best melaka nyonya food

20+ Best Melaka Nyonya Food With Authentic Taste That You’ll Love

Melaka, a renowned destination for both tourists and locals, captivates visitors with its rich historical heritage. Its well-preserved architecture and historical ruins serve as the main Melaka attractions. However, what truly sets Melaka apart is its distinction as the birthplace of the finest nyonya cuisine. 

Indulging in the tantalizing local dishes creates a sense of familiarity akin to being at home, while simultaneously embarking on a culinary adventure.

With its roots tracing back to the 15th century, Melaka proudly showcases some of the most exceptional baba nyonya food in the region, thanks to the influential peranakan community. Here’s the best Melaka nyonya food that you need to get your tongues on today: 

Best Nyonya Food In Melaka

1. Donald And Lily

Donald & Lily at The Bendahari for nyonya food melaka

Donald & Lily at The Bendahari is a charming restaurant managed by the delightful couple, Mr. Donald Tan and Madam Lily Lee. Since its establishment in 1981, this eatery has become renowned for curating some of the finest baba nyonya cuisine in Melaka.

Both locals and tourists flock to this restaurant, eager to sample their famous Huat laksa, a quintessential Malacca nyonya dish. The term “Huat” symbolizes prosperity, and their Nyonya Huat laksa truly lives up to its name with its extravagant presentation and generous array of condiments.

ambiance inside Donald & Lily in melaka

Here are some recommended Melaka nyonya food from the restaurant:

Nyonya laksa (MYR 7.50):

A steaming and fragrant noodle soup infused with coconut milk and fresh spices, garnished with delectable condiments like fish cakes, boiled eggs, and succulent prawns. Laksa is an iconic nyonya delicacy in Melaka.

rojak cincau drink and more served at Donald & Lily nyonya restaurant in melaka

Nyonya huat laksa (MYR 25):

Noodles bathed in a flavorful coconut milk-based broth, topped with jumbo prawns, fish balls, fish cakes, and fresh cockles. This version of laksa is the more elaborate cousin to the simple laksa mentioned before and is best enjoyed by 2 to 3 people.

Nasi ketuk ayam rendang (MYR 10.50):

Vibrantly blue-hued rice made from butterfly pea flowers, served alongside chicken cooked in fragrant coconut milk and spices. The dish is accompanied by sides such as fried egg, cucumbers, and sambal (chili paste).

laksa with cockles at Donald & Lily at The Bendahari

It is safe to say that Donald & Lily at The Bendahari offers some of the best nyonya food in Melaka.

In addition to their delectable meals served at the restaurant, they also sell frozen nyonya laksa paste. If you’re a Malaysian, you can conveniently purchase these pastes online, allowing you to recreate their signature dish in the comfort of your own home!


Address: 147, Jalan Bendahara, Pengkalan Rama, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia

2. SamFu Nyonya Restaurant

pork pong teh with coriander at SamFu Restaurant

SamFu Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled within the Mimosa Hotel. While the cozy ambiance adds to its charm, it can get a bit crowded at times. During my visit, I ordered the Prawn with Coconut and Kangkong Garlic, and they were absolutely delightful. The flavors exceeded my expectations and were above standard. As for the price, it was reasonable, not too expensive but not cheap either. The service provided was commendable.

pork and chili at SamFu Restaurant in melaka

There is ample parking available, although a parking fee of RM5 is required. I had made reservations for dinner and was greeted by a Peranakan-themed decor that added to the overall ambiance. The host at SamFu Restaurant recommended their signature dish, the Chili Garam Pork, which was fragrant and bursting with flavor. The Pineapple Prawn dish had a creamy and tantalizing sauce, while the Fried Lobak offered a satisfyingly crispy and crunchy texture. 

nyonya fish fried from SamFu Restaurant

For my friends who preferred non-spicy options, the Chicken and Pork Ponteh was a perfect choice. However, the highlight of the meal was undoubtedly the mouthwatering Cendol dessert. The service was attentive, and the Melaka nyonya food arrived promptly, one after the other. Overall, SamFu Restaurant provides a much better dining experience for those seeking delectable Peranakan cuisine.

round fluffy egg from SamFu Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of a hotel, the atmosphere at SamFu Restaurant is enhanced by retro pieces scattered throughout, offering plenty of opportunities for memorable photos. The Melaka nyonya food quality was good, and I highly recommend trying their Pongteh dish.


Address: 108, Jln. Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka

3. Bulldog Café

Bulldog cafe melaka

Bulldog Cafe is one of the nicer cafes in Melaka, which also doubles as a bar, skillfully blends a modern twist with the preservation of authentic baba nyonya flavors. If you’re searching for the ultimate Melaka nyonya food experience in Melaka, coupled with a fantastic vibe, look no further.

loaded popiah crispy cups at Bulldog Malacca

Escape from the colorful and heritage-filled buildings of Melaka and step into a minimalist space that will captivate you. The white interior and a stage adorned with drum sets create an ambiance that momentarily makes you forget you’re still in the historical city of Melaka.

