable dessert in Tong Sui Po if not the whole Penang. It is well shaped to the recognizable yin and yang. Not only it’s great appearance wise, the taste is excellent as well.

The peanut side has sweeter taste to it. This is perfectly balanced with the slightly bland black sesame taste on the other side of the bowl.

That’s what yin and yang is all about. They balance each other in terms of taste. Lovely!

Most people probably going to mix them up together before taking a spoon into their mouth. But not me. It’s just my way of eating that I prefer.

To top it up, we also ordered the red bean snack that is just superb. It looks like a rectanguler huge piece that is cut into small bite-sized squares. This snack happens to be one of the thumb up item in Tong Sui Po’s menu.

one of the top desserts in tong sui po

The thin crisp envelops a layer of red bean paste. One bite sends our tongue straight to heaven of savory and sweet delight.

It’s slightly chewy from the red bean paste. The crust on the outside gives a little bit of texture. Not that crispy all the way but still good.

Just when my mouth get too dry with all the snacking, I took a sip of ai yu jelly and it’s so refreshing. Like Sahara turned into the great wave of Kanagawa.

On our second night there, we ordered another 3 desserts namely the sweet bun, webbed coconut and black sesame soup and classic snow mushroom tong sui.

valerie a malaysia blogger in tong sui po penang

The bowl of coconut milk and black sesame was mixed together to form a beautiful web appearance on top of the bowl. It looks stunning! This is another must try food item on the Tong Sui Po menu!

coconut dessert and snow mushroom tong sui

How do they even create this? Do they have Spiderman working part time in the kitchen?

The taste is OMG amazing as well! It’s a well-balanced desesrt. Once again, the sweetness from the coconut is balanced out well by the black sesame paste.

I need not to say more. Just one sip and I know, the rest of the night is just gonna be great.

The snowmushroom tong sui is not bad too. The collagen rich dessert never gets old. It has the original members that you can expect – longan and red dates.

One of the greatest highlight on the menu here is actually the sweet bun. It looks exactly like the mantou that you get when you order chili crab.

sweet buns of tong sui po


It comes with 4 buns and a small tiny bucket of condensed milk. Simple but delicious. The nice shell-like texture of the bun gives it a nice crisp. As the bite sinks in, you can feel the softness of the bun in the middle just like a marshmallow.

Along with the condensed milk, the sweetness elevates to a whole new level. At the same time, the rest of the bun just tones down the sweetness of the condensed milk as well.

It’s not too sweet to my palate. Just nice!

The Ambiance

store front of tong sui po

The exterior of Tong Sui Po is brightly lit with light bulbs. The warm light brings a warm feeling to the entirety of the premise. I think it’s quite brilliant. The soft yellowish light is just soothing to the eye.

As we walked in, there’s a counter with the menu. A waitress came by to lead us in. The spot is quite cozy. There’s a lot of red lantern hanging around.

The interior is full of elements of oriental feel.

You can see the classic tiffin carrier on the shelves. Old paintings, calligraphy banners and ornaments decorate the wall. At one corner, there’s the Chinese calendar paper covering the walls all the way up as well.

inside of tong sui po


It’s a bit unusual but hey, nothing wrong with that.

There’s also stalks of faux cherry blossom. Garland of garlic hanging down the shelves as well because why not.

The space is air conditioned so it’s comfortable compared to sitting outside. Either way, it’s cool at night so it won’t be a problem regardless indoors or outdoors.

malaysia blogger having the best dessert in penang at night


Just like everywhere in Penang, there’s only the side of the street available for parking. It’s usually less crowded when you arrive a little over 7pm. So, parking isn’t a problem.

As time ticks to past 8, that’s when more people come to pay a visit to Tong Sui Po. As we head out, we can see a crowd of queue  just waiting to satisfy their sweet tooth.

I guess it’s a blessing that there’s no other attractions nearby. So, even with the limited parking, it’s still possible to find a spot and squeeze in. You can even park at the front of other shops since they’re all closed at night.

Tong Sui Po
64, Jalan Seang Tek, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
016-445 4004


presenting tong sui po best dessert on second day of the trip

My experience with Tong Sui Po has been great by far. Love the desserts and the night snacks. I find that it’s one of the best ways to end the night. 

It is certain that I would pay a visit to this gem of a place again when I hang out in Penang next time. The aiyu jelly is one of my favorite and I just can’t get enough of it!

It is located near Maccalister road which is near the place that I was staying as well. So, in just a few minutes of drive, I get to go back to hotel, enjoy a warm shower and have a good rest.

Have you visited Tong Sui Po? Which is your favorite dessert in the list? Comment down below!


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