Merchant’s Lane Menu

Merchant's Lane Menu

This cafe serves delicious international food fusion such as pancake, tortilla and pasta with their very special local twist. Read more about Merchant’s Lane review on my blog. Anyway, here’s Merchant’s Lane menu for their food here:

merchant lane menu food 2020

Merchant’s Lane makes a nice tea time spot with their variation of classic and modern drinks. They cater for coffee, chocolate and tea lovers.

Healthy eaters too will find their superfruit juice a delight. Their rose honey milk is another attraction that people can’t stop taking picture of. Here’s Merchant’s Lane menu for their drinks:

merchant lane menu drinks 2020

Just in case if the images of the menu can’t load, here’s the textual backup of Merchant’s Lane menu below.


breakfast      32

fried eggs on toast, served with chicken sausage, baked beans, turkey toast, salads & hash brown

nasi lemak pancake      25

coconut pancakes with chicken rendang along with fried egg, sarnbal, anchovies and peanuts on the side

tak mungkin rendang lah      25

meat-free vegetables and tofu based rendang served with fried tortillas

oppa’s burrito     28

kimchi fried rice and vegetables burrito with a side of fried enoki served with our signature masak lemak sauce

cheesy chicken tortilla     23

grilled chicken satay with veggies topped with cheese and peanut sauce wrapped with tortilla

Nguyen’s popiah    25

vietnamese prawn rice paper roll served with lemon sichuan sauce and side of salads

cow  food     26

stir-fried pesto pasta with vegetables

butter  chicken  pasta     25

sweet & creamy pasta served with roasted capsicum and chicken

pasta lala    29

Malaysian  style  clam  vongole  with chilli flakes

italian  chow  mein     24

stir fried spaghetti with traditional Malaysian chicken rendang

the  taukay  2.0     27

triple Ramly beef burger, fried egg caramelised onion in a charcoal bun & side of herbed fries

the mistress    25

chicken burger with sarnbal mayo sauce, fried egg and side of herbed fries

fish rice    29

deep  fried  salmon  cubes, curried onions, rice and fried egg

kai  fan 4.0     24

grilled chicken chop with thai green curry sauce, served with rice and salads

kai  fan 5.0      26

crusted chicken chop and rice with salads served with tiga rasa sauce

hongkie beef  stew    25

slow cooked cantonese style beef served with mash & gravy

kg.  sg.  tua    34

grilled salmon served with sweet potato mash, butter herbed veggies & masak lemak chilli padi sauce


Ramly  burger  wanton    23

Ramly burger in a different way

pipit’s nest    20

deep fried bowl of brinjal fries, onion ring and chicken tenders served with cheese sauce and mayo

port klang l    20

asian inspired battered deep-fried calamari, dory & prawns served with sweet chilli sauce


better  than sex     22

pandan roti jala with melted cheese & our signature kaya toast flavoured ice cream & a drizzle of gula melaka sauce

Merchant’s dorayaki     24

deep fried peanut flaked bread filled with melted chocolate served with orange cream and berries


espresso     8

long black     8

americano    8

jasmine black    11

iced long black     9

iced americano     9

iced jasmine black    13

additional shot    3


3 oz piccolo latte    11

5  oz flat white    11

5 oz cappuccino    11

7 oz latte    11

iced latte    13


hot chocolate     13

hot mocha    14

iced chocolate    14

iced mocha    15


apple cinnamon                                                  10

chamomile earl grey

english breakfast

lemongrass & ginger



rooibos creme caramel




mimi s handcrafted tea (2 pax)     17

blooming flower tea & rose

osmanthus flower tea

chrysantemum & buckwheat tea

charcoal roast oolong tea with cinnamon & chrysantemum



superfruit lemon tea                13

pandan lemongrass & ginger cooler 13

jasmine asam boi                   14

cold pressed juice of the day       15

iced caramel latte                 15

iced organic matcha latte    15


rose honey milk                     13

hot caramel latte                   13

hot organic matcha latte      13

Merchant's Lane Delivery

Merchant’s Lane cafe also offer delivery of their delicious menu choices via beepit. Get your cravings satisfied while staying at home.

The accuracy of their menu is correct at the time of posting. If they’ve updated the menu, do let me know and I’ll refresh the listing!


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