However, once you indulge in their delectable dishes, the essence of Melaka’s rich heritage will awaken your taste buds.

asam with modern touch at Bulldog nyonya cafe

Here are some recommended Melaka nyonya food from the restaurant:

Nyonya pai tee (RM 15):

Delicate pastry cups filled to the brim with a tantalizing combination of shrimp, onions, turnips, and omelette. Served with a homemade chili sauce on the side, this dish is a delightful burst of flavors.

Beef lada garam (RM 38):

Tender slices of rib-eye beef stir-fried in an aromatic Asian black pepper sauce. This dish pairs perfectly with fragrant jasmine rice, enhancing the taste experience.

prawn with shredded vegetables at Bulldog cafe

Nyonya ayam limau perut (Small – MYR 10, Big – MYR 20):

Chicken cooked in a rich blend of coconut cream, spices, and fragrant kaffir lime leaves. Served with jasmine rice, this dish offers a harmonious balance of flavors.

These top picks showcase the essence of authentic baba nyonya cuisine at Bulldog Cafe. The menu provides an exquisite blend of traditional flavors and contemporary presentation, delivering a memorable dining experience.

Address: 145, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka

4. Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant

Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant in melaka

Step into Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant, where simple yet vintage décor and functional furniture transport you back to the 80s. The restaurant takes pride in serving authentic Nyonya cuisine, prepared by their skilled chef using the freshest ingredients available.

close up shot of ayam keluak from Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant

Given its popularity, it is advisable to arrive early to secure a table, as lines are to be expected at this establishment.

Here are some top recommendations from the restaurant:

Ayam buah keluak (Small – MYR 22, Big – MYR 39):

Ayam buah keluak is a classic dish in any Peranakan household. Buah keluak, or Keluak nuts, are seeds from the kepayang tree that are fermented for cooking. This dish offers a tangy, creamy, and mildly spicy flavor profile that pairs perfectly with fragrant jasmine rice.

kangkung sambal belacan from Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant

Udang lemak nenas (MYR 30.00 – MYR 65.00):

Indulge in stewed prawns cooked in a delightful blend of coconut milk, pineapples, and spices. This dish offers a harmonious combination of tanginess, sweetness, and creaminess. Savor it alongside jasmine rice for a satisfying culinary experience.

petai prawn from Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant

Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant captures the essence of authentic Nyonya flavors, and their dedication to quality shines through their dishes.


Address: 171, Jln Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka

5. Restoran Aunty Lee

One of the most highly regarded Nyonya restaurants in Melaka is Restoran Aunty Lee. Since its establishment in 1997, this authentic Peranakan/Nyonya eatery has been delighting locals and tourists alike.

seafood lontong from Restoran Aunty Lee

Notable Melaka nyonya food include Cili Garam fish, Lemak Nanas prawns, sambal petai bilis, and bendi ulam, which have become favorites among patrons. Due to its popularity, it is advisable to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment. Don’t miss out on trying their famous Pai Tee!

ayam keluak of Restoran Aunty Lee in melaka

Restoran Aunty Lee is the go-to place when it comes to renowned Nyonya food in Melaka. The dishes served here are incredibly delicious and will satisfy your taste buds. Be sure to sample their signature Nyonya kuih, chicken, redang beef, and petai sotong. The prices are reasonably affordable, and it is recommended to make a reservation before visiting.

omelette from Restoran Aunty Lee

The chendol served at Restoran Aunty Lee is particularly delightful, with aromatic gula melaka adding a delicious touch. Additionally, the pongteh chicken comes highly recommended. While the prices may be slightly above average, the dining experience and flavors make it well worth a try.


Address: 385, Jalan Ujong Pasir, Taman Sinn, 75050 Melaka

6. Lin Neo Delight

Lin Neo Delight for nyonya food melaka

Lin Neo Delight is a renowned Peranakan restaurant that boasts over 20 years of experience in Nyonya cuisine. With recipes passed down from chef Maria’s grandmother, they serve authentic, flavorful, and delicious Peranakan dishes. Among their must-try specialties are Chicken Pongteh, Lemak Nenas Prawn, Chicken Rendang, and Sambal Squid, which have received high praise for their authentic flavors.

rendang dish from Lin Neo Delight

During my first visit, I was fortunate to secure a table during the busy lunch hour after a 15-minute wait. It is advisable to make reservations in advance, even on weekdays, as the restaurant can get crowded. The Melaka nyonya food at Lin Neo Delight was not only delicious but also authentic, and I highly recommend trying their salted veg duck soup. The Chendol served here was a standout highlight. The service was prompt and attentive, and there was ample parking available.

large popiah crispy bites from Lin Neo Delight

I particularly loved the Pai Tee at Lin Neo Delight. The outer shell of the Pai Tee was incredibly crispy, and it practically melted in my mouth. The chicken dishes were also delightfully fragrant. The Chendol, while not exceptional, was enjoyable, and the Pongteh dish leaned towards the sweeter side.

nyonya style prawn from Lin Neo Delight melaka

This family-run restaurant serves delectable Nyonya cuisine. The food was tasty, the service was good, and the Assam Fish dish stood out in particular. I will definitely return to Lin Neo Delight to explore more dishes from their extensive menu.


Address: 40, Jln KLJ 4, Malacca

7. Unicorn Café

popiah bites from Unicorn Cafe in melaka

Unicorn Café is a hidden gem renowned for serving some of the best baba nyonya food in Melaka. This family-run café takes pride in preparing original Peranakan cuisine, with recipes that have been perfected over the years.

laksa from Unicorn Cafe in melaka

One of the highlights of dining at Unicorn Café is the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes, as the portions are small and reasonably priced. This allows guests to experience the delightful flavors of home-cooked meals while indulging in a culinary adventure.

shaved ice with gula melaka at Unicorn Cafe

The laksa broth served at Unicorn Café is rich in spices and herbs, offering a flavorful experience. The ginkgo and barley drink is made to order, ensuring it arrives hot and fresh. The chendol topped with authentic Gula Melaka syrup features finely shaved ice, adding to the authenticity of the dessert. The café also receives praise for its excellent service and cozy atmosphere.

popiah from Unicorn Cafe

Notable Melaka nyonya food to try include the Gerang Assam stingray fish, Assam pork, and pong the pork, all of which boast an authentic home-cooked Nyonya taste. Unicorn Café truly captures the essence of Peranakan cuisine, providing guests with an unforgettable dining experience.


Address: 43, Jalan Melaka Raya 11, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka

8. Nyonya Licious Kitchen Melaka

asam laksa from Nyonya Licious Kitchen

Nyonya Licious Kitchen Melaka has also earned its place as one of the top Nyonya restaurants in Melaka. This establishment is beloved for its home-cooked authentic Nyonya cuisine, with standout dishes such as Nyonya Laksa and Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rempah. Keep in mind that it can get crowded on weekends, so plan accordingly. Don’t forget to conclude your meal with a refreshing bowl of cendol.

Patrons rave about the authentic flavors at Nyonya Licious Kitchen Melaka. The use of fresh coconut milk shines through in their dishes, providing a truly authentic experience. The cendol, in particular, is highly praised for its fragrant and genuine Nyonya taste. Visitors are willing to wait patiently for the good Melaka nyonya food served here.

buah keluak from Nyonya Licious Kitchen in melaka

Must-tries include the Nyonya Laksa, a delightful noodle soup, and the fragrant and textured Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rempah. The restaurant also offers local delicacies for purchase, allowing guests to bring some Nyonya delights home.

laksa from Nyonya Licious Kitchen in melaak

As a second-generation Peranakan café, Nyonya Licious Kitchen Melaka specializes in serving one-dish gems prepared in a home-cooked style. The Nasi Lemak is noted for its fragrant and slightly grainy rice paired with savory Nyonya sambal, which leans towards the savory side rather than the sweet. The cencaru sumbat (stuffed mackerel) stands out for its crispy exterior and tender meat.

nyonya kuih is also served here at Nyonya Licious Kitchen

Their Mee Siam is freshly fried upon order and served with tangy asam (tamarind) sauce, offering a perfect balance of sour, savory, and spicy flavors. The Laksa is also praised for its decent taste, but it is recommended to try the Mee Rebus on weekends, as it features a flavorful broth cooked with prawns and chicken, complemented by a zesty touch of lime.

Although Nyonya Licious Kitchen Melaka may be located a bit out of town, it has become a favorite among locals who appreciate the authentic Nyonya cuisine it offers.


Address: 19, Jalan Mp5, Taman Merdeka Permai, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka

9. Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake in store

Baba Charlie is a renowned destination when it comes to exquisite and delicious Nyonya kuih in Melaka. This establishment is well-known for offering a wide selection of kuih, including classic favorites like Nyonya kuih talam, kuih buah Melaka, and kuih bingka ubi.

Since its establishment in 1988, Baba Charlie has been dedicated to creating handmade kuih of exceptional quality. The ladies of the house take pride in perfecting each piece. It’s no surprise that the place is always bustling with visitors, creating a lively atmosphere. The prices are affordable.

variety of nyonya kuih up for grabs at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake

If you’re fortunate, you might even have the chance to witness the process of making kuih by the talented ladies on-site. It’s worth noting that arriving early in the morning, like at 8:40 AM, increases your chances of finding a full stock of kuih. However, be aware that the popularity of Baba Charlie means that items may sell out quickly.

pandan wrapped kuih at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake

The practice of making only what can be sold for the day demonstrates the establishment’s ethical approach. It ensures that customers are served fresh kuih rather than leftovers from the previous day. When visiting, expect a bustling and crowded environment. Securing a table upstairs may require some patience. While you can order Melaka nyonya food from the menu through the waiter, for kuih, you’ll need to head downstairs and personally select your choices.

coconut bites with rock sugar inside sold at Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake in melaka

Overall, the dining experience at Baba Charlie is highly enjoyable. The Assam and curry dishes receive praise, as does their dry mee Siam. The kuih that stood out were those featuring glutinous rice. The flavors and quality of the Melaka nyonya food make Baba Charlie a must-visit destination for a delightful meal, particularly for those with a fondness for Nyonya kuih.


Address: 631, Jalan Siantan 1/5, Taman Siantan Seksyen 1, 75200 Melaka

10. Nyonya Atlantic One Restaurant

Nyonya Atlantic One Restaurant is an outstanding Nyonya eatery in Melaka that specializes in serving amazing Nyonya delicacies prepared with traditional recipes. This restaurant is Muslim-friendly and has garnered numerous positive reviews for its delectable Melaka nyonya food and inviting ambience. One of the highly recommended Melaka nyonya food by the boss is the Curry Pineapple Prawns. Due to its popularity, it is essential to make reservations in advance to secure a table. Be prepared for a wait of over an hour for your food to be served, but rest assured, it will be well worth it.

fluffy nyonya egg from ATLANTIC NYONYA HQ

The Melaka nyonya food at Nyonya Atlantic One Restaurant is known for its robust flavors, true to the essence of Nyonya cuisine. Customers appreciate the strong and authentic taste. Parking is not a problem, as there are ample parking spaces available within this private area. The Lemak Namas fish is particularly delightful and pairs perfectly with plain rice. The Lor Bak (meat roll) is highly recommended for its excellent taste.

pineapple rice at ATLANTIC NYONYA HQ

The 四十天皇 (Forty Days Emperor) dish strikes a balance between not being overly salty or spicy. The rendang chicken, prepared with desiccated coconut, is full of flavor. Guests love the chili paste, which offers a perfect level of spiciness. These chili pastes are also available for purchase at the restaurant. The Pandan rice is fragrant and adds a pleasant aroma to the meal. While the cendol is slightly above average, it doesn’t quite surpass the best cendol in Melaka.

nyonya fried fish from ATLANTIC NYONYA HQ

Nyonya Atlantic One Restaurant is located in a historic building and features a contemporary decor with modern Nyonya vibes, making it a truly Instagrammable spot. To secure a table, it is advisable to arrive early, as the restaurant quickly fills up after it opens at 11:30 AM.

Nyonya Atlantic One Restaurant provides an authentic Nyonya dining experience with delicious food, pleasant ambience, and friendly service.


Address: 145, Jalan Kubu, Kampung Satu, 75300 Melaka

11. Nyonya Lin's Kitchen by Baba Ricky

vibe inside Nyonya Lin's Kitchen by Baba Ricky in melaka

Nyonya Lin’s Kitchen by Baba Ricky is renowned for its authentic Peranakan cuisine that offers a delightful and flavorful dining experience. The Cendol is highly recommended as a must-try item. It is advised to make a reservation in advance, as walk-ins may be turned down due to the restaurant’s popularity. One minor aspect that could be improved is the serving size, which some diners feel could be slightly larger considering the price. Apart from that, the overall experience is considered excellent.

light noodle dish from Nyonya Lin's Kitchen by Baba Ricky in melaka

The restaurant boasts a great selection of authentic Nyonya dishes. Diners particularly enjoyed the Petai Squid, Lady’s Finger, Pucuk Ubi, Prawns, and Fried Fish with Sambal. For dessert, the Cendol is offered, although some found it a bit too sweet, with a thicker syrup than preferred. Nevertheless, the restaurant itself is beautifully designed, preserving a lot of heritage elements.

chinese cabbage dish from Nyonya Lin's Kitchen by Baba Ricky

The Sambal Mackerel is highly praised for its delicious taste and freshness. The Fried Chicken is another standout, marinated with special herbs and spices. Overall, the dining experience at Nyonya Lin’s Kitchen by Baba Ricky is enjoyable, and the restaurant comes highly recommended. It is advisable to make reservations in advance to secure a table. Special mentions go to the Chap Chye, which is flavorful without being overly salty, and the Cendol, where the roast in the gula Melaka adds a distinct taste. The pandan flavor in the green cendol strips is also notable.

blanched okra with sambal from Nyonya Lin's Kitchen by Baba Ricky

Nyonya Lin’s Kitchen by Baba Ricky offers a dining experience worth revisiting, with flavorful and authentic Nyonya dishes that leave a lasting impression.


Location: No. 2A, Jaya, Jalan KLJ 10, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka

12. Peranakan Mansion 僑生府

rustic interior of Peranakan Mansion 僑生府

Peranakan Mansion is a highly recommended Peranakan restaurant located in a conserved heritage building in the heart of Melaka. The Melaka nyonya food served here is incredibly tasty, and the decor of the restaurant is impressive, showcasing amazing architectural design.

One dish that stood out among the rest was the Assam Fish, which was described as the best Assam Fish ever tasted. The Chilli Pork is also a must-try item, offering a unique and flavorful experience.

stunning rustic interior of Peranakan Mansion 僑生府

The anticipation to visit Peranakan Mansion was fueled by the beautiful Nonya house setting, and the Melaka nyonya food did not disappoint. The Kueh Pie Tee, Babi Pongteh, Babi Chili Garam, and Jenak Fish Assam Steam were all highly enjoyed. The fish was expertly deboned, and although the portion size was slightly smaller, the taste made up for it. The Babi Chili Garam was particularly special, as it is not commonly found in other Nyonya restaurants. The pork Pongteh showcased a perfectly balanced meat texture, not too hard nor mushy. 

nyonya cup bites from Peranakan Mansion 僑生府 in melaka

The Kueh Pie Tee, while a bit oily due to the pork lard, had a delicious flavor. The Cendol dessert was also praised for its fine-textured ice and balanced sweetness. Overall, Peranakan Mansion offers one of the best Peranakan dining experiences, with slightly higher prices that are justified by the beautiful environment.

The menu at Peranakan Mansion features popular Peranakan dishes like Kueh Pie Tee, Ngoh Hiang, Ayam Buah Keluak, as well as lesser-known dishes like Babi Chili Garam. The flavors of the Melaka nyonya food are remarkably close to home-cooked Peranakan cuisine, which is often regarded as the best.

reddish meat from Peranakan Mansion 僑生府 malaka

The interior of the restaurant is adorned with Peranakan antiques, creating a warm and homey atmosphere. The staff members are attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable about the food they serve. For anyone craving an authentic Peranakan meal, a visit to Peranakan Mansion is highly recommended.


Address: 108, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka

13. Nyonya Delight Homestyle Cooked Food

Nyonya Delight Homestyle Cooked Food offers delicious dishes like Laksa and Mee Siam. The sambal was very spicy for my family, but the Curry Puff was enjoyable when served hot. It’s a great place to have breakfast, and I highly recommend trying their Lontong and Nyonya Laksa. 

lontong nyonya food served in Nyonya Delight Homestyle Cooked Food

The Nasi Lemak was also nice. Before heading back to Johor, we had a satisfying breakfast here. The Mee Siam and Ayam Rendang were really good, although the Nonya Laksa was a bit bland for my taste. The Cendol is a must-try, and I personally found it better than the ones at Jonker Street. 

close up bowl of asam laksa from Nyonya Delight Homestyle Cooked Food

The coconut milk had a fresh taste, complemented by the right amount of nutty and earthy gula melaka. The homemade green jellies in the Cendol were fragrant and delightful to slurp. Overall, our experience at Nyonya Delight was great! 

shaved ice from Nyonya Delight Homestyle Cooked Food in melaka

The service was excellent, and the Melaka nyonya food felt truly homemade. The flavors were well balanced and not too salty. We couldn’t have asked for more. The ambience was authentic and special, making us eager to come back again when we’re in Malacca.


Address: 2199-C, KM8, Jalan Batang Tiga, Barat, 76400 Tanjung Kling, Malacca

14. Restoran Baba Ang

Restoran Baba Ang nyonya food melaka

Restoran Baba Ang left me with an unforgettable dining experience! The Melaka nyonya food was excellent, and the service was truly awesome. I’m still salivating at the thought of dinner at Restoran Baba Ang! Reservations are a must, so be sure to book before heading there.

wall signage of Restoran Baba Ang in melaka

We tried the Ayam Goreng Belada, which was incredibly flavorful, juicy, and tender. The Nonya Fish Head included a generous amount of vegetables and had just the right level of spiciness. The Sambal Sotong Petai was delicious, with ample portions of sotong and petai. And oh, the Cendol was simply divine! It’s hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. Before leaving, we couldn’t resist buying a container of their irresistible Pineapple Tarts. The Melaka nyonya food at Restoran Baba Ang truly captured the authentic flavors of baba nyonya cuisine. 

prawn dish from Restoran Baba Ang

Every dish we ordered was enjoyable. While the price is slightly on the expensive side, the generous portions make it worthwhile. I would recommend ordering 3 to 4 dishes, which would easily suffice for 4 people.

The service was fine, and the staff were friendly. One suggestion I have is to provide better training to the waiters in terms of providing recommendations and explaining the dishes. This would create more variety and avoid similarities across the dishes. Nonetheless, Restoran Baba Ang in Malacca is definitely worth a visit. I highly recommend making a reservation in advance, as it tends to get crowded.

chicken pong teh from Restoran Baba Ang

The Ice Cendol is a must-try, as it strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and taste. The Ayam Goreng Belanda, Sweet Potato Leaves with Sambal Belacan, and Nyonya Asam Fish are all mouth-watering dishes that are fresh and bursting with flavor. The chicken was perfectly fried, not overdone to retain its tender texture.

I suggest visiting with friends so that you can order a wider variety of Melaka nyonya food to sample. Overall, the food at Restoran Baba Ang is truly satisfying and will undoubtedly leave you wanting to come back for more.


Address: 310, Jln Parameswara, Kampung Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka



KOCIK HERITAGE NYONYA RESTAURANT is a great place to relax and have lunch after strolling through the scorching sun at Jonker Walk. This is my second visit, and the Melaka nyonya food is still as delicious as ever. I highly recommend trying the Pineapple Prawn, Brinjal, Kangkung, Fried Egg, and Mee Goreng – they all pair perfectly with rice. The Melaka nyonya food is served promptly, and if you’re going with a group, it’s best to book a table in advance to avoid long queues. It’s important to note that the restaurant is pork-free.


The food at KOCIK HERITAGE NYONYA RESTAURANT is packed with flavor and offers one of the most authentic baba nyonya cuisines I’ve ever tasted. We thoroughly enjoyed all the Melaka nyonya food we ordered. The prices are affordable, and the portions are generous. I would recommend ordering 3 to 4 dishes, which would easily satisfy a group of 4.

On a slightly disappointing note, the Assam Fish was a bit diluted. However, the highlight of the meal was definitely the Cendol. The texture was incredibly smooth, and the Gula Melaka was fresh and delicious.


The restaurant has a Peranakan theme and is located on Jonker Street. You’ll find traditional Peranakan items used as decorations within the eatery. The seating is comfortable, and the air-conditioning provides relief from the hot afternoon.

Overall, KOCIK HERITAGE NYONYA RESTAURANT is a fantastic dining spot with delectable food. I would highly recommend visiting and indulging in their flavorful dishes.

crispy popiah cup nyonya snack from KOCIK HERITAGE NYONYA RESTAURANT


Address: 100, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka

16. BA&NYA Heritage

seafood bowl from BA&NYA Heritage in melaka

BA&NYA Heritage is a place that I absolutely adore! It exudes a relaxing atmosphere and perfectly captures the Nyonya vibes of Melaka. It’s a family-run establishment, and you can really feel the homely atmosphere. The waitress was attentive and took care of all our needs. 

The laksa here is a delightful departure from what we typically find in Singapore. It’s lightly flavored and not as heavy or oily. The combination of flavors and aromas truly delighted our taste buds. I absolutely loved it! 

BA&NYA Heritage asam laksa in melaka

This is a lovely restaurant run by a friendly family. The ambiance is great, and the Melaka nyonya food is incredibly delicious and flavorful. As someone who doesn’t handle spicy food well, I was pleased to find that the Melaka nyonya food were not overly spicy. I highly recommend trying out the traditional Nyonya food served here. 

nice cold drink from BA&NYA Heritage melaka

We ordered a plate with coconut rice and iced tea, and every bite was delicious and bursting with flavor. The restaurant itself is quiet and beautifully designed, adding to the overall experience. Surprisingly, they are only open on weekends and public holidays that fall on weekends. According to the owner, their love for cooking is the reason behind opening this restaurant. 

nyonya style nasi lemak from BA&NYA Heritage

Oh, and I can’t wait to try the laksa on my next visit. It looks absolutely enticing! 

If you have the chance, I highly encourage you to give BA&NYA Heritage a try. It’s not easy to find a restaurant where the passion for cooking shines through, making it all the more special.

Address: 32, Jalan Tukang Besi, 75200 Melaka

17. HomeTaste Melaka 和味

HomeTaste Melaka 和味 facade

HomeTaste Melaka 和味 offers a truly homely dining experience in Melaka.

I must say, the lemak prawn dish was pretty impressive. The sauce was thick and packed with flavor, making it a delightful choice.

Surprisingly, the kangkung belacan was refreshing and tasty. I’ll elaborate on this in a moment.

The cendol had a slightly thicker ice consistency, but the flavors were on point. The cendol itself had a pleasing texture.

chendol from HomeTaste Melaka 和味

The sambal with the ladyfingers was spicy and well-portioned.

On the other hand, I wasn’t a fan of the pongteh. It was a bit too sweet for my liking, but I won’t let that affect my opinion of the other dishes, as it’s more of a personal preference.

Overall, it’s a fantastic restaurant. My dining experience at HomeTaste Melaka was incredible! The Melaka nyonya food tasted truly authentic, like something my parents would cook. The mee siam and sambal kangkung were outstanding, and the fried sotong (squid) was delicious as well. The restaurant’s interior has a modern touch while maintaining an authentic Nyonya aesthetic, creating a delightful ambiance.

nyonya style okra from HomeTaste Melaka 和味

We ordered a variety of dishes, including Nyonya Laksa, okra, pineapple prawn, mee siam, otak otak, and cendol. Apart from the mee siam, which tasted normal, the rest of the dishes were excellent. I highly recommend the pineapple prawn, as the addition of pineapple adds a refreshing touch and a hint of sweetness. The okra’s chili sauce was perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of spice and savory flavors, enhanced by the aroma of bunga kantan (torch ginger). The Otak otak was generously filled with fish meat, unlike the usual ground fish version.

chicken pong teh is one of the nyonya dish from HomeTaste Melaka 和味

The cendol was truly excellent, both in taste and presentation. It had a generous amount of rich and fresh coconut milk, soft cendol strands that didn’t harden immediately, and a generous serving of sweetened red beans. It’s definitely a must-try!

HomeTaste Melaka offers an outstanding dining experience with its authentic Nyonya flavors. Don’t miss out on their incredible cendol!


Address: Jaya, 6, Jalan KLJ 1B, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Malacca

18. Aunty Nance Laksa 1961

humble store of Aunty Nance Laksa 1961 offers one of the best nyonya food in melaka

Aunty Nance Laksa 1961 turned out to be one of the best Melaka nyonya food stalls I tried during my recent trip to Malacca. Initially, I had planned to visit another stall, but it was closed. So, I decided to open Google Maps and stumbled upon this gem just a five-minute walk away from my intended location.

loaded prawn laksa at Aunty Nance Laksa 1961 melaka

I arrived at the stall quite early, so there weren’t many people yet. Besides curry laksa, they also offered fishball noodle and prawn noodle. The prices for prawn noodle and laksa started from MYR$7, while the fishball noodle started from MYR$6. I opted for the laksa and didn’t have to wait long for it to be served. The laksa came with a variety of ingredients, including cockles, boiled egg, shredded cucumber, sliced fishcake, and fried beancurd skin. It had a distinct taste, quite different from the laksa commonly found in Singapore. The gravy was thick and packed with flavor.

bowl of laksa topped with fresh clam meat at Aunty Nance Laksa 1961

The food at Aunty Nance Laksa 1961 was definitely above average for me. I particularly enjoyed the nice big prawns and the crispy keropok (crackers) that added a delightful crunch. The place started filling up quickly, which is a testament to its popularity. I’m definitely planning to return and try their laksa again. It was a decent bowl of laksa that hit the spot. 

refreshing drink Aunty Nance Laksa 1961

The mi fen (rice noodles) soaked up the flavorful gravy nicely, and the addition of crackers was a pleasant touch. The fact that the place was frequented by many locals is always a positive sign. They also serve other dishes like prawn noodles and fishball noodles.


Address: 189-G04, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, Kampung Bunga Paya Pantai, 75300 Melaka

19. Wild Coriander Melaka

stunning interior of Wild Coriander Melaka for nyonya food

Wild Coriander Melaka is a great place to enjoy nice and authentic Nyonya food. The staff is friendly and happy to recommend their signature dishes.

From the main course to the dessert, the Melaka nyonya food exceeded our expectations. One dessert that stands out is the Pandan Salted Egg custard layered cake, a rare and special choice that is hard to find elsewhere. The restaurant is housed in an old colonial building, adding to its authentic charm and nostalgic atmosphere.

crispy bites at Wild Coriander Melaka

Every dish we ordered was bursting with flavor. The Mee Siam was a hit with the seniors in my family, while the green curry chicken was wonderfully delicious. We were disappointed that there were no more kueh pie tee available, but the beef dish made up for it with its tender meat and well-spiced flavors. The drinks with added Gula Melaka were also tasty, adding a touch of sweetness.

glorious bowl of asam laksa at Wild Coriander Melaka

I particularly loved the Sambal Ladies Finger, which had just the right amount of spice. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant offers a nice space, good service, and beautifully decorated dishes. However, the flavors may be too strong and spicy for some, depending on personal taste preferences. Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience for me!

nyonya food melaka served at Wild Coriander Melaka

I must mention that the Pie Tee and Wildflower Coriander were exceptionally good! Not only that, but the restaurant’s interior and atmosphere also added to the overall charm. The cozy ambiance, accompanied by oldies music and historical displays, provided numerous Instagrammable moments.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Carson and the rest of the service crew who served us. They were incredibly friendly and welcoming, contributing to a wonderful overall experience at Wild Coriander Melaka.


Address: 40, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka

20. The KamCheng 感情

The KamCheng 感情 is a restaurant that offers an elegant, spotless, and quiet environment to enjoy your meal. The service is polite and friendly, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience. One dish that stood out was the charcoal roasted pork, which was a special highlight of the meal. The portion sizes were adequate, and despite ordering six dishes for our party of six, the bill came up to around RM 250. Considering the quality of the Melaka nyonya food and the setting, we expected to pay much more. We were impressed and will definitely return to try other dishes on their menu.

roasted pork from The KamCheng 感情 nyonya food melaka

As we walked into the restaurant, we immediately felt a sense of elegance. The environment was nice, and the Melaka nyonya food was extremely delicious. We enjoyed every dish we ordered, including the ngoh hiang, babi asam, kangkung fritters, and kamcheng ayam panggang ang cincalok omelet. The sauces served with the dishes were also excellent. 

curry vegie and pork pong teh from The KamCheng 感情 nyonya restaurant melaka

The highlight of the meal was the amazing pork belly, while the other dishes were also very tasty. The only slight downside was that we found the chincalok omelette a bit oily, but it didn’t diminish our overall enjoyment of the dinner. We will definitely make a return visit if we find ourselves in the area again!

crispy nyonya snack from The KamCheng 感情 in melaka

We loved the food at The KamCheng 感情. Everything was nice, except for the ayam goreng berempah which didn’t quite meet our expectations. However, we particularly enjoyed the otak otak and chap choy dishes. The ambience of the restaurant was also pleasant, creating a great atmosphere for a memorable family gathering.


Address: 1, Jln KSB 1, Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka

21. 我家餐館Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant

Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant, or 我家餐館, provided us with a delightful dining experience. As there were only two of us, we decided to order two dishes: petai prawns and squid. Both dishes were incredibly delicious. The lemak nenas squid had a fantastic taste with the combination of milky pineapple, and the sambal petai prawns were slightly spicy but incredibly tasty.

sambal petai and prawn from 我家餐館Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant

What impressed us the most was the reasonable price for such authentic Nyonya cuisine, especially considering the restaurant’s location in a touristy area. We highly recommend trying their asam stingray, sambal petai prawn, ayam pongteh, sambal kangkung, and ngoh hiang. Before leaving, be sure to indulge in their cendol dessert, which is one of the best we’ve had in Melaka, even without the addition of durians.

asam pedas from 我家餐館Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant

The service was excellent, and the dishes were served in a timely manner. We look forward to returning to Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant in the future. The chap chai was flavorful, and the rendang chicken, although not as tender and juicy as expected, was still enjoyable. The petai shrimp dish stood out, with fresh and flavorful shrimp. The home-style Nonya cooking was evident, especially with the freshly made pie tee shells, the well-balanced chicken rendang, the tender pork ponteh, and the must-try Assam fish, which had the perfect blend of sourness and spiciness that complemented our rice so well.

curry meehoon from 我家餐館Our Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant

We also tried the Nonya chendol, which was delicious, but we would recommend skipping the sago gula melaka.

The service provided by the friendly aunty who took our order was exceptional. She even recommended the smaller portion size, which turned out to be just right for us.

Address: 15, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75300 Melaka


And there you have it, the culmination of the finest Melaka nyonya food! While savoring these delightful meals during your next visit, don’t be astonished if you find yourself with an extra inch around your waistline. Indulging in these culinary delights serves as a testament to the significance of cultural preservation, even in the face of ongoing advancements happening worldwide.

What is Melaka nyonya food?

Nyonya food is a remarkable culinary fusion that emerged from the harmonious blending of diverse cultures. This unique cuisine, also known as baba nyonya cuisine, embraces a delightful blend of spices and flavors derived from Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Western influences.

The baba nyonya food of Melaka has gained legendary status, with people willing to embark on hours-long journeys just to savor its tantalizing flavors.

What sets baba nyonya cuisine apart is its rich heritage, with recipes passed down through generations. Each dish possesses a distinctiveness that reflects the individual backgrounds of the families who have perfected and refined them over time.

In the world of baba nyonya cuisine, leaves and flowers like pandan leaves (Daun pandan), Vietnamese coriander (Daun kesum), and ginger flower (Bunga kantan) play integral roles, infusing their unique fragrances and tastes into the dishes.

Is Melaka nyonya food spicy?

Melaka nyonya food or Peranakan food may not be as fiery hot as one might assume. While a wide array of aromatic herbs, chilies, and spices are incorporated into their recipes, peranakan cuisine typically offers a subtle touch of spiciness in its dishes.

However, it’s worth noting that dishes featuring sambal, a fragrant chili paste, can indeed pack a spicy punch. So, if you have a lower tolerance for heat, it’s advisable to exercise caution when encountering sambal-laden dishes.

What is nyonya kuih in Melaka?

In Melaka, one cannot overlook the significance of nyonya kuih in baba nyonya cuisine. This delectable treat finds its finest representation in this city.

Kuih, also spelled as ‘kueh,’ refers to a delightful range of sweet and savory cakes crafted traditionally with coconut milk and rice flours. Each piece of kuih offers a unique shape, size, and flavor, making every bite a delightful adventure.

A glance at the nyonya kuih will leave you mesmerized by its vibrant hues and diverse sizes. Don’t be taken aback by the blue, orange, green, or purple colors of these kuih, as they derive their vibrant shades from natural ingredients like butterfly-pea flowers, tapioca, and pandan leaves.

The creation of perfect baba nyonya cuisine entails no shortcuts. These artisanal methods have been honed and practiced over the years, ensuring the impeccable taste and quality of the food endure.

I’ve visited a lot of these Melaka nyonya food places and what I’ve listed here are proven to be the best in the area. If you’re not used to these foods, don’t worry, check out the western food in Melaka. They’re surprisingly good as well!


